Unexpected Friends – (Part- 33) Climbing Ivy

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol.
It is rated R and is for readers 18+ only.

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Part 33

Unexpected Friends – (Part- 33) Climbing Ivy

My performance at the fundraiser secured the company, eight new clients. All eager to hire a company with me in their employ. My face graced the local headlines for a week following the event and my mom was so proud, I neglected to send her pictures or any stories about Eric or I and I was still to shell shocked to even tell her that Dustin popped out of… I guess I can’t Say nowhere. I was asked by Helping Hands to come to a community event and I guilted Eric to go with me and bring some of the other stars. Dustin was one of them. I tactfully managed to avoid him and Anette completely all that afternoon and did my best to smile.

Eric and I fell into a fake relationship. He came to the Helping Hand event in exchange for a press release appearance from me. I asked him to play partner for a product reveal and he dragged me to a press party for the show. Oddly Eric and I have become unexpected friends and I was happy with him in that role.

Eric hasn’t made any advances, not even to kiss me and I didn’t ask why. Sloppy seconds rang in my head every time I saw Eric. Apparently, I’m tainted by Dustin and unattractive now. Every time I saw Dustin I ached and hurt from heartache anew. I thought I was over him but it wasn’t true. Anette was covetous and jealous and mean if she managed to get anywhere near me. I ignored her and that might be fueling her fire.

I was on the set of the show Decker City, that I still haven’t watched, as they did a secluded scene in the ‘back country’. It was amazing how they transformed the area with props and landscaping. It was easy to believe it was a Dystopian future. A lot of the sets were spectacular as if I were on a whole other planet.

Eric had to jet off to get a bleeding makeup special effect done to his face that would take an hour to apply and I was sitting in the shade of an oak tree alone. I often found myself hanging out with Eric, I think he likes my company simply because I don’t give a shit that he’s famous. We can have real conversations about grown up things and I tell him my opinion whether he likes it or not. I think he likes it.

I’ve wanted a million times to talk to Dustin, I wanted a billion times to be more mature and to be stronger. I’m not. Or at least I’m not ready yet. It’s been three and a half years since we had sex and it was all I could think about. In such a short time, he branded my soul. He and Anette seemed happy so I tucked it all away and went on as if I wasn’t torn to shreds on the inside. He had moved on.

I didn’t need to look up from my book to know Dustin looked down at me. I could feel his presence and I stayed put like a grown up might. I hated that Anette made me so jealous and I hated how badly I wanted to go back and be less silly and just tell him my full name.

“May I sit?” Dustin asked quietly.

I shrugged and turned the page as he sat beside me.

“You’re still with Eric.” He said sadly.

“Not really. It’s more like a tit for tat friendship of convenience.” I kept reading.


“Don’t,” I said.

“Why not? Goddammit, Ivy, I’m a mess. Look at me.”

I looked and saw the dark circles under his eyes. He looked tired and sad. “I hear Trish in makeup is a miracle worker she can make you look rugged and sexy again.” I looked back at my book. “Anette would have a fit if she saw you with me, the last time you said the single word hi, she looked ready to kill and actually tried to scratch me.”

“She broke up with me last week.”

“Good for her she’s smarter than she looks.”

“Stop it, Ivy don’t be mean. You walked away from me, actually, you ran and fast.”

“I’m sorry she broke your heart, I’m sorry that you’re so broken up over her.” I lied, I wasn’t sorry at all. She is a horrible person and I couldn’t stand how she treated him.

“I’m not… this isn’t…”

I closed my book with a snap. “Dustin, I don’t know or care why Anette broke up with you. She was horrible to you so I’m glad someone in that relationship had the balls to end it.” I stood. “I went through hell after I ran from you. Yes, I did it to myself, but I don’t want to go through it again. I can’t.”

“I thought it was cute you know,” Dustin said as he got to his feet. “That you wanted to stay strangers. I thought it was the idealistic stupidity of your youth, but I went along with it.”

“It was stupid and time revealed that harshly. Look Dustin, I’m not that silly girl anymore-”

An explosion sounded from the right where they were shooting a scene with the rebels, I didn’t turn to look, but it made me jump. Things like that happened here all the time. Something slammed into my back and knocked me to the ground. I would have cried out in pain if I could breathe. Panic shot through me as fast as confusion did.

“Ivy.” Dustin knelt beside me and put his hand on the back of my neck. “Don’t move. Hi yes, I need a set ambulance in the east field now. We’re under the oak by the stable. It looks like a piece of metal in her back from the explosion. Ivy English, no not a cast member, she’s a guest…. Yes, I can.”

Dustin moved my hair from my face as I lay on my stomach in the grass. “Dus…”

“Shh stay still Ivy help is on the way… Yes, she’s awake… Okay.” His strong hands kept me from trying to move in my panic. I wanted to get up, I wanted to run, it hurt and I was afraid.

“It hurts.” I managed to get the words out. I wanted to breathe but the pain was too much to manage it properly. I am not good with pain and my imagination was going wild and not in a good direction.

“Shh.” Dustin stroked my cheek as sirens drew near and I closed my eyes to get away from the pain in my back and the pain in my heart from the love and fear in his eyes. My heart was going to break all over again.

To be continued…

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Working Through It – (Part- 32) Climbing Ivy

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol.
It is rated R and is for readers 18+ only.

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Part 32

Working Through It – (Part- 32) Climbing Ivy

My boss leaned in close. She had stopped me before I could make my escape from the fundraiser.

“We have been asked to say a few words for our donation toward the cause and you are going to deliver the speech. I am useless on the spot and you are… creative.”

“I’m sorry but I need to leave.” I said with an ignored urgency.

