Dress Up (Part – 15) Kacey & Parker

Kacey & Parker’s story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language, it is rated R and intended for readers 18 years + only.

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KP Part 15

Dress Up (Part – 15)


Katherine, Sandra and Mabel were adorable. It was like being in a olmovie. They chatted, giggled and gossiped. I learned a great deal about who’s who, and who to avoid socially. I don’t like mean and malicious so a woman named Anne was on the top of my ‘be careful around’ list. I wondered if she was one of the witches. Neither of these three were there last night to my relief. They piled my thick hair up on my head and used a hot iron to curl it.

They were already planning another dress for me so I had at least two. I wanted to tell them not to bother but they seem so freaking happy to dress me. I expected hostility, fear or mob mentality toward time travelling strangers, but they were almost giddy like people from my time would be if a celebrity were to come to town. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that the others have improved their lives in some way.

Does that mess up the timeline? What if one of the men got a woman or two pregnant? What if they had stayed instead of disappearing? Maybe they ran from this town and ‘disappeared’ because the slipped away on a ship. It hurt my head to think about it.

I suspected the witches were bringing us back as sacrifices. The men at least. I don’t know if they mean to bring women back. I was super curious about the other two women. Still Kacey said to be cautious with questions so that we get honesty and not half truths from behind defenses. We were both shaken and still trying to get our footing.

“What were the other two women like?” I asked.

The three faces fell somewhat and they became quiet. I figured this would be a tough subject for them, but would reveal what I need to know to avoid offending these women. 

“They were rude and mean. They insulted us constantly and belittled our beliefs and our way of life. They said we were stupid, pathetic and weak women.” Sandy said before pursing her lips.

Mabel dropped her gaze to her hands in her lap. “They took without thanks and complained about everything. It was sad and they did not heed our warnings.”

“What warnings?” I asked as they fussed, tugged and tightened things.

“To stay away from the western forest and to not anger the women of this town.” Katherine said.

“Yes,” Mabel added, “There is danger there, be careful friend Parker.”

“Are you afraid of the western forest?” I asked.

“The visitors come from the west primarily, it is… an unsettling place.”

“Who wants to hurt us?” I asked widening my eyes with innocence, “I mean we didnt come here to hurt anyone.”

“The truth of it is,” Katherine began, “well it is that the visitors disappear, we do not know how or why, but Ulysses who traps in the forest says he found…” She shivered and rubbed her arms before crossing herself. “I cannot speak of it.”

I touched her arm gently, “You don’t need to. We will heed your warnings Katherine. We will be careful.”

The tension vanished from her instantly and her smile, if it were a force, could have knocked me over.

“I am glad Parker.”

“I am beginning to like your name. It is unusual what does it mean?” Sandra asked me.

“Oh, I don’t know what it means.” I said as they stepped back.

“Your husband is handsome is he a good provider?” Sandra asked.

I nodded my head yes. I didn’t know if he was or not, but it was reasonable to say he is given what I’ve seen so far. I was afraid to talk with these women openly. Occasionally I’d say something that made them pause or raise an eyebrow. I was using words they didn’t know.

“Is he a good bed partner?” Sandra asked and the three giggled, as I turned crimson.

“Sandra that is ungodly.” Katherine chastised.

“It’s okay Katherine,” I said and smiled at Sandra, “Kacey is kind and patient. He is as gentle and strong a lover any woman could ask for.” Or so I hoped and assumed.

“You love him greatly.” Mabel said dreamily.

It’s time to change the course of this conversation.

“I do,” I said and brushed my hands over the soft fabric, “This dress is beautiful thank you so much.”

The three women accepted my thanks with grace. It was lovely. It was a summer sky blue dress with lighter blue tiny checkers on it. Beneath that was a confusing mass of garments. First had been the knickers, split pants that allowed for relieving oneself easily (That was their opinion I was horrified at the prospect). Then a blouse and corset that wasn’t too tight but made me look extra curvy and thin waisted. It was like super sexy lingerie only not sexy. Over that was a small hooped-cage then crinoline and another thin skirt then the dress. It was smaller than was the fashion but the women here said it made it easier to get about and it was becoming popular far, far south into New York. I was very certain this lack of petticoats was before it’s time. Maybe someone influenced the women of this town to lighten the load. Those other women probably had no problem criticizing. Or maybe they were just forward thinkers naturally.

That this very remote town was even worried about fashion was fascinating. It wasn’t as cut off as everyone thought. Roger would be thrilled to know there was a road and a seaport and trade and… I wanted to go tell him badly.

“What is it like to dress like a man?” Mabel asked.

“We wear pants but most women still have feminine cuts or fabrics. We still look different. Dresses and skirts are still in fashion but nothing this beautiful except wedding gowns.”

“Was your wedding gown as lovely as this?”

“No,” I smiled, “This is the nicest dress I’ve ever worn.” It was true.

The three women looked positively proud of my praise.

“I saw them blue eyes of yours and I had to use this.” Katherine said while she brushed the skirt with her hands.

The tiny hand carved buttons down the back were tiny roses that held the dress closed. I loved it far more than I expected to. I felt so feminine, so delicate and pretty.

I Katherine had a huge mirror that looked as if it were a coveted object. I got to put on stockings and little boots that fit me perfectly. Sandra’s husband was the shoemaker and they made and sold shoes to the cities and so fitting me was as easy as measuring and selecting from a their storage.

“Come now dear you should get going.” Katherine said and smiled at me as if I were her daughter going off to prom… or a dance? I don’t know.

I left Katherine’s bedroom and went out to the common room of the spacious apartment. Kacey’s eyes widened and his mouth fell open. He looked amazing in the dark pants, white shirt, vest and jacket. It was frustrating how little men’s fashion has changed essentially. I mean style wise it was drastic, but the bones were the same.

The dress took a bit of getting used to, I walked and my hips swayed, the skirt brushed against things and now I understood why the apartment wasn’t cluttered, everything was far enough apart to allow me and Katherine to pass through without knocking everything over.

Kacey began to grin like a silly boy and held his hand out for me. I’m sure I’m supposed to take his arm but I didn’t care.

“You know the way?” Katherine asked.

“Alpheus told me, thank you Katherine.” Kacey looked at the other two, “You have transformed my beloved wife into a vision of beauty, my debts to you ladies.”

They blushed as I did. Ugh, I’m a throwback. That’s what’s wrong with me, I liked the cheesy lines and over the top chivalry. We left the shop and went out to the night air still warmed by the hot day.

“Parker, I didn’t know what to say back there, but you look absolutely gorgeous.”

“It is pretty, but it feels like dress up.”

“I feel rather the same.”

I tutted at him and his teasing, “We need to get our story straight.”


“How long have we been married, how did we meet, you know… the basics.”

“Ah. We met two and a half years ago at a dinner party, I courted you incessantly for a year, proposed at a park under the stars on a boat with lightning bugs floating in the air. We were married a year after that and as newlyweds you traveled with me for my work and we plan to settle on the coast while I run an export business.”

