The Concert (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) NSFW

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.
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The Concert (Quick and Dirty Short Stories)

I’m not a fan of concerts. It’s weird I know. All my friends are and so I go along with them and I do have fun, just not scream my head off fun. I’ve been crowd separated from my friends and would wait until this open air night concert was over to text and locate them.

This particular concert was crowded and set up in a downtown city square. The music was loud and the crowd was a mess of bodies bumping, pushing and jumping. I felt a hand go around my waist and looked over my shoulder to see Carter smile at me as he pulled me close to him and out-of-the-way of a flying elbow from the guy beside me. Thank God he was here, It was getting tense and I didn’t want to be here alone.

His dark eyes playfully flirted before he looked back at the stage. Carter is not my boyfriend. I haven’t dated anyone since I graduated university. I’ve been too busy and nobody seems interested. Or I’m oblivious.

“Rowdy crowd.” He said with his mouth next to my ear making my skin tingle.

I nodded and smiled when his hand moved up under my shirt to rest on my stomach. We moved closer to the barricade and were instantly crowed in from all sides.

I pressed my thighs together feeling the hard arousal deep within me surge. Carter was a strong man with dark skin and a body worth wetting panties over. Therefore mine did a mighty fine job of becoming damp.

I didn’t do a thing to stop him when his fingers pressed against my stomach and inched behind my low-cut skirt. I’ve liked Carter for a while but had no idea he was even remotely attracted to me. He is my best friend’s cousin who moved to town two years ago and I’ve secretly lusted after him ever since.

His teeth grazed my ear and I pressed my ass back and found him hard and hot behind his pants. His fingers sneaked into my valley and dove into my wet pool.  I’ve never even kissed in public let alone been fingered in public.

He slowly pressed his fingers deeper and the heat between my legs roared to life. The band shifted into the next song as the lead singer started the stupid awkward banter they often do. The back beat to a very popular song started to form as Carter pulled his fingers mostly out and plunged them back in slowly.

The only people who could see what he was doing would be the people immediately boxing us in and they were intent on the stage. The cold metal of the barrier became available when the man in front of me moved left just enough. I grabbed it and held on as Carter fingered me faster. As the crowd went wild I climaxed on his fingers.

“Fuck I knew it.” He said from behind loudly. “I’ve wanted you for too long.”

I responded by reaching back and stroking his bulge.

“Holy shit.” My words were lost in the screams and music; He was much larger than I thought.

Then suddenly he popped out of his pants and into my hand. I didn’t question it and stroked his silky thickly veined member behind my back.

I’d love to leave and put the thick cock inside me. Just the thought made my lust course violently through me. He moved my hand from him and back to the barrier so I was holding on with both hands. I was lust crazy, so much that I didn’t stop him when my panties were pulled to the side and he pressed his tip to my opening. Looked over my shoulder and he plunged deep and held himself there.

“Condom don’t worry.” He said in my ear and I relaxed.

I was on the pill, but still I don’t do bare back unless… my thoughts disappeared completely as he began pumping to the beat. For all around us he moved as if sort of crowded dancing.

I was so wet and hot as he fucked me from behind. I stood there as if nothing was happening until I started gasping and hid my yelp’s in the noise of the crowd.

I was being fucked in public with other people bumping into me. Carter was either declaring a start to a relationship or just using me. I was okay with either but hoped it was both.

I clenched hard on his thick mass as my climax neared. It wasn’t taking long either, with all the excitement and naughtiness I was ready to pop.

I screamed loud as I came and Carter kept going until he wrapped his arms around me and thrust so fast I couldn’t catch my breath and forgot completely we were in an absurdly public place. Suddenly as he burst his dam I came again and closed my eyes as I came apart in glorious contractions. He held me up until I could function again. The euphoric bliss pulsed in me along with the music.

Carter pulled out and a moment later he was making his way out of the crowd with me in tow.

We made it to a clearing and he turned me around to face him.

“Mel you’re mine now.” He said and kissed me so thoroughly I forgot once again we were out in public.

He lifted me from the ground with one hand and with the other he pressed a finger into my swollen soaking hole.

Gasping for breath I grinned at his lusty face as he backed off from the most outrageous kiss I’ve ever had.

“Carter I’m totally yours.” I said as his fingers slipped in and out fast from behind.

“Then let’s go back to my place and see how many times I can make you come.”

“Oh God.” I said and fluttered my eyelashes as I had my fourth orgasm in less than twenty minutes.

I think I might not hate concerts so much now…

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment

“I found this lovely writing prompt.
I just had to participate.” – Cimm
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Bubbles (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) NSFW

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R 18+ only.
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The hot water from the shower was melting away my tension from my shoulders but building a tension deep inside.  I poured extra shower gel on my loofah and worked it up to a frothy lather. I shut the water off so it wouldn’t rinse the slippery suds away and  began covering my body slowly and methodically.

I took my time to enjoy the sensual feel of the foamy bubbles on my skin. My arousal doubling in intensity. I had tough about this all afternoon at work.


I ran the rough loofah over my large nipples feeling them tighten delightfully. with one hand I cupped a slippery breast and massaged it letting the pleasure shoot from my nipples to my clit. Ignoring the throbbing nub, I closed my eyes to soak up the slick feel of my soapy hands.

I raised my leg to the tub edge and pressed my breasts against the glass rubbing them up and down as I began teasing my outer lips. The soap was gentle and wouldn’t burn or sting so I didn’t hesitate to gently finger my opening.

