Verena In Evermont

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol it is rated R and 18+ only.

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This is the story of Verena Nova, a young woman set out to do an unconventional favor for her boss. Sent to a small semi remote town named Evermont, she begins her task of uncovering a strange mystery surrounding a small house with a large property that is for sale, but not selling. Like moths to a beautiful flame, Verena draws conveniently distracting admirers. Along the way she discovers secrets dark and light that will challenge everything she thought she knew about herself and her life. Can she solve the mystery before the secrets of the quaint unwanted house before it’s too late?

Part #1: Welcome To Evermont .

Part #2: Tall Dark And Hilarious .

Part #3: Enchanted By Evermont .

Part #4: A Porch And A Pompous Ass .

Part #5: Taking Care Of Business .

Part #6: A Girl With A Crush .

Part #7: Who’s Investigating Whom? .

Part #8: One Beer Drunk .

Part #9: Pampering And Girl Talk .

Part #10: Simple Kindness .

Part #11: Getting Nowhere Fast .

Part #12: It’s Just A Game .

Part #13: Not So Charming .

Part #14: Unkissable  .

Part #15: Secrets And Surprises .

Part #16: It Might Be Too Late .

Part #17: Confession

Part #18: Useless Wishes . 

Part #19: An Overflow Of Honesty .

Part #20: Coffee And An Escape Plan .

Part #21: From Bad To Way Worse  .

Part #22: A Curious Omission  .

Part #23: What Other Door?  .

Part #24: Closer  .

Part #25: Never-Ending Questions  .

Part #26: What’s Behind Door Number Two?  .

Part #27: The Stranger  .

Part #28: Crazy Is As Crazy Does  .

Part #29: Burning Down The House  .

Part #30: My Inner Barbarian  .

Part #31: The Aftermath  .

The End

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