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Just Moved In

I was exhausted from a full day of moving and unpacking. Once everyone left, I found my bubble bath and soaked in the hottest water I could stand. There was so much to do tomorrow, and I needed some sleep. I haven’t even met any of my neighbours yet. I went to my new bedroom and was glad I had the forethought to unpack and set it up earlier. Most of it. I only dug out my necessities, put the bed together and put sheets on it. I dropped my towel and pumped a soft floral scented moisturizer into my hand as I always do after a near scalding bath. I put my foot up on the bed and covered the leg and then the other. I smoothed it over my backside and stomach. My arms shoulders and neck followed. I always saved my breasts for last. They got some extra attention because after the hot bath I was often left feeling a little randy.

I wasn’t necessarily the thinnest woman, but I’m fit and still firm. Gravity hasn’t gotten me yet. With no hurry, my warm slick hands pressed and rubbed the soft flesh in a synchronized dance. I reached over to get more moisturizer and dabbed the cold to my nipples. The shock of cold did precisely what I’d hoped, and they tingled as they tightened. I would linger here, on my nipples; I loved to make sure they stayed soft to touch even when pebbled with desire. The silky moisturizer magnified the sensation of my slippery fingers as they spiralled around the areola outward than in and back out. I smiled at the pull of need between my legs that tugged with each gentle pinch I applied to the puckered buds.

I looked around as I contemplated what box my pyjamas were in and realized that I hadn’t put up the curtains yet. My eyes widened. I must be tired because that is not a small thing to forget or not notice.  The apartment across from mine, not more than twenty feet away was another window. A man, an unfortunately good-looking man stood with his mouth open and watching me.

I squealed, grabbed my towel and shut off the small lamp. I peeked out the window to see the man smile and adjust his swollen bulge. Oh, I turned him on. That was exciting, and my lady-bits tingled to let me know they agreed.

“What if he’s married? Or a pervert?” He was watching I thought as my embarrassment rushed my body anew. “Can you really blame him?” I muttered as my cheeks burned.

Great now I’m talking to myself. I did put on a show. “I wonder how much he saw?” I peeked again, and he was still in his room and undressing. His blinds are wide open.

“Oh, my,” My breath came out in a hot soft rush.

Despite my embarrassment, I watched secretly as he undressed and exposed the evidence that he definitely saw enough of me to be utterly turned on. The side profile of a fully erect man is a hot button for me. His hard, proud flesh bobbed as he turned and walked toward his window. He couldn’t see me. I blinked as he smiled, winked and closed his blinds. Did he think I was watching? Did he want me to look too? Maybe he was playing fair or trying to ease my humiliation. I liked that idea.

Those thoughts replayed in my mind as I crawled into my bed naked. My hands roamed as I fell asleep wondering if my stimulating neighbour across the way was touching himself because of me.

I woke aroused, and for some reason, I couldn’t relieve the tension no matter what I tried. My mind was blocking my efforts. Frustrated I got up and dressed. I had a lot of work to do anyway. I glanced at the window, “Including hanging up the curtains.” Part of me didn’t want to and that naughty imp within walked away from the curtains to find other things to do.

I moved here to get away from exes that all seemed to settle down and are unfathomably happy. It sounds terrible, but when you live in a small city, you’re bound to run into ex-boyfriends or men that you date for a bit that just don’t evolve to more than dates. I’m an incurable romantic, and they were not. Well not for me I suppose. They unquestionably found enough romance in them to find wives and fiancées. Didn’t matter, new job, fantastic apartment… I glanced at the window. I also have a hot as hell neighbour across the way.

I rubbed my breasts, as they were aching and tingly. “It must be exhaustion.” The lie was easy to say and hear. The truth was I wasn’t tired I’m just horny. My mind kept wandering to my bedroom and the innocently mischievous events last night. Would he be there again? Did I want him to be? The idea was insane and yet… I need a distraction.

I did my dishes, phoned my parents and friends assuring them I was fine and enjoying the time sorting out my belongings. I glanced at the TV. My cable wasn’t hooked up yet nor my internet. The dammed person was supposed to come today but didn’t. I had DVD’s, but that wasn’t what I wanted to do.

My feet took me down the hall on their own volition. I stepped into my bedroom. The curtains sitting folded ready to be put up. There was no logical reason not to.

“I’m such a perve,” I went over to the window, moved off to the side and let my eyes cross the gap. He was there sitting at a desk on a computer. He glanced over and then back at his screen.

“Huh,” I waited and thumbed my nipple over my shirt. “I really am a perve.”

I quieted my hands, and he glanced over again then back at his computer. He was my age, and I wondered if he was married or taken or…

“ugh.” I grabbed the curtains and the step stool and climbed up to attach them to the frame. I had them half up and glanced across the way. He was leaning his elbows on his window ledge his chin resting in his hands. No ring, I could see that much. He smiled gave a small wave. I realized I was stretched to my max and he had a great view of my abdomen, and I glanced down, and the top of my black panties. My pants had shifted down my hips as I reached up. I stepped back alarmed that I’d done it again.

I saw him laugh at my shocked face. He stepped up and stretched. His pants were pushed out, and he was fabulously hard against them.

The tingle between my legs spread like wildfire. I giggled at his antics copying me and showing me that I was teasing him. I looked to see if any other apartments had this view. The one below him and above could if they looked. They were dark, and the blinds were drawn.

He pulled off his shirt and waited. He was an excellent looking man. And judging by the fragrant wet in my pants my body agreed. This was so weird. He made a begging gesture and grinned.

“Damn you’re hot,” I muttered. “I must be insane.” I pulled my shirt off, and he gave me a thumbs up. “What are you sixteen?” He didn’t look sixteen, he had to be mid-thirties at least. Is he this lonely? Who was I to judge that? I’m lonely in this vast, strange city. This was better than porn, which I didn’t have access to anyway.

“I wonder.” I slipped my bra off, and he froze. “Yup, better than porn,” I breathed deeply as I throbbed and I wiggled and swayed my hips to the non-existent gentle music. His hand went below the windowsill, and I ran my hands over my breasts.

“Oh come on be fair.” I knew he couldn’t hear me nor really make out what I’m saying. But he backed up enough, and he was naked, just as he was the night before.

I Clenched up and panted. “Holy shit this is fun.”

I have never done anything so risqué in my life. He slipped his hand over himself, and I froze in place. I watched as he stroked and backed up so I could appreciate his show.

My hand slid between my legs, and I stroked as he did. He doubled over, and I rubbed faster bringing myself. I ran to turn off my light. He was gone. I’d finish the curtains tomorrow.

…I put the curtains up first thing in the morning. After a good night sleep, I was embarrassed with what I’d done. As the day went by and the cable person came and went my mind started wandering out the window again. It was so surreal. The kind of thing you see in movies or read in erotic books. Not something you actually do.

“And yet…” I shook my head.

My raging hormones reminded me that I had a more profound itch to scratch. There was no way I would or could do anything about it. By the time the sun fully set, I was a mess. I couldn’t sit, I couldn’t focus, and I paced my living room. That really didn’t help matters. I had to change my underwear twice after intense moments of remembering how hot it was to watch a stranger masturbate while fingering myself.

I sighed heavily and went to my bedroom. I’m a glutton for perverse punishment. Would he be there? I peeked and saw him look my way and pace his room. He was wearing only a towel, a tented towel and I was instantly wet from the sight. Make that three pairs of panties. He looked over again as he paced. His posture was how I felt, uncertain, embarrassed and unable to walk away.