“Wow, you didn’t put any though into that at all.” I chuckled. “Exporting what?”


“And you’re traveling to assess land and trees for said lumber company?”

“I fake married you for your brains and that ass.”

“Which is now hidden under acres of fabric and a weird cage thing.”

“And somehow it’s acres sexier than a bikini.”


Kacey told me what Alpheus told him on the porch before we approached the stately home that is at the end of the furthest road. The one I wanted to explore as an abandoned house. It was a two-story Federal style home with symmetrical windows and a large front porch. This house was a wealthy house. I was still blown away by the wealth here. We didn’t need to knock, the door opened before we got there. Even now, I don’t know why I expected log cabins and shacks for homes back then… or now… it was hard to keep it all straight.

“Why didn’t they invite our hosts?” I murmured.

“Alpheus said it’s a class thing. We’re basically a novelty staying with the commoners.”

“Unwilling time travelers from the future being hunted by witches to sacrifice for a magic spell… I’d rather not be a novelty and be home.”

“Me too.”

This was going to be all kinds of awkward and uncomfortable. The black haired woman that greeted us was, who I thought to be the head of the five Witches from yesterday. Just fabulous.

To be continued…

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Double Trouble (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) NSFW

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.
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Double Trouble.

My boyfriend Carlo just asked me to let his best friend Jim watch us have sex. Carlo and I have been together for two years. The sex is amazing and I’ve become more open and adventurous because of him. He sat looking at me with his dark puppy dog eyes and a raging hard on. I can’t say no to either. While Carlo is average height and built like a brick wall. Jim is tall, athletic and gorgeous.

“Why do you want him to watch?” I asked.

“Because it’s hot.” Carlos answered.

I looked at Jim with his rather noticeable bulge. “Why do you want to watch?”

“Because it’s hot.” Jim smiled.

I had to admit it was. The idea the actual potential of being watched. I was throbbing just thinking about it. “Okay.” I shrugged. “You’ve seen me naked before.” Very true.

“You’re in charge Natasha.” Carlo pulled me to his lap.

He removed my shirt and started fondling my breasts from behind. Jim’s gleeful look doubled as he shifted in the chair across from us. I stood.

“Get naked.” I said to Carlo and took my jeans and panties off.

Carlo sat back on the couch. I licked the tip of Carlo’s penis and ran my tongue around him as I took him into my mouth.

“Yeah baby suck me.”

I glanced over at Jim and his now very pushed out pants and felt a rush between my legs.

It was then I realized two things. One I wanted Jim to watch and two, I wanted Jim. One of the two I could do. I moved and climbed over Carlo facing Jim.

“Oh yeah that’s perfect.” Carlo said as I lowered over his length. He leaned closer to my ear and whispered. “Why not let him stroke one out?”

I loved the idea. “I think you should get naked and play with yourself Jim. Give us a show too.” I said as I lifted and lowered slowly.

I enjoyed the sensation of being filled and seeing Jim strip naked. I sped up when Jim started stroking his long wide shaft.

“Ride me baby.” Carlo said while pinching my nipples hard.

I locked eyes with Jim as he stroked in tandem to my movements. The orgasm rocked me hard and I doubled over. Carlos moved me to my knees and started pumping from behind.

“She likes to suck cock Jim, ask nicely maybe she will while I fuck her from behind.”

That was not part of the plan. I did like a cock in my mouth and Carlos would never suggest it if he didn’t mean for me to do it.

“Really?” I looked over my shoulder to Carlo.

“Would you do it for me?” Carlo asked slowing his pace. “Please?”

My eyes fluttered with the pleasure of being stroked slow and steady. I’ve never done anything so daring.

“If you want me to I will.” I saw his approval smile, the one that he gave me when I did something right. I looked at Jim. “Well?”

“Will you suck me Natasha?” Jim smiled so sexily I clenched Carlo tight and nodded.

Carlo smacked my ass hard. “Good girl. Open wide.” He said as Jim stood before me.

I put my hands on Jim’s legs and took him in my mouth. The difference was noticeable. Jim was wider and his pre-cum saltier. I know both men are clean, Carlo and I were tested a few weeks ago so I’d let him go bareback and Jim got tested too, as moral support for Carlo who’s terrified of needles. Jim hasn’t had a girlfriend since.

I sucked and licked one cock as another slowly invaded me from behind. It was a huge and unexpected turn on. I opened my mouth wider as my orgasm struck and Jim hit the back of my throat with a groan. I tightened on Carlo as both thrust into me.

“Shit.” Carlo came deep inside me. I pulled my mouth free and gasped for air.

Jim sat on the couch and I looked at him shiny with my saliva.

“Ride him baby?” Carlos asked. “Let me watch you take him in.”

I wasn’t sure about that one. This felt like cheating since I wanted Jim. But is it if my boyfriend asks me to? I’ve always been attracted to Jim but would never had acted on it, I love Carlos with all my heart. This felt right and it also felt planned.

“Only if you want to.” Jim added.

I looked between them. “You’ve been planning this?”

“For weeks.” Carlos kissed me. “Ride him baby.” He guided me toward Jim and lifted my ass over Jim. I was ridiculously turned on by this. Carlo’s cum dripped out of me and over Jims head. Jim grabbed my hips and gently pushed me down. My body cheered for joy and I became more aroused than I’ve ever been in my life.

“This is hotter than I expected.” Carlo said as he reached around to fondle my breasts. “Go on baby cum on that cock.”

“She does clench a lot.” Jim said between moans.

“Incredible right?” Carlo asked.

Their banter told me more than I needed to know and it was arousing. The pressure built and I ground into Jim hard as my pussy rippled around him.

“Sweet mother of…” Jim panted.

“She’s almost there.” Carlo pushed me to lean against Jim.

I heard the tell-tale sound of lubricant and knew what was coming. I tightened around Jim as Carlo spread my ass cheeks.

Jim held my ass cheeks apart for Carlos and started thrusting up into me slowly as Carlo pressed against my asshole.

“Oh no.” I panted and tried to relax.

This was one of my deepest and most secret fantasies. Anal stung and hurt if I tensed up. Carlo smacked my ass hard, I relaxed and he pushed himself in slowly.

“What the fu…” The words died on my lips.

I adjusted to Carlo and he started pumping. Both men moaned and groaned as they filled me. Not everyone likes Anal. I didn’t at first and it took a while before I was able to enjoy it right away. There are some days when I crave it and would wish for a second cock to fill my pussy.

I was lost in the sensation of being utterly filled. The pleasure of Jim’s strokes and the intensity of Carlo’s. I realized after a while that the loud cries of pleasure were coming from my mouth. Words would not form as both thrusts brought me to the brink of intense pleasurable madness. Jim’s thrusts up were frantic and fast, Carlo pushed deep and hard. My g-spot was being pleasantly assaulted and I was beside myself with pleasure.