“Oh yes.” I said and pushed two fingers in deep.

Slowly, with my eyes still closed I stroked and knelt on the slippery soapy bottom of the tub. I moved to my back feeling the soap bubbles beneath my back and ass and wiggled in it.

I propped my legs up on the edges of the tub and stroked hard and fast. “Yes, oh yes, yes… Ohhh yeessss.”

My body slipped and I pulled my legs up as pleasure overwhelmed me. I opened my eyes ready to start again and yelped to see my husband’s hand jerk his cock hard and spray a load on the glass. He was supposed to be out golfing. I was instantly aroused knowing he watched me.

“You’re a filthy little woman.” He said opening the door with lust filled eyes.

I held up the soapy bubble filled loofah. “Then you better come clean me.”

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment

As You Research (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) NSFW

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R 18 + only.
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As You Research (Quick and Dirty Short Stories)

Your eyes travel across the screen as you read the sexy story. Nobody knows that you read them. You started reading them as research, curiosity and the to help fill need to learn what you innocently never knew. Your eyes take in the words of how the hands caress a cock then it caresses a pussy. 

You feel the flutter of arousal beat its first thrum into your core and shift in the chair. Licking your lips you keep reading about sucked nipples and plunging fingers and your own naked nipples pucker. The flutters become indistinguishable and settle into a deep need between your legs that you shift to part. Heat and the gentle scent of arousal escape as you flick your thumbs over your taught nipples. 

Faster your eyes take in the sexy words of grasping hands and deep hard thrusts as you wiggle your hips. pushing your mound against the cushioned fabric of the towel covered chair you pinch your naked exposed nipples. For a moment your eyes dart from the screen and around the empty dark room. The desirable pulse between your legs urges you to lean back in the chair. 

You read about slippery cocks and slip your hand down to your already naked pussy. With a gentle stroke you slip your middle finger between your wet hot folds as you read about wet blinding orgasms.

Your finger enters your eager hot hole and you draw it out. Shiny in the light of the  computer screen. The woman being fucked from behind was licking another woman in the story as you tentatively part your lips and dart your tongue out to taste of what you’ve never tasted before. 

The rich smell of wet arousal on your finger tastes salty and pleasant and so you envelop the finger with your own mouth and suck. The sudden surge of arousal was undeniable. You dip your fingers back in and suck them again moaning softly. Your left hand rubs and grabs at your breasts as you pant and lap up your own juices. The pressure becomes too much to bear and you shove two fingers deep inside yourself. With one hand pumping and the other rubbing your clit, you pull your legs up spreading wide.  

The urgency curls your toes and the orgasm releases. You attempt to keep stroking but your thighs clamp on your hands and your body jerks with pleasure. When you open your eyes and remove your hands, your shiny fingers make your tongue tingle. You lick and suck them clean as you continue to read about the couple who brought another woman into the mix. It’s what your husband wants and as you study the erotic stories, it becomes your own want.

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment

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Trick Or Treat? (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) NSFW

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R 18 + only.
See other short stories here: Quick and Dirty Short Stories


Trick Or Treat? (Quick and Dirty Short Stories)

I met up with my co-worker Kita at her friend’s house for the party. I was very excited that it was unseasonably warm so I could wear my sexy woodland fairy costume without a jacket.

The glittery wings caught in the breeze making them flutter. My nails were perfectly manicured green with opalescent glitter. My black hair curled and partially piled on my head whimsically.

 “Good God Sophia you look sexy as shit!” Kita eyed me in my dark green costume with silver ribbon details that accented my curvy body in all the right ways.

I blushed. “Thanks, Sexy Pirate zombie totally suits you.”

We went up the walk to the party. The open concept house was over the top amazing with decorations. The front yard was a graveyard with ghosts, moving on strings between trees, robotic zombies moved as if they were coming from the ground. Inside there were pumpkins, witches, and skeletons who peeked out from corners. Bats, Spiders and webs filled in the spaces not occupied by other creepy crawling things.

“Damn,” Kita said as she headed for the themed bar, “Travis and Rye outdid themselves this year.”

“Your friends?” I asked.


“Where do they store all of this?”

Kita handed me a green drink called Trick-Or-Treat with red syrup dripping down into it from the rim that looked like blood.

“Rye gets it all from his best friend Travis who owns a chain of costume stores.  Some of it is custom since Rye’s a huge Halloween fanatic.”

I sipped the pleasant lime drink. The level of costume here made me glad I wore this ultra-sexy costume. There were many scary costumes, a few cute couples’s costumes and two brave women in full body paint. One of them was a pumpkin patch with an adorable jack-o-lantern painted over her perfectly rounded ass.

Kita seemed to know everyone and she chatted and laughed freely. Being naturally quiet and introverted, I was struggling to mingle beyond the classic awkward hello-how-are-you-nice-costume conversations. The music was loud and awesome and I wished badly that I was carefree and able to let loose.

“So I was…” I looked around and found myself without my safety-net

Kita had vanished and I began backing up to find a spot near a wall to people watch. A Greek god glanced my way, winked and made his way into the dancing crowd in the large two-story living room. A large chandelier with a corpse hanging from it dropped making people scream before it stopped just above their heads and was pulled back into place.

I looked around at the costumed people dancing. I contemplated another drink when someone grabbed my wrist and pulled me toward the gyrating people.

“You need to dance.” A deep, sexy voice said from behind a helmet.