The moan that escaped my lips startled myself. I was rubbing my breasts. “What?” I moved the curtain aside, and he stopped pacing and moved to the window. He looked unsure and ran his hands through his hair. Rubbing his face vigorously he turned and came back holding up a piece of paper. Apt. 362.

“Oh, my,” My brain and body were not on the same page. I clenched and ached as my mind screamed No. He’s a stranger! He took the sign down when I closed the curtain.  I paced my room and rubbed my hands on my hips. The need was too much, everything tingled, throbbed and ached. This was new. I’ve never been this horny before. I wanted to. I really, really wanted to go over.

I grabbed my phone and sent my best friend a text. I sent her his apartment number and street address with the message if I don’t text her back in three hours to call me or the police. Her response was a ‘LOL have fun.’ She wasn’t stupid and knew what I’d been up to.

I changed my damp panties and freshened up. I put on a simple dress that didn’t require a bra, slipped my shoes on and let my hormones take me next door. Each step was a battle between need and my conscience. I pressed his call button, and he buzzed me in. I suppose having a raging hard-on would hamper any gallant attempts to come meet me at the door.

“Am I really doing this?” I stepped off the elevator and walked down the hall letting that deep pressing need within pull me toward potential. I stopped in front of the door, and with a trembling hand, I reached out and knocked.

He opened the door and grinned. He was still wearing only a towel and happy to see me.

“Um, I’m Jess.”

“Hi, I’m George,” He held out his hand and the instant I touched his skin, my body lit up like the fourth of July. Okay, I was going to do this. He pulled me in and slipped his hand behind my head. His kiss was much better than the tremor causing handshake. Make that four pairs of panties, only I didn’t pack a spare to change into.

“I’m not married, I’m not a creep, I have never ever done this before and damn woman you are hot as fuck. I had to take a chance.”

I blinked at his statement. He turned and pulled me deeper into his apartment. He handed me a glass of white wine.

“Thank you.” I didn’t mean to down it in one long gulp. “Well since I’m here I guess I can’t say I’m not a slut, but ditto on the hot as fuck part for you that is.” I eyed his trim form. Not bulky or overly muscular, just fit, really perfectly fit, lick-ably fit.

“There is nothing about you that advertises slutty, which makes this all the more exciting.” He took my empty glass and pressed me against the wall his erection pressing into my thigh. “Have you ever fucked a stranger before?”

I shook my head no as his hands pulled my dress over my head. He eyed my breasts and gently eased his hands over them.

“Me neither.” His mouth went to my earlobe, and he sucked.


“I have condoms, and I won’t hurt you, quite the opposite actually.” His mouth trailed down my neck.

“I want to, I’m just nervous.”

The wine mixed nicely with my raging hormones. I was in for the lot and if he got to touch, so did I. My hands skirted over his skin down his chest and bumped into the towel. As his mouth found mine, I pulled the bath towel free. My hands had a goal, and they found what they wanted. Hot, smooth and hard like flesh-covered metal. He moaned into my mouth as I memorized each vein, ridge and curve of his dribbling cock. It was a strange thought to think of my fingers as happy, but that is what it was like. They were happy to touch him, feel him and give him pleasure. His hands slipped down over my hips and pushed my panties down. He stopped to look at me and saw how wet they were.

“I suppose I really want you.”

“That is the sexiest compliment I’ve ever had.”

“What can I say?” I shrugged and stepped out of them as my thumb rubbed his glistening tip.

My tongue felt caged and as if it needed to dart out to lick and taste what my hands were greedily possessing. There was no point being coy now. George lifted me, and I wrapped my legs around his waist. Instead of a cock, my tongue got to play with his as we began kissing. A tenderness lay beneath the hunger our mouths tried to sate. His erection pressed sensually against my ass as he walked the short distance to his bedroom. The entire time we kissed wildly as I’ve never done. Part of me has always held back for fear of embarrassment. That should be the case now, only it wasn’t. He set me down and went to his bedside table. In what had to be record time he had the condom on and was pressing into me. I eagerly lifted my hips to take him in.

“Oh Yes!” I said sounding like a sex kitten, and that turned me on.

I whimpered as he stretched me. Porn has nothing on this, I thought as I felt the soft tip I’d caressed moments ago bump gently at the back of my burrow. I loved that feeling and knowing he was entirely in and just touching my deepest parts meant we fit. George went back to my mouth as he pulled out and thrust back in. I vibrated with pleasure.

Our bodies radiated heat, and our skin began to glean with perspiration. Neither of us seemed willing to give up kissing which meant our breath came in sexy snorts that to me, sounded lusty. I wanted to ride him, but my body wanted to stay put. On the instroke, as he filled me with his cock I moaned involuntarily. On the outstroke, I clawed at his back and pushed with my feet to make sure he’d come back in. That moment arrived when breathing became more important than feeling his lips and tongue on my own. When we were huffing and panting too rapid for our noses to compensate.

“You,” George said as he filled me again, “are,” he pulled out, “beautiful.”

Words? He amazed me that he not only had access to them but also could use them. I whimpered, moaned and arched my hips to meet his powerful thrusts.

Each stroke built the pressure up until I couldn’t stand it. I grit my teeth as I peaked. I cried out as my waves of pleasure rushed my body.

“Holy shit,” I gasped as he collapsed on me. Yay, words! Not the most lady-like ones, but take them or leave them, it’s how I felt.

“Right?” He rolled off and disappeared into the bathroom.

I sat up unsure what to do now. My clothes were… In the hall, I think. Perhaps the kitchen floor. By the door? I wasn’t sure. The recollection of them coming off and I wasn’t aware of where I stood made my cheeks flush. George came back grinning. He really was good looking, but still a stranger despite what we just did.

“So here’s my offer.” He began as he leered at my naked flushed body. “Stay, have some more wine, tell me a bit about yourself and I’ll do the same. I’ll play with your hot sexy body and make you come. Once I’m good to go, we’ll fuck again.”

“That’s a very tempting offer.” I was already going to say yes.

“Do you have any STD’s?” George said as he ran his hands up my legs.

I shook my head. “No. You?”

“Nope. Aside from you Jess, I’m really a very good boy.”

“I can’t believe how much you turn me on. I don’t even know you.”

“My offer still stands.” He leaned close to me, nose to nose. “I’m really good at cunnilingus.”

If I were wearing panties, it would be pair number five.

“Really, very good at it,” His words were hot enough to make me gasp. “Better yet, how about I make you come now, then we have some wine and talk, I make you come again, and then we fuck?”

I smiled. “If you insist, but I’ve never had an orgasm by oral before.”

“That,” he ran his hands over my thighs spreading them, “is about to change.”

As George lowered his face between my legs, I gulped. Without hesitation, he expertly licked and sucked. That was how I met my first neighbour, enjoyed my first oral orgasm from the man who became my first and only husband.

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Too Soon? (Part – 26) Snow Angel

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This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol.

It is rated R and is for readers 18+ only.
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Too Soon? (Snow Angel)

I was up early and at the gym by seven. I doubled my workout after eating too many sweets over the holidays.

I finished collecting the food donations from the few stores I had collecting for me and dropped them off at the church. Just because Christmas passed doesn’t mean people stop needing food donations.

I met with Perdita and a few friends for lunch and they picked up on my good mood. There was nothing I could do to hide my giddiness. They all sighed at the romance of the two dates. Perdita told hilarious recounts on how mean I was to him and it made everyone laugh until their sides were sore. Ashleigh said ring or not I had bad from the start to treat him that way. Mary laughed saying I wasn’t actually that bad and it was only because it was me that it seemed bad.