I screamed as my vision went black and my body exploded. The amount of liquid that came out with each sensual burst of ecstasy would have been alarming if I hadn’t squirted before. My friend who squirts said hers never happens in orgasm, and that I’m lucky. I collapsed as my body shook convulsively, Jim came hard and hot inside at the same time Carlo did.

Once we recovered and I was maddeningly empty of hard hot flesh. Carlo picked me up and took me to the shower. Jim came in and they washed me slowly lingering fingers drawing my arousal out again.

“Can Jim play with us again?” Carlo asked with his puppy dog eyes.

“Yes.” I barely managed to get the word out before Jim started kissing me and Carlo’s fingers slipped in to expertly rub my g-spot.

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Lucy’s Father – Part 6 (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) NSFW

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R. 18+ Only

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Lucy’s Father Part 6

I answered my phone as Jack and I got out of his car.

“Hey Lucy.” I said as Jack fondled a breast on the way to the elevator.  “Yeah I got back safe. All is…” I swallowed as he started fingering me again. Damn he was insatiable. “good. I-“

She cut me off and started talking about her mother as we got in the elevator. I expected the call to drop but it didn’t. Jack began licking and nibbling at my neck as his fingers worked my clit.

“Lucy… I have…” She cut me off again and I was trying not to pant into the phone as her father licked the length of my neck. “Okay I have to go, I’ll call you tomorrow. Have fun with your mom.” I ended the call. “While I fuck your father.”

His mouth left my neck as the doors opened and he tugged me on wobbly legs to his apartment. Jack had me naked before the door even closed.

“Fuck look at you.” He said as I backed up.

“Wanna look do you?” I moved into the well decorated and lavishly furnished space. I hopped up on the  sturdy coffee table and took his cellphone. “Keep my face out of it.” I said and started swaying my hips.


“Yeah just no face and no audio.”


I began to fondle my ample soft perky breasts.

“You’re so young and perfect.”

“And unbelievably horny again.” I turned around and bent over to give him a sexy view of my pussy. I reached back and spread my cheeks and lips and worked my muscles.


I slipped my fingers in from underneath and he slapped my ass hard.

“Bad girl.”

I liked it. Holy shit I liked him smacking my ass.

“I am bad.” I said and he smacked me again. “I’m fucking my best friends father.”

Wet actually rushed to my entrance and I pushed it out.

“You’re a very bad girl.” He grabbed me and pulled me to the couch. His phone still in hand he pushed me to my knees and started fingering me from behind almost violently. He took his hand out to slap my ass then put them back in and stroked faster. He repeated several slaps before I was soaked and losing control fast.

“Oh yeah.” He smacked my ass again.

“Ohhh yes, yes I’m so bad. Yes!” I collapsed as my body shook uncontrollably with the release of pleasure and I heard him stop recording.

I turned and started to undress Jack.


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Which Witch? (Part – 14) Kacey & Parker

Kacey & Parker’s story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language, it is rated R and intended for readers 18 years + only.

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 KP Part 14

Which Witch? (Part – 14)


Parker did it again; she tensed when I pushed. Words or not I’ll back off. This is a lot to handle and I’m barely hanging on myself. Both of us need action and to gain information as we adjusted to our unfortunate situation and despite the emotional turmoil, we were moving forward. What was most interesting is her need for my strength, that need gave me what I needed to keep her from freaking out completely. If she’s calm then I’m calm. She is a lot stronger than I expected. Outside a few moments of emotional distress Parker was staying in control and asking good questions. 

“Tomorrow we’ll walk down the road to see the stone arch, I’m curious to see how big it is.”

“Do you know when it collapsed?” She asked as her eyes flicked in the direction. We could see the top of the arch intact it was lower than I expected.

“No the geologist that came to specifically study it was Mike Frank.”

“Do you think he went to look too? Maybe he left notes or something? One of them had to have left something behind. Aside from watches and hiking boots.”

I chuckled and kissed her forehead. “That’s my girl. Let’s go have some dinner and see what dress Katherine has made for you.”

“Ugh, I won’t be able to run or anything.”

I leaned in and whispered in her ear in a teasing way. “It’s probably to keep them happy to see you blend in.”

“Yeah, Yeah I get it. Women are not meant to run marathons, manage companies or fly to the moon.”

 “They don’t even know about the moon stuff yet.”

“Right, this is so weird.”

We walked down the packed dirt main street holding hands as young lovers might do. We were greeted kindly and aside from some disapproving glances at Parkers attire, everyone was hospitable. We saw one of the witches named Francine and I was thrilled we pulled off ignorance and had a lovely chat about the jam she was taking to sell to the small harbor shop at Great Port.

I needed to decide if we broach one of them and what to ask. Alone or as the group and if alone which witch? I chuckled at my thoughts making Parker smile.

“What’s so funny?”

I told her and she chuckled, it would appear we’re starving for entertainment. As we approached the fabric shop, Katherine came rushing out.

“There you are, come, come Parker your dress is ready. Mabel and Sandra helped me finish it and they would like to meet you. The mayor and his wife have invited you to dinner.”

I didn’t get a chance to say anything as they whisked Parker away. Alpheus clapped my shoulder and offered me a pipe. I declined politely but sat with him on the front porch of the shop.

“Newlyweds are you?” Alpheus asked.


“Parker is a curious woman. She is shy and yet she is like the other two.”

“The other two. Marva and Alisona.”

“They refused the dresses, yelled at men and angered some town folk greatly. Try as we might we could not make them welcome.”

“They were probably scared Alpheus.”

“That they were son, that they were and rightfully so. They cried in secret when they weren’t yelling or frowning.”

“We’re in danger.”

“Yes son you are.”

I had to take the chance. “Witches?”

“Shh,” he hissed and puffed his pipe. “Speak hushed on this. They have lost their power for now, but if they acquire it back they will destroy everything. If that happens we will leave hastily.”

“How did they lose their power?”

“The rumor is that it was a spell gone wrong or interrupted. We think the visitors are the key to halting them forever and thus we welcome you.”

“Were they a problem?”

He puffed his pipe, the fragrant smoke billowing out and dissipating. “There are stories of strange happenings from the first settlers to this land. We do not know who they are, but the one we caught we dealt with.”

I didn’t want to ask how. “How powerful were they?”

“See son, that is where the facts remain mysterious. Some say they came here to perform a ceremony for ultimate power, some say they are unable to leave because of the energy of this place. There has been no trouble with the Indians not even once. As if they fear this beautiful area.”

“You know a lot about this.”

“I do, I do.” Alpheus nodded sadly. “There are those of us men that talk in meetings as they are a concern of our future and safety. The world is growing and changing faster than anyone can imagine. You and those like you give us glimpses to just how much and it is terrifying and fascinating.”

“I can see that. So these,” I paused as a man and daughter walked by. They waved, smiled and offered a greeting of welcome. “These witches would be different would they not be easy to identify?”

“Powerful dark magic is at work son. They may have been here from the start and kept quiet until they had what they needed to work their spells. Few people move here from outside, few but they do.”

“Hereditary. Witches magic is said to run in family blood lines.”