“You will give the speech, and continue to talk to the others. Where is your date?”


“Find him and be warned that your performance tonight will weigh heavily against consideration for Jr president when Hanks retires.”

I slipped into work mode, I can handle this as work Ivy. I nodded and went to find Eric. I found him downing a glass of champagne in one gulp. He looked at me with a heavy sigh.

“How pissed are you?” Eric asked.

“How pissed are you?” I asked in return.

“I don’t think I can date you.” He said with a frown. “I just can’t.”

“How would you be feeling right now if we had had sex? Why does it matter so much what I did years ago and only once?”

“It just does,” Eric said as an announcer called everyone’s attention from the stage. “Can I ask you to keep up appearances?”

“For the press?”

He nodded.

“Sure I’m not a bitch.” That and I needed him to behave as well.

I tucked my arm around his arm as the keynote speaker addressed the well-dressed pampered crowd and discussed the charity at hand. Various contributors were called up to give short speeches about how the cause either affects them or someone they know and why their company feels deeply for their contribution. Not one of them sounded genuine.

I was called up by name and Eric frowned at the surprise. I dug deep to ignore the accusation in his eyes and once I located Dustin and Anette I did my best not to look their way either.

“Good evening.” I smiled. “My name is Ivy English. I have been asked to speak to you on behalf of Torrent Technologies. This fundraiser is a touching cause. Many here may not have actually experienced true poverty, but it exists and it is not the face you expect. Gathering here to raise money for the inner-city community centers is a cause that I can personally say will make a very big difference in a young persons’ life.”

I looked around at the crowd. “Many young people and their parents will go to bed hungry tonight. They are beaten down by the shame of being unable to provide the most basic needs. Being poor doesn’t mean being grimy or criminals. Poverty isn’t always something you can see.

“Many of these downtrodden people will sleep in tents and cars and hide their circumstances in fear of losing what little they have.” I flicked my eyes toward Dustin who was watching me too intently. “Your contributions tonight along with the generous offering from Torrent Technologies will help keep those children from losing all faith in humanity. If all we can do is keep one child off the streets and in school or in the community center learning or playing then it is worth every dollar.

“The outreach program that your generous donations will bolster is called Guiding Hands as you all know and it was established twenty years ago to this day. They work tirelessly from coast to coast to bring comfort to those that need it most. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping a program alive similar to one that kept my mother from giving up.

“A program that kept my brother and myself from stealing. It kept us from hating the world for allowing us to know true hunger.” I held up my glass of champagne. “To thank the program myself, I have donated on my own, Two months of my salary. A salary earned by going to university and hard work because I had a Helping Hand when I needed it. Thank you all tonight for being kind and giving hope to children who deserve it.”

Since I had spent enough time charming most of these people, the room erupted with applause and cheers. My boss looked especially pleased and curious. I don’t discuss my personal life and why would I? Work is work after all. I had planned to donate, maybe not that much, but once I got here and watched people eat expensive hors d’oeuvre’s and guzzle costly champagne I was reminded of how hard my mom worked and how badly she felt. I remembered the outreach program and they made us feel worthy, strong and took the shame out of our struggle.

I left the stage to be greeted by people with kind words and promises to donate more.

“Was any of that true?” Anette asked as I approached the group from the show Decker City.

“Yes,” I said with confidence, “every word.”

Eric put his hand on my back. “I’m sorry Ivy.” He said quietly near my ear.

“What for?”

“Being blind and stupid. I don’t want to end things with you.”

I smiled and didn’t care that others could hear. “If you think for one second that I buy that then you need acting lessons.” I gestured to a man I saw whispering to Eric during my speech. “Garfield, I presume just advised you to keep me since I will be good for PR am I right?”

Eric nodded.

“Don’t hold your breath for anything beyond friendsip. I need to wander and talk to people. You are going to accompany me and play the part.”

Dustin chuckled and Eric held his arm out. I spent the rest of the evening avoiding Dustin and talking to everyone there. I went home alone and crawled into bed. Too tired and still too much in shock to cry. I fell asleep to the sounds of rain pelting my bedroom window.

To be continued…

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Reality Sucks – (Part- 31) Climbing Ivy

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol.
It is rated R and is for readers 18+ only.

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Part 31

Reality Sucks – (Part- 31) Climbing Ivy

If anyone had told me that I would see Dustin, again I would have called them a fool. Yet here I was holding his hand as we walked away from Eric who just insulted me numerous times in one moment. I was a riot of emotions and all I could see was that woman possessively on Dustin’s arm. I didn’t have the right to be upset that he moved on, because I had… sort of. All of my emotions aside from fear are irrelevant, Dustin was here, he was real, he was about to start conversation and I was terrified of feeling all the hurt again.


I tugged my hand from his hand when we finally stopped walking. I couldn’t look at him. I was far too afraid to. I had often imagined seeing him again during the first few months. I had dreamed and fantasized about running into his outstretched arms and admitting I was silly to walk away from him without names. We would have kissed and recited our love, but reality is never quite what I imagine. Reality Sucks.

“You honestly didn’t know who I was?” Dustin asked.

“Not then and not until Eric introduced us now.”

“How?” Dustin grabbed my chin and forced me to look at him.

“How vain of you,” I said pulling my face free of his electric touch. “I don’t watch TV and I’ve never seen your stupid show. There are lots and lots of people who haven’t seen your show. I’m busy, I don’t gossip with the women at work or pine over celebrity pictures. Oh and JD is it? What the hell is that?”

“Julien Dustin. Everyone knows me as JD.”