I looked at my phone when it buzzed with a text from Locke.


Define Busy,” I replied knowing he’d laugh.

Can’t, you didn’t get me the dictionary you kept saying I need.

I laughed at that. How silly that was now that I knew he probably had better grammar and spelling than I ever will.

I have to work tonight.” I was half-glad and half-sad I had to.

Dinner before?



I blinked at the single word. He said exactly what I felt about him. I’ve felt the ‘addiction’ with other men before, that sweet need to just talk, touch or even see each other. With Locke it was different, right from the moment I nearly ran him over I wanted to see him, touch him and talk to him. It was why it was such torment and conflict with my moral compass. He was a married man in my mind at the time and I wanted him. Despite wanting him so badly I needed to let my brain do some work here. 

Sorry I have plans… Maybe…28th?

Texting is my least favorite form of communication. I despise the short forms and bastardized words, yeah I use them but I hate them. Knowing Locke is a writer makes me feel the need to be fully literate when I text. Silly, but it’s how I feel.

I really do have a full schedule.

He replied with a frowny face then, “New Year’s Eve?

I was becoming frustrated with texting, it takes too long. I called him. 

Hey.” He said and I could hear his smile.

“I work at a popular bar and it’s our busiest night.”


The sadness in his voice broke my heart. “But if you want you can come to dinner with my parents before?” What was I thinking? “too soon?”

I’ve met your mother already so why not.

I let out the breath I didn’t know I was holding. “If it’s weird you don’t have to-”

Adley, I knowingly subjected you to three of my siblings already and accidentally three of my exes and workaholic control freak assistant. It’s only fair I meet my girlfriends family.

“Okay, then should I pick you up or meet you there?” Eep, I’m screaming for joy inside at the vocal declaration of our relationship.

I have a party to go to for Deena after so I’ll meet you there. Text me the address later.


We chatted a little about what to wear and that Michael told the rest of the family about me and they were bugging him to bring me by to meet them. I said if he wanted to, I would. I figure before that happens he needs to know at least some of the truth. I just don’t know how or when I’ll get the courage to drop my history bomb on him. Truthfully, I was terrified to. More than I’ve ever been. 

After a silly flirty conversation, I got ready to go to the garage to do some oil changes for Tony before work.

I was scrubbing the oil and grease from my hands when Tony came up to me.

“Had a woman poking about asking all kinds of questions ‘bout you.”

I couldn’t help the stab of fear.

“And judging by that reaction it’s not good?”

“What did she look like? Did she give a name?”

“Movie star redhead named Deena.”

“Oh, that’s my… boyfriend’s busybody assistant. Probably doing a self-assigned background check.”

Tony shook his head. No doubt disappointed again that I wasn’t into Marcel. “Who’s the man?”

Crap I forgot that Tony knows him. “Ah…”

“Out with it.” He crossed his strong and muscular arms.

“Locke Wy-”

“You’re shitting me!”

“No.” I dried my hands on a soft grey towel.

“From you driving him to the lot?”

“Not exactly. We met before then. Back to Deena, what did she ask?”

“That bird is an odd duck. She was overly concerned about your morality. Are you good, violent, or are you weird? Are you liked or are you mistrusted? I’ve asked fewer questions in job interviews.”

“What did you say?”

“Nothing personal and I lost my patience and told her to get to know you herself. I also told her to leave you alone that you’re probably the best person I know.” He smiled kindly and put his hand on my shoulder. “Yes, Adley even after what happened when you were a child.”

I cringed inwardly and out. Tony knew everything. Marcel and Jordi knew some of it but not all. Tony found me near hysterical just before prom when I thought I saw someone I thought I left on the other side of the country for good. It wasn’t him, but I had panicked anyway. It had been a stressful week and that near incident sent me over.

“I had a call the other day. I reported it.” I told him about it and he hugged me when I was done.

“Let Gary know and the boys. It’s better if we can watch out for you Adley. It’s all bullshit if you ask me. Why can’t they leave you alone?”

“They’re angry Tony.”

Tony balled his fists and paced, “it’s not right, maybe if they knew all you’ve done, who you are now?”

“Maybe, the trick is finding them first and getting them to agree to meet. It’s probably nothing.”

“Nothing or not, tell Gary. I’ll talk to the boys. You better get going.”

I nodded and smiled as I drove to the bar. It was heartwarming to know I had people on my side here. I would stick it out if the mysterious woman contacted me and brought it all out again. I have a good life here and those that really know me will stand behind me. Those that don’t, well it’s sad but I’d understand if they want nothing to do with me.

To be continued…

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Mom Know’s Best – (Part – 25) Snow Angel

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This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol.

It is rated R and is for readers 18+ only.
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Mom Know’s Best (Snow Angel)

I was shocked to realize I had left my cell at home and picked it up off the kitchen table. I didn’t even miss it or reach for it at all tonight.

“He distracts me,” I muttered with a smile.

There were no missed calls and just one text from my mom letting me know they made it to Aunt Helen’s.

“I’m so glad I didn’t go.”

My phone rang, and I jumped. I was nervous about random calls. As I answered the call from my mom as I went around the house making sure it was secure and double checked the security system.

“Hey, mom.”

How was the date, was it romantic? Did he make your knees weak?”

The string of clustered questions was hilarious.

“Yes it was horribly romantic, and I loved every cheesy moment of it. I loathe to say this, but you were right.”

About what?” She asked.

“That love doesn’t care how long you’ve known each other, it does as it pleases.”

I knew it. Oh, I just knew you had that look about you yesterday. What did he do, and I don’t mean the naughty stuff.

I chuckled, I knew she meant she wanted to hear about the romance. I told her about the date and how ridiculous I feel right now, as I got ready for bed.

Adley you know that blinding chemistry soaked love doesn’t mean he’ll be like your dad right?”

I sighed and stayed quiet. I knew it, but that didn’t mean I could stop myself from thinking it.

Because I was wrong about how I loved your dad.

“But you said,”

I know I did. What we had was chemistry, but there was no love, just obsession, and possessiveness.”

“What about Donovan? He’s all in.” I said and climbed into bed.

He loves me too much, but it’s not the dangerous kind of too much.”

Mom I swear your husband is a come-to-life Disney prince, maybe all of them in one.

I was silent a moment, and she let me be quiet. My mom and I are very close, and we have reason to be. She isn’t like most moms, and I’m not like most daughters. I fairly worship her, and she loves me unconditionally and proves it continually.

“How do I know if this is the good kind of love mom? How do I know?”

I was so young when I met your dad, too young honestly. I was impressionable, and he took advantage. I loved the danger of him, the sex and his absolute dominance. You have the advantage of knowing there are different types of love and different qualities of men that wield it. Now with your knowledge, is your Locke, a good man?”


No hesitation and that’s all you needed to say. I know your doubt and fear it’s not about him and it’s not about you. Let it go, Adley, your dad, doesn’t deserve to give you anything let alone fear and loneliness.”

It was an old conversation. The trouble is that I had adored him, worshiped him and it wasn’t until I was almost nine that I figured out who and what he really was. He kept it from everyone, and the worst was my mom. I was too young to understand what abuse was. Too young to know how he controlled her. She was a grown up and didn’t know he was hitting us until he hit Elton that day for sneaking the scary movie home. It nearly destroyed her, except Elton and I gave her the motivation to find her own strength. Of course, all the well-meaning people came along afterwards to say things that were more hurtful than helpful, and those people showed their true colours or lack of. For me, what he did to me was unforgivable, and some couldn’t see beyond what happened. Granted many others gave me love and support and forgave a child for something she didn’t understand.

