Possession (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) NSFW

“There’s something maddening about the idea of absolute equality.
Sometimes it doesn’t fit, sometimes it’s out-of-place and gladly so.”
-Cimmerian Sentiment 

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R 18+ only.
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After two hours of preening and perfecting myself for the party, I wanted it all undone. For three hours, I stole glances, touches and whispered promises from him. His tuxedo turned into a candy wrapper in my mind’s eye, one that withheld the most delectable of treats and one that would be opened the moment it could be done.

A laugh at a mundane joke or story lit his face and stretched his smile warms my heart and soul. My eyes glide over his stubble covered jaw to his soft thick hair. His charm and humor hold his audience as he unwittingly steals the show.

His strong hands undo the silk bow of his tie, tugging the ends to dangle and I know he’s done with this party. His dark blue eyes settle on mine and the tick of a smile tugs the corner of his soft full lips.

With a hand sliding around my back to rest on my hip he guides me from the crowded loud room without a word. I say and do nothing but let him lead me up to our hotel room.

“You,” He said with a tone that shivers my core every time, “are mine.”

“Am I?” I reply.

I lick my brightly red-stained lips, back away from him, and turn to face the large sliding glass doors. I smile at his reflection in the glass as he unwraps the tux from his body as I pretend to focus on the city far below.

He would not speak again to justify his claim with meaningless words that was not his way. The warm rough hand that tugged a silk tie moments ago slid around my neck to caress it gently as his other hand unzipped my dress. Usually, he closes the curtains this is new.

The hot stream of breath on the back of my neck raised goose pimples and tightened my nipples. I would not move to justify his claim, not yet, if at all.

The sparkling red fabric of my dress pooled at my matching patent leather three-inch heels. Bared to the world I stood naked save for my shoes and jewelry. His right hand tightens on my neck and pins me to the glass gently as his left-hand reaches around to finger my clit.

My red lips part with a gentle gasp of pleasure. A shudder flourishes between my legs as he rubs the tip of his cock along the crack of my ass.

“I own you.” He breathes the words into my ear and his warm breath plays across my skin a moment before his lips claim the earlobe.

“Do you?” I pant the words out knowing he wants me to make him prove it.

He gently sucks and nibbles until I gasp again and he presses me further against the cold glass. The pleasurable sensation of the glass on my tits turns me on more. I turn my head as my face is held to the glass.

His mouth moves from my ear to my neck, biting softly and nipping my skin as his left-hand forces my legs apart from behind. My panting breath fogs the glass as his fingers firmly rake my wet southern lips. He pulls on my hip forcing my ass away from the glass, and with a hard thrust, he claims my aching pussy.

“Say it.” He commands as he pulls out and pauses denying me what I both want and must have.

“I’m yours,” and I cry out with delight as he fills me again.

After several hard glorious thrusts, he pulls me from the glass and throws me to the bed. I bounce on my back as he climbs over me, pulls my high heels from my feet, tossing them to the floor. He pins my arms with his strong hands making my insides flutter and surge with pleasure. He hovers over me as the strength of his masculine being washes over my hormone-soaked body. He could hurt me easily, but he won’t.

I wiggle my hips and beg him to rejoin with my body, “please.”

Begging was the gasoline for his fire, but only if I meant it and I did. I was going insane with need and I began struggling to get it. The moment I struggled his mouth claimed mine, and he kissed me deeply drawing out my moans of pleasure and frustration. He let my hands go so I could bury them in his hair as my reward and he gripped my hips before plunging back in.

I climbed to my summit fast and breathless. His tongue filled my mouth as his cock filled my cunt, stroke after stroke until I could bear it no more. His mouth broke free from mine as his fingers dug in and he slammed harder and faster. He grunts with a primal force, as he slams as deep as he can go.

“Please claim me, please.” My pussy clamps down on his final strokes as my orgasm pulls out his climax.

“Arrrgh!” He cries out as his thick hot cum marks my body as his property.

As his sweaty body pins me deliciously to the bed he opens his eyes and smiles.

“I love you,” he says with a husky tone.

“Do you?” I tease and giggle just before he kisses me to prove his words.


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Masturbation-Monday-badge-1“I found this lovely writing prompt.
I just had to participate.” -Cimm




So Much Fun (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) NSFW

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R 18+ only.
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So Much Fun

The wine was exactly what we needed. After a grueling week at work, my friend and I were kicking back watching a movie and laughing our asses off.

“Seriously Gina the guy actually ate food that fell on the floor.” I said after telling her about another botched date. Nobody was getting past date three and they only got past one out of pity or curiosity.


“Right?” I giggled.

“What’s the sexiest thing you’ve ever done?” She asked with a grin.

“You first,” I said refilling our glasses.

“Okay.” She moved to sit cross-legged leaning back in the corner of my very comfortable couch. “I let a total stranger finger me at the store.”

“When!” I sat up and mirrored her sitting position. Our movie was turned down and forgotten a while ago.

“Two months ago and he had huge fat fingers too.”

“You slut.” I tossed a pillow at her laughing.

“Your turn,” Gina prompted.

“I made a porn of myself and Billy.”

“I don’t believe you. That man was a jerk but he was hot.”

“I did. I still have it.”

“There is no way you, little-miss-conservative, have home porn with big Willy Billy.”

“I do.” I got up to get it.

I’ve never shown anyone and it’s been ages since I watched it. We’ve seen porn together before so it was no big deal.

