Just Moved In (Oh Yes! Short Stories) NSFW #1

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Just Moved In

I was exhausted from a full day of moving and unpacking. Once everyone left, I found my bubble bath and soaked in the hottest water I could stand. There was so much to do tomorrow, and I needed some sleep. I haven’t even met any of my neighbours yet. I went to my new bedroom and was glad I had the forethought to unpack and set it up earlier. Most of it. I only dug out my necessities, put the bed together and put sheets on it. I dropped my towel and pumped a soft floral scented moisturizer into my hand as I always do after a near scalding bath. I put my foot up on the bed and covered the leg and then the other. I smoothed it over my backside and stomach. My arms shoulders and neck followed. I always saved my breasts for last. They got some extra attention because after the hot bath I was often left feeling a little randy.

I wasn’t necessarily the thinnest woman, but I’m fit and still firm. Gravity hasn’t gotten me yet. With no hurry, my warm slick hands pressed and rubbed the soft flesh in a synchronized dance. I reached over to get more moisturizer and dabbed the cold to my nipples. The shock of cold did precisely what I’d hoped, and they tingled as they tightened. I would linger here, on my nipples; I loved to make sure they stayed soft to touch even when pebbled with desire. The silky moisturizer magnified the sensation of my slippery fingers as they spiralled around the areola outward than in and back out. I smiled at the pull of need between my legs that tugged with each gentle pinch I applied to the puckered buds.

I looked around as I contemplated what box my pyjamas were in and realized that I hadn’t put up the curtains yet. My eyes widened. I must be tired because that is not a small thing to forget or not notice.  The apartment across from mine, not more than twenty feet away was another window. A man, an unfortunately good-looking man stood with his mouth open and watching me.

I squealed, grabbed my towel and shut off the small lamp. I peeked out the window to see the man smile and adjust his swollen bulge. Oh, I turned him on. That was exciting, and my lady-bits tingled to let me know they agreed.

“What if he’s married? Or a pervert?” He was watching I thought as my embarrassment rushed my body anew. “Can you really blame him?” I muttered as my cheeks burned.

Great now I’m talking to myself. I did put on a show. “I wonder how much he saw?” I peeked again, and he was still in his room and undressing. His blinds are wide open.

“Oh, my,” My breath came out in a hot soft rush.

Despite my embarrassment, I watched secretly as he undressed and exposed the evidence that he definitely saw enough of me to be utterly turned on. The side profile of a fully erect man is a hot button for me. His hard, proud flesh bobbed as he turned and walked toward his window. He couldn’t see me. I blinked as he smiled, winked and closed his blinds. Did he think I was watching? Did he want me to look too? Maybe he was playing fair or trying to ease my humiliation. I liked that idea.

Those thoughts replayed in my mind as I crawled into my bed naked. My hands roamed as I fell asleep wondering if my stimulating neighbour across the way was touching himself because of me.

I woke aroused, and for some reason, I couldn’t relieve the tension no matter what I tried. My mind was blocking my efforts. Frustrated I got up and dressed. I had a lot of work to do anyway. I glanced at the window, “Including hanging up the curtains.” Part of me didn’t want to and that naughty imp within walked away from the curtains to find other things to do.

I moved here to get away from exes that all seemed to settle down and are unfathomably happy. It sounds terrible, but when you live in a small city, you’re bound to run into ex-boyfriends or men that you date for a bit that just don’t evolve to more than dates. I’m an incurable romantic, and they were not. Well not for me I suppose. They unquestionably found enough romance in them to find wives and fiancées. Didn’t matter, new job, fantastic apartment… I glanced at the window. I also have a hot as hell neighbour across the way.

I rubbed my breasts, as they were aching and tingly. “It must be exhaustion.” The lie was easy to say and hear. The truth was I wasn’t tired I’m just horny. My mind kept wandering to my bedroom and the innocently mischievous events last night. Would he be there again? Did I want him to be? The idea was insane and yet… I need a distraction.

I did my dishes, phoned my parents and friends assuring them I was fine and enjoying the time sorting out my belongings. I glanced at the TV. My cable wasn’t hooked up yet nor my internet. The dammed person was supposed to come today but didn’t. I had DVD’s, but that wasn’t what I wanted to do.

My feet took me down the hall on their own volition. I stepped into my bedroom. The curtains sitting folded ready to be put up. There was no logical reason not to.

“I’m such a perve,” I went over to the window, moved off to the side and let my eyes cross the gap. He was there sitting at a desk on a computer. He glanced over and then back at his screen.

“Huh,” I waited and thumbed my nipple over my shirt. “I really am a perve.”

I quieted my hands, and he glanced over again then back at his computer. He was my age, and I wondered if he was married or taken or…

“ugh.” I grabbed the curtains and the step stool and climbed up to attach them to the frame. I had them half up and glanced across the way. He was leaning his elbows on his window ledge his chin resting in his hands. No ring, I could see that much. He smiled gave a small wave. I realized I was stretched to my max and he had a great view of my abdomen, and I glanced down, and the top of my black panties. My pants had shifted down my hips as I reached up. I stepped back alarmed that I’d done it again.

I saw him laugh at my shocked face. He stepped up and stretched. His pants were pushed out, and he was fabulously hard against them.

The tingle between my legs spread like wildfire. I giggled at his antics copying me and showing me that I was teasing him. I looked to see if any other apartments had this view. The one below him and above could if they looked. They were dark, and the blinds were drawn.

He pulled off his shirt and waited. He was an excellent looking man. And judging by the fragrant wet in my pants my body agreed. This was so weird. He made a begging gesture and grinned.

“Damn you’re hot,” I muttered. “I must be insane.” I pulled my shirt off, and he gave me a thumbs up. “What are you sixteen?” He didn’t look sixteen, he had to be mid-thirties at least. Is he this lonely? Who was I to judge that? I’m lonely in this vast, strange city. This was better than porn, which I didn’t have access to anyway.

“I wonder.” I slipped my bra off, and he froze. “Yup, better than porn,” I breathed deeply as I throbbed and I wiggled and swayed my hips to the non-existent gentle music. His hand went below the windowsill, and I ran my hands over my breasts.

“Oh come on be fair.” I knew he couldn’t hear me nor really make out what I’m saying. But he backed up enough, and he was naked, just as he was the night before.

I Clenched up and panted. “Holy shit this is fun.”

I have never done anything so risqué in my life. He slipped his hand over himself, and I froze in place. I watched as he stroked and backed up so I could appreciate his show.

My hand slid between my legs, and I stroked as he did. He doubled over, and I rubbed faster bringing myself. I ran to turn off my light. He was gone. I’d finish the curtains tomorrow.

…I put the curtains up first thing in the morning. After a good night sleep, I was embarrassed with what I’d done. As the day went by and the cable person came and went my mind started wandering out the window again. It was so surreal. The kind of thing you see in movies or read in erotic books. Not something you actually do.

“And yet…” I shook my head.

My raging hormones reminded me that I had a more profound itch to scratch. There was no way I would or could do anything about it. By the time the sun fully set, I was a mess. I couldn’t sit, I couldn’t focus, and I paced my living room. That really didn’t help matters. I had to change my underwear twice after intense moments of remembering how hot it was to watch a stranger masturbate while fingering myself.