Mom found her way and then found Donovan. Donovan was the one to break me from my misery. He was the one to prove that love from a father figure isn’t subtle threats and a hard hand or fist. That the cost of love is love and not absolute obedience. Once he broke the spell, I saw my mom was happy. Truly happy and it didn’t have rules that were unreasonable.


What is it dear?”

“Is it scary?”



Love is everything good, and good has its challenges. The question is Adley is it scary because you’re happy and afraid of heartache or scary because he dominates, controls or hurts you?”

“I’m not myself around him sometimes.” I put my new treasures on a shelf and wondered if I would ever read Locke’s book. I doubt he’d be offended if I didn’t. I might try. Maybe.

Because he makes you act different or influences you?”

“No, because this is new territory for me.”

Bigger than Arnold?”

I chuckled. I was so ‘in love’ with Arnold.  My first love and it was a doozy. I was insane and drove him away fast.

“Yes, only it’s not one-sided.”

Love makes us do funny things, Adley. When I was younger, I was the perfect victim, and nobody said a word against him until he was gone. Now I won’t interfere, but you know I will always be honest I will never be that person who whispers but never speaks up.”

Again, I was quiet, and I heard my mom sigh softly. “The police contacted me, I know what happened. Next time call me.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t want to worry you. It was just anger, no threats. I know the drill.”

I’m sorry that you do.”

“I’m not running mom, I can’t run anymore. If it comes out again, I’ll face it.”

And we will all support that decision Adley unconditionally.”

“I know.”

And they would. They’ve all said so a million times. Donovan is my most prominent champion.

Get some sleep dear, I know you, and I know you have a busy day tomorrow.”

“Night mom.”

Sleep-tight dear.”

I ended the call and looked at the reflection of myself on my phone screen. It has to be too soon, too fast to tell.

“There’s no way I’m in love for real.”

Then I smiled. It’s not a bad thing. I had forgotten that my mom was on the call list if anything was reported. It’s been so long. I shook the negative from my head and recalled the date dreamily as I got ready for bed then drifted off to sleep.

To be continued…

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment


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Kissed Words (Part – 24) Snow Angel

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This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol.

It is rated R and is for readers 18+ only.
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Kissed Words (Snow Angel)

As the Limo drove, I peeked into the bag and found all five books. It was heavy and I’d hoped it was books, but that might just be the book junkie in me.

“Holy smokes!”

Locke laughed so hard I thought he was having a fit.

“What?” I furrowed at him as I pulled out Serenia’s book out.

“Holy Smokes? Seriously?” He teased.

I didn’t respond because I opened the cover. Serenia wrote in it.

“What does it say?” Locke asked.

“To the beautiful Adley, the first real-life Angel I’ve kissed on the lips. Love life and read of love.” I could cry, I might and blinked rapidly.

I took out the pastry book. “This one is signed too but it’s generic. Still way cool.”

I pulled out Margo’s book. “He will break your heart, but if he doesn’t, don’t break his.” I looked at Locke. “How?”

“Serenia liked you and sensed your love of books. I bet very few others have personalized autographs tonight. She took the bag around to get them signed. Margo and I are friends and ended things on good terms. She liked you too.”

I had not sensed that Margo liked me. I took Locke’s book out with narrowed eyes and looked. “If you ever read this, wait until I can keep you safe in my arms from your nightmares.” I looked at his silly smile. “Aren’t we hopeful? And when did you write this you never…”

“I’m sneaky and agile.”

“Is it really scary?” I frowned at the cover.


“Why do you write scary books?”

“I’m good at it. It’s not all I write but that’s what the public wants. There is still one more.”

That meant he planned this gift, there was no question about it. I eagerly pulled out The Midnight Kiss. The beautiful cover done in blue with stars was exciting. I wasn’t done ‘Sky’s The Limit’ yet and had already cried twice reading it. I almost dropped the book.

“Dearest Adley, Romance and love will go hand-in-hand if you extend yours to receive and give. Passionate readers such as yourself are why I write from and for the heart.” The handwriting was so beautiful, exactly what I imagined it would be. “How?”

“I saw how you looked at that book you bought and I figured I’d score more points if I had it personalized.”

“You… know him?”

Locke half shrugged. “As well as anyone does really. I pulled some strings.”

I set the book back in the bag with the others. “Thank you, I…” I shook my head and smiled at him. “I honestly…” I wiped the tear that nearly fell.

“Adley,” He said as we neared my house. “I didn’t mean to upset you. I thought you’d like it or think it was neat.”

“Oh, it is! It’s the sweetest thing anyone’s ever done for me. This,” I hefted the bag up a little. “Means more than some lame flowers or… anything really.”

The car stopped and Locke got out and held his hand for me.

Once we got to my door, he smiled down at me as we stood on my porch under the light like teenagers. He brushed my hair back over my shoulder and stepped closer.

“I want nothing more in life right now than to make love to you until we pass out in a sweaty heap of exhaustion.”

Wow, that did wonderful things to my insides that were already overwhelmed by the romance of the evening. I was afraid my physical reaction was audible and he might have heard every cell in my body scream, yes, please!

“I’m not going to.”

I cleared my throat. “No?”

“No. I want to bask in pre-sex us for just a little longer than two dates, I want to live these sweet moments of anticipation and new feelings before we kick it up a notch.”

Locke moved his lips a hairbreadth from mine and we both closed our eyes. “I want to savor the desire, to indulge in the romance and take absolute delight in every,” He touched our lips together just barely, “single,” he put his much-needed arms around me, “moment.”

The dizzying result of the kissed words rushed around me in a storm of feeling. It was as if he stepped out of a romance novel of my deepest desires and wildest most coveted dreams. Had anyone ever said those things to me other than Locke, I might have laughed.

Once I could finally function, he was smiling at me again.

“I guess I can’t pretend I don’t like you,” I said in barely a whisper.

“In all my life I have never been as flattered as I am with you weak in my arms from a mere goodnight kiss.”

“It’s almost embarrassing,” I said as my feet decided to rejoin my body and work. “This is terrifying.”

“Yes, it is. Goodnight Adley, sweet dreams.”

He had no idea just how sweet they would be. Or maybe he did.

“Goodnight Locke.”

I opened my door as he returned to the limo. Once inside my house, I leaned on the door and laughed at how silly I am. I was so certain we’d end up in bed tonight. Not because I’m easy, but because the intensity was too much. Even now, I stayed leaning against the door as I kicked my shoes off. I unbuttoned my coat as I made my way to my kitchen in a strange trance after setting my security system.

To be continued…

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Mom Know’s Best  . 
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Staking His Claim (Part – 22) Snow Angel

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This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol.

It is rated R and is for readers 18+ only.
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Read from the start: Click Here SA22


Staking His Claim (Snow Angel)

I thought that Locke would tense up again as we approached Haddy and the two women. I thought I would feel the unusual weirdness that had overcome me earlier. I was fine and Locke seemed relaxed. They were both beautiful in their own ways and so very different from the other.

“I hate you a thousand times more Locke. Who is this delectable creature you’re mooning over?” The sexy blonde-haired woman asked, with a serious puffy lipped pout and aimed at me.

“Cynthia, this is Adley and the statue is Margo.”

“Ha, ha very funny,” Margo held her hand out to me and I shook.