“Oh that is true as the sun still shines behind the clouds. Lina’s mother and daughter fled when she was caught. They were found hanging in trees at the arch there was no mistaking the marks carved on their bodies and the trees that held them. We cut the trees down and burned them.”


“Speak not of this to anyone other than myself. You need to change for dinner. It will be easier to dress you than your pretty little wife.”

I absolutely loved hearing him say that to my surprise. I smiled, followed him into the shop and up to the apartment above.

“I don’t know how we can repay you for all of this Alpheus.”

“Fret not son, this is not a poor town.”

“It’s amazing that you welcome us instead of lock us up or worse.”

“Sadly this is not how it was at the start. We are mostly a good people once we understood it was not of your doing and that you mean no harm, it was found that you and your kind are good people as well. You are a might peculiar, but good.”

I was given a stack of clothes, a white linen shirt, a grey vest and black pants and a light jacket.

“Mind you son that you come back right away it will be near dark by then.”

“And it is dangerous for visitors after dark.” I said what has been said more than a few times.

“Wrong doings happen easier under the cloak of night.”

“Tell me Alpheus, should I fear the women we spoke of earlier or the disapproving town folk?”

“Fear of what you cannot control is far more a danger to you than the danger itself.”

True and wise words. I can’t change whats happened, I can’t do a thing about the witches or disgruntled town folk. I nodded and went to change and thought about the oddness of it all. We are welcomed openly and yet everyone knows we are in danger. Magic is a terrifying force to reckon with, in our time or now in theirs. I wasn’t overly concerned about our immediate safety. Time was our greatest danger and we needed to find out as much as we can, quietly.

To be continued…

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment

Dress Up
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Too Many Questions (Part – 13) Kacey & Parker

Kacey & Parker’s story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language, it is rated R and intended for readers 18 years + only.

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 KP Part 13

Too Many Questions (Part – 13)


I had too many questions that I couldn’t ask. Every time I felt unease or uncomfortable, Kacey touched me reassuringly. We’ve only known each other for five days but it felt like forever. I’m not normally shy, I just don’t want to offend or cause problems here, but I had too many questions to ask. 

“Manfred?” I asked and the boy grinned at me.

“How many visitors have there been?”

“Including you and Kacey there have been nine.”

It was not what I wanted to hear. There have been two people who went missing. Two not nine. Who were the others and where did they come from?

“What were their names?” Kacey asked.

“Trent Monroe, Axel Trapper, John Gray, Boss Oppenheimer, Marva Green, Alisona Jackson and a Mike Frank. Mike was exciting with his black skin and strange accent. He showed us how to find the best gemstones without mines.”

“Two of those are the missing people.” Kacey said in my ear as I struggled not to cry, since they never came back.

Who were the others then? Despite the risks, I was both surprised and happy that Roger continued the tourism. It was scary to think this is so dangerous, but so is crossing a busy street. We had signed hefty waivers and he said that if he denied or stopped visitors from coming they would come anyway and the ones that came would be the rebels and destructive trespassers. I understood his theory although I’m not sure how random people would get to the very remote ghost town easily.

“Did any of them say where they were from?” Kacey asked.

“Sure did. Some from the city of New York, a place called Naraga Falls?” Manfred looked at us questioningly.

“Niagara Falls.” Kacey said and the boy nodded.

“And Torto and Quebec.” Manfred said looking proud to have been asked such important information.

“Toronto… Hmm.” Kacey glanced my way.

He didn’t need to say anything. Those were all places that Gabby and Babs had bragged about visiting on a month-long trip before joining up with this ghost town expedition. Whatever those two were doing it seemed that they too were partly responsible for the disappearing people, including Kacey and I. It didn’t explain the two missing scientists. Perhaps them being here closest to the altar was enough for them to be brought here. Perhaps they were even on the altar when they were pulled back. As fascinating as it is to think about it I was horribly afraid. 

“Are there any of them here still?” I asked and choked on the last word.

“No friend Parker, they disappear on the full moon or before it arrives. You are the first to arrive together.”

“Fifteen days.” Kacey muttered.

The scientists would still be at the ghost town but the vacationers would leave in seven. I wondered if that would matter or would we go back moments from when we left?

“Manfred, do the men disappear on the full moon or before?” Kacey asked.

Manfred’s eyes widened then he scrunched his face in thought. “The two women disappeared before, the men on the full moon.”

Kacey looked at me and then at Manfred, who was oblivious to my distress.

“We need to go home soon; ma will have dinner ready and your dress friend Parker. I have chores to catch up.”

“You go on ahead Manfred, Parker and I would like to walk around a little more.”

“Stay away from the West forest it is dangerous.” Manfred said and ran toward his home.

I couldn’t digest what Manfred said. The missing people were missing. They never came back and there were more than just the two. I was breathing hard to control my panic and it wasn’t working. That we were here in the first place was unbelievable and I had no idea how to get back. I’ve been mostly emotionally stable, but this was too much. 


That undid me I began sobbing and he wrapped his arms around me encasing me in safe strong warmth.

“I want to go home.”

“I know, I know, me too.”

He held me until I stopped crying. “I feel so pathetic.”

“Why?” He asked and I looked up at him. I loved that he was taller but not so tall it was awkward.

“Crying? I’m a grown woman.”

“And this is scary. At least we’re not alone.”

“At least,” I smiled when he wiped my tears with his hands. It was ultra-romantic.

“I have no idea what to do, so first we’ll find out what we can about the missing visitors and the witches. We know what they look like so we have one up on that front. Then we’ll find out if they can send us back.”

“Right, ask the evil witches brought us here just to say hi then ask them to send us on our merry way?”

“One step at a time. For now we need to make the best of this and be careful.”

“What if-”

“Parker we can’t spend our time or energy on that.”


“This is what if,” he held his right hand up, “and this is regret and worry,” he held up his left hand. He then put them over my eyes. “This is life with them in charge.”

I pulled his hands from my face. “I get it. Okay so as crappy as this is we stay positive. I can do that, I’m not usually so… off.”

“And this is an off-putting situation. So what do you say Parker, will you be my time travel wife?”

I giggled at his hilarious smarmy smile and wagging eyebrows and nodded yes. Why not? If I was going to ‘disappear’ then I needed to live while I could. There was no way to know if the others were killed, sent back but at a different time or if they died in the journey or if they left and are still alive here in this time. There are too many variables and possibilities. Maybe with some digging we can figure it out.

Kacey put his hand up to the back of my head combing my hair with his fingers. He grabbed a fistful and pulled my head back gently. My knees went weak and my eyes fluttered closed as he moved to kiss me.

All the strain, worry, fear and everything negative drained from me as his lips moved with mine. Kissing Kacey was wonderful in every way possible. He was tender yet firm and patient. He didn’t freak out or push me away when he figured out my sexual status. Nor did he look at me like a challenge or a reject. Kacey felt genuine, caring and honest.