The well-made helmet had green shaped leaves and vines covering his face like a fairy warrior. He was wearing a form fitted black leggings and sleeveless shirt. Over that he wore plated gold body armor tinted green like leaves. It covered his torso, back, and shoulders in a sexy manly way. It was held together with vines and more leaves. He had a realistic dagger at his side and armor on his forearms.

“Are you a warrior?” I asked.

“Fairy warrior, I keep my woodland kingdom safe. That includes beautiful fairy maidens such as yourself.” He said in his deep gravelly voice.

I blushed and let him guide me to move to the music with his hands on my hips. I can do this. I dug deep and let my body find the rhythm.

His hands wandered and I let them. It was nice to be hit on and flirted with. He moved as if he knew me and I wanted badly to see beneath the pretty helmet.

The longer we danced the closer he got. The more his hands wandered the more turned on I became. What is wrong with me? My step faltered and I backed away. First, I have a wildly inappropriate tryst with the man that sold me this costume and now I’m letting some other man paw at me and make me horny?

“Sorry… I… Sorry.” I dashed away, weaving through people as fast as I could.

I went down a long busy hall, through a large crowded room with a pool table and then out a door that led me down an empty hall. I had no idea where I was going and truthfully, I felt like an intruder. The door at the end opened to a sunroom filled with tropical plants.

“Wow.” I stood there in the dark, the nearly full moon the only light in the luscious space.

I rubbed my arms feeling a fool and a slut. This isn’t like me at all. I thought of the phone number scribbled on the piece of paper with the tacky words. “Call me or text… whatever”. I’d memorized that number and I’d even composed a text… or a hundred texts and I deleted every one of them. I was afraid of what Ryker honestly thought of me after what happened.

“An easy lay,” I muttered under my breath as the door opened and the Fairy warrior entered.

Fear lept to life within me. Alone with a stranger that I just dirty danced with.

“You ran.” He said in his very deep voice, taking slow steps toward me and gesturing to the plants around us. “This room is off limits.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“Why are you sorry? Why did you run?”

“I was embarrassed at how I was behaving, ah dancing I mean. I don’t normally do that.” I said shyly looking at the floor.

“I could tell.” The false depth to his voice disappeared and I recognized the same words and tone he’d used the last time we met.

Wide-eyed I covered my mouth as Ryker took the green and gold helmet off. Even in this meager light, his eyes shone green.

“You never texted or called,” he set the helmet down on a small table and moved to stand before me.

“I tried to.” I kept my eyes on the floor. “But what does one say to someone who… I’m…”

As if in a tacky romance movie, he crooked his finger under my chin and lifted it forcing me to look up at him.

“I’ve thought of nothing but you since that day Sophia. How you smell like mint and strawberries. How you felt beneath my hands and how we fit together.”

Ryker moved his hand to the back of my neck and the other around my waist.

“Me too,” I whispered.

It was the best volume I could muster with my insides having a little dirty dance of their own as his mouth came close to mine.

“I have to have you.” He breathed the words on my lips.

“Me too,” I whispered just before his mouth found mine eager and ready.

He kissed me as if it were the only thing keeping him alive.

For the second time, the soft leafy skirt of my costume lifted and my panties found their way to the floor moments before my back did. Our harsh hurried breaths came out of sync with each other as our hands grabbed and groped searching for skin on which to make contact. I was beside myself with blinding need. I barely registered the sound of a foil wrapper moments before the sexiest green-eyed fairy warrior I’ve ever seen invaded me deliciously.

Stroke after stroke he plunged into my depths with a fury of need that mirrored my own. Gasping for air, I arched my back as he grunted each hearty thrust.

“Ryker… Oh, I’m…”

As I came apart around him, he buried his face in my shoulder as he slammed hard and grunted his own blissful release.

After what had to be forever, he moved away, I found my underwear and righted my costume as he fixed his.

“Okay Sophia, we are going to go out on some fun, fantastically amazing dates.”

“You want to date me?”

For the love of God, I can’t believe how pathetic that sounded.

“Want, have to, must, going to, will, am, are… whatever you want to say it’s happening. I,” He leaned close to me and smirked, “Dare you to say no.”

No? I would have to be insane. I smirked back, “No.”

“Oh, you naughty little minx. I have guests to entertain. Since I went to so much trouble to dress appropriately in the hopes that my friend Kita’s shy friend Sophia was you, you get to be my sexy Fairy girlfriend.”

I didn’t know what to say. I took his arm and he made me feel sexy, cared for, happy, safe, welcome and comfortable at his very fun Halloween party, just as he did every day after.

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment


“I found this lovely writing prompt.
I just had to participate.” – Cimm
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What Movie? (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) NSFW

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.
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What Movie? (Quick and Dirty Short Stories)

The door opened and my friend Josh grinned at me. My heart beat faster as he took the bag I held and fairly pulled me inside.

“Hey Della, come in.” His astounding smile sent shivers across my skin.

He had a few silly Halloween decorations up. I know he was the one to bother since Grant was too lazy and grotesquely macho to even think of it.

I looked around. “Where’s Grant?”

“Family dinner at his Sisters place.” Josh said with an air of annoyance.

“Oh.” I knew that, I was just making sure.

“Would you have come over if you knew?”

I regarded Josh’s dark eyes and pout as he crossed his arms and leaned against the counter.

“Sure why wouldn’t I?” I grinned in a flirty way. “You open the wine and I’ll start the scary movie.

“Okey dokey.”