Margo’s near black hair was pulled back in a severe bun with a band of crystals holding it firmly in place. Her dress was fitted perfectly and black. She was so thin I thought she might snap if she moved too fast. Like Iesha and Cynthia, Margo was almost as tall as Locke. I wondered if I’m an anomaly or if this was a poor sampling of exes.

“Well,” Cynthia said in a singsong voice. That was the single most horribly over the top display of romance I’ve ever seen. And I know over the top.”

“I am thankful you never tried to do anything like that to me Locke.” Margo said with a slight sniff at the end of her sentence.

I didn’t care. I was too happy to care what they said or did. Haddy looked at me knowingly and with a growing smile, she excused herself and intercepted a not-too-pleased Tilly who was now teetered slightly.

Locke smiled lopsided, “Heaven forbid anything be done outside your carefully outlined itinerary for every dammed moment of every damned day Margo.”

“Chaos is disruptive and order is the key to happiness.” Margo said calmly without a trace of hostility or meaness. “You are disorder at its worst Locke Wyvern. Which is why you are with a disorderly woman and not me. Good luck to you… Adley you are going to need it. Have a nice evening.”

Margo turned as if her feet never touched the floor and continued to seemingly float across the room. I had hoped she would be lovely like Serenia. She wasn’t mean or rude, she just lacked… emotion.

“Well, I dare say she is a pill.” Cynthia smiled at me. “I think you’re adorable Adley. Locke is a silly man with silly needs and you might just be the one to fulfill them.”

“Romantic isn’t silly.” Locke smiled.

“It gets that way after a while. Too bad, we just couldn’t make our schedules work Locke love, I do miss you warming my silk sheets when I got home. Oh well c’est la vie as they say.” She looked at me with unexpected approval. “You know what I mean don’t you, petite chaton?”

I didn’t, but I wanted to. Only not in her context or with her involved in any way and that includes conversing about it.

“Oh!” Cynthia said loudly, “You don’t know! My, my, how long have you been together, I mean that dance… I was ready to,” She fanned her perfectly made up face with her flawless hand. “Well never mind that darlings, do tell, how long?”

I kept my mouth shut to be safe. Not that I felt any compulsion to be mean to her I felt no compulsion toward her whatsoever. Nothing. No malice no friendship, just nothing.

“Cynthia behave.” Locke said amused.

“What fun is there in that darling? Honestly how long?”

“You’re not going to let up are you?” Locke sighed.

The woman crossed her arms delicately and it made her look like a movie star waiting for her adoring fans to drop to their knees and worship at her feet. “Not a chance.”

“Nosy as always.” Locke rolled his eyes.

“Why does it matter?” I asked, forgetting my vow of silence.

“How droll,” She smiled at me, “Are you sure Locke that you prefer this little doe eyed tidbit of cartoon cuteness over me?” She thrust her hip in a practiced way showing off her deeply ingrained sensuality.

I saw it, fake, every inch of her was practiced and posed. That’s why she’s not registering, there is nothing there.

“Very sure,” Locke said and played his fingers along my back in time with the music.

“Very well, your loss Locke darling,” Cynthia leaned into my ear, “Word of the wise sweetie he’s absolutely wonderful except sometimes he’s dull in bed and flighty.”

“If by dull you mean I’m not interested in sharing a bed with you and your other lovers, then I’m the dullest man alive and happy to be so.”

“See?” She widened her eyes for a split second, “Booooooring. Tootaloo, have fun with the virgin princess, darling.”

I may have scrunched my nose at her as she walked away and Locke chuckled.

The redheaded woman from the bar the night I met Locke was approaching without a trace of emotion on her face. Her dead blue eyes were solely on Locke. Oh wonderful another ex. Then when he looked her way her demeanor became lively and friendly so fast I actually stepped back. What the hell is that?

Locke laced his fingers with mine setting my body a tingle. This was the woman I thought enough of to be an ex wife. I’ve never been with a man that was so possessive before. Well maybe but not in this sweet way. Lock was all gentle touches and body posture. I can survive whomever this is with my head held high. Lock was staking his claim and I needed to trust him despite the niggling fear that grew with each of the red head’s steps.

To be continued…

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment


A Senseless Fool  .
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Sunday Stretching (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) NSFW #66


Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R. 18+ Only.
See other short stories here: Quick and Dirty Short Stories

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Sunday Stretching

Sunday mornings are my favourite. I sleep in, do some yoga and use my vibrator before going out to meet friends for lunch and shopping. We don’t always shop, but we usually go for lunch.

I take Yoga classes twice a week downtown and love it. However, on Sunday’s, I do my Yoga at home. I put on a thin shirt and just my grey yoga pants. I began warming up and watched a Yoga themed porn on my tablet as I moved through some poses. When my hands were free, I’d massage my tits or tweak my nipples. I looked down and smiled at the dime-sized dark spot between my legs and shivered.

I got into downward dog and watched the tablet on the floor as the class became an all out orgy. I turned it off. I was sufficiently horny from the show, now to play. I held my poses and included some sexy ones that I found online guaranteed to make me wetter, and they do.

I moved to the wide legged forward bend with my ass to my full-length mirror and admired my growing dark spot. The sight of it aroused me, I tightened, and it grew a quarter-inch in diameter.

I moved to prepare for the one-legged inverted staff and shivered as my body surged with hormones. My apartment door opened and I nearly fell over as I balanced with one leg in the air.

It was the new superintendent. He was attractive but not in a jaw-dropping way. Sexy physique and a kind smile. A bit old for me. That’s too bad since he’s single.

“I didn’t think you were home.” He stammered as the door closed behind him.

“Why exactly are you here?” I said moving from the pose to sit cross-legged giving him a beautiful view of my very dark apple sized wet spot.

His eyes were glued to my pants. “You left a message that your bathroom tap drips. I sent you a notice.”

“Ah yes.” I forgot about it. Even though I had it up on my fridge. “Don’t mind me.”

I leaned back pushing my breasts out and made the dark spot shiny in the centre. I loved feeling and seeing my pants soak. Showing someone else was a huge turn on.

He cleared his throat and went down the hall. I kept working my body and was so horny I almost couldn’t wait for him to leave. I was sitting still and admiring my sexy spot in the mirror when he came back out.

“All finished.”

“That was fast.”

His eyes lingered on my breasts before dropping to my pants again. He looked uncomfortably hard, and I got a naughty idea.

“Could you do me a favour?”

“Yes.” He breathed the word as if he were about to orgasm.

“The medicine cabinet creaks loudly when you open it.” I smiled and slipped my hand into my dark wet spot. 

He swallowed hard as I fingered the darkness.

“I’ll take a look.”

He went back down the hall, I took my t-shirt off as I heard him set his tool bag down. The cabinet didn’t creak at all. I laid back and pulled my legs up tucking them behind my arms. Being flexible had its benefits.

He came back down the hall and dropped his tool bag with a rattle and crash. I ran my hands over my large spot and smiled as he opened the condom he found in my cabinet. I have a large box of them there since I never rely on the man to bring one or three. He kicked off his shoes and took off his socks.

“You’re so wet.” He said.

“And horny,” I said as he pulled his pants down to wrap his fantastically hard member.

He moved toward me removing his shirt I admired his toned body. He shifted and rested his hard cock on the wet spot and reached up to fondle my breasts.

“Will you take them off?” He rubbed over the pants.

“No.” I panted a moment enjoying the feel of him touching me. “If you want my pussy take it.”