I sighed heavily and went to my bedroom. I’m a glutton for perverse punishment. Would he be there? I peeked and saw him look my way and pace his room. He was wearing only a towel, a tented towel and I was instantly wet from the sight. Make that three pairs of panties. He looked over again as he paced. His posture was how I felt, uncertain, embarrassed and unable to walk away.

The moan that escaped my lips startled myself. I was rubbing my breasts. “What?” I moved the curtain aside, and he stopped pacing and moved to the window. He looked unsure and ran his hands through his hair. Rubbing his face vigorously he turned and came back holding up a piece of paper. Apt. 362.

“Oh, my,” My brain and body were not on the same page. I clenched and ached as my mind screamed No. He’s a stranger! He took the sign down when I closed the curtain.  I paced my room and rubbed my hands on my hips. The need was too much, everything tingled, throbbed and ached. This was new. I’ve never been this horny before. I wanted to. I really, really wanted to go over.

I grabbed my phone and sent my best friend a text. I sent her his apartment number and street address with the message if I don’t text her back in three hours to call me or the police. Her response was a ‘LOL have fun.’ She wasn’t stupid and knew what I’d been up to.

I changed my damp panties and freshened up. I put on a simple dress that didn’t require a bra, slipped my shoes on and let my hormones take me next door. Each step was a battle between need and my conscience. I pressed his call button, and he buzzed me in. I suppose having a raging hard-on would hamper any gallant attempts to come meet me at the door.

“Am I really doing this?” I stepped off the elevator and walked down the hall letting that deep pressing need within pull me toward potential. I stopped in front of the door, and with a trembling hand, I reached out and knocked.

He opened the door and grinned. He was still wearing only a towel and happy to see me.

“Um, I’m Jess.”

“Hi, I’m George,” He held out his hand and the instant I touched his skin, my body lit up like the fourth of July. Okay, I was going to do this. He pulled me in and slipped his hand behind my head. His kiss was much better than the tremor causing handshake. Make that four pairs of panties, only I didn’t pack a spare to change into.

“I’m not married, I’m not a creep, I have never ever done this before and damn woman you are hot as fuck. I had to take a chance.”

I blinked at his statement. He turned and pulled me deeper into his apartment. He handed me a glass of white wine.

“Thank you.” I didn’t mean to down it in one long gulp. “Well since I’m here I guess I can’t say I’m not a slut, but ditto on the hot as fuck part for you that is.” I eyed his trim form. Not bulky or overly muscular, just fit, really perfectly fit, lick-ably fit.

“There is nothing about you that advertises slutty, which makes this all the more exciting.” He took my empty glass and pressed me against the wall his erection pressing into my thigh. “Have you ever fucked a stranger before?”

I shook my head no as his hands pulled my dress over my head. He eyed my breasts and gently eased his hands over them.

“Me neither.” His mouth went to my earlobe, and he sucked.


“I have condoms, and I won’t hurt you, quite the opposite actually.” His mouth trailed down my neck.

“I want to, I’m just nervous.”

The wine mixed nicely with my raging hormones. I was in for the lot and if he got to touch, so did I. My hands skirted over his skin down his chest and bumped into the towel. As his mouth found mine, I pulled the bath towel free. My hands had a goal, and they found what they wanted. Hot, smooth and hard like flesh-covered metal. He moaned into my mouth as I memorized each vein, ridge and curve of his dribbling cock. It was a strange thought to think of my fingers as happy, but that is what it was like. They were happy to touch him, feel him and give him pleasure. His hands slipped down over my hips and pushed my panties down. He stopped to look at me and saw how wet they were.

“I suppose I really want you.”

“That is the sexiest compliment I’ve ever had.”

“What can I say?” I shrugged and stepped out of them as my thumb rubbed his glistening tip.

My tongue felt caged and as if it needed to dart out to lick and taste what my hands were greedily possessing. There was no point being coy now. George lifted me, and I wrapped my legs around his waist. Instead of a cock, my tongue got to play with his as we began kissing. A tenderness lay beneath the hunger our mouths tried to sate. His erection pressed sensually against my ass as he walked the short distance to his bedroom. The entire time we kissed wildly as I’ve never done. Part of me has always held back for fear of embarrassment. That should be the case now, only it wasn’t. He set me down and went to his bedside table. In what had to be record time he had the condom on and was pressing into me. I eagerly lifted my hips to take him in.

“Oh Yes!” I said sounding like a sex kitten, and that turned me on.

I whimpered as he stretched me. Porn has nothing on this, I thought as I felt the soft tip I’d caressed moments ago bump gently at the back of my burrow. I loved that feeling and knowing he was entirely in and just touching my deepest parts meant we fit. George went back to my mouth as he pulled out and thrust back in. I vibrated with pleasure.

Our bodies radiated heat, and our skin began to glean with perspiration. Neither of us seemed willing to give up kissing which meant our breath came in sexy snorts that to me, sounded lusty. I wanted to ride him, but my body wanted to stay put. On the instroke, as he filled me with his cock I moaned involuntarily. On the outstroke, I clawed at his back and pushed with my feet to make sure he’d come back in. That moment arrived when breathing became more important than feeling his lips and tongue on my own. When we were huffing and panting too rapid for our noses to compensate.

“You,” George said as he filled me again, “are,” he pulled out, “beautiful.”

Words? He amazed me that he not only had access to them but also could use them. I whimpered, moaned and arched my hips to meet his powerful thrusts.

Each stroke built the pressure up until I couldn’t stand it. I grit my teeth as I peaked. I cried out as my waves of pleasure rushed my body.

“Holy shit,” I gasped as he collapsed on me. Yay, words! Not the most lady-like ones, but take them or leave them, it’s how I felt.

“Right?” He rolled off and disappeared into the bathroom.

I sat up unsure what to do now. My clothes were… In the hall, I think. Perhaps the kitchen floor. By the door? I wasn’t sure. The recollection of them coming off and I wasn’t aware of where I stood made my cheeks flush. George came back grinning. He really was good looking, but still a stranger despite what we just did.

“So here’s my offer.” He began as he leered at my naked flushed body. “Stay, have some more wine, tell me a bit about yourself and I’ll do the same. I’ll play with your hot sexy body and make you come. Once I’m good to go, we’ll fuck again.”

“That’s a very tempting offer.” I was already going to say yes.

“Do you have any STD’s?” George said as he ran his hands up my legs.

I shook my head. “No. You?”

“Nope. Aside from you Jess, I’m really a very good boy.”

“I can’t believe how much you turn me on. I don’t even know you.”

“My offer still stands.” He leaned close to me, nose to nose. “I’m really good at cunnilingus.”

If I were wearing panties, it would be pair number five.

“Really, very good at it,” His words were hot enough to make me gasp. “Better yet, how about I make you come now, then we have some wine and talk, I make you come again, and then we fuck?”

I smiled. “If you insist, but I’ve never had an orgasm by oral before.”

“That,” he ran his hands over my thighs spreading them, “is about to change.”

As George lowered his face between my legs, I gulped. Without hesitation, he expertly licked and sucked. That was how I met my first neighbour, enjoyed my first oral orgasm from the man who became my first and only husband.

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Sunday Stretching (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) NSFW #66


Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R. 18+ Only.
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Sunday Stretching

Sunday mornings are my favourite. I sleep in, do some yoga and use my vibrator before going out to meet friends for lunch and shopping. We don’t always shop, but we usually go for lunch.