I took off my jacket and sat after putting the Blue Ray Disc in the player. I had it cued up before Josh came out with two large full glasses. I sipped a third of mine and set it down. He noticed. I needed the courage to end this facade of a friendship.

We started watching the movie he chose, some old school thriller about a girl scorned at prom or something.  I wasn’t even remotely interested in the movie this time. My mind was elsewhere. I was done with him flirting and backing off. I hated that he thought Grant was better than he is. Grant’s a typical egotistical jock who was Jr. coach to some local football team. Josh was the one who had more brains and skill than anyone I know. He was smart and creative when it came to robotic engineering. Did I mention Josh is sexy? Oh and he’s perfect in every damned way.

With my wine empty I moved closer to snuggle. Not an unusual occurrence. Josh put his arm around me and I wished he’d just slip it up my shirt to fondle a tit or under my skirt. No, not Josh, forever a gentleman.

I moved my hand to his shirt hem and inched it closer to his crotch. If he noticed he dint give any indication. When my hand shifted south over the zipper his breath caught. Still no objection. The wine bravado helped my hand press just enough to feel his semi flaccid flesh. There was no turning back now.

With a gentle rub or two I could feel it becoming firmer and fast. The gentle ache began deep inside my core.

“Della?” Josh said in a near whisper as his hard-on pushed against my hand.

I looked up at his face, a light sheen to his brow. With one hand I opened his pants and edged my hand inside.

“Are you…” He sucked his breath in as I exposed his thick hard member to the air, “oh Della…”

I smiled at the lust in his voice. I turned my attention to his flesh as he shifted and pushed against my hand. I pulled out the condom I had tucked in my skirt pocket, opened it and put it on him. With a steady move I straddled him and looked into his lusty warm eyes. My underwear was safely tucked into my jacket pocket. This was a fully planned event. If he rejected me I might die from heartache and embarrassment. If he didn’t then I hoped we would finally move beyond ‘just friends’.

“Josh you were the only reason I came over to hang out. like ever.”

“I always hoped-“

I pressed my lips to his as I dropped myself to rub his tip against my opening. His hands went up into my hair and I sank the entire way over him. As our tongues met, I lifted and rocked my hips.

With a growl he moved me to my back and we chuckled. Our silly grins disappeared as he thrust into me. As if a light switch went off, we became insanely frantic. Our bodies meeting and colliding, grasping and groping as we kissed deep and erotically.

A blinding flash of pure feeling rendered me breathless. The orgasmic spasms of pleasure coursed through my body as Josh’s began for him. He continued to kiss me stopping only to look into my eyes after we both calmed.

“Well holy fucking shit,” Grant said and we turned our heads in tandem to see him leaning against the wall by the door. “You two finally got around to having sex.”

“Shit.” Josh said as he pulled out and tucked himself away.

I straightened my skirt and Grant laughed.

“Lame-o dinner ended early after the dog jumped on the table and stole the ham. Now I’m horny from seeing your hot long, long, long, long, long, long, long overdue sex.” Grant said as he went to the kitchen. “How was the scary movie?”

“What movie?” Josh said and we looked at each other and burst out laughing.

Josh leaned over, “You started it and now you’re stuck with me forever.”

“Thank God for that.” I grinned and kissed Josh tenderly not giving a shit that Grant was watching and likely to tease.

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment 

“I found this lovely writing prompt.
I just had to participate.” – Cimm
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Funny, Cute Or Scary? (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) NSFW

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R 18+ only.
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Funny, Cute Or Scary?

I felt silly in the costume shop. I had already done three laps of the little store and had no idea what to do. Funny, cute or scary? I had no idea. The party was bound to be awkward since I’m the new person in town and was invited by a co-worker who assured me she would be the only other co-worker there.

“May I help?”

I turned at the sexy voice and nearly gasped at the sexy brunette before me with green eyes. I assumed the portly fellow was the only one working here.

“Um…” I glanced behind him.

“Travis is helping a group of college kids he’ll be a while. I’m Ryker.”

Ryker was only two inches taller but he was strong, his shirt strained beneath him but not grotesquely. His flattery wasn’t wasted but I won’t let him know that. He is a sales person after all.

“I’m Sophia. I’m looking for a costume. Maybe…”

I looked at the wall of fairy tale characters and touched the dragon costume. I noticed him look me over from head to toe and he lingered on my hips and breasts.

“Sexy. You need a sexy costume to go with such a sexy body and that sensual name Sophia.”

Sexy was not on my list of possibilities. I’m not rail thin or model perfect. I have curves and breasts that some say are too large. My waist is tiny and my stomach is flat but the rest of me is all hills and valleys. I think I look good but when I’m out with friends the trendy thin ones are picked up first.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“No? Why not? Oh!” Ryker flashed me a panty-melting smile and my body felt as if he just gave me a jolt of energy. “Come with me I know exactly what you need.”

He took my hand and I had no choice but to follow him. My body seemed to want to follow him anywhere even if he opened a door to the precipice of an active lava pit, my body might just follow him in. This was a fantastic sales tactic. Flatter, flirt, and get the woman to buy whichever costume he picks out.

He led me down a very short hallway to another side of the store. There were custom costumes hanging on one wall, rentals on another then an entire section of cosplay.

“Fun,” I said and started rifling through as Ryker eyed me.

“Hmm,” He ran his hands from my hips to my waist then up to my sides under my arms.

The touch wasn’t meant to be sexual but my body didn’t seem to care. He turned and I took an eyeful while his shapely back was turned, a little mental impression for later.

“Here try this one on.”