His hand in my hair held me tight, his hand on my back kept me against his warm body. My hands were trapped to his chest. My feminist friends would be cringing and preparing long speeches and lectures about my being the swooning woman and not the strong confident woman who takes what she wants. I know what I want, and I want Kacey. My fear is silly but it’s my fear and it’s real. I wanted Kacey to be the one to help me get past it, to take me and make me a woman. That unfeminist thought made me flinch and Kacey let me go.

I looked to the ground as we separated, my cheeks flushed and tears were so damned close again. What am I going to do?

To be continued…

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment

Which Witch?
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An Unexpected Problem (Part – 12) Kacey & Parker

Kacey & Parker’s story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language, it is rated R and intended for readers 18 years + only.

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 KP Part 12

An Unexpected Problem (Part – 12)


Her lack of response confirmed it. How the hell do I ask why? Was it for religious reasons? That might be a deal breaker for me. I’m fine with religion, but I’m not interested in a zealot or devoutly faithful. She hasn’t prayed or quoted scripture or anything that would suggest religion.

The woman is stunning in every way possible. From her dark blonde hair to those dammed ice blue eyes that make me want to cry. Her curvy strong body makes my body ache and never mind that she’s smart. Of all of her is absolute perfection in my eyes. She can carry on conversation and learn things outside her comfort zone. So how the hell is she still a virgin at twenty five? Did Roger figure it out? It would explain why he keeps saying she’s not for me and to leave her alone. He would be protective of her in that way.

“Is there anything I can say or ask that won’t offend you?”

She turned away and wrung her hands. That was it, it is the little shy behaviors like that, that drew me to her. The moments when she glanced away, the blushing, biting her lips, giggling at silly things, crossing her arms over her stomach awkwardly, all of the innocence. Holy shit she screams of sweet naiveté, everything she does and says broadcasts her inexperience. I ran my hands over my face and scratched at my stubble.

With her eyes downcast, she shook her head no. Damn, now what do I do? She was close enough to touch since the small room left her nowhere to go. I reached out, took her hand and pulled her closer. I’m not letting her shut me out for this minor issue.

“Then I’m going to have to risk offense. Religion?” 


“Oh good,” I said and pulled her to my lap, thankfully I was no longer pitching a boxer tent. “Why don’t you tell me why and save me the risk of offending you and losing any chance I have with you.”

“You’re okay with it?”

“Why wouldn’t I be, sure it’s not… common? See, I’m going to hang myself here. Help me out.”

She snickered and hugged me. Goddamn I really do want her and not just for sex. I loved the feel of her close. With her arms around my neck and face buried in my neck she explained.

“It’s stupid, but I’m afraid and I don’t know why. I can roll with men twice my size and manage a team of twenty hard headed investors but I can’t…”

“Roll as in?”

“As in grappling, Jiu-jitsu and Judo.”

“That’s hot. So you’re a bad ass, why are you afraid of sex?”

“When I turned twenty it became… an unexpected problem. Something guy’s didn’t want to deal with or they didn’t want the responsibility of being my first. Neil made me believe he understood but in the end it was all a lie. I could tell all along subconsciously he was in it for the challenge.”

“I for one am glad he’s an idiot.”

“Why?” She asked as she sat back to look at me as if I were insane, perhaps I am.

“Because you’re worth the effort, like I said Parker, I’ll push, and you set the boundaries.”

“Neil pushed too hard then he stopped pushing altogether.”

I understood right then what the ‘problem’ is. She’s too much work, too much effort and in a world of instant gratification, what is the point in wasting time on one woman when dozens others will put out. I would bet money that when Neil stopped trying it was because he had another woman easing that need.

“Let me guess, up until Neil, they find out you’re inexperienced and they run.”

“More or less.” She said and I rubbed her back.

“Hmm. Sounds lazy. Well aside from being completely freaked out about being back in time, I’m hungry. Lets go see if our gracious hosts mind feeding us.”

I’ve never seen someone look so relieved and it nearly broke my heart. I suppose those men saying no would be the equivalent of being constantly rejected.

“So if this, us being back in time, is real, what do we do?” She asked as I dressed.

“We learn as much as we can and interfere as little as possible until we figure out how to get back. We can’t get involved with anyone here, that could have dangerous consequences.”

“Duh, I’ve seen back to the future.”

I kissed her chastely on the cheek making her giggle when my scruff scratched her face. Damn it really is the little shy things about her that have me hooked. She picked up her pack and we left the room.

Our hosts did have breakfast ready for us. Thick slices of beef, eggs and bread. Parker cleaned her plate and sat shyly. Clearly, I have some work to do to get her back to herself again after this mornings revelation. I can’t imagine how embarrassed she is over something that shouldn’t be embarrassing. She was afraid, the only way to get her unafraid was to show her how good it is and how amazing it can be. That and the effort will be a good distraction for our shared predicament.

She wants love, that much is obvious and whether or not I want to be the man to give love to her, I am. I can think of no other reason for why I’m so completely stuck on her. Katherine was jabbering away about fabric’s and dresses when I tuned back into the table conversation.

“I’m sorry my dear I did not have anything ready to fit your small frame, I will have something for you this evening. It will be simple I am afraid.”

For the first time since we sat Parker spoke more then two words in a row. “Thank you Katherine, simple is perfect and that is most kind. Will it be okay for me to wear my own clothes?”

“For today, they will understand.” Katherine smiled as Alpheus cleared his throat.

“If you will do us the honor we would like for you to stay with us.” Alpheus stated.

“Honor?” Parker asked with her brows knit in an adorable way.

“It is a privilege to have the visitors stay in our home.” Manfred said as he wiped the bacon grease from his plate with his bread. “It is exciting, my friends will be envious.”

“You’ve been so kind and hospitable I think we’d like to stay here.” I looked at Parker and she nodded. I think her shyness is partly me and partly this whole situation. As a woman, this time period wasn’t exactly feminist by our standards.

“Wonderful,” Katherine clapped her hands, “Manfred will you show them around town?”

“I know what to do.” Manfred stood and grinned.

In the daylight, the town was even more impressive. The road was clear, the buildings beautiful, brightly whitewashed or with clean stones or natural wood. The smell was stark and often harsh to our modern senses. I was over surprised to see horses and where the camp was is a huge livery with sheep, cows, pigs and further back chicken coops, turkeys and domesticated geese that honked loudly. This place is so remote how did they manage to get them here let alone all the supplies?

We met countless people that were excited to see us. That on it’s own was surprising. We should be strange and either feared or ridiculed in some way.

The visitors from the future influenced this town in little ways. They had outhouses with features that were too modern, they had a compost site and a system to carry waste away. The clothes had a strange modernism to them. There were two women that wore pants despite the town’s disapproval. Hygiene seemed to be important and there was a shop dedicated to soap, toothbrushes, deodorant paste, bathing supplies and perfumes of sorts. The shop keeper gave Kacey a toothbrush. It was an interesting thing made of wood and I’m guessing horse hair or something bristly. They were not things that were out of place per say, but they were more modern than I expected to see. Some Kacey said were on par but he agreed there were small touches that suggested the others had made comments or suggestions. I saw two people wearing watches with silicone bands and a pair of hiking boots.