I take Yoga classes twice a week downtown and love it. However, on Sunday’s, I do my Yoga at home. I put on a thin shirt and just my grey yoga pants. I began warming up and watched a Yoga themed porn on my tablet as I moved through some poses. When my hands were free, I’d massage my tits or tweak my nipples. I looked down and smiled at the dime-sized dark spot between my legs and shivered.

I got into downward dog and watched the tablet on the floor as the class became an all out orgy. I turned it off. I was sufficiently horny from the show, now to play. I held my poses and included some sexy ones that I found online guaranteed to make me wetter, and they do.

I moved to the wide legged forward bend with my ass to my full-length mirror and admired my growing dark spot. The sight of it aroused me, I tightened, and it grew a quarter-inch in diameter.

I moved to prepare for the one-legged inverted staff and shivered as my body surged with hormones. My apartment door opened and I nearly fell over as I balanced with one leg in the air.

It was the new superintendent. He was attractive but not in a jaw-dropping way. Sexy physique and a kind smile. A bit old for me. That’s too bad since he’s single.

“I didn’t think you were home.” He stammered as the door closed behind him.

“Why exactly are you here?” I said moving from the pose to sit cross-legged giving him a beautiful view of my very dark apple sized wet spot.

His eyes were glued to my pants. “You left a message that your bathroom tap drips. I sent you a notice.”

“Ah yes.” I forgot about it. Even though I had it up on my fridge. “Don’t mind me.”

I leaned back pushing my breasts out and made the dark spot shiny in the centre. I loved feeling and seeing my pants soak. Showing someone else was a huge turn on.

He cleared his throat and went down the hall. I kept working my body and was so horny I almost couldn’t wait for him to leave. I was sitting still and admiring my sexy spot in the mirror when he came back out.

“All finished.”

“That was fast.”

His eyes lingered on my breasts before dropping to my pants again. He looked uncomfortably hard, and I got a naughty idea.

“Could you do me a favour?”

“Yes.” He breathed the word as if he were about to orgasm.

“The medicine cabinet creaks loudly when you open it.” I smiled and slipped my hand into my dark wet spot. 

He swallowed hard as I fingered the darkness.

“I’ll take a look.”

He went back down the hall, I took my t-shirt off as I heard him set his tool bag down. The cabinet didn’t creak at all. I laid back and pulled my legs up tucking them behind my arms. Being flexible had its benefits.

He came back down the hall and dropped his tool bag with a rattle and crash. I ran my hands over my large spot and smiled as he opened the condom he found in my cabinet. I have a large box of them there since I never rely on the man to bring one or three. He kicked off his shoes and took off his socks.

“You’re so wet.” He said.

“And horny,” I said as he pulled his pants down to wrap his fantastically hard member.

He moved toward me removing his shirt I admired his toned body. He shifted and rested his hard cock on the wet spot and reached up to fondle my breasts.

“Will you take them off?” He rubbed over the pants.

“No.” I panted a moment enjoying the feel of him touching me. “If you want my pussy take it.”

He growled, his eyes danced over my body, and he went to his knees. I stayed in my position as he grabbed at the fabric. He was going to do it, he was going to… With one hard pull, the seam gave way, and the material ripped open with a sexy tearing sound.

“Oh fuck yes!” I yelled and orgasmed from a fantasy come true. It was small and not enough.

He rubbed his hand over my shaven lips before he pressed his raging hard-on in. I cried out from the pleasure, and he began a steady thrust. He moved over me and started kissing me with a lusty passion. I squealed into his mouth as he dove deep and held against me hard.

He pulled out, and I thought he’d come, but he hadn’t.

He slapped my ass. “Flip over.”

I got to my knees, pushed my ass up in the air and he wasted no time invading me.  He gripped my round-apple ass firmly with his hands. It was hot and hard, and I cried out like a porn star as I came hard and wet around him. With a few final thrusts, he jerked hard against me.

While I panted, he disappeared down the hall. When he returned he dressed while looking at me laying languidly in my afterglow.

“If you need anything else fixed let me know.”

I sat up and smiled slyly as he left my apartment.  I called the number to leave a message on his voicemail later saying I needed my bathroom sink repaired and Thursday evening would be good.

I had the repair notice under my door an hour later. He would be by Tuesday night. Even better.

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Grace Part 2 – What Are The Odds? (Sexy Saturday Serial) NSFW

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.
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Grace Part 2 – What Are The Odds?

I kept my secret encounter with the stranger in the expensive suit to myself. I should be ashamed given my shyness with sex, but I wasn’t. In fact, every time I thought about what I did two days ago, I craved another go.

“You okay Grace?” Tammy asked as she sipped her coffee. “You look flushed.”

Tammy had missed girl’s night, but planned to go this Friday for sure. That thought made me think about the book. She knew all about it and had filled her ‘wish’ out on Sunday so she wasn’t left out9.

“Yeah, too much caffeine I guess.” I stood. “I’ll be back.”

I went toward the restrooms to splash cold water on my face. A man came rushing by with a tray of coffee and knocked me back. I stumbled back, went through a partially open door, dropped my phone and nearly fell on my ass.

“Woah.” A deep voice said as I was caught in strong arms.

I looked up at the face of my savior and squeaked out, “Thanks.” As he stood me upright the thrill of his hands on my arms set my panties on fire.

His amber eyes held me captive as a smile spread across his sexy face. With a slight tilt to his light blonde head, he peered down my tight shirt and I wanted him to. Hell in that moment I wanted him to touch me again. What has come over me? I thought of the book and wondered. I glanced around the small office to see if we were alone. I bent at the waist to pick up my phone and his hands went to my hips.

Interesting. I waited as the pulse between my legs forced me to widen my stance just a little.

“Yes?” He said and slid a hand up my inner thigh.

What are the odds? I sucked my breath in and uttered a reply, the only one my body wanted.


“Can you touch your ankles?” he asked.

I could do better. I widened my stance and placed my hands flat on the floor. Yay for yoga and Pilates.

“Very nice, stay just like that.”

I looked back as he pulled his firm rod through the open fly of his pants and quickly rolled a condom on. My skirt was lifted and my panties shifted to the side. He spread me and invaded me slowly. The thick feel of him filling me wasn’t enough. I needed him to thrust and I wanted to push back.

With hands on my ass, he caressed my cheeks as he slammed into me at a steady pace. I could hear voices outside the office and so I muffled my cries as he pounded pleasure into me. I felt the tightening that I craved and clenched hard as the orgasm took hold and filled me fast. I don’t even know when he finished but when I felt him pull out, the glow of pleasure was settling through me. I don’t know why but I sensed the need to stay quiet. It’s not what I would normally do. I tend to ramble after sex. Hell, I ramble before it too. I was behaving completely opposite of how I would normally behave.

It was exciting and unusual. I didn’t know if ‘the tell no one’ meant my friends too so I didn’t. I wanted to see what happened next. Would there be a number three? Without a word, he left the office and after I straightened up I left too. I returned to Tammy and sat.

“Better?” She asked.

“Infinitely,” I smiled into my mug as I glanced around.

Amber eyes was nowhere to be seen.

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment

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Grace nc2


Ditched (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) NSFW #65


Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.  18+ only.
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I was on the couch in a strangers house when I got the text. ‘I left, Sry‘ was what it said. Great. My friend brought me to this party and ditched me. I was about to get up and leave myself when a startlingly handsome dark-haired nearly black-eyed man sat beside me. Close enough our legs touched. He didn’t have to sit that close there was room.

“Are you staying?” He asked with a sexy smile.