I turned my back on him. Back at the bonfire… I tried to recall. Some of them seemed to know him. They hesitated at his name but not for long. They all knew. I was a fool.

“I searched for you,” Dustin said quietly as he touched my shoulder. “The owner of the house wouldn’t give me any names no matter how much I offered. I tried to find you online but there are a lot of Ivy’s.”

I hugged myself and rubbed my arms. He’d looked for me. I can’t tell if that made this better or worse. I didn’t know what to say. I can’t even begin to sort through the emotions that I’m overrun with and it hurt.

“Ivy I never regretted anything more than letting you have your way. It was unbelievably stupid to part ways as strangers.”

I turned fast keeping my eyes averted. “You have no idea JD or Dustin or whatever you call yourself. I searched for you too.”

I had to no avail. If I had any idea who he really was, it would have been easy. I never thought to contact the beach house rental or search for someone famous. With only a first name it was nearly impossible. A first name that’s not even his damned first name. No wonder I found nothing.

I looked at him then. “But the need to find you…” I swallowed the painful memories. “It went away. I moved on and…” I thought about it. “We’ve been living in the same city the entire time?”

Dustin smiled and chuckled that warm soul touching sound. He reached out and ran his thumb across my cheek.

“Unbelievable right? It makes not knowing each other’s names seem all that more stupid.”

“Who is Anette?” I asked even though I already knew, I wanted to hear him say it.

“She’s my girlfriend. Ivy I-”

I held up my hand. “Don’t. I need to…” I looked around. “I don’t know what I actually need to do, but staying here with you is not it. I’m sorry Dustin but I came here with Eric who is…”

I furrowed my brow. I don’t know who Eric is to me now. I don’t feel like fighting for him and he hurt my feelings badly tonight. Despite all that I liked him, I didn’t want to lose him too.

“I know you haven’t had sex with him.”

“How could you possibly know that?”

“Because if you had he would have been far more upset and you would be crying right now.”

“Whatever.” I’d had enough. I couldn’t process and I needed to find Fran.

Just my luck Anette, the drop-dead gorgeous blonde-haired goddess was swaying her nonexistent hips as she stalked toward us.

“Have you had your fun JD darling?” She slid up to him and eased her hand possessively though his arm.

“That’s funny.” I smiled. “Anette is it? Why the hell would someone like you be remotely jealous of me? Look at you, you’re utterly perfect. I walked away from… um, JD years ago and I’m doing it again. Goodnight, it was lovely to meet you.”

I turned and walked away without looking back. I had to get out of here and now.

“Where do you think you are going?”

The steely voice of my boss stopped me in my tracks. She looked ready to chew my head like bubble gum. Right, I wasn’t here strictly for pleasure, not that this had been all that pleasurable for me.

To be continued…

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Itsinyou Designer Boutique (Part 12) (Sexy Saturday Serials)

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.


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I had to skip Saturday’s request as a family emergency came up. I was worried they’d never invite me back but Sue assured me that it wasn’t breaking a rule to say no or take a break. The emergency resolved by Tuesday, my sister and husband were having a big fight. It turned out she was pregnant and acting irrational and he was frustrated with her temper. Once they figured it out all was good and let him move back in.

Despite how busy I was during the week, my mind found ways to make time for sexy thoughts of anonymous sex. There was nothing I could come up with that made it wrong. Well that I believed in anyway. I received an email about my level graduation, Thus the second man option. I was bumped to level three and that was exciting. Unbelievable really. It seemed to happen too fast, Sue only made level four last week and she’s been level three for more than half a year.

That afternoon I was texted to come in for service. I didn’t hesitate with my reply of yes. I did not want to risk losing my invitations. Friday’s were nearly write offs as I sat at my desk wet and unable to sit still. The air-conditioning was down and we were promised it would be fixed soon. I sat at my desk, a bit sweaty as I daydreamed of Mr. Thursday. I was secretly sad I didn’t get a VIP request yesterday from him. Or anyone. Still the usual Friday and Saturday were more than enough to get my hormones raging and pussy pulsing.

I looked up as my boss Drew Manson knocked on my door. He looked pleased, a bit flustered from the heat. His tie was off and his collar was unbuttoned. That was about as casual as he would manage. He still wore his suit jacket.

“Hi Mr. Manson.” I smiled.

“I wanted to let you know the promotion is yours. I thought you’d like to hear that before you head out for the weekend.”

“Really?” I jumped up and once again enjoyed the slick slide of my southern lips. I reached to shake his hand and he chuckled. As far as boss’s go, He’s never been inappropriate or weird nor ever made me feel uncomfortable. He was great to work for and fair. I was lucky to be here and I appreciated the promotion completely.

“It was barely a contest Amara. You’ve more than proved your worth here.”

“Thank you.” I grinned and caught sight of five little star clustered freckles near his collarbone. My insides flipped and not in a bad way. Uh oh.

“Go on and head out early, I’m letting everyone go, this heat is disgusting.” He dabbed his brow with a handkerchief. Drew Manson wasn’t unattractive, but not my taste either. Even now, I wasn’t attracted to him specifically. Other than I know how amazing it is to ride his… I shook my head. I needed to talk to Sue. Could this cause me to be expelled?

“Thanks Mr. Manson. Have a good weekend.”

“Weekends are why I work so hard. See you Monday.”

He turned and left and I texted Sue. She agreed to come over before we went to the shop tonight.

Sue came over after I tidied up and got ready for service. I told her what happened with the boss and she giggled.

“Oh Amara it’s bound to happen. You have choices. You can remove him from your line up unless you like the idea of slipping your boss. You do have to report that know you know him, but as long as you play by the rules, it’s totally fine. You will be asked if you want him to know. That’s up to you too. I actually figured out one woman in my favourites by chance and we see each other outside and both know.”