“What’s that way?” Parker asked Manfred as we neared the edge of town. 

She very well knew what it was but was playing dumb to my approval. The road continued toward the dip in the ridge. There was no dip.

“A road to Great Port.”

Parker looked at me confused. I shook my head and pulled up a mental map, it was possible that a large seaport existed and was wiped out by storm or earthquake. It wasn’t uncommon for that to happen. We suspected, but had no proof.

“That’s how you get your supplies.” I stated.

“Yes. We trade fur, furniture, and gemstones that we find in the rocks for supplies. It is the only road in or out of here.” 

Parker frowned and I took her hand in mine before pressing it to my lips. We were married after all.

To be continued…

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment

Too Many Questions
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Terrible Pillow Talk (Part – 11) Kacey & Parker

Kacey & Parker’s story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language, it is rated R and intended for readers 18 years + only.

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 KP Part 11

Terrible Pillow Talk (Part – 11)


My headache was going away finally, and I think the delicious stew helped. I was overly tired, terrified and still terribly confused. Kacey was looking at me with a patient concern. I know for him the experience had been somewhat pleasant. I could have done without the body shattering grimy feeling.

These were going to be some stupid questions, but I couldn’t help myself from asking. Fear has a funny way of making me dumb sometimes.

“Kacey? Where are we? What’s going on?”

“We’re in Verborgen, my guess is 1860 or about then maybe a bit later.”

“I’m sorry what did you say?”

“We’re in Verborgen, I think it’s about 1860 judging by the attire.”

“I heard you I just wasn’t sure I heard you correctly. It’s what I thought, well… sort of. This is crazy.”

I ran my hands over my hips and felt like crying. It was so ultra-bizarre but it felt so incredibly real.

“I know.” He said and pulled me into a hug. “I don’t know if we’re in any immediate danger, but I have a gun.”

I looked and saw a gun in a holster with a small bullet pack attached to the holster. 

“I don’t feel threatened.” I yawned again I suppose time travel is exhausting.

“We need sleep.” Kacey said as he rubbed my upper arms in tandem.

We took our shoes and khakis off and Kacey climbed on the bed and held his arm out and up. I sighed heavily. Well if I’m stuck in this nightmare, at least the company is sexy and kind. I took my bra off without taking my shirt off and set it on my folded pants.

“I promise I won’t break our deal Parker, I’m exhausted.”

I bit my bottom lip and climbed onto the small narrow bed and he pulled me close to him.

“Forgive me Parker but I’m really happy right now that it’s you with me here.”


“Yes.” He said and kissed the back of my neck softly.

“I’m really scared.”

“Me too.”

With his arms holding me close, I cried until I drifted off.

… I woke from troubled dreams to find us on our sides facing the other in a tangle of legs and arms. I’ve never been able to sleep with another person touching me so this was new. Since I was more on him, I shifted to untangle my limbs and he tightened his hold.

His eyes opened and he sighed softly and smiled.

“I’ve never seen eyes the color of yours before.” He said quietly. 

“I’m the only one in my family that has blue eyes like this.”

“Really, that’s odd.”

“That’s what my dad said. Apparently he had a paternity test done behind my moms back.”

“Harsh, I bet that played havoc on your parent’s relationship.”

“It did. I don’t think my mom ever forgave him, they separated when I was four and a half.”

“This is terrible pillow talk.” He said and shifted closer.

I felt him hard against my stomach behind our clothes. There was a rush and buzz of arousal and I began questioning my sanity. First, I go on a super weird vacation instead of the tropics with all my friends. A trip that has no cellular service, electricity or running water. Then I meet a man who makes me feel more by one touch than any previous boyfriend or fiancée put together. Now I’m in bed with him in a house that is supposed to be a rundown, abandoned ghost town. I half hoped to wake up on the dirty floor of the ghost house and it had all been a hallucination or something.

I’ve never been one for letting things drag me down or stop me from being who I am. Even though this is utterly unbelievable, I plan to make the most of it. I couldn’t shake the foreboding deep in my bones, the dubious sense that am not supposed to be here. Kacey was the one drawn to the sexy magic not me. Maybe I was an incidental, I was in direct contact with him. I can’t think of one good reason for why we were brought here.

Kacey kissed my forehead before speaking again. “When I first saw you I thought you’d be high maintenance and complain the entire trip.”

I was slightly offended but it was a reasonable assumption to make. I came here highly polished, perfect nails (Not so much anymore) beautifully styled hair (definitely not so much anymore), designer clothes and I was terrified and excited about this adventure.

“That really is terrible pillow talk,” I smiled as he shifted and rubbed his length against my stomach. “Just the worst.”

“Then you opened your mouth and I knew I was in trouble.”

“Oh? How so?”

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I was enjoying this intimacy. He wasn’t pushing, but he was hopeful.

“It’s horrible but you know how you meet someone so beautiful, or in your case sexy handsome like myself-”

I rolled my eyes at him.

“-Then they start talking and they go from a nine or ten to a two or three?”

“I do actually.”

I did it was a pet peeve of mine. You see someone who is attractive then they open their mouths and word diarrhea comes out or they are just the worst possible humans alive. It’s why I stopped judging people on looks. A big part of attraction for me is intelligence, beliefs, standards and how they present themselves.

“You stayed a ten. You have it all Parker, the complete package.” He said and brushed the back of his fingers across my cheek then tucked my stray hair behind my ear.

Yes, I blushed and it almost hurt. He could say anything cheesy and I’d blush it seemed. He could probably tell me I’m his moon and stars or something gag-me worse and he’d actually mean it. Along with the blushes were the rushes of hormones. I wanted him so badly but I couldn’t. I became embarrassed at my thoughts and I pushed against his arms.

“Stop I’m not going to do anything. I’m sorry if I embarrassed you.”

“You didn’t, It’s just, I… I can’t.”

He let me go and I scrambled from the small bed. I turned away at the look of hurt on his face. Not disappointment or anger or ridicule, but hurt. I didn’t know what to do, I never know what to do. I don’t know what I’m afraid of or why, I just am. He sat up suddenly making the bed shift.

“Wait, Parker are you…”

I turned my back to him and picked up my khakis. I tugged them on in the painful silence in the room. These people will want me to wear a scratchy ugly dress; I don’t know that I want to. If they know I’m a visitor then why should I conform? Then again why shouldn’t I make my hosts comfortable?

I could feel his eyes on me either waiting for an answer or judging me. I know when I turn around I’ll see judgment or worse, laughter in his eyes.  Yes it’s usually laughter. After putting my socks and hiking boots back on I glanced out of morbid curiosity. I didn’t see laughter or judgment, I saw curiosity and that look one gets when they finally put the pieces together and figure it out.

To be continued…

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment

An Unexpected Problem
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Holy Shit (Part – 10) Kacey & Parker

Kacey & Parker’s story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language, it is rated R and intended for readers 18 years + only.