“I suppose so,” I answered.

“Good.” He said, and his hand rested on my thigh. “I’m Dale.”

I was wearing a short skirt, and his hand was on a bare leg, his thumb moved across the skin sending shivers right to my lady bits.


Just then another attractive man with pale blonde hair and vibrant blue eyes sat to my left.

“I’m Ted,” he said with a smile. He sat just as close as Dale did.

“Lydia,” I said as Ted’s hand met my thigh. I looked around nervously.

The tone of the party had changed as if a switch went off. Lights dimmed, and people began kissing and or touching in pairs and small groups. Dales hand crept up my thigh and under my skirt. I was turned on by the sex-charged atmosphere.


“You can say no,” Dale said as he breathed into my neck. “But you’re so beautiful I’d love to make you feel good. Please let us.”

No? Did I want to say no? Us? A hand on each leg pulled them apart to give Dale’s hand access to my panties. Ted put a hand on my cheek and turned my face to him. He began kissing me as Dale’s fingers teased me through the fabric. I could say no, or I could let them. It was a thrill to have two men touching me. I felt no danger, and they asked permission in a way. There was a hand slipping under my shirt I was shifted forward, and Tim broke the kiss long enough to remove my shirt. When he returned, I opened my mouth to his and let his tongue in. Damn, he was a good kisser, and it was arousing me fast.

Dale’s mouth found a bared nipple, and he began sucking and licking as his fingers rubbed me harder through my now wet panties. Tim stroked my leg up to my breasts and back down. I was moved so I was off the couch and the remainder of my clothes came off. Then I was back to sitting on the couch. Tim kissed me, and Dales’ fingers slipped up and into my hot wet depths.

“Mmm.” I sounded my small protest sponsored by my dignity. Shut up dignity this feels amazing.

My body was on my side and wanted this offered pleasure. My legs parted for Dale, and I reached for their crotches. Both were hard behind their pants. If anyone told me I’d be doing this, I’d laugh. I’ve only had sex with single partners, and I knew them a while before even kissing them. Dale pulled his mouth from my breast and my face from Tim to kiss me. Tim went to a breast as Dale fingered me. There seemed to be hands and mouths everywhere. The pleasure was overwhelming, and I shuddered my beautiful release.

Dale stopped kissing me to suck his fingers as Ted moved to kneel and put his mouth on my southern lips. Just like that, Ted was licking and sucking me. Dale removed his clothes, and I was impressed, finely toned but not too much. I reached out to him and gripped his cock in my hands, warm thick and tasty looking. 

Ted knew what he was doing, and as the pleasure built, I writhed beneath him. Apparently having two men was a ginormous turn on for me. Who knew? I gently stroked Dale as Ted licked me to another lovely climax. Panting I moved when Ted let me go and took Dale into my mouth. I reached for Ted to find his bare cock thicker than Dales but shorter and curved slightly.

With a cock in each hand, I alternated sucking and licking them. I’d secretly fantasized shyly about this. Not that I ever figured it would come true. I’ve seen this in porn movies but dismissed my interest as a curiosity of something unobtainable.

“Oh yeah,” Dale said as I popped him from my mouth to suck Ted.

“Fucking amazing isn’t she?” Ted said. “I knew she would be.”

I opened my eyes to see Dale roll a condom on. Ted moved to sit on the couch and kept me, so my mouth was still taking him in. I bobbed and sucked as Dale stood behind me, I arched my back to present myself, because why wouldn’t I, and he eased in.

I was hot, and I squealed with the pleasure. Ted moved my face from his cock to his mouth and kissed me as Dale pounded me hard from behind. To my utter surprise and complete disbelief, I had another orgasm pending. Ted pinched my tits hard as Dale thrust me over the peak for a third orgasm. I was slick and hot and became slicker as Dale pulled out. Ted rolled a condom on, and Ted moved me to sit on Ted’s lap with my back to Ted. Shouldn’t I be falling down exhausted or overwhelmed? I usually am if I ever make it to two orgasms. Instead, I wanted more, perhaps because I knew more was a possibility. I put my feet up on the couch and lowered over Ted’s thick curved cock.

“Oh my God,” I said as I slipped him in. “You feel so different.”

Ted pinched and rolled my nipples hard as I rode. Dale kissed me and teased my tongue with his.

“She’s hot and clenching tight,” Ted said. “Too tight.”

Dale stopped kissing me and grinned. I was beyond reason, I was so horny, and every plunge of Ted’s cock made it worse. I was going to have another orgasm, but this one was different. It was desperate, urgent and hot. It was as if my insides were burning, this was new.

“Fuck,” Dale said and dropped to his knees. Ted held my gyrating hips from lifting too far, and he began thrusting up into me fast.

“Oh shit,” I said and threw my head back. It was too much, too intense.

Dale began to lick and suck my clit as Ted thrust up and out, repeating fast and hard. I panted and cried out with each stroke of his thick member. My body became hotter if that was possible and I tensed so hard I couldn’t breathe and gritted my teeth.

“That’s it baby soak my cock,” Ted said as Dale sucked and flicked the pointed tip of his tongue over my clit. 

The deep pressure of blinding need hit its limit. I cried out loudly as my body burst with ecstasy, wave after body jerking wave I came and soaked Ted’s cock and Dales’ face.

I have no idea how long my body took to come down from the most intense orgasm of my life, but when I did Dale was grinning at me.

“Lydia, that was fucking awesome.”

“I feel amazing, exhausted but amazing,” I said.

“Tell you what,” Ted said from behind me. “Let us take you home, you can have a rest, and when you wake up, we do that all over again.”

“We?” I said looking around and seeing other couples and groups in various sex acts. Holy shit I was at a sex party? How did I forget I was at a party full of people I don’t know and how did I not notice them after Dale and Ted began touching me? 

“Ted and I are a couple, we live together. However, we like a woman in the mix. It’s hard to find someone that will play with us together and can come like you do.”

“It was fun…” I said still unsure.

Dale kissed my neck and Ted played with my breasts. This was why I didn’t notice the party. 

“You’re beautiful Lydia, this could be an amazing thing for all of us if you give us a chance.”

There must be chemistry involved because I was getting horny again. Again I felt no fear whatsoever. I had an overwhelming urge to trust these two men. For the first time in my life, I decided to take a leap of faith toward something purely for myself.

“Okay. Yes.”

My agreement was their cue to dress and then dress me. It was funny I didn’t have to do much. I didn’t even get to walk to the car. I was tired, and it was a huge turn on to be carried as if I weighed nothing.


Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment

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QDSS Chapter

Grace Part 1 – It’s Just Fun (Sexy Saturday Serial) NSFW

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.
Read From The Start Here: Grace Chapter Page  .


Grace Part 1 – It’s Just Fun 

I sipped my fifth glass of wine, two past my usual limit. Girl talk has gotten a bit brazen and lewd. The giggles and laughter were dizzying.

“Okay, Grace your turn.” Melissa handed me the strange book. “In order write your lucky number, position, and M or F.”

“Why are we doing this?” I asked taking the book and pen.

“The woman at the shop said it would lead us to true happiness and love. It’s just fun.” Carol said as she snickered.

I was the last to participate. I looked at the options listed at the top of the page we were writing on. It seemed sexual not romantic. I tugged at my long brown hair as I hesitated. The others had picked their number between one and five and all chose five. I wrote 3. They all had chosen back, knees and couch, I wrote bent over. Why not? It was just silly fun. I squinted my light brown eyes at the book and wrote the letter M. Leesha had written W and Melissa and I an M.