“I don’t want a relationship with him. I do want to have him again…” I did. Even now thinking about how he was my first and how much I liked riding him while sucking the other guy, I was uncomfortably wet. “But I don’t know if I want him to know. It would be weird at work. I like his… you know, but not him.”

“Then he doesn’t have to know. The truth of it is we sign up for anonymity. Just because you know doesn’t mean he has to. If you think it would be weird at work then definitely don’t.”

“I’ll think about it. I don’t think it will bother me to know, just for him to know. I was worried I’d be let go or something.”

“Nah. Someone likes you. You’ll be passing me in no time.”

“Doesn’t that bother you?” I asked.

“Amara, I get sex two to three times a week. Almost every week. I only wish you swung both ways.”

“Sorry Sue.”

“Me too. Meh. Let’s go get used.” Sue giggled and we left my apartment.

I gave my message that I figured out one of my selections. I was given a contract to read and sign. I chose not to let the man know. I was okay with that. I was assured that if the opposite were to occur I might not know that someone knew me. I was okay with that too, in fact it was a little exciting. I put on my robe and waited in the prep room for about ten minutes before being called to room three. I tucked my hair up into the full face mask. I laid on my back with my legs restrained spread open on a table in the middle of a room.

“So you are aware.” A deep male voice sounded to my left. “I am watching.” He said it with a tone that suggested he was disguising his voice. I hoped it was Mr. Thursday, him or not I wanted to believe it was him because it turned me on.

The door opened and I heard another come in. The first set of hands were rough and opted out of foreplay. He thrust his condom-clad cock and came before I was fully aroused. The second was more giving with rubbing my breasts as he thrust away into me. Again, he wore a condom. If I didn’t know what the reward was, I might dislike this. Even as impersonal, as they were I liked knowing they were enjoying my body. After all, I may have or may someday enjoy theirs. I figured out that these men that rushed are possibly newer members or even applicants. That aroused me sufficiently to enjoy the feeling of their erections as the third condom clad man sped through the act. Rushed or not it still felt good. No orgasms, but that was okay. Even more so I liked that someone was watching this. That someone found me sexy enough to want to watch other men use me. That someone was still in the room.

 To be continued…

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Sloppy Seconds – (Part- 30) Climbing Ivy

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol.
It is rated R and is for readers 18+ only.

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Part 30

Sloppy Seconds – (Part- 30) Climbing Ivy

I’m certain I died, actually died for a moment. Breathing wasn’t happening and I think gravity decided to pull on me harder, causing my knees to nearly buckle. Dustin looked the same only more handsome and rugged. His stubble was more pronounced and his deep blue eyes were a riot of emotions. I clasped my hands that were shaking like a leaf.

“You know her!” Eric snapped and looked around embarrassed as people looked over. He lowered his voice. “How?”

Dustin answered without taking his eyes off me. “Ivy’s are common Eric, I didn’t for a moment imagine she was my Ivy. It’s not like you showed me a picture.”

Dustin was looking at me so intensely I wanted to hug him and run from him all the same moment. It was maddeningly confusing. The blonde viper on his arm with too much Botox looked as if she were attempting a scowl.

“Your ivy?” The woman in a slinky black dress on his arm looked ready to slit my throat with her outrageous sapphire ring.

Eric’s arm fell from my side. “You’ve slept with him. Great, just fucking wonderful.”

“This is your date Eric?” The blonde woman looked me over and did not approve. “This common woman? Garfield said he told you to find a woman outside of the industry so you choose this?”

“Anette pull the claws in.” Dustin said to the blonde, “it was years ago.”

I was unable to move, speak or even function on a basic level. Eric pulled me out of the room by my upper arm and outside to a garden where weddings and outdoor receptions were held. It was stunning and lit up with tiny stringed lights.

“What the hell Ivy? You had to know.” Eric let my arm go.

I shook my head still in shock. Dustin was here and real and the moment I saw him I wanted to reach out and touch him. To see if he was real and to feel him again.

“You’re telling me you had no idea that…” Eric laughed loudly and meanly in my face. “Seriously you had no idea? You didn’t know who he was for real back then?”

“No.” My voice cracked as I tried to assemble the pieces of the situation.

“What are the odds?” Eric started pacing. “He said he never found her, ah you… the same dammed woman.”

“Wait who’s Garfield?” I asked and grabbed Eric’s arm.

“My publicity manager,” Eric said and ran his hands through his hair. “Did you have sex with JD?”

“Years ago, but-”

“No.” Eric shook his head. “No. Never, I will not ever do sloppy seconds. I’m better than he is.”

I slapped him and hard. The sharp sound turned a couple of heads from nearby as Eric put his hand on his face.

“Don’t you ever talk to me like that again,” I was close to tears. “You were hunting that night weren’t you? At the club. For someone outside the industry. Someone that wouldn’t go all starry eyed for your show-mates… for… for him!”

Eric nodded with fury in his eyes. “Yeah I did and fate gave me you, but I liked you. You’re different and interesting. You had potential.”

“Am I?” I swallowed hard. Anger was better than tears. “Or did I just fit a publicist’s profile?”

Eric scowled at me. “I can’t do this.”

I was about to reply when Dustin came around the corner looking around as if searching. When he saw us, he made directly toward us. My stomach flipped and my chest became tight as he approached. It was as if it all happened only yesterday.

Dustin held his hand out. “Walk with me, we need to talk.”

“Now hold on a second,” Eric said harshly.

“Why?” I shot the word at Eric. “You don’t do sloppy seconds anyway.”