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 KP Part 10

Holy Shit (Part – 10)


Holy shit was a very good statement to make, even if the harsh words sounded foreign from Parker’s sweet lips. The ghost town’s buildings were not rundown, empty or dark. There was smoke coming from the chimneys, the glow of fire, lanterns and candles from behind glass and shutters and the buildings were intact and new.


I put my arm out and pulled her to me as we stared at the town. She sounded scared and rightfully so.

Once the initial shock of seeing the town in it’s full glory wore off, I moved myself and Parker out of sight and shook my head.

“Do you see…” Her voice trailed off in a bewildered way.

“Yes,” I said pulling her closer and into a hug. “Yes I see it.”

Voices came from where we had run from. I gently pulled Parker down to the ground. “Shh.”

Five women in strange full length dresses walked through the trees as they passed only close enough for us to hear them.

“I was certain the magic was stronger this time.” The tallest said.

“Yes Francine I agree, keep your wits about you if the Sanguis is here we must find him.”

“What if the Iconoclastarum is here?” The shortest asked.

“Hush with such words Wilma, the spell is to draw the Sanguis only, the others that came were of ill mind and body.”

“Halt you fools. Your words will carry. Get home all of you now and search!” The one with the black hair said harshly.

The women scattered in a hurry and all disappeared heading toward the not-so-ghost town.

“I’ve heard those words before, Sanguis and Iconoclastarum.” I said. 

“Sanguis is blood right?”

“Yes, Iconoclastarum, I think they mean Iconoclast.” I petted Parker’s hair partly for her comfort and mostly for my own.

“Breaker of tradition,” Parker said quietly as we began walking as quietly as we could.

“More or less. I wonder where they came from.”

I was impressed that she knew any of that. I realized that she had her pack on.

“Why do you have your pack?”

“Knife and first aid kit, I was in a hurry to…”

“Interfere. I told you to stay in your tent.”

“Tell me genius what do you think evil witches do to finish really powerful spells?” She said with a pretty little frown.

“Given the nature of what they did I’d say orgasm?” I said with a shrug.

“Blech, sacrifice, I’m talking about sacrifice.”

“You’re clearly not feeling well.”

“Kacey that magic was bad.”

“It didn’t feel bad.”

She crossed her arms and glared at me, even angry she was beautiful, maybe even more so.

“A trick to draw me in,” I said and rubbed my arms. “Okay so now what?”

“First things first.” She said and took her pack off. She pulled out a small bottle of concentrated mouthwash and her water bottle, rinsed then freshened.

“A hygiene break?” I said too loudly. “Let’s go.” I whispered unsure if going to the town was a good idea.  


We both turned to see a young boy, of thirteen or fourteen staring at us wide-eyed.

“What is it Manfred?” A sturdy woman with a classically pretty face and a long green dress said.

“It has happened again.” He pointed at us.

“Oh I see. Come with us, quickly now it is dangerous out here for visitors.” She beckoned us to follow her. 

I could not react or lose my mind right now so I shrugged and helped Parker put her pack on, I took her hand and we followed the woman and boy. They were wearing simple clothes that suggested mid to late 1800’s. The burly woman rushed us along toward the nearest building. They opened the door and the warmth of fire and smells of cooking wafted out. Suddenly I was ravenous.

It was the main street building we thought was a store of some sort and it is, it’s a fabric shop. There were bolts of fabric on shelves, Stacks of various types of leather and tools I didn’t recognize.  We were led upstairs to a spacious apartment of sorts. A man smoking a pipe looked up as we came in.

“Again?” He said and stood. “Welcome friends you are safe here. Katherine will prepare a sup for you. I am Alpheus.”

I shook his hand and Parker was ignored. Oh great that won’t piss off a modern woman.

“I’m Kacey and this is Parker.”

“They always have strange names to go with their strange garments.” Manfred said and sat on the floor with rapt interest.

“Once you have eaten and rested, Katherine will get you properly dressed Parker. Please sit.” The older man gestured at the table.

We sat at the wooden table and Parker held her bag in her lap, quiet and clearly terrified. Was this really happening? I couldn’t help but steal glances at these people especially Manfred. They looked real enough. Their calm was fascinating as if it were common to have strangers appear in their yard.

We were both in shock and the only thing keeping us from freaking out had to be our instinct to survive. Why we followed Katherine and her son to their home, I have no idea.

“How did you know we would be out there?” I asked.

“The shaking always brings someone new.” Manfred said. “Everyone goes out to look.”

“Then what?” Parker asked while hugging her backpack.

“We welcome you.” Katherine answered with the kindest smile and set out ceramic bowls of thick stew, “it is what is left from dinner. I will make you fresh in the morning.”

“Thank you.” Parker said and she picked up the simple metal spoon.

“You said it happened again, have there been others?” I asked as I took a spoonful of stew.

It was savory and heavily flavored with herbs. The meat was dark and I thought maybe beef, but I didn’t want to ask what it was. It could be rat for all I know and I didn’t care.

“Yes, it happens every new moon.”

“Um, what happens to the visitors like us?” Parker asked.

“They vanish.” Manfred said.

“As in go back?”

“We do not know friend. Eat; you may have Manfred’s room until we can clear a better place for you.” Kathrine said.

“Katherine dear they may not be married.”

Parker choked on her stew. I did not want us to be separated and the glint of fear in her eyes suggested she felt the same way.

“We are married.” I said and rubbed her back.

“That is wonderful and does explain why you have come here together. Come,” Katherine said and gestured for us to follow. “Manfred off to bed with you, you can sleep in the shop  after you go tell everyone they are here and safe.”

“Yes ma.”

The boy grinned at us and then took off down the stairs.

“The visitors are always exhausted. Come, come,” Katherine smiled sweetly.

I sensed no malice from these people and if they drugged us, we were both too stunned to think of it. With a candle in a holder in her hand, Katherine led us down a dark hall to a closed-door.

“Thank you Kathrine.” Parker said then she yawned hard.

“I will see about a dress for you in the morning. With your slight frame I may have to whip something up.” Katherine eyed Parker carefully and handed us a candle in a holder.

I closed the small wooden door after Katheine and the single candle lit the small simple room with the small simple bed. Parker was biting both lips and hugging her pack tight to her chest. The magic was pleasant for me, not so much for her. First things first, I need to make sure she’s okay… as okay as either of us can be.

To be continued…

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment

Terrible Pillow Talk
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The Concert (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) NSFW

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.
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The Concert (Quick and Dirty Short Stories)

I’m not a fan of concerts. It’s weird I know. All my friends are and so I go along with them and I do have fun, just not scream my head off fun. I’ve been crowd separated from my friends and would wait until this open air night concert was over to text and locate them.

This particular concert was crowded and set up in a downtown city square. The music was loud and the crowd was a mess of bodies bumping, pushing and jumping. I felt a hand go around my waist and looked over my shoulder to see Carter smile at me as he pulled me close to him and out-of-the-way of a flying elbow from the guy beside me. Thank God he was here, It was getting tense and I didn’t want to be here alone.