I don’t know if I’ve ever been close to real love. True happiness has always been just out of reach. Sure I’m happy but I’m incomplete. It’s horrible to think or feel that way but that’s just how it is for me.

Melissa took the book from me and closed it. “See you all next week. Tammy will fill hers in tomorrow.”

“You’re serious about this?” I slurred my words a little.

“Uh Yeah, Grace, why the hell not? It’s just good fun and a reason to get together once a week. Remember the rules.”

She was right it was fun to think a book will lead us to love. The rules were simple. Tell no one anything. Easy, it seemed too silly anyway. If we say no the magic ends until the next time we write our ‘wish’ down. The strangest one was to speak only if they start it.

When I woke the next day hungover, I laughed at myself for being so silly. By Monday I’d forgotten the book altogether. That afternoon I was dragged to a lunch meeting with the boss and some clients. I was good with the numbers and had wooed them easily. I needed to check in with George my co-worker; he was supposed to submit the numbers today and seemed frazzled.

“Excuse me,” I said as I got up to find a place to make a phone call.

The clients lacked humor and while easy to entertain, they were dreadfully boring. I kept imagining them with hard-ons and while that’s normally funny for me, I was feeling a bit too aroused. I’d never taint work like that but damn, I was randy today.

I smiled as I walked toward the restrooms. There was a man with light brown hair in an expensive suit watching me approach. His dark brown eyes locked on my Gray ones. Holy shit he was hot. My rational mind’s voice was yelling at me for thinking inappropriately while my lady bits began to flush with heat and wet. I dropped my eyes.

The man was obviously aroused. I looked back, we were alone and then the man opened a door to what looked like a private dining room.

I stepped inside, looked down at the empty table and he moved closer. Normally this is where I would freak out but I didn’t want to. All I wanted right now was for him to touch me.

His hands rested on my thighs, slid up taking my skirt with them. I began throbbing between my legs. He hadn’t said anything yet so I kept my mouth shut. I didn’t feel like I was in danger at all.

“Yes?” The man asked holding out a condom.

“Yes,” I replied.

What the hell? It was as if I’ve been possessed. Never in all my years have I submitted to stranger sex like this. Hell, I’m not even a one-night stand kind of woman. I leaned over and held onto the edge of the table. I needed him inside me and there was no backing out now. He pulled my silk panties to the side. The moment he grabbed my firm ass and his tip touched my opening I became desperate. I pushed back engulfing him fast.

He moved me forward so I was laying on the table, my head turned and he held me down. This should be freaky but it was a turn on. He was in charge and could hurt me and yet he was gentle. His thrusts came faster stirring my orgasm close.

“Yes!” I cried out as he grunted and held me down.

The slick sound of our sex and the slap of his body against mine caused a tightening deep inside me.

“Yes, oh yes, yes yes!” I closed my eyes and let the pleasure take over.

With every successional thrust, my orgasm surged until he pressed hard and jerked inside me. After a moment, he pulled out tucked himself away and left before I stood up. I felt amazing, light and good.

I was surprised that I didn’t feel shame or anything negative.


I made my way back to the table and the man was nowhere to be seen.

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment

Part 2 – What Are The Odds?  .
Grace nc2

The Toy (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) NSFW #64


Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.
See other short stories here: Quick and Dirty Short Stories

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The Toy

“Come on Sadie it will be fun.”

I licked my lips. I was going to but I didn’t want her to know I wanted to. “You first Tess.” I prompted my friend.

“Uh okay, you’re silly. I brought them over.” She rolled her eyes took the blue egg-shaped object slipped it between her legs behind her panties and popped it in. I didn’t see her do it but I knew she had as a sweet smile spread across her lips.

“It’s so big what if it gets stuck?”

“That’s what the handle is for Silly, and it will slip right out if you push.”


I looked at the pink egg-shaped wireless vibe in my hand. The smooth silicone had a two-inch silicone protrusion with a small ring on the end for gripping. I was wet from the idea. I went into the bathroom; I’m not as brazen as Tess. I pressed it against my opening and wiggled it in. It was wide and thick so took a bit of work. How Tess got it in so fast I had no idea. It slipped up in a pop and only the tiny ring showed. I wiggled my hips to feel it and put my panties back on. I went back out feeling the foreign thing in me. It felt good, full and it moved as I walked slipping around sensually inside.

“Good?” Tess asked.


“I knew you’d like it. Okay here you go.” She handed me the blue remote and dropped the pink one in her pocket. “No cheating, it stays in and don’t touch the remote until after we get there.”

“Fine.” I enjoyed the feeling a little too much.

My cheeks flushed as we got out of the taxi and walked to the party.

“I know you feel what I feel Sadie, hot right?”

“I’ll admit it feels really good.” It did and I was getting slippery from it.

The New Year’s Eve party was in full swing we were semi late because I hesitated so long about Tess’s game. By the time I found a drink, I was horny, too horny. Tess was chatting up a hot guy, she had no problem finding them. She told me to do her first. I reached into my pocket and hesitated. It was weird but part of me wanted to see what happened. I pressed the button and Tess stood up straighter, glanced over at me and then pulled guy to the dance area. She started grinding into him and it was obvious to me when she came. Nobody else knew. Or at least I assumed they didn’t.

I turned it off as she ditched the guy.


I looked toward the male voice.

“Hey yourself.” Toy or not the dark sexy man was making me wet.

“I’m Josh.”


“Sadie you don’t look like you want to dance, want to go outside?”

I did. I followed him out to the back yard, it was massive, the large pool dotted with swimmers, and couples making out. We settled on a slow pace toward the edge of the property. The toy swishing and stirring my arousal. Would she activate it? The anticipation added to my state.

“I want to kiss you.” Josh said. “I know we’re strangers but you’re painfully sexy.”

“Me?” This Josh was out of my league. Why not? My aching pussy said yes. “Sure if you want to.”

He grabbed me and pulled me to him his mouth fell to mine and I opened for him to invade me. The instant buzz deep inside made me gasp. Could he hear it? Probably not. I pressed closer, my breasts aching to be touched as his tongue dove into my mouth. I groaned as my arousal grew tenfold. His hand gripped my ass and I came hard.

“You’re fucking hot.”

The buzzing didn’t stop. “I’ve never…” What could I say? The intensity of the toy grew between my legs. “Oh you bitch.” I said under my breath with a sly smile. I reached in my pocket and turned hers on full.

“What?” He said unsure.

“Nothing.” I smiled as the need grew again. “Want to find a dark corner and make out?” Was I saying that? Did people still say that?

“Oh my god yes.” He pulled me toward the house.

Once inside we made our way upstairs. Off limits but whatever, nobody paid attention to those rules. I was panting from the climb and my aroused state. Josh the stranger I literally just met pulled me into a room after he checked to see if it was open and empty. It was and he locked the door behind us. I didn’t care where we were I just wanted his hands on my body. I pulled my shirt off and he mirrored me. My bra came next and his hands flew to my breasts as our mouths met.

“Are we?” he said as he lowered his mouth to an already hard nipple.


“Of course.”

“Then yes.” I panted as he found my mouth again. I ground into him as my second orgasm rocked my body. Once that settled I set to undoing his pants as he pushed mine down. What would he say when he found the toy? I wrapped my hands around his raging hard on and looked down at his dark flesh in my hands.