He held up an armful of light and dark pink with gold ribbons. I took the hanger and went to the curtained change room. It took me a minute to figure out it was a princess or something. I managed to get it on but not done up.

“I don’t think this one’s right,” I said and peeked out.

Ryker smiled slyly and tugged me out of the dressing room by my wrist. “Too poufy,” he said and went back to the rack. It made me look bigger than I am. I hated it and I was embarrassed.

“This is better.”

I took the dark green and silver number from him. I went back in and changed. The velvet hugged my figure and the lines made me look slender where I am, and it accented my curves in a way I’ve never done on purpose before. It pushed up my breasts and made them the focal point.

I came out and his mouth dropped open. “Goddamn Sophia you’re a hot and sexy woman. Or should I say woodland fairy.”

I giggled shamelessly. I turned to the large mirrors and I had to agree. He stood behind me and in the reflection, I could see his green eyes leering down my cleavage and when I peeked, I saw the arousing outline of his hard cock pressed against the fabric of his pants.

“With some wings, glittery makeup, stocking and heels you’ll be fighting the men off.”

“Pfft, not likely, I do like this though.” I adjusted my breasts so they sat high and perfect in the low push-up top.

“You don’t agree?” Ryker said and moved closer, he put his hand under my chin and made me look up at him.

“Not really.”

“Not really? Sophia if I could, I’d take you right here and right now.”

My freaking knees wobbled and I made a sexy gasp sound. I closed my eyes well before his mouth met mine. It was my subtle way of giving him permission if he wanted to, and he did.

Holy mother of all things sexy, he kissed me. He was tender at first until I parted my lips. He dug his hands into my dark black hair and pulled my face closer to his. He’s probably done this a thousand times. His tongue gently sought mine out as he opened his mouth wide to match my own.

With his other hand, he pulled me against that fantastic bulge of his. Our breaths came rapid and loud through our noses as our tongues invaded each other deeply. I ran my hands up to his neck and when I massaged my fingers into his soft hair both of his dropped to my ass and then to my bare thighs.

The short leafy skirt lifted and he hooked his fingers in my panties. Since I had no intention or ability to protest, they fell to the floor in a puddle. His hands caressed my bare ass cheeks as we kept kissing. My body sang with arousal, I couldn’t hear sirens if they went off beside my head. The tingling between my legs grew to a thick pressure and need that pulsed hard. I let out a pitched groan when he removed his hands and stopped kissing me.

“Hold on Sophia,” He panted lustily.

Ryker stripped to the buff, opened a foil wrapper and rolled a condom on. I shivered with anticipation; he was so beautiful and sexy. I reached for the zipper of the costume.

“Would you leave it on?”

I frowned. He didn’t want to see me naked. His hands went to the top and he tugged the velvet down. My breasts popped free and when I glanced at the large mirrors it looked ultra-sexy. Like a corset.

“Oh,” I said as his hands began playing with my breasts.

“See? You’re fucking sexy Sophia.”

In a flash of passion, he pulled me to him and lifted me. I felt him ease in as I wrapped my legs around him. With his hands on my ass, I rode him hard and fast. He leaned me up against the mirror and began thrusting deep and swift. In a riot of hands, lips, and grunts, I shivered with the ecstasy of release as he thrust twice more and came.

I wasn’t embarrassed. I got down and silently went to change into my own clothes. When I came out, I followed Ryker to the cash register and bought the costume and all the accessories he picked out.

As I went to the door and he held it for me I asked, “Did you do that just to get the sale?”

He shook his head, “no, I had to have you. I’ve never felt that strongly before.”

“Me neither, I don’t normally do that.” I said shyly looking at the floor.

“I could tell.”

He handed me the bag and I left. No phone number or anything exchanged. I could have, should have, but I was too shy. I got home and found a small note tucked into the delicate wings…

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment

“I found this lovely writing prompt.
I just had to participate.” -Cimm
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Something Worth Watching (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) NSFW

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R 18+ only.
See other short stories here: Quick and Dirty Short Stories


Something Worth Watching

I looked out the window to the steadily falling rain. My eyes returned to my computer screen and the extra boring report I was editing. My home office was set in my living room off to the side. A simple desk, enough for my laptop, some stationary and pens.

I thought about getting out a sex toy to play with but that thought made me shift and become too aroused to bother, my fingers would do. I pulled up my dress hem as my roommate and her brother came thundering down the stairs. Shit I forgot they were here.

He was visiting her now since he had to go to China for work and would be there over the holidays. I’ll admit he’s great fodder for masturbation. I eyed him carefully, drinking in the curves of his muscular arms and chest, the cleft in his chin and gleam of his ocean blue eyes.

“Hey Li.” My roommate Wendy grinned. “I’ll be back in a bit.”

“Where are you off to?” I asked casually as if my dress wasn’t hicked up t oan indecent hiked up. She couldn’t see it anyway.

“Emergency at the store. I have to go sort it out, but I’ll be back.”

I nodded as Kyle sat on the couch and picked up the remote. He was a very sexy man indeed. I could never have sex with him. Wendy was too close a friend to do that and Kyle and I are not compatible personality wise, I know this because I’ve known him for years. It’s not worth it. He would never want to upset Wendy since they were twins and her friends were strictly off-limits. It made things too complicated.

The door closed and Kyle glanced over. He would have a perfect unobstructed view of my exposed crotch. If I parted my legs. I did and exposed my very see through panties. I wore them because they make me feel sexy and I planned to masturbate at some point today.

