Waking Up Jayla

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This story is about a young woman named Jayla. Jayla has let her life lead her instead of the other way around. Existing in a perpetual ‘sleep walk’ Jayla’s life is about to set off the alarm clock for her. The question is, can she wake up in time to find happiness or will she sleep walk right through it into the misery of complacency?

Waking Up Jayla

Waking Up Jayla

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Part #1: Rude Awakening
1 rude awakening

Part #2: One Too Many
_2 One Too Many

Part #3: Too Good To Be True
_3 Too Good To Be True

Part #4: Just Jazzy
_4 Just Jazzy

Part #5: Sunday Reading
Sunday Reading (1)

Part #6: Perfectly Romantic
_6 Perfectly Romantic

Part #7: Morning Glory
_7 Morning Glory

Part #8: What Are The Odds?
_8 What Are The Odds_

Part #9: It’s Not A Date
_9 It_s Not A Date

Part #10: Sweet Messages
_10 Sweet Messages

Part #11: The Bill Vs. Curt Dilemma
_11 The Bill Vs. Curt Dilemma

Part #12: High Expectations
_12 High Expectations

Part #13: Waited Long Enough
_13 Waited Long Enough

Part #14: Sunny Sunday  .
_14 Sunny Sunday 

Part #15: Unconventional Date
_15 Unconventional Date

Part #16: Thunder And Lightning
_16 Thunder And Lightning

Part #17: Practical And Romantic
_17 Practical And Romantic

Part #18: Forever And Not Long Enough
_18 Forever and not long enough

Part #19: It’s Not You It’s Me
_ 19 It's Not You It's Me

Part #20: Letting it out
_20 Letting it out

Part #21: Forgetting Something
_21 Forgetting Something_

Part #22: Reflecting And Realizing
_22 Reflecting And Realizing

Part #23: Unwelcome Guest
_23 Unwelcome Guest 2

Part #24: I Can Handle This
_24 I Can Handle This

Part #25: Birthday BBQ
_25 Birthday BBQ

Part #26: I almost forgot My Purse

Part #27: Not What I Expected…
_27 Not What I Expected...

Part #28: Cliché Damsel In Distress
_28 Cliché Damsel In Distress

Part #29: Oddly Romantic
_29 Oddly Romantic

Part #30: I’m Not Sorry
_30 I'm Not Sorry

Part #31: In Hot Water
_31 In Hot Water

Part #32: When It Rains…
_32 When It Rains... (1)

Part #33: This Isn’t About You
_33 This Isn't About You

Part #34: Behaving Like A Child
_34 Behaving Like A Child

Part #35: A Hard Question
_35 A Hard Question

Part #36: Let’s Play
_36 Let's Play

Part #37: Another First
_37 Another First

Part #38: Monday Morning Doesn’t Suck
_38 Monday Morning Doesn't Suck

Part #39: Confessions Of A Madman
_39 Confessions Of A Madman

Part #40: Car Trouble
_40 Car Trouble

Part #41: Not Asleep Anymore
_41 Not Asleep Anymore


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