“Wow, nice setup.”

“You know what they say.” He winked and tweaked my nipples. “You have a hot hard little body. But soft in all the right places.”

The buzzing didn’t stop and I was soaked and horny again. This time I wanted more.

“Touch me.” I said unsure of where my newfound bravado came from.

He did then pushed my panties down and kissed me as he lowered me to the bed.  Who’s bed I had no idea and didn’t care. His hand slid between my legs and he stopped to tug on the handle.

“You on your period?”

“Uh no. That’s a toy.”

“A Toy?” he stopped and looked. “Shit. Wow. Why?” He pulled the toy gently making it move inside.

“My friend and I… Oh god that’s good. We thought we’d have some fun. Ugghh.”

“I’ve won the lottery.” Josh said and lowered his mouth to my clit. He sucked and move the toy, I bucked my hips from the onslaught and panted as another orgasm played out. I gasped as he kissed my mouth.

“I want to suck you.” I pushed up and got on my knees.

He was impressive and I was anxious to feel him inside me. I tugged the toy out and tossed it on the bed. I wanted a break. Its sound was soft. I lowered my mouth to him and inhaled his sent as I worked my way down. I gagged twice before I could take him into my throat. Licking, sucking and swallowing him. The sensation of him filling my mouth made me ache between my legs.

“Fuck woman you’re too much. Stop or I won’t be able to.”

I pulled my mouth off and he picked me up and shoved me on the bed. I watched him put the condom on in record time and climb on the bed.

“Roll over.” He smacked my ass and I got to my knees. “Spread for me.”

“No anal.”

“Nah I want your hot wet pussy don’t worry.”

I clenched and unclenched as I spread knowing he was inspecting my goods.

“Holy shit.” His finger dipped in. “Are you ready?”

“Do I look ready?”

He moaned and pressed the huge tip to me. It burned to be stretched that much. Wet and hot made it easier I’m sure. He took his time. Clearly, he was aware that he was abnormally large.

“Who’s won the lottery now? Fuck Josh you’re too big, go slower.”

He backed out and started in again this time slicker he eased in better. “When’s the last time you had a cock in you? You’re fucking tight.”

“Two months? I normally date first.” I relaxed my muscles to let him push in. He backed out and tried again.

“Me too hotcake me too. Almost in.”

“All of it?”

“Fuck I hope so Sadie.”

“Ooh say my name again.”

“Sadie. Hot, tight, soaking wet Sadie, take my cock in.”

“I’m…” The pressure of him filling me and his voice tipped me over and I came right then and there as he pushed to my ends. I felt him hit and he smacked my ass hard as I clenched him and got wetter. “Oh give me a second.”

“I’m in. Balls deep Sadie. You took it all, does it hurt?”

“No. Oh I need you to move please.” The desire was sudden and toe curling. He pulled out and I felt deserted then he pressed back in and the shot of pleasure was incredible. “Yes.”

He thrust again.

“Yes, yes oh yes.” I cried as he pulled out nearly completely each time and slammed back in.

“Strangle my cock Sadie.” He grabbed a fist full of my hair.


He pulled my hair again and slammed into me hard and fast.

“Fuck me Josh, break me.”

He let go of my hair and grabbed my hips pulling me back with each thrust. I closed my eyes and held my breath collapsing to my chest he pounded me hard and fast shaking my body to its core. I spied the vibe still buzzing by my face and grabbed it. I reached awkwardly back and found my clit and pressed the toy to the sensitive nub.

“Oh fuck, oh Josh.” I grit my teeth and when the pressure became too much I cried out and convulsed around him as he held hard and deep inside me and I gripped him with my orgasm.

He pulled out and collapsed beside me breathing hard and fast.

I laid there on my stomach in the aftermath of the best orgasm I’ve ever had in my life. Twitching and grinning I turned to look at the man I just had sex with. Still hot and glistening with sweat.

“Sadie?” He said between breaths.


“Wanna ditch this party and come back to my place for the countdown?”


“I’ll be good to go in an hour.”

“I don’t know you.”

“I don’t know you neither, I want to stuff you full again and make you scream my name.”

“Oh um.” I sat up aroused that he wanted me again.

“Go find your friend swap remotes and if you want a weekend of unbelievable sex I’ll be waiting on the porch.” He took the toy and slipped it back inside me.

I watched him as we dressed quickly. A whole weekend? That sounded like fun. He kissed me hard and left the room. I found Tess and told her what I was doing and said I’d text her the address once I got there. She dittoed me and slipped away with her new playboy. I’ve never seen a grin so broad as Josh’s when I stepped out of that door onto the porch. 

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment

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QDSS Chapter

Lucy’s Father – Part 12 (Sexy Saturday Serial) NSFW

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R. 18+ Only

Read From The Start, Or Previous Chapters Here:  Lucy’s Father .


Lucy’s Father Part 12

For three months Anne and I played with Jack on the weekends. It was amazing, hot and crazy.  I had to admit that Anne and I were in a relationship of sorts. She and I moved in together to save on rent since we’ve become inseparable. I know she’s in love and I had to admit that I was too. I never would have figured on that.

Nobody seemed surprised about us being together and that surprised me. I had no idea I was actually bi. I managed to find the sexy thoughts in my head to go down on Anne without being squeamish and I discovered that I fucking love it.

But I miss Jack. Not as a lover but his warm live cock. I never became attached to him emotionally not even a little. Sure I thought of him as a friend but nothing more. He moved away last month. That trip he took was work related and apparently a stealthy interview. They transferred him to the east coast office and he couldn’t turn it down.

I sighed and thought about sex. I love having sex with Anne but I miss the flesh of a thick hard cock. Toys were good and all but I wanted a warm one with a warm body attached to thrust it.

I opened the door to our studio apartment hot and ready to use my strapless strap on dildo on my sexy lover. Anne stood front of the couch her face flushed and eyes glittering. She had someone over. A very sexy man with near black hair and piercing grey eyes.

“Hello.” I smiled and set my things down by the door.

“This is Lanny. He’s the teacher of that art class I’ve been taking.”

Lanny chuckled and it was a sexy sound that made my pussy wet. “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you.” He said with a touch of accent. “I have heard the most wonderful things about you.”

He stood and took my hand and brushed his thumb over the skin then kissed it looking at me as if he were going to devour me. I wanted him to. Very much.

“Sexy isn’t he?” Anne handed me a piece of paper. “I know it’s early but Happy birthday.”

I took the paper and read it. It was an STD test with Lanny’s name on it. She’s been planning this for a while.

“He’s our new cock. Only we can kiss this one if you want to.”

“Have you…”

“No.” Anne shook her head. “Not even a kiss. I want you to fuck him first and I want to watch.”

I was crazy turned on and more than excited.

“If he works out he can move in so he can focus on his art. Then we can have him anytime. He agreed to sleep with only us and…” Anne pulled his pants down.

“Holy shit Anne.” I reached out to touch the mass. He was bigger than Jack had been.

“Please touch me so I may begin making love to you.” Lanny said.

The second I gripped his cock in my hands he kissed me. I felt Anne undressing me as Lanny’s hands found my aching breasts.

“Someones horny.” Anne said slipping a finger in me from behind.

I moaned my response as Anne guided Lanny to lay on his back. I climbed over him and with complete trust that Anne did her due diligence, I slowly worked my way over his rod.