He growled, his eyes danced over my body, and he went to his knees. I stayed in my position as he grabbed at the fabric. He was going to do it, he was going to… With one hard pull, the seam gave way, and the material ripped open with a sexy tearing sound.

“Oh fuck yes!” I yelled and orgasmed from a fantasy come true. It was small and not enough.

He rubbed his hand over my shaven lips before he pressed his raging hard-on in. I cried out from the pleasure, and he began a steady thrust. He moved over me and started kissing me with a lusty passion. I squealed into his mouth as he dove deep and held against me hard.

He pulled out, and I thought he’d come, but he hadn’t.

He slapped my ass. “Flip over.”

I got to my knees, pushed my ass up in the air and he wasted no time invading me.  He gripped my round-apple ass firmly with his hands. It was hot and hard, and I cried out like a porn star as I came hard and wet around him. With a few final thrusts, he jerked hard against me.

While I panted, he disappeared down the hall. When he returned he dressed while looking at me laying languidly in my afterglow.

“If you need anything else fixed let me know.”

I sat up and smiled slyly as he left my apartment.  I called the number to leave a message on his voicemail later saying I needed my bathroom sink repaired and Thursday evening would be good.

I had the repair notice under my door an hour later. He would be by Tuesday night. Even better.

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment

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Grace Part 2 – What Are The Odds? (Sexy Saturday Serial) NSFW

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.
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Grace Part 2 – What Are The Odds?

I kept my secret encounter with the stranger in the expensive suit to myself. I should be ashamed given my shyness with sex, but I wasn’t. In fact, every time I thought about what I did two days ago, I craved another go.

“You okay Grace?” Tammy asked as she sipped her coffee. “You look flushed.”

Tammy had missed girl’s night, but planned to go this Friday for sure. That thought made me think about the book. She knew all about it and had filled her ‘wish’ out on Sunday so she wasn’t left out9.

“Yeah, too much caffeine I guess.” I stood. “I’ll be back.”

I went toward the restrooms to splash cold water on my face. A man came rushing by with a tray of coffee and knocked me back. I stumbled back, went through a partially open door, dropped my phone and nearly fell on my ass.

“Woah.” A deep voice said as I was caught in strong arms.

I looked up at the face of my savior and squeaked out, “Thanks.” As he stood me upright the thrill of his hands on my arms set my panties on fire.

His amber eyes held me captive as a smile spread across his sexy face. With a slight tilt to his light blonde head, he peered down my tight shirt and I wanted him to. Hell in that moment I wanted him to touch me again. What has come over me? I thought of the book and wondered. I glanced around the small office to see if we were alone. I bent at the waist to pick up my phone and his hands went to my hips.

Interesting. I waited as the pulse between my legs forced me to widen my stance just a little.

“Yes?” He said and slid a hand up my inner thigh.

What are the odds? I sucked my breath in and uttered a reply, the only one my body wanted.


“Can you touch your ankles?” he asked.

I could do better. I widened my stance and placed my hands flat on the floor. Yay for yoga and Pilates.

“Very nice, stay just like that.”

I looked back as he pulled his firm rod through the open fly of his pants and quickly rolled a condom on. My skirt was lifted and my panties shifted to the side. He spread me and invaded me slowly. The thick feel of him filling me wasn’t enough. I needed him to thrust and I wanted to push back.

With hands on my ass, he caressed my cheeks as he slammed into me at a steady pace. I could hear voices outside the office and so I muffled my cries as he pounded pleasure into me. I felt the tightening that I craved and clenched hard as the orgasm took hold and filled me fast. I don’t even know when he finished but when I felt him pull out, the glow of pleasure was settling through me. I don’t know why but I sensed the need to stay quiet. It’s not what I would normally do. I tend to ramble after sex. Hell, I ramble before it too. I was behaving completely opposite of how I would normally behave.

It was exciting and unusual. I didn’t know if ‘the tell no one’ meant my friends too so I didn’t. I wanted to see what happened next. Would there be a number three? Without a word, he left the office and after I straightened up I left too. I returned to Tammy and sat.

“Better?” She asked.

“Infinitely,” I smiled into my mug as I glanced around.

Amber eyes was nowhere to be seen.

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment

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Part 3 – Man Number Three

Grace nc2


Sabotaging (Part – 19) Snow Angel

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This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol.

It is rated R and is for readers 18+ only.
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Sabotaging (Snow Angel)

The lovely angelic Haddy waited patiently for me to sort out my thoughts and emotions. This total stranger waited to hear why I’m afraid and acting out of character.

“I’m afraid of Locke.”

“How so?” She tilted her head just enough to make her diamond earrings move and catch the office light.

“I barely know him. I thought he was married and an adulterer. I was mean to keep him away because I was drawn to him. He didn’t go away. Now I know he’s just a man who’s like any other only he’s not.”

“Why is he not?”

“He likes me.”

“How is that different from other men?”

“They like me for what I can do for them or give them, but they don’t like me or who I am.”

I left out that they stop liking me when they get to know me.

“Let’s go back to why you are afraid of Locke and try again.”

I had no idea who this woman is. I took a moment to really look at her. She was young, slightly older than I am. She smelled my half-truth in an eerie way. I don’t see why I want to talk to her. I just do.

I cleared my throat, “I’m scared that he’ll see what they see. That I’m boring and beneath him.”

“Do you believe that?”


“But you’ve heard it before. I see. Well Adley you have a choice. Be for Locke the woman you are, or become the woman you fear he will see.”

“Become.” I covered my mouth.

That’s what I was doing. I was becoming what they said, what they expected. I don’t care what people think of me. I don’t think of myself as less than others, I’m happy as I am. It took me a long time to get here so why am I letting a couple of mean women tear me down?

“There now you see.” Haddy patted the hand she still held and I dropped the other from my face. “Out there is a confused man who looks at you as if you fell from a star just for him. Go be his starlight Adley.”

“Who are you?” I asked as she opened the door.

Locke stood there with his arms crossed leaning against the wall in his tux. He did look confused and unhappy. I did that.

“She is lovely Locke. Tally’s venom almost got to her heart. Do a better job of protecting her if you want to keep her. She is not like the others. Fighting for you against them will ruin her.”

Locke actually pouted and looked contritely to the floor. I was about to defend myself but she was right. It was pathetic in a way but I’m not the kind of person who bitch fights with ex-girlfriends or sisters. Perdita would say I need to grow a spine and let them have a piece of my mind. I just don’t see the value in that. Nobody wins and I end up feeling miserable. I hadn’t planned on it in fact I hoped to disarm them. I was in over my head.

“Oh no you don’t.” Haddy poked my nose with her index. “There are those that are genuinely mean and those that rise above. I know which you truly are. Now big brother you make her smile or I will drive her home.”

Haddy walked away and we both watched her glide into the crowd.

“I’m sorry Adley.”

“She’s nicer than I am.”

“Oh no she’s not. Hadraniel is… terrifying. When she’s calm like that it’s a warning.”

“A warning?”

“Trust me Adley you do not want to see what happens if you don’t heed her warning. My sister is sweet and the best person I know, I love her to death but her temper is never ill placed and it will destroy its target. If she gives someone a piece of her mind they actually cower.”


“She must have been watching since you got here. She does that and she must like you.”

“I’m sabotaging.” I said quickly.


“It’s what I do. Usually it takes a lot longer for me to get this bad.”

Usually I run the man off before I have to explain anything because when I do they walk away and never look back. It hurts less if they go without that look of disgust on their face.