His dark eyes playfully flirted before he looked back at the stage. Carter is not my boyfriend. I haven’t dated anyone since I graduated university. I’ve been too busy and nobody seems interested. Or I’m oblivious.

“Rowdy crowd.” He said with his mouth next to my ear making my skin tingle.

I nodded and smiled when his hand moved up under my shirt to rest on my stomach. We moved closer to the barricade and were instantly crowed in from all sides.

I pressed my thighs together feeling the hard arousal deep within me surge. Carter was a strong man with dark skin and a body worth wetting panties over. Therefore mine did a mighty fine job of becoming damp.

I didn’t do a thing to stop him when his fingers pressed against my stomach and inched behind my low-cut skirt. I’ve liked Carter for a while but had no idea he was even remotely attracted to me. He is my best friend’s cousin who moved to town two years ago and I’ve secretly lusted after him ever since.

His teeth grazed my ear and I pressed my ass back and found him hard and hot behind his pants. His fingers sneaked into my valley and dove into my wet pool.  I’ve never even kissed in public let alone been fingered in public.

He slowly pressed his fingers deeper and the heat between my legs roared to life. The band shifted into the next song as the lead singer started the stupid awkward banter they often do. The back beat to a very popular song started to form as Carter pulled his fingers mostly out and plunged them back in slowly.

The only people who could see what he was doing would be the people immediately boxing us in and they were intent on the stage. The cold metal of the barrier became available when the man in front of me moved left just enough. I grabbed it and held on as Carter fingered me faster. As the crowd went wild I climaxed on his fingers.

“Fuck I knew it.” He said from behind loudly. “I’ve wanted you for too long.”

I responded by reaching back and stroking his bulge.

“Holy shit.” My words were lost in the screams and music; He was much larger than I thought.

Then suddenly he popped out of his pants and into my hand. I didn’t question it and stroked his silky thickly veined member behind my back.

I’d love to leave and put the thick cock inside me. Just the thought made my lust course violently through me. He moved my hand from him and back to the barrier so I was holding on with both hands. I was lust crazy, so much that I didn’t stop him when my panties were pulled to the side and he pressed his tip to my opening. Looked over my shoulder and he plunged deep and held himself there.

“Condom don’t worry.” He said in my ear and I relaxed.

I was on the pill, but still I don’t do bare back unless… my thoughts disappeared completely as he began pumping to the beat. For all around us he moved as if sort of crowded dancing.

I was so wet and hot as he fucked me from behind. I stood there as if nothing was happening until I started gasping and hid my yelp’s in the noise of the crowd.

I was being fucked in public with other people bumping into me. Carter was either declaring a start to a relationship or just using me. I was okay with either but hoped it was both.

I clenched hard on his thick mass as my climax neared. It wasn’t taking long either, with all the excitement and naughtiness I was ready to pop.

I screamed loud as I came and Carter kept going until he wrapped his arms around me and thrust so fast I couldn’t catch my breath and forgot completely we were in an absurdly public place. Suddenly as he burst his dam I came again and closed my eyes as I came apart in glorious contractions. He held me up until I could function again. The euphoric bliss pulsed in me along with the music.

Carter pulled out and a moment later he was making his way out of the crowd with me in tow.

We made it to a clearing and he turned me around to face him.

“Mel you’re mine now.” He said and kissed me so thoroughly I forgot once again we were out in public.

He lifted me from the ground with one hand and with the other he pressed a finger into my swollen soaking hole.

Gasping for breath I grinned at his lusty face as he backed off from the most outrageous kiss I’ve ever had.

“Carter I’m totally yours.” I said as his fingers slipped in and out fast from behind.

“Then let’s go back to my place and see how many times I can make you come.”

“Oh God.” I said and fluttered my eyelashes as I had my fourth orgasm in less than twenty minutes.

I think I might not hate concerts so much now…

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment

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Lucy’s Father – Part 5 (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) NSFW

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R. 18+ Only

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Lucy’s Father Part 5

I was lost in a labyrinth of lust. My friend’s father had fingered me to orgasm half an hour ago after having fucked me a few hours before that and that was after he ate me out.

Luck was in my favor as Lucy had to stay the night with her mom and Jack, Lucy’s father was giving me a ride home and I could barely sit still for my arousal.

I stole a glance at him. He was sexy for a forty-three year old man. Twenty two years older than I am. I’ve had a lot of boyfriends and not one of them had the touch he did. Maybe I’m crazy but I’m starting to see the allure of an older experienced man.

“Play with your tits.” Jack said and ran his hand over my shirt.

I lifted my shirt and took off my bra. I played with my already hard nipples and worked my breasts with precision.

“Oh Jack I’m so horny.”

“Finger yourself.” He said while taking glances.

The sun had set and it was dark. I put my left hand between my legs hiking up my skirt and shoved two fingers inside myself. I gripped my right breast with my hand as his worked my left.

“Oh yes, yes finger deeper.” He said and I complied. “Come on your hand so I can suck your fingers.”

I made eager desperate whimpers and stroked myself hard and fast. I clapped my legs shut as I came and he pulled my hand out and put the fingers in his mouth.

He lapped and sucked running his tongue around and between my fingers while moaning.

He pulled over and put he car in park.

“Fuck, unbuckle and put your ass up to me.

I did as he commanded. On my knees, with my hands on the car door, I lifted my ass up and he immediately started fingering my wet hole. Jack took his fingers out and buried his face and began fucking me with his mouth.

“Oh Jack, Jack!” I cried out as his tongue and fingers became indistinguishable in my lust soaked body.

“Backseat now.” He said and got out as I hurried and climbed between the seats. He climbed in and closed the door.

I rubbed my breasts as he suited up and with a hand around my neck he thrust into me hard making me cry out with the pleasure of it.

I was a mess of lust and sexy noises. Jack grunted and thrust and when he came I climaxed around him. He collapsed on me and ran his tongue over  a nipple.

“Sated yet?” He asked as he began sucking.

“I should be.”

“Mmm, should huh?” He sucked my nipple hard then let it go with a pop. “Horny for an old man are you?”

“You’re old enough be my father.”

“Does that turn you on?” He said and pulled out to replace the emptiness with his fingers. “That I’m Lucy’s father?”

“yes.” I said as he began stroking my g-spot.

“You naughty little girl.”

“Make me come old man.”

His free hand ran the length of my stomach. “I haven’t had pussy like this, or this much in over twenty years.”

I wasn’t able to speak as he stroked me. I pulled my legs up and wet his fingers with my cum.

“I need to get you home.” He said after licking his fingers clean.

“Oh. Yeah… I should go home.”

“Oh no. You’re coming to my place so I can fuck you blind.” He smiled as I whimpered. “That turn you on?”

I nodded and fondled my still naked breasts.

“Good play with those amazing tits of yours.”

I did as he commanded as he drove the rest of the way to his apartment. My phone rang as he parked.

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