“Oh Lanny you are a monster.” I said.

“I am your monster if you’ll have me.”

I looked at Anne as she got ready to sit on his face and I finally had him fully inside me. I lifted and dropped over his mass. It was incredible. The feel of him aroused me so fast I climaxed. “When can you move in Lanny?”

Anne kissed me and played with my breasts as I rode our new friend and he licked my lover to orgasm. I’ve never been happier.

The end.

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment

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Merry Christmas Henry (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) NSFW #63


Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.
See other short stories here: Quick and Dirty Short Stories

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Merry Christmas Henry

“There won’t be a Christmas for me this year.” I sang along to the cheerful sad lyrics.

She may be singing about a love gone away but I was singing about Christmas in general. Nobody could be bothered. The tropics or skiing were on the agenda. “Come now Annabelle were all a bit too old and none of us have kids. Come skiing.” My brother Clancy said. With mom gone now, there was no glue, no gravity center to pull us all in.

“There won’t be eggnogs by the cozy fire…”

There wasn’t a single holiday anything in my apartment. No tree, no stocking not even Christmas cards. Just like the song said, my stockings were as empty as my heart.

A week ago, I found a note on my door. An invitation to my downstairs neighbor Henry’s Christmas party slash dinner. I threw it out five times and retrieved it as many. It sat on my coffee table crumpled and re-flattened. It was the ultimate loser invitation. A Christmas day party for the pathetic with no Christmas of their own. Henry is the sweetest man. Awkward and cute about it. He was orphaned as a small child and he actually had nobody.

“Yeah Annabeth and he’s doing something about it ulike you mopey-pants.” I got off my couch, went to change into a nice sexy dark green dress and put my red hair up. If he could invite people to make a Christmas for himself then I can damned well bring it for him.

I took the small gift I bought for him out of the closet and grabbed a bottle of my favorite wine. Okay so maybe I planned to go all along.

I could hear instrumental Christmas music and smiled when he opened the door. He had his hair cut and brushed back. Instead of the usual button up shirts, he had a soft thin knit blue sweater.

“You look handsome Henry.”

That wasn’t flattery he actually did.

“Oh, here,” He held up a blindfold.

“Uh no.”

“It’s just so you can be surprised. I have a surprise for you.”

Dammit, he pleaded with his big blue eyes. I took the blindfold and handed him the wine. He carefully led me into his apartment and positioned me carefully.

“Okay, just one second… you can take off the blindfold.”

I did and blinked my eyes open. There were no other people here and he had a real tree with paper decorations. I had told him a long time ago about how we used to make paper decorations for our tree when I was a kid and missed that tradition the most. He had lights strung in the windows, garland on the ledges and walls.

“I know your family ditched you so I figured I could give you your Christmas.”

He had every detail, not exactly but scary kinds of close.

“I know it’s weird and maybe a bit creepy, it’s just you looked so sad and I had nothing better to do. Merry Christmas?”

He said it so unsure so afraid I’d freak out. I finally took a breath in and looked at Henry.

“You did this for me?”


All the months of conversation and coffee’s I never imagined he’d listened to me this closely. I covered my mouth. Oh my God. I remembered the gift I brought and held it up.

“I got this for you.”

He took the box and pulled the ribbon off. When he pulled out the book he actually stumbled back and sat on the chair near the tree.

“How? Why?”

I looked around. “Apparently for the same reason you did this.”

He opened the cover and looked up at me. “Annabeth…”

“I know it’s not the one you had as a kid. I was watching that silly movie where they guy runs around looking for a book a girl wrote her number in and I thought of you and the book you lost when you were a kid. That was the best I could do.”

“Annabeth, this is the nicest thing anyone has ever given me. That book that was stolen was the last worldly connection I had with my parents… The story’s they told me from Christmas’ past.”

He stood and set it down. “But that book is only a book.”

“I know I’m sorry. I didn’t even know where to start loo-”

I was not prepared for Henry-the-shy, to grab me by the sides of my head and kiss me. I was even less prepared to melt and kiss him back. There was a sudden rush in my core and I struggled to breathe. My mind flashed with memories. Of laughing, talking, and him leaving the second anyone, especially a man came near. Of gentle touches to the hand or arm of reassurance when I was upset. Memories of Henry’s smiles and genuine interest in what I was saying or doing. It occurred to me as his hands dropped to my hips and mine went up around his neck that I sought him out. I would invite him up for coffee or be conveniently waiting when he went for his morning jog or afternoon walk.

Holy shit. I broke the kiss.

“I’m sor-”

I put my finger over his lips, stepped one-step back, reached behind me and unzipped my dress. With a shimmy, it slinked from my body and with a soft sound pooled at my feet. I’m not a fan of underwear and this dress required no bra be worn.


I put my hands up and gestured around the room. “Apparently we are in love. So please kiss me and prove it.”

I expected grabbing, groping and rush. He did none of that. After a slow appraisal of my naked body he stepped forward and kissed me again. His warm hands trailed every part of my upper body. Son of a bitch I responded. The heat was absurd and the pulse between my legs almost terrifying.

No words were needed, I moved as he did and when I opened my eyes Henry shifted me so I would lay back on his tidy and soft bed. I watched with interest as he pulled off his sweater then the shirt beneath is. Henry has been hiding his toned body. Not buff or muscular but angular and strong. He moved back over me and began kissing my stomach softly moving upwards to my sternum then over to a breast. His soft breath puffed hot as his lips made their way to a nipple.

I closed my eyes as he sucked my areola into his mouth and played his tongue tip over the puckering nipple. I saw the tree in my mind’s eye. How much effort he put into the paper ornaments. The thought and care and dare I say hope. Then as he moved his hands up and over my flesh to my breast and ribs, I recalled in the briefest of flashes all the little things he did with the hope I’d notice. I did, just not immediately.

“Oh Henry.” I said with the raw emotion I felt.

What magic there is in realizing someone loves you? My hands moved across his skin and lingered in the soft hair of his chest. I moved up to his shoulders. I let them rove and wander over his warm body and down to his waist to discover he’d shed his pants at some point while kissing my body. I shifted my legs as I found his tight ass cheeks and as if it were meant to be he rocked his hips and pressed against my opening.

I needed him, my body wanted him and with my hands, I pulled his face up to mine. We looked into the depths of each other’s eyes as he eased in. That moment was everything. The perfect declaration of how we felt. How he knew he felt and how I did but didn’t know it until now.

The tears that gathered in my eyes were full of too much emotion. With a smile, Henry pulled mostly out and kissed my falling tears.

“Annabeth, my sweet beautiful Annabeth.”

“Yes, I’m yours.” I moaned when he pushed back in. “I guess I always have been.”

We kissed as our hands explored and we got as close as two people can. It was perfect, passionate and as we neared our climaxes, we clung to each other in ecstasy.

Sated and glowing in pleasure my eyes drooped from exhaustion. Henry kissed my temple as I drifted.

“Henry I do love you, I actually do.”

“Oh Annabeth, I’m just the ghost of Christmases’ yet to come.”

My eyes opened and I gasped. I was alone in my apartment. The crumpled invitation on my coffee table. I had shunned it when I first got it. I didn’t torment over whether or not to go. I never planned to. I never found Henry the perfect present and I didn’t even have a sexy green dress. I grabbed the invitation and looked at my watch. Seven fifteen.

“There’s still time.”

I raced down the stairs, knocked and held my breath as he opened the door.