Locke smiled down at me and put his hands on the door on either side of me. “Is that so?”


“What expedited the process?”

“A pre-emptive attempt to spare myself a broken heart.”

“Aside from a weirdly jealous ex, who never did love me even a little, who says I’ll break your heart?” Locke nudged my nose with his and we both breathed heavy into the others breath. 

Suddenly all the insanity was gone. There was only Locke and me. The weird tension I didn’t know was in me, vanished.

“Oh Locke,” I whispered and moved my chin to close the distance between our lips.

If we were standing in a blizzard, the snow would be steam if it got too close. This was why I was freaked out. He could ask me to rob a bank and I’d probably have the plans drawn up, the disguises ready and the getaway vehicle waiting before the kiss was done. This was dangerous I’ve never been out of control or on the brink of it before. I am really and genuinely scared of Locke and more so, I’m petrified of myself.

To be continued…

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment


Waiting All Night  .

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Out Of Sorts (Part – 18) Snow Angel

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This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol.

It is rated R and is for readers 18+ only.
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Read from the start: Click Here  SA18


Out Of Sorts (Snow Angel)

The dark skinned woman was actually taller than Locke was and by the time she stopped in front of us, I was half in love with her. Her legs were almost as long as I am tall, or so it seemed. She had a bronzer on her skin that actually made her look like she was glowing, she wore a gold sequined dress that made mine look dull in comparison and mine was very glittery. I took the moment of mutual inspection to try to center myself.

“Well, well, well, Locke still sponging off the family business are we?”

Locke took another two glasses from a passing tray after he put our empty ones on a table. He handed me one then one to the woman I’m guessing is Iesha. He then snagged one for himself and the server continued on.

“Adley this is Iesha, Iesha, Adley.” He said.

“Oh you’re his date? Or is this charity?”

What is with these snooty bitches? Tilly I get, I slighted her and women get vicious toward other women easily. This Iesha must be jealous. Be kind, be patient I said to myself. Be kind.

“Behave Iesha.”

“For this?” She gestured at me and I managed not to lose my slight smile. “Please Locke if you are going to slum it at least dress her better. Even Edward Lewis knew better.”

“I can dress myself thank you.” I said trying not to let her reference upset me. 

She eyed me from head to toe and back. “No you cannot.”

With a dismissive raise of her nose, she looked back to a regretful Locke. No doubt he wished he didn’t invite me to his ex-girlfriend parade. It was unfortunate but not planned on his part. He was upset and embarrassed. I had to help even if he is embarrassed of me.

“Iesha you don’t need to be a bitch.” Locke said with anger.

“Oh Locke you are dumber than ever even if you are still a brilliant sexy beast. I’m being honest not a bitch. I can mix the two if you want.”

“Stop it Iesha.” Locke said and raked his hand over his face. 

“No. You don’t deserve to tell me what to do, not that you ever could. If I had known you were going to show your face this year I wouldn’t have come to this pathetic party. I only came for Tilly because she was upset about something.”

“Locke was right,” I said, “You are very beautiful.”

She actually sneered at me. “What else did he say?”

I looked up at her innocently, “Well… that was it. I guess that’s all there is.”

Her mouth fell open and I felt terrible for being so rude, I didn’t mean to be. Dammit, I really need to get it together. I saw the tilt of her glass and the weak malnurished muscles in her arm move and I ducked and swerved the splash of champagne. It hit the wall behind me, I plucked the glass from her hand and set it and my drink on the nearby table never taking my eyes from her.

“I recommend you never ever try anything like that again.” I said with a firmness in my voice. “I’m sorry if I was rude.”

“Rude? Please you are sad and common. I wasn’t even sure you were a grown adult when I approached. I’m still not sure.”

A man in a waiters coat scurried over and began cleaning the mess.

“Iesha enough. Come on let’s go.” Locke held his hand out for me.

“He will use you and dump you just like he did all the others. He’ll make you fall in love then break your heart just to watch it shatter.”

I tilted my head. “You don’t need to worry over what I do.”

“Oh you’re so adorable and naive. Locke are you sure she’s even legal?”

“Adley.” Lock took my hand.

“It’s okay Locke, her insults don’t bother me, they have no value.”

“What do you mean bitch?”

For a brief moment I wondered if this was life with Locke. Oddly aggressive women who lash out immaturely. My mother would have fit if I behaved this way. I had to remind myself this was as much an ambush for Locke as it was for me. He must feel terrible.

“I’m sorry Iesha your words have no effect on me or my life.”

Her hand raised and she might as well have been in slow motion. Locke was as stunned as the few people in the immediate vicinity were. I dodged and let her swipe at the air before my face and some people around us snickered. That escalated quickly.

Her hands formed claws and she launched at me. I sidestepped, she lost he balance on her six inch heels and fell on her perfect apple shaped ass. My niceness vanishes when I’m attacked physically. This was absurd and a fake display, I’d bet money on it.

“Stop laughing!” I yelled at the two women beside us. “Be better people than that.”

Locke lifted a sputtering Iesha to her feet and she glared at me. “You are horrible.”

“Not really. Are you okay Iesha?”

Iesha opened her perfect mouth and it hung open.

“Aside from being embarrassed are you hurt?” I asked slowly.


“Are you done being weirdly jealous of a man you don’t love?”

Again, her mouth popped open and stayed that way. She looked at Locke and closed her mouth.

“I can’t blame you for being jealous. Honestly you deserve a man that you like and one that loves you for more than just your beauty.”

“And you think he’s right for you? This is a typical gold digging storyline, a poor woman and rich man. It’s been overdone honey.”

“I’m not poor.”

She gave me a slithery once over, again and crooked the corner of her mouth. “Oh yes you are.” She grabbed her designer jacket from the man who had retrieved it for her and walked toward the exit.

“What is wrong with me?” I muttered under my breath.

First, I let Tilly egg me on then that golden piece of work got under my skin. I goaded her instead of being kind. I stood there lost in remorse not hearing Locke until he shook my shoulders.

“Adley what is wrong with you?”

I stepped back out of his grasp. “I don’t know.”

I looked at his unhappy face and stepped back again. He brought me here and I’ve done nothing but be confrontational. An ice blonde haired woman with pearly pale skin appeared and put one hand on Locke’s arm and held out a hand to me.

“Come with me.” She said gently in a soft melodic voice.

Her soft blue eyes were the refuge of calm and kindness I needed. I let her put her hand on my back and lead me out to a hall and down to a small room with a couch and a desk. She shut the door leaving Locke on the other side.

“I’m sorry for the hasty rescue my dear, I’m Hadraniel, but most call me Haddy.”

I didn’t speak. I couldn’t trust myself right now.

“You looked ready to run, why?”

Her calm tone and soft voice eased my tension. “I’m out of sorts here. I don’t know why.”

“Perhaps you are sensing hostility and reacting accordingly. Or you’re expecting the worst and proactively defending by offending.”

“I should go.”

“Wait.” She moved toward me in her glimmering white and silver dress. “Will you judge all by the ill manners of two?”

I sighed and looked back at the door.

“Will you tell me your name?” She asked.

“Oh.” I furrowed my brow. “Adley Lewis. I’m not usually rude and I don’t normally pick fights.”

“Perhaps you are jealous?” She smiled and brushed my hair back and over my shoulders.

“No.” I smiled, “I’m not. I think I’m scared.”

“Come sit and tell me why.” She perched on a brown leather couch and patted the seat beside her.