His eyes flicked back to the TV and a crooked smile played on his lips as he lounged back. I spread wider and my nipples puckered when he licked his lips and I knew he was watching me indirectly. I wasn’t wearing a bra with this dress so I leaned forward and thumbed my nipples covertly and spread as wide as I could.

“This is a good show.” He said gesturing at the HBO show he stopped on but looking directly at my exposed crotch beneath the desk.

“Totally worth watching.” I agreed.

His hand reached to adjust himself as I pinched my nipples. “It’s getting hard… to find something worth watching these days.”

I slowly dropped my hand and ran it over my damp panties. I’ve never seen someone tent jogging pants that fast in my life.

“Very hard.” I said and slipped my hand behind the lace and sheer material. “I haven’t seen anything entertaining in a while.” I stoked my fingers through my wet folds.

“Let me see if I can find you something to watch.” He said as he pushed the hem of his pants down to his balls revealing his erect flesh making me throb with need.

I pushed my hips forward and penetrated my deep well with two fingers and he ran his hand over his cock. I was hot and I rubbed my g-spot as hard and fast as Kyle began stroking.

We both moaned and grunted watching the other get off. He pulled up his shirt and removed it with one hand. I pressed my thumb to my clit as I fingered faster.

When he came on his chest I came on my fingers. We both stayed as we were for at least thirty seconds before he got up and went upstairs and I ducked into the kitchen to wash my hand.

I sat back at my desk as Kyle flopped on the couch picking up the remote. I was finally able to concentrate on work and he looked more relaxed. A few minutes later the door opened and Wendy came in with rain dripping from her jacket.

“It’s like I never left.” She chuckled. “What did you do the entire half hour I was gone little brother?

“I found something worth watching.” Kyle winked at me.

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“I found this lovely writing prompt.
I just had to participate.” -Cimm
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Nestor (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) NSFW

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.
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One by one my friends abandoned me. Leaving me on the dance floor to flirt and sexy dance with strangers. One by one they disappeared for quickie anonymous sex or to leave with a stranger for some hot sticky bedroom sex.

One by one I was eventually the last woman standing. I wanted to have sex with someone tonight, maybe I was coming across as desperate or it just wasnt my night. The fun of it waned quickly as i had nobody left to giggle with or duck off to the bar with.

It was late anyway. Last call was announced half an hour ago and if I wanted to beat the taxi rush I needed to go now.

I didn’t beat the rush. I had to wait another hour before I got one to take me home. I paid the driver and started up the walk to the house I was renting along with three of the girls who ditched me. I couldn’t see any candles or any sign they’d come back here.

The glow of a cellphone caught my eye and I turned my head to the neighboring house. An older couple owned the home and their kids were all grown up and long gone.

I looked closer and in the faint glow of the phone I recognized the man from christmas. I remember he was super shy and sweet. Well mannered and covertly stole glances. He had an odd name, one I recalled from a cheesy Christmas Special.

“Nestor?” I said not quite sure it was him.

He looked up and his mouth fell open. I was in a tight micro dress with my breasts nearly hanging out.

“Um, yes…”

“April. I live next door.” I wanted to flirt with him for no reason other than I was horny.

“Ah the renters. My folks say you’re a good lot. not rowdy and you keep the place up.”

I got closer and recalled his awkward charm and handsome face. Good looking but not sexy hot. This was a keeper type not a one night stand type.

“Are you visiting?” I said and crossed my arms to push my breasts out a bit more. I wanted to see if he’d bulge his pants.

“They’ve gone out-of-town for the week, I’m just here to check up on things.”

“You’re sweet to do so Nestor.”

I moved closer drawn to his bashful appeal. He was at least ten years older in his mid thirties. Suddenly I wanted to have sex with him. Badly. He sat there shy and unwilling to make a move.

“Could you do me a favor?” I asked.

“Sure.” He said and rubbed his palms on his jeans.

I propped my foot on his knee, “the buckle on my shoe is too tight. Could you loosen it one notch for me?”

I caught his eyes peering beneath the micro skirt to my wet thong beneath. With shaking fingers and a victorious prominent bulge, he loosened my buckle one notch.

“There you go.” He said.

I didn’t pull my leg way and his hand moved up my ankle to my calf.

“Nestor would you mind removing my thong for me? It’s terribly uncomfortable now.” I set my foot down.


He didn’t object and moved his hands up my thighs. He hooked his fingers over the thin fabric and pulled them down. I stepped out of them.

“I’m so tired from dancing. Perhaps I could sit with you a moment?” I asked and straddled him.

“Oh, um April…” Nestor began.

“You’re not married are you?” I didn’t see a ring.

“No, no nothing like that at all. Very ah… single.”

“Oh good.” I pouted. “Maybe you could make my seat more comfortable. It’s a bit hard.”

I moved back and he undid his jeans. I reached and pulled him free. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of man in my hands.

“Well with this in the way no wonder I couldn’t get comfortable.”

I reached into the top of my dress and found the condom I’d tucked under the left breast and opened it. I covered him and smiled. “There that’s better.”

“Here hold onto these while I get settled.” I pulled the top of my dress down to expose my pert tits and his hands went to them immediately.

Nestor eagerly fondled and even started sucking on a breast as I lowered over him. He was a good fill and I was glad I decided to seduce him. I began riding him slowly at first and sped up quickly as I rubbed him inside me.

“Oh Nestor you feel amazing.”

“I cant believe this is happening.”