We smiled at each other.

“Merry Christmas Henry.”

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment

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QDSS Chapter

Lucy’s Father – Part 11 (Sexy Saturday Serial) NSFW

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R. 18+ Only

Read From The Start, Or Previous Chapters Here:  Lucy’s Father .


Lucy’s Father Part 11

I heard the distinct sound of my cellphone as it stopped recording.

“Don’t worry. No faces.” Jack said and pulled out of me and Anne got off. “I had to record that.

“That was wonderful.” Anne said and kept fondling my body.

“I need a minute, I’ll get some drinks.” Jack said and went to the minibar. Jack handed us each a can of coke and we chugged and set the cans down.

“Who knew he was so hot?” Anne said. “Jack you’re fucking hot!” Anne slapped my ass and made me scoot up further on the bed. “Speaking of hot. Doesn’t this,” Anne fingered my wet hole, “make you horny Jack?”

“Very.” Jack said and licked me. Anne spread me wider and took a turn licking. they chuckled and took turns brining me to climax. When I did there was a tongue deep in me and the other was tonguing my clit.

“Okay, okay shit this was a great idea.” I said and sat up.

Anne giggled and pulled me back down. “I love eating you out.” She said and renewed her efforts rasing her ass in the air.

Jack looked giddy as he stroked himself before pushing into Anne. He looked at me as he rammed into her. Anne went crazy as she moaned, sucked and fingered me. I was beyond glad Anne and I discovered our compatibility.

I came and she held me so I couldn’t pull away until I was done with my orgasm. I opened my eyes to see Jack pull me to the edge of the bed.

“You’re both so different, but oh so fucking good!” Jack put his shiny cock in me and I knew it was slick from Anne’s orgasm.

“Anne,” I said tugging her closer. I got up and had her lay down. I took a breast in my mouth as Jack resumed ramming me hard from behind. I began fucking Anne with my fingers and rubbing her clit.

Any idea that she might detract from the fun fled as she came on my hand. It was so much more fun with her here. She’s as lusty and horny as I am. We both are energized from orgasms until it was too much and we collapsed. Now with her here it was more erotic than I ever imagined.

“I’m going to come soon.” Jack bellowed as he slammed me hard.

“Fill her up Jack.” Anne said scooting out from beneath me. “Oh please.” Anne pushed me up so I was almost upright. She worked my breasts and kissed me deeply as jack held my hips and thrusted.

Had they not been holding me I would have collapsed. My primal groans and yelps forced me to break the kiss to cry out loudly as I came hard and wet.

“She always gets so slick when she comes.” Jack said as I caught my breath.

“She does. Oh Jack I bet she can squirt!” Anne said as she let me fall to the bed and rolled me to my back. I was dizzy from pleasure.

“I need to come.” Jack said and climbed over me with a couple hard thrusts he shot hot and thick into me.

Anne clapped her hands and the moment Jack pulled out she began licking and sucking. I looked to see jack fingering Anne as she kept my orgasm from going away completely.

“Mmm oh fuck.” Anne said and moved to straddle my stomach her sweet round ass facing my face. “I can’t do this but… with you this wet I know you can.”

I felt her stick two fingers in me and she moved them roughly. It didn’t hurt, in fact it felt amazing. Jack stood back his cock deflating.


“Trust be babe.”

“I can’t sq-“

She began jerking me harder and I began feeling full and out of control with need. I yelped and gasped until I couldn’t take it anymore. I saw flashes of light behind my closed lids. I pushed her fingers out and felt the hot liquid release in short spurts. I didn’t climax but fuck it felt so good.

“Holy fuck.” Jack said as Anne ground her clit into my shin.

She climaxed on my leg as I grinned and came down from the indescribable high.

“Wanna see her do it again Jack?”

I looked to see him stroking his now hard cock and nod.

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Black Licorice And White Magic (Part – 39) Kacey & Parker

Kacey & Parker’s story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language, it is rated R and intended for readers 18 years + only.

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KP part 39

Black Licorice And White Magic (Part – 39)


I fiddled with the rings on my finger. They were too tight, or I was too fat. Either way I needed to take them off soon.

“There you are.” Kacey said and pulled me into a kiss that melted my heart every time. He smiled down at me and rubbed my growing belly. “Apollonia is demanding we go to the park.”

“Ugh she just wants to get dirty and eat bugs.” I said then laughed.

Our ice blue-eyed brown-haired daughter was silly and we loved her too much. She had no problem crunching an insect as if it were candy. Kacey teasingly blamed me for eating insects while pregnant, but I know deep down it hurts his heart that I had to. It took forever for him to stop blaming himself for how long I was stranded. I think he still does. I’m just happy he came early. Had he not followed his instinct and pushed to get there ahead of schedule, I would have died that day and so would Apollonia.

“Well this one will want nothing but cucumbers, cheese and licorice.”

“Black licorice too,” Kacey teased, as he knows I hate those three things that he doesn’t. “Speaking of…”

He handed me a piece of the aforementioned candy he had hidden behind his back. We both laughed as we went out to the yard to collect our toddling three year old. Kacey married me the moment I could get a dress and actually walk down an aisle. I was nine months pregnant at the time and my family loves Kacey. Sometimes I suspect more than they love me. I’m definitely below Apollonia in ranks and I don’t care because I have them both. 

Every day after I figured out I was pregnant I used that to keep me going. My therapist is remarkably impressed at how well I’m dealing with the trauma. My only serious hang up is being alone. I just can’t be alone anymore for too long. I always have to have music or the TV on if I’m by myself. Aside from that fear, I’ve never been happier or stronger.

I’ve found others like me that can draw in the light and use it for good. They are all people of positive influence, all happy and all kind. I can sense them and we’re just learning what we can do. It was definitely my magic that helped me find food and lure the animals in.

Roger and his amazing wife Medina visit often and is are called grandpa and grandma. My crazy lucky daughter is spoiled but not rotten. 

I’ve come to terms that I’m a witch, the sparkly good kind. Every now and then I feel a slight waft of dark magic, but the owner is unaware and usually a mean or selfish person. The light magic isn’t a thing more than it is a force of light. I cant cast spells like the witches of Verborgen could, but I can sooth a broken heart or calm a troubled mind. I can’t fix them but I can help.

Gardens are always lush and animals love me far too much. Apollonia has the same gift with animals and we often have a stray wander in through the door or an open window if the screens are down.  Kacey laughs constantly when we go out and birds or whatever seem to congregate nearby and sometimes sit on me.  The beach tends to become a nightmare of psychotically persistent seagulls. There are a lot of princess jokes and Kacey is never lacking in them. I’m just glad when I lure an animal in with my magic on purpose, it’s for fun and not for food. 

“Isn’t mommy the most beautiful mommy in the world Daddy?” 

“Yes she is Apollonia let’s kiss her!”

Kacey held our daughter up and they both kissed my cheeks until I giggled. She then squirmed to be set down to get into… well everything. With Kacey’s hand holding mine; we began our walk to the park where the animals waited to greet us and some followed us there.

 KP end.png

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     Thank you to all that took the time to read Kacey & Parker. It was an adventure for me to step out of my usual romance style and write something with a darker feel. I appreciate all constructive criticisms and wonderful comments and use them to help grow and learn.  I hope you enjoyed Kacey & Parker’s story.  My next story Snow Angel is more in my usual style and chalk full of romance. I hope you enjoy it and continue to support my stories.
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