I brought out my laptop, opened it up, and pressed play on the file.

“Oh my…” Gina set her wine down as she watched me deep-throat Bill. I reached to turn it off having made my point.

“Leave it. Shit, I’m getting hot over here.”

“All the more reason to turn it off,” I said reaching again as on screen me spread wide.

My hand froze I forgot how hot this was. I’d wait just until he… Ever so slowly he pushed into five-years-ago-me.

“It’s been so long,” Gina said.

Gina was flicking her nipples through her shirt and mine were hardening as on screen me moaned as the large cock finally disappeared. It wasn’t that Gina had shoved her hands up her shirt and was all out rubbing her breasts that turned me on in a flash it was that she was being turned on by watching me having sex.

I sucked my breath in, as he pulled out slowly shiny and hard.

“Ohhh.” Gina pulled her shirt up exposing her breasts. “You have such a great pussy.”

I know neither of us is lesbian or bi. I sometimes wish we were. I experimented but it wasn’t for me. I do like watching porn. I was breathing fast my eyes darting from my computer to Gina and back.

She was wiggling her hips as I was turned over to my knees and Bill smacked my ass cheek with his slick cock.

Gina’s hand slid between her legs and she hiked up her skirt. She fingered her wet underwear crotch making the spot grow. My breasts ached and I was eager to touch myself. She was horny and watching me having sex.

I lifted my own shirt and pulled my bra down to manipulate my tits and Gina moaned loudly as on screen me was getting rammed from behind. Apparently, that was all the permission Gina needed. She tugged the wet fabric aside and went to work fingering herself.

I turned up the sound and Gina writhed and stroked herself. I pulled my jeans and underwear off and sat on the couch shoving two fingers as far as I could into my soft hot flesh.

Together we rubbed and stroked to my porn. Gina came first and I followed quickly. Panting and smiling, we both finished our wine.

I smiled a wicked grin. “I have toys and I keep them very clean if you want to play more.”

“Oh my God yes.” Gina peeled the rest of her clothes off.

I jumped up and jogged to get my favorite suction cup dildo’s for us to ride on the floor. I would never share them with anyone other than her. This was going to be so much fun.

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Masturbation-Monday-badge-1“I found this lovely writing prompt.
I just had to participate.” -Cimm

Watch This! (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) NSFW

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R 18+ only.
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Watch This!

For months now my neighbor and his wife have been watching me. Or rather looking into my kitchen and living room windows that face my small backyard and therefore their yard. I often walk around topless and sometimes fondle my ample pillowy breasts as I love to feel good. Who doesn’t?

I’ve noticed them (Not always together) Watching through my sliding glass doors from their deck. The only reason I’m not too pissed is that they are both attractive and I may have started going topless more often. I may have made a show of fondling my breasts while I look out to my almost very private yard. All except for their raised view from directly across.

A tiny bit of me was turned on by knowing they went out of their way to sneak a peek and that I often heard them rutting after I put on a breast rubbing show or when I tanned naked.

They were both sitting on their deck drinking coffee and facing my window. The woman was attempting to covertly flick her nipples. Voyeurs. I know how sexy it is to watch on the sly. They know I know they watch and today I woke feeling particularly randy. I sat at my own table topless, resting my breasts on the table and playing with them. I sipped my own coffee and read some sexy blogs, looked at some fantastic dick Pics and worked my self up.

I stopped reading and stared at a particularly sexy dick pick of a man as he gripped his nearly purple cock head. I could imagine myself running my fingers through his soft looking chest and stomach hair as I rode him hard.

The doorbell rang, I jumped and my pussy fluttered. I ran to the door and signed for the package as my nipples hardened. I closed the door and had to take a moment to temper my arousal. Not because of the delivery man but because of my purchase. I knew it was being delivered today and I was over excited to give it a try.

With shaking hands I opened the box and took out the dildo from its packaging. It was six inches in girth and looked so real I began panting. I took it to my kitchen sink and washed it carefully. I stripped my shirt off and my panties and was about to stick the suction cup to the floor when I had a very naughty idea. An idea that made me double over from arousal.

I rubbed and squeezed a breast as I walked to my sliding glass door. They were watching. The woman slipped a hand up her shirt as I squeezed a breast and pulled hard on my nipple.

I gauged the height necessary and I slammed the dildo to the glass.

“Watch this!” I said even though they couldn’t hear me. I reached between my legs and brought he tip up to my eager opening.

It was wider than any toy I have and I was moaning and panting by the time I got it in. I waited a moment with lodged deep inside and looked over my shoulder.

Mouths agape and wide-eyed they sat staring at me; both hands were up her shirt now. I smiled and straightened my legs to give them a good view of it sliding out of my sopping hole. It stretched and rubbed making my eyes flutter. I bent my knees and took it in again.

“Holy fuck.”

I muttered and repeated the action. I came quickly, but wasn’t done. I kept riding the toy and rubbed my clit until I came again. I know if I go further I could get there. With people watching and the idea of them being turned on by me, I was overly excited. I didn’t stop.

“Oh god it’s so good.”

I kept riding and feeling the tugging pleasure of each stroke. I bent over and twerked my ass then bobbed it up and down fast. The angle was perfect for me and for them. It rubbed my g-spot even harder and I furiously rubbed my clit as the pressure built up inside.

“Oh yes, oh my fucking yes!” I cried out and rode harder.

The pressure built and I moved off the toy and rubbed my clit