I took Dustin’s hand despite my actual desire to leave. The contact sent shivers across my body like little static shocks.

I said nothing as Dustin took me around to the back grounds behind the hotel. I wasn’t prepared for this. All these years I’ve heard the name JD Houston as Estoc. I’ve listened to the girls at the office titter over him and the other cast. It was ridiculous that I didn’t know and hadn’t cared to even glance at a screen when they ooed and awed. If I had, I would have known Dustin was JD. Then what? I was completely torn. I wanted him to never let my hand go again, on the other side, I wanted to run, far and fast and never look back.

Loving Dustin even for one week cost me too much. I was too afraid to go down that path again. I was terrified of him and how I felt even now.

To be continued…

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Possession (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) NSFW

“There’s something maddening about the idea of absolute equality.
Sometimes it doesn’t fit, sometimes it’s out-of-place and gladly so.”
-Cimmerian Sentiment 

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R 18+ only.
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After two hours of preening and perfecting myself for the party, I wanted it all undone. For three hours, I stole glances, touches and whispered promises from him. His tuxedo turned into a candy wrapper in my mind’s eye, one that withheld the most delectable of treats and one that would be opened the moment it could be done.

A laugh at a mundane joke or story lit his face and stretched his smile warms my heart and soul. My eyes glide over his stubble covered jaw to his soft thick hair. His charm and humor hold his audience as he unwittingly steals the show.

His strong hands undo the silk bow of his tie, tugging the ends to dangle and I know he’s done with this party. His dark blue eyes settle on mine and the tick of a smile tugs the corner of his soft full lips.

With a hand sliding around my back to rest on my hip he guides me from the crowded loud room without a word. I say and do nothing but let him lead me up to our hotel room.

“You,” He said with a tone that shivers my core every time, “are mine.”

“Am I?” I reply.

I lick my brightly red-stained lips, back away from him, and turn to face the large sliding glass doors. I smile at his reflection in the glass as he unwraps the tux from his body as I pretend to focus on the city far below.

He would not speak again to justify his claim with meaningless words that was not his way. The warm rough hand that tugged a silk tie moments ago slid around my neck to caress it gently as his other hand unzipped my dress. Usually, he closes the curtains this is new.

The hot stream of breath on the back of my neck raised goose pimples and tightened my nipples. I would not move to justify his claim, not yet, if at all.

The sparkling red fabric of my dress pooled at my matching patent leather three-inch heels. Bared to the world I stood naked save for my shoes and jewelry. His right hand tightens on my neck and pins me to the glass gently as his left-hand reaches around to finger my clit.

My red lips part with a gentle gasp of pleasure. A shudder flourishes between my legs as he rubs the tip of his cock along the crack of my ass.

“I own you.” He breathes the words into my ear and his warm breath plays across my skin a moment before his lips claim the earlobe.

“Do you?” I pant the words out knowing he wants me to make him prove it.

He gently sucks and nibbles until I gasp again and he presses me further against the cold glass. The pleasurable sensation of the glass on my tits turns me on more. I turn my head as my face is held to the glass.

His mouth moves from my ear to my neck, biting softly and nipping my skin as his left-hand forces my legs apart from behind. My panting breath fogs the glass as his fingers firmly rake my wet southern lips. He pulls on my hip forcing my ass away from the glass, and with a hard thrust, he claims my aching pussy.

“Say it.” He commands as he pulls out and pauses denying me what I both want and must have.

“I’m yours,” and I cry out with delight as he fills me again.

After several hard glorious thrusts, he pulls me from the glass and throws me to the bed. I bounce on my back as he climbs over me, pulls my high heels from my feet, tossing them to the floor. He pins my arms with his strong hands making my insides flutter and surge with pleasure. He hovers over me as the strength of his masculine being washes over my hormone-soaked body. He could hurt me easily, but he won’t.

I wiggle my hips and beg him to rejoin with my body, “please.”

Begging was the gasoline for his fire, but only if I meant it and I did. I was going insane with need and I began struggling to get it. The moment I struggled his mouth claimed mine, and he kissed me deeply drawing out my moans of pleasure and frustration. He let my hands go so I could bury them in his hair as my reward and he gripped my hips before plunging back in.

I climbed to my summit fast and breathless. His tongue filled my mouth as his cock filled my cunt, stroke after stroke until I could bear it no more. His mouth broke free from mine as his fingers dug in and he slammed harder and faster. He grunts with a primal force, as he slams as deep as he can go.

“Please claim me, please.” My pussy clamps down on his final strokes as my orgasm pulls out his climax.

“Arrrgh!” He cries out as his thick hot cum marks my body as his property.

As his sweaty body pins me deliciously to the bed he opens his eyes and smiles.

“I love you,” he says with a husky tone.

“Do you?” I tease and giggle just before he kisses me to prove his words.


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Tonight’s The Night – (Part- 29) Climbing Ivy

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol.
It is rated R and is for readers 18+ only.

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Part 29

Tonight’s The Night – (Part- 29) Climbing Ivy

I managed to get from the spa and home to put the dress on without ruining my makeup or up-do. If I was going to schmooze the wealthy and famous, I wanted to be perfectly polished to do so.

I kept giggling to myself recalling a line from the movie Dirty Dancing when Baby’s sister Lisa says to Baby, ‘I’ve decided tonight’s the night with Robbie.‘ Not that I thought Eric is a creep like Robbie, but that I had decided to have sex with him and it didn’t ‘just‘ happen in the heat of a moment. It was a mighty big deal for me, but I was ready to take that step with Eric tonight.