I don’t know why but his shyness was a huge turn on. He started gasping and grunting and I watched his face as he came. I was close enough and kept going until my climax cascaded through me as I ground into him.

I climbed off, covered by breasts and picked up my thong. I dropped the damp fabric into his hands. I picked up his phone and put my number in it.

“Soooo… While you’re here,” I said handing it back. “The next time you get hard text me.”


“Would you rather come into your hand or into my pussy?”

“Should I text you now or wait until you at least get inside your house?”

I grinned. “Let’s go play in the shower then.”

I’ve never seen a man move as fast as Nestor did.

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment

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Not What I Expected (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) NSFW

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R 18+ only.
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Not What I Expected

Mel and I had talked about it a hundred times. I even shyly agreed. I never thought he’d actually do it. I never once imagined he’d bring home another woman. I’ve never kissed a woman, I’ve never touched another woman’s breasts and I’ve certainly never watched my husband have sex with another woman.

I’m not worried that he’ll leave me for her, he loves me too much and this was just some added fun. Only now that she was here I didn’t know what to do.

I watched him undress the woman slowly and saw her breathing hard through her slightly parted lips as she looked at him. She was perky and curvy and had a tiny trimmed patch of dark brown between her legs.

“Toula are you sure you want to do this?” my husband asked the beautiful woman.

“Yes Mel, I do. I trust you.”

I watched as he laid her back and tied her hands above her head with a thick blue rope. I watched as he tied each ankle with the thick blue rope and secured her to the bed, her legs spread open. She wriggled and her lovely rosy tits jiggled.

Mel walked toward me and handed me a magic wand and a generic pink vibrator.

“Please make her cum.” He whispered and began undressing me. “Pretend I’m not here. If she says window, stop.” He whispered softly in my ear.

That was not what I expected. Wasn’t I just to watch? I wanted to please Mel, he is a good man and an amazing husband and this was what he wanted. I know he will reward me for this and the idea of making her orgasm didn’t appall me. No actually it sparked a little excitement deep inside me at the idea. It wasn’t sexual to my surprise and yet it was there. Naked and nervous I climbed onto the bed as Mel began undressing himself.

I know what I like and I figure that should work for her. This woman was giving herself to us to play with. She gave us her trust and in return, she was promised pleasure, a pleasure that I had control over. That little spark of excitement flared up at that thought.

Using the magic wand, I ran it over her legs, up her soft stomach to her ribs and around her breasts. I took my time to tease and entice her body as I moved it up to her neck and back down. All over her body, I roved with the vibrating magic wand lingering over the erogenous zones as she groaned, moaned and bucked for more pleasure.

I smiled, I am arousing her, she is at my mercy. I can do this I can make her feel good.

I set the wand aside and picked up the vibrator. I bit my bottom lip and ran the tip of the sedentary vibrator to her cleft. She sucked her breath in and I gently moved it as I would want it done. Through the folds gently then down to the opening and back up to slicken the clitoris. She struggled but could not get away.

I liked how she was responding. I liked how she struggled and moved to beg me for more without words. Slowly, I ran the toy through her petals and then gently eased it into her.

“Yes, Mistress,” Toula mewled, lifted her head and for the first time, she met my blue eyes with her nearly black ones.

Mistress? Ooh I liked the sound of that, very much. I wanted her to feel good; I wanted to be the one to make her feel good. That was not what I expected to feel or want.

I began a steady thrusting rhythm and heard Mel stroking himself to my right. I paid him no attention as Toula and I stared at each other. Suddenly, as I knew she would, she threw her head back and I brought her to climax. Adrenaline coursed through me in a mad rush.

I didn’t let her settle; I kept fucking her with the toy, and turned on the vibration. Her eyes flew open and she struggled against the ropes with pleasurable whines. As I stroked her deep, I turned on the magic wand and set it to her perky hard nipple causing her to cry out and writhe beneath my complete control.

As her third orgasm crested, I became turned on. Not by her, because I made that happen.

Toula panted and collapsed with a grin on her face. I admired her body and the sheen of sweat that made her seem ethereal in her bliss.

“Please.” She begged me. “Please Mistress please.”

I pushed the vibrator back in, her words emboldening me and the begging making me wet myself.  This was not what I expected; I was getting off on getting her off.

I dragged the vibrator from her sopping pussy up to her clit and back. I repeated until she was slick and glistening from her own juices. This time I shifted the vibrator so it would be catching her g-spot and used the magic wand on her clit.

Toula’s guttural cries and struggles against the ropes stroked my ego and arousal into full bloom.

“Oh Mistress, oh yes, oh…”

I watched her grit her teeth, arch her back and pull so hard I thought she might either hurt herself or break the bed. With a deep loud cry, Toula came hard. I didn’t let up as her sounds of uncontrolled pleasure stroked my ears. Jerking and twitching Toula came two more times before I took the toys away. The woman was lucky to be so responsive and I was almost sad she had clearly reached her limit. She needed a break.

She laid there sweaty and breathing hard with a sated happy face as I watched her pulsing pussy drip. I did that. I made her feel good.

Toula smiled at me and I smiled back. When Mel’s hands touched me, I jumped. I had forgotten he was there. I’d like to say I felt guilty, but I didn’t. He leaned me over the woman easily, grabbed my hips and took my eager pussy with his iron cock. I leaned forward more with my hands on either side of Toula as my husband fucked me hard.

“Please Mistress, will you kiss me?” Toula whispered.

“Oh God please kiss her,” Mel begged.