I couldn’t walk away from someone showing me a kindness that I didn’t realize I needed. I sat beside her and she took my hands in hers.

“Now Adley why are you scared?”

I parted my lips to explain and realized it wasn’t the truth that I was about to tell her. She deserved the truth and I don’t know why.

To be continued…

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Everyone Has A Past (Part – 17) Snow Angel

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This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol.

It is rated R and is for readers 18+ only.
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Everyone Has A Past (Snow Angel)

While Locke stared open mouthed at my glittery long sleeve rose-gold gown with a heart shaped neckline, I took in the bustling party.

The large open ballroom was decorated lavishly with tasteful holiday decorations. A live band played lively music that dug down to the soul and begged the hips to move. The band was at the far end of the lavish room near a stage with gold and red curtains. There were servers with hors d’oeuvres and servers with drinks of various types on trays and tables set up with little cards on them.

“Cat got your tongue?” I asked as Locke cleared his throat.

“I’m prone to jealousy and you Adley are making me feel possessive.”

“I’ll take that as a weird compliment.” I said then giggled behind my hand.

Locke plucked two glasses of champagne from a passing server and handed me one. I need to be careful, I love champagne and I don’t need to be tipsy here.

“First the necessary meet and greets, the speeches and reveal, then I hope you like to dance.”

I took his arm and he led me around greeting various people along the way. We were approaching Michael who immediately left his conversation with a tall dark man the moment he saw me. I braced for impact and smiled.

He reached for my hand and kissed the back of it. “I will have to risk my little brother’s wrath and find some mistletoe or just steal you away.”

I had not expected that.

“Not a risk worth taking.” Locke said darkly.

“Ooh you are smitten. Tilly will have a fit. Oh FYI Cynthia and Margo are here and I heard a rumor that Iesha is making an appearance because Tilly asked her to come by.”

“And you couldn’t have texted me or pulled me aside to say so?” Locke said with clenched teeth.

“Does she not know?” Michael looked genuinely upset. “I thought you would have told her.”

“This is our second date.” I said quietly. “It’s natural to expect there are many things I don’t know yet.”

Michael grinned widely and it made him look more like Locke even though the family resemblance is strong.

“Oh Lockey boy she’s too good for you. Adley my dear watch out for Tilly she’s unhappy with you and even angrier that I took your side.”

“Oh you shouldn’t have Michael. I was out of line.”

“I disagree, I learned something yesterday about genuine kindness.”

I didn’t say anything because I know whatever it is would embarrass me.

“Adley my dear I was humbled for the first time in a long time. I have staff to greet. Please eat, drink and don’t let little Lockey take advantage of you. Come find me if you want to date a real man.”

He chuckled as he walked away.

“Little lockey?”

Locke snorted a response making me giggle.

“So do I get a warning about the three ladies of your past or should I wing it?”

“You’re not at all mad or whatever?”

“No. Everyone has a past Locke, even me.”

“Spilling milk and stepping on daisies hardly counts as a past.”

“I’m not a saint Locke.” I frowned because I wasn’t by a long shot.

“That is debatable.”

“Are they exes?”

“Yes.” He said and looked around nervously. “They are published authors as well. Even if one needed a ghost writer and the other relied too heavily on a copy editor.”

There was a glint in his eyes and a tension in his stance that suggested he wanted to leave.

“Are they potentially not exes?”

He looked at me horrified. “No, God no.”

I shrugged and the movement made him peep down my dress. “It’s safe to say we like each other.”

“That’s an understatement.” He muttered making me smile.

“Okay so why did you fall in love with Cynthia?”


“Locke Wyvern why did you fall in love with Cynthia?”

He looked suspicious then took a deep breath. “She has the voice of an angel and a sense of adventure that was inspiring.”

“Okay what about Margo?”

“Don’t you want to know why we broke up?”

“Ugh no, what about Margo?”

“You are weird. Fine, Margo has a seriousness about her that is fascinating. She plans everything flawlessly and is always and I mean always perfectly composed. She, believe it or not, pursued me at the start.”


“Honestly it was just her beauty. She is very beautiful.”

“Tough competition, hmm.”

“Adley why did you ask-”

He didn’t get to finish his sentence when a furious Tilly stormed over to us and grabbed Locke by the arm and half dragged him away from the crowd.

“You,” she said to me rudely, “Stay put.”

There are few things that I will openly disobey and that is one of them. I’m not a dog. I followed them out to an area by tables that was void of people.

“I said! Never mind Argh.” She turned to Locke, “Locke I specifically said not to bring that trash here. I told you and you agreed.”

“No I did not and frankly Tilly you’re over reacting.”

“Michael said the same thing.”

“Because you are,” Locke crossed his arms. “And you’re being rude.”

“Yes well I have reason to be. She’s turned you and Michael against me.”

“Tilly listen to what you’re saying. This isn’t like you. If we both see a good person why don’t you?”

“I see alright.” She turned to me. “So are you putting out for both of them then?”

“Woah Tilly that’s too far!” Locke said in a harsh whisper.

“Stop.” I said calmly. “Tilly I am sorry I meddled yesterday, I was angry and did the swap before I even met you. While it was the right thing to do it was also the wrong thing to do.”

“That was a terrible apology.”

“It is the best I can do under the circumstances. This is your company and your party. I’ll leave if it will make you happy and keep the peace.”

“I’d like that.”

“Tilly.” Locke said with warning in his tone.

“It’s okay Locke, I don’t want to upset your sister who thinks so little of you.”

“Excuse me?” Tilly balled her fists in a hilarious attempt to intimidate me. I have more useful muscle in my right arm than there likely is in her whole body.

“You’re trying to make him choose to stay and make you happy or leave with me and give you reason to rage. Not cool. Not only that but you’re suggesting your brother is dating trash. While I can handle an ill placed insult, you should have more respect for your family and their choices. I’ll leave for him.”

I was angry and it was at myself. Every time I do something selfish, things go horribly wrong. I should have learned by now. I made my way over to the coat check when Tilly caught up with me.

“Stay.” She said sounding breathless.

I raised my eyebrow at her.

“Please. I’m over reacting and the why is none of your business. I do understand why you did what you did, I don’t like it because it is something I would have done in your place were I a better person. That and my baby brother is too good for you.”

“Or anyone am I right?”

“More or less. However he likes you so I will back off.”

I waited for it.

“For now.”

“There it is. Tilly you saw me at my worst, maybe you should get to know me be-.”

“Your worst?” She looked over at Locke who had just arrived. “Is she serious?”

“That I’ve seen and I wasn’t even there.”

Tilly sighed heavily and gave me a once over. “I’m worrying for nothing. He’ll bore of you fast enough. Stay have fun and,” She glanced at Locke, “Maybe we can go for lunch or something if he decides to keep you around longer than a couple weeks.”

I smiled. “We will have so much fun. I know the perfect little place that has an afternoon tea in an indoor flower garden filled with tropical butterflies.”

Tilly nodded curtly and walked away.

“Did I completely screw things up?” I asked.

“No, she loves butterflies and I told her you’re insanely positive. She’s hard to get along with on a good day. How did you know about butterflies?”

“What makes you think I knew?”

Locke just stared at me waiting.

“She had a little gold butterfly in her hair and one on her ring.”

Locke looked back at his sister as she laughed with a group of men. “Did she?”


Locke’s face fell and I knew the drop-dead gorgeous woman approaching was one of three hurdles for the night. I was off my game and couldn’t shake it. This is not going to be good and I wished this date were more private like our first one.

To be continued…

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment


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