I walked out from my apartment building to meet Eric, who looked amazing in his tux. He lost his smile when he saw me. I was wearing a wine colored floor length gown with a plunging neckline and sheer back. It was tasteful, sexy and more than I would normally spend on a dress.

“Most guy’s smile when their date wears a sexy dress.”

“Ivy… You look… Amazing.”

“Eric you spend your days with ultra-sexy women.”

“Yeah but they spend their days to maintain, you’re naturally gorgeous.”

It was adorable to see Eric nervous as we drove to the fundraiser. It was at a large five-star hotel. The guests were all dressed to impress and the press was there to capture the event. I smiled and did my best not to become annoyed as Eric stopped and posed constantly. When we finally made it inside, I was blown away with the setup.

A live orchestra played at the far end of a huge ballroom with small tables and chairs set up near the opposite end where a small raised stage stood. Wait staff carried trays of hors d’oeuvre’s and champagne.

Eric promptly acquired a flute for each of us and I held his arm as we started greeting those he knew. Vos and Kian greeted me with an eager friendliness that didn’t feel at all phony. To my delight, Fran was with Vos so I had an ally at the very least. I met more of the cast and producers as they arrived. I managed to introduce myself and put myself in the way of being introduced to a selection of people from my list.

Small talk came easy and Eric swept me around the room as if he were boasting. I liked that he felt inclined to show me off and I loved even more that I felt the part.

“You’ll love JD, just don’t love him too much.”

There was too much seriousness in his tone.

“Jealous of your co-star?” I teased knowing full well that he was.

“We have a bit of a rivalry when it comes to women.”

“And you think he would want me?”

Eric stopped and looked hard at me. “Don’t do that Ivy, you’re a knockout and yes he would. Be it genuine interest or just to piss me off he would. I know I would if you were on his arm.”

I introduced Eric to my boss and her husband who was talking to the mayor and both men quickly developed a flirtatious attitude toward me.

I’ll admit the lightning conversations were exhausting. When Eric whisked me off to a semi private corner, I breathed a sigh of relief.

“God Ivy I can hardly wait for this to be over,” Eric said running his hand over my ass as he looked down my cleavage.

“The wait is worth it.” Wow, that sounded far more brazen than I thought it would.

Eric groaned and took my hand. “Alone is not a good idea.” He said and led me back toward a smaller ballroom that had some artwork being auctioned.

“Oh good JD is here,” Eric said and picked up his pace. “I can’t wait to show you off and make him eat his heart out.”

I was torn about meeting the star of a popular television show I’ve never seen. Eric seemed to have a love hate relationship with JD. They were best friends and close, but there was contention in the mix and competition. They have known each other a very long time. Eric had a deep jealousy of his friend, it was hard to miss and it wasn’t attractive.

I spied Vos and Fran as we entered the bustling room and she looked relieved to see me. Eric stopped walking with a possessive arm around my waist. There were two stunning women and a third that was so pretty with her perfect blond hair it almost hurt to look at her. My eyes slid to the man on her arm who turned to face us as Eric introduced us.

“Hey JD this is-”

“Ivy?” Dustin said as his familiar piercing blue eyes met mine.

To be continued…

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Double Dipping – (Part- 28) Climbing Ivy

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol.
It is rated R and is for readers 18+ only.

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Part 28

Double Dipping – (Part- 28) Climbing Ivy

I dragged my exhausted ass into my boss’s office without a trace of my state showing. It had been a brutal week of repairing a hacker’s damage. It was all hands on, and after that we had to play catch up. I even had to cancel my mountain-bike date with Eric. He understood and we had talked on the phone for a bit instead. I had to count that conversation as a date since my stubborn mind was stuck on having sex with Eric on date six, and I wanted to do that this Saturday night.

“I’ll get right to it Miss English. I want you to work Saturday night over a video conference with the Office in Japan.”

Shit, and double shit. I’ve never said no before. I wanted to go out with Eric to the Fundraiser. I wanted to have sex with him and I know if I blew him off, he might walk away from what might be a fantastic and sexually fun relationship. I frantically searched my brain for an out. Bingo, it hit me. There is no way I’d risk my career for any man, but maybe there was a way to double dip.

“I’ve been meaning to talk to you about Saturday. I’m going to the fundraiser gala for Guiding Hands and thought it might be good to do some networking.”

“You,” she sat forward. “Were invited to the gala?”


“It is an exclusive event and you just happened to get invited?”


My boss pressed her hands to the desktop. “I’ll be there as well but it would be good for you to talk to people as you have a knack for it. With whom will you be attending?”

“Eric Midge he’s a-”

“I know who he is.” She waved her hand at me dismissively. “You are attending as his date?” She looked at me as if it were so implausible and that made me angry. I’m a good-looking woman and I take care of my appearance. She is all hard edges where I’m smooth and softer. She dressed to impress and was overly meticulous. I had my own style that was both professional and fun.

“Yes, I’m attending as his date.”

“I did not think you were the type…Very well.  I presume you will be adequately attired?” She said as she clicked away on her computer.

“I will.”

“Take this.” She handed me a thumb-drive. “They are pictures and profiles of the people I want to impressed in some way. Talk to as many as you can. Between the two of us, we should manage to grab the interest of at least one or two of the attendee’s. You needn’t bother with the actors they’re not on the list. The producers and executives are the marks if you are going to bother with the entertainment industry. Tell Martin to work the conference call tomorrow. Go home and study.”

That was my cue to leave. I did exactly that after checking in with Martin and the project managers.

I spent the night reading names and putting them to faces. I prioritized them and picked out the ones I might have a chance to drop a sales pitch to and keep it on the sly.

I wondered if Eric would be mad if he knew I was going to network. Then I realized I didn’t care if he did or not. He was getting what he wanted, so I should get what I wanted.