With my own orgasm growing too much to bear, I lowered my body; our breasts touched and I let my lips touch hers. She moaned as our mouths moved softly and Mel’s thrusting made our bodies jar together.

Toula was soft and warm and it was pleasant. I let my body collapse on hers as Mel brought me to orgasm. We moved off the sexy woman and I watched Mel untie her.

I wanted her to stay; I wanted to make her feel good again. I didn’t mind kissing her, it was okay, but I loved making her cum. I hungered for the control of her pleasure. My eyes flicked to Mel and the corner of my lips curled up. I hungered to tie him up and make him beg me to push his boundaries. Maybe I could make Toula help.

The desire to take control made me feel a yearning I haven’t felt in a long time. I found pleasure in this and it was more than just sexual. It was joy, it was happiness and it was fun.

“Tie him up Toula,” I said.

“Yes, mistress,” She smiled and lowered her chin demurely.

Mel froze with the blue ropes in his hand and a curious tilt to his head.

“Lay down Mel,” I said.

“Yes, mistress,” He complied immediately with excitement and an evident arousal.

I grinned a wicked grin as Toula began securing my husband as he had done to her not too long ago. This was going to be fun. This was not what I expected.

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“I found this lovely writing prompt.
I just had to participate.” -Cimm
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Possession (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) NSFW

“There’s something maddening about the idea of absolute equality.
Sometimes it doesn’t fit, sometimes it’s out-of-place and gladly so.”
-Cimmerian Sentiment 

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R 18+ only.
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After two hours of preening and perfecting myself for the party, I wanted it all undone. For three hours, I stole glances, touches and whispered promises from him. His tuxedo turned into a candy wrapper in my mind’s eye, one that withheld the most delectable of treats and one that would be opened the moment it could be done.

A laugh at a mundane joke or story lit his face and stretched his smile warms my heart and soul. My eyes glide over his stubble covered jaw to his soft thick hair. His charm and humor hold his audience as he unwittingly steals the show.

His strong hands undo the silk bow of his tie, tugging the ends to dangle and I know he’s done with this party. His dark blue eyes settle on mine and the tick of a smile tugs the corner of his soft full lips.

With a hand sliding around my back to rest on my hip he guides me from the crowded loud room without a word. I say and do nothing but let him lead me up to our hotel room.

“You,” He said with a tone that shivers my core every time, “are mine.”

“Am I?” I reply.

I lick my brightly red-stained lips, back away from him, and turn to face the large sliding glass doors. I smile at his reflection in the glass as he unwraps the tux from his body as I pretend to focus on the city far below.

He would not speak again to justify his claim with meaningless words that was not his way. The warm rough hand that tugged a silk tie moments ago slid around my neck to caress it gently as his other hand unzipped my dress. Usually, he closes the curtains this is new.

The hot stream of breath on the back of my neck raised goose pimples and tightened my nipples. I would not move to justify his claim, not yet, if at all.

The sparkling red fabric of my dress pooled at my matching patent leather three-inch heels. Bared to the world I stood naked save for my shoes and jewelry. His right hand tightens on my neck and pins me to the glass gently as his left-hand reaches around to finger my clit.

My red lips part with a gentle gasp of pleasure. A shudder flourishes between my legs as he rubs the tip of his cock along the crack of my ass.

“I own you.” He breathes the words into my ear and his warm breath plays across my skin a moment before his lips claim the earlobe.

“Do you?” I pant the words out knowing he wants me to make him prove it.

He gently sucks and nibbles until I gasp again and he presses me further against the cold glass. The pleasurable sensation of the glass on my tits turns me on more. I turn my head as my face is held to the glass.

His mouth moves from my ear to my neck, biting softly and nipping my skin as his left-hand forces my legs apart from behind. My panting breath fogs the glass as his fingers firmly rake my wet southern lips. He pulls on my hip forcing my ass away from the glass, and with a hard thrust, he claims my aching pussy.

“Say it.” He commands as he pulls out and pauses denying me what I both want and must have.

“I’m yours,” and I cry out with delight as he fills me again.

After several hard glorious thrusts, he pulls me from the glass and throws me to the bed. I bounce on my back as he climbs over me, pulls my high heels from my feet, tossing them to the floor. He pins my arms with his strong hands making my insides flutter and surge with pleasure. He hovers over me as the strength of his masculine being washes over my hormone-soaked body. He could hurt me easily, but he won’t.

I wiggle my hips and beg him to rejoin with my body, “please.”

Begging was the gasoline for his fire, but only if I meant it and I did. I was going insane with need and I began struggling to get it. The moment I struggled his mouth claimed mine, and he kissed me deeply drawing out my moans of pleasure and frustration. He let my hands go so I could bury them in his hair as my reward and he gripped my hips before plunging back in.

I climbed to my summit fast and breathless. His tongue filled my mouth as his cock filled my cunt, stroke after stroke until I could bear it no more. His mouth broke free from mine as his fingers dug in and he slammed harder and faster. He grunts with a primal force, as he slams as deep as he can go.

“Please claim me, please.” My pussy clamps down on his final strokes as my orgasm pulls out his climax.

“Arrrgh!” He cries out as his thick hot cum marks my body as his property.

As his sweaty body pins me deliciously to the bed he opens his eyes and smiles.

“I love you,” he says with a husky tone.

“Do you?” I tease and giggle just before he kisses me to prove his words.


Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment

Masturbation-Monday-badge-1“I found this lovely writing prompt.
I just had to participate.” -Cimm