My phone rang and I fumbled to answer. I needed this call more than I realized.

“Hey, mom.”

Hey, baby how’s my little workaholic?

“Working,” I snickered. “I’m looking forward to coming home.” I was would never consider Eric’s offer to go with him, maybe he’d want to come with me. Not likely but it wasn’t impossible.

Daisy has already planned two cakes and has drawn a bunch of designs for cookies and a giant gingerbread castle.

“I still can’t believe you let her use the oven. I wasn’t allowed near the damned thing until I was twelve.”

You, my darling, daydreamed too much to work a stove top without burning down the house.”

I chuckled; it was true. “How’s Jim?”

“He’s complaining that he’s getting fat and that a eight-year-old shouldn’t know how to make meringue, beef wellington or soufflé. I think he’s looking forward to you coming home if only to distract Daisy for a while. Are you still coming home alone?

The tone of her voice left no room for misinterpretation. “Yes, as far as I know, I am. I’ve been seeing someone but it might be too soon to ask him.”


“No way, I’m not saying who until I know it’s more.”

Come on Ivy, give me at least a name.

“Ugh fine, Eric. You’d love him he’s tall dark and handsome. A little on the egotistical side but he’s nice and funny.”

You still have time to figure out if he’s a keeper. Sorry, Ivy, I have to go I just wanted to make sure you haven’t changed your mind.

“No way, I need a break. I’ll be there. Give Jim a hug and Daisy a raspberry for me.”

I’ll try not to mix them up. Bye.”

I chuckled as I ended the call. I didn’t know how serious I could be about Eric, falling in love with him was an option, but I wasn’t sure I was happy about the fact I thought of it as an option. I wanted to be taken by surprise. I wanted to fall in love against my will, against my better judgment, because love shouldn’t be negotiated or planned. There is a chance that may happen, Eric has been hinting that I’m long term girlfriend material and that he’s ready for something better and bigger than a fling.

I smiled at that thought as I went back to studying faces and names.

To be continued…

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Negotiations – (Part- 27) Climbing Ivy

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol.
It is rated R and is for readers 18+ only.

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Part 27

Negotiations – (Part- 27) Climbing Ivy

When Eric came back from changing his boxer shorts, we snuggled on the couch. My arousal and disappointment had backed off quickly while he was gone. I needed a release but I figure I could enjoy being aroused for a while.

“What are your plans for the holidays?” Eric asked as he started up a movie.

I smiled even though he couldn’t see it. This felt very casual and intimate. “I’m flying home to visit my family. I miss them terribly.”

“Too bad, I’m headed out to Fuji; you could come with me if you want.”

“That’s a big offer.” I sat up and looked at him, I wouldn’t pass up my family for him. “How do you know we’ll be together then?”

“I figured you’d want to know this isn’t just a fling.”

“Hmm. That sounds one-sided and like a ploy to get me into bed.”

Eric shrugged and smiled. “I’m not really a commitment kind of man. It is a ploy to get you into bed, but I figure why not stick around a while and see how things go.”

“That’s a terrible sales pitch.” It was, but I didn’t expect more from Eric.

“Look, Ivy, I’ve never thought much about steady girlfriends or even a wife. But you make me wonder if there is more to be had than just who looks good on my arm and is hot in bed for a while.”

“Again a shitty sales pitch. What makes you think you’re worth my time?”

I knew that would either piss him off or impress him. Either way, I was challenging him and if he didn’t answer correctly I’d walk. His fame meant nothing to me and I think he finally got that.

“Your time?” He blinked at me. “See that’s what I mean. Usually, women are just content to decorate my arm and blow me in the dressing room. You expect me to worship you and don’t give a shit that I’m famous. It’s refreshing. You have to understand this… going slow is new for me.”

I opened my mouth to reply but closed it instead. He was completely right. I know he’s a megalomaniac. He talks about himself at every opportunity. I could never expect domestication from someone like him. So what did I want from this? What did I hope to get? I like him and I could easily fall in love with him in time. There was an emptiness to that thought, there is a possibility that Eric will be less aggressive if I stop being so standoffish.

Nothing seems to work anymore, I can’t find a groove in any attempt at a relationship. For what? One that lasted less than a week and was so long ago? I’ve lost my own stride, my way and myself. I don’t know what to do to get it back but Eric is interested and fun, he may not be the best, but he may be what I need.

I put my hand on his chest and looked him in the eye. “You know Eric I never really thought I’d say this but I guess we could just have fun.”

There, who know’s what will happen. I certainly don’t. I should feel guilty for hoping he’ll be the one to snap me out of my dating misery, but I don’t. It’s time to take control of this… relationship my way.

“So sex?” Eric asked with an adorably sexy pout.

“On that, I’ll say yes, but not yet. I get that it’s weird, but for me it at trust thing.”

Trust and I needed to know my heartbreak would be on my terms.

“I suppose you want exclusivity.”

I grimaced. “That’s a hard yes.”

He sighed and contemplated that for far too long.

“Alright Ivy, I’m willing to grant that wish if you grant mine after or even during the fundraiser.”

I counted dates in my head. That would be number six since we’re going out for  a day date on an off road bike trail before then.

“Bring a condom,” I said and felt a thrill of excitement. Yes, I would have sex with him and yes, I really, very badly wanted to.

“You’re on the pill aren’t you?”

“Yes, but you’re a slutty man. You constantly have women throwing themselves at you and the pill isn’t perfect.”

He nodded, “fair enough. Maybe if I prove myself to you we could ride sans latex?”

“Maybe,” I looked at my watch; it was not likely. “I should go. I have some work to do tomorrow.”

“On a Sunday? I mean shit I’m filming tomorrow but don’t you nine-to-fiver’s cut out for weekends?”

“I haven’t worked nine to five ever. I get paid a lot of money to do a job and if I work a twelve-hour day to get it done then so be it.”

He followed me to the door.

“You know, that was sexy.” He wagged his eyebrows making me laugh. “I’ve negotiated contracts and pay but I’ve never negotiated a relationship before. You are so unusual.”

“Either you love my quirks or hate them. I’m not going to change who I am.”

Now all I had to do was be who I am. I need to stop worrying what Eric thinks. I can walk away from him anytime, as sad as that realization is, maybe that won’t be the case once we’ve spent more time together. This tentative plan will either work or prove that I’m stuck being romantically dismal.

“I will count down the minutes to when I see you again.” Eric put his hand into my hair at the back of my head. “Each will be sweet torment and I will mourn your absence from my arms.”

I chuckled. “Does that actually work?”

“Usually,” Eric said and pulled me closer to his face. “Regardless, I will count the minutes, I dare not count the seconds or I will surely go mad with longing.”

The silly romantic in me actually became giddy, the feminist in me wanted to laugh. I put my hand on his rough cheek, ran it down to his chin and grabbed his chin.

“You need some original material.” I pulled him closer and kissed him.

Despite my intention to lead the kiss, Eric took over immediately. After the sexy and provocative kiss goodbye, I went home to finish what Eric didn’t.

To be continued…

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Fooling Around – (Part- 26) Climbing Ivy

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol.
It is rated R and is for readers 18+ only.

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Part 26

Fooling Around – (Part- 26) Climbing Ivy

I followed Eric to his condo on the swank side of town. I could afford to live here but I choose not to. It’s frivolous and a waste of money in my opinion. I enjoyed his roaming hands as we made our way up to his place.

When he closed the door behind me, his eyes took on a look of challenge. I’ve seen it before. The one that says ‘I bet I can seduce you to bed.’  I bet not and I always win. I frowned recalling the one time I lost that personal bet by choice.

“Wine?” He asked.

“No thanks, I’m driving.”

Eric pursed his lips as he took my hand and led me into his trendy place. It was perfectly designed as if right from a catalog. Not a personal item in sight. This was a rich man’s bachelor pad with the explicit purpose of impressing women to sex. The artwork was suggestive and the modern furniture looked like it would be perfect for a weekend of crazy fun romps upon it.

He turned on some soft music and led me to the couch. How very tacky of him. Oh well. I giggled as he sat me down and proceeded to crawl over me forcing me to lay back.

“What no awkward conversation?” I asked.

“I plan to get to second base minimum third if I’m lucky.”

“You’re lucky you got to first.” I slipped my hands under his dress shirt.

Eric chuckled and kissed me softer and more gently than before. This was risky, I could potentially lose control if he aroused me too much. It was dizzying to feel his hands unbuttoning my blouse as his lips gently nudged my mouth open further.

He chuckled into my mouth when he figured out that my bra opened from the front. The snap of the clasp was the starting pistol for his tongue. Eric pushed his way into my mouth and I moved my tongue to meet his. He pushed and thrust his tongue keeping me from even coming close to entering his mouth.

“Nnnnmmm.” His guttural sound was due to his hands finally cupping my breasts.

I voiced my approval with a soft whimper as I tried again to kiss him back to no avail. I was participating but he was in control. My arousal stirred as he worked my nipples and I wondered if I should just have sex with him. I’ve been frustrated lately and it would be nice to have an orgasm that I didn’t bring upon myself.

Suddenly his mouth was off from mine and he dropped it to a breast. I looked to see his eyes closed and his dark lashes resting on his cheeks as his mouth sucked and licked with vigor. His right hand found my legs parted enough to slip up my skirt and rub against my sex through my underwear.

“Eric,” I said unsure I wanted to go that far.

His fingers rubbed harder bringing out my arousal further. Before I realized what he was doing, he had my panty crotch to the side and a finger inside me. I bit my bottom lip at the unexpected and pleasant invasion. I was here by choice, I never said no to being fingered and it was happening so I should enjoy it. I opened my legs wider and he pressed a second finger in. His mouth went to my other breast leaving the other damp and cool in the air.

“Mmm…” Eric rubbed and stroked and I began to rock my hips as the pleasure built.

I was gloriously close and when I moaned loudly, he pulled his hand out.

“Sex?” He asked with a lusty tone.

I opened my eyes. “No, not yet.”

I’m not a prude and I know this is frustrating to have me be so standoffish. Hell, I’m crazy frustrated from the near orgasm and foreplay. I followed him as he sat back and I undid his shorts. He hasn’t earned oral but I would do what he failed to do for me.

I eased my hand into the opening and behind his boxer briefs to find him hard and hot.

“Oh yes to this.” Eric shifted to get comfortable and leaned his head back on the back of the couch.

“I’m sorry I’m not more open or easy with sex,” I said as I stroked him behind his shorts.

“It’s peculiar but not the end of the world,” Eric said as he twitched in my hand. “Faster, but not so hard.”

I complied and within two minutes, he grunted and unloaded into his shorts. I managed to get my hand out without touching any of it and grinned at my accomplishment. I didn’t even have to put my mouth on him. I was somewhat disappointed.

“Shit I came fast,” he said and grinned at me. “Do you want to watch a movie or talk? Hang out maybe?”

I wanted him to finish what he started with his fingers but he clearly didn’t have any intention of it. Did he think I came? If I were up for sex, I would say something but since I was being the sex oppressor, I kept my mouth shut.

To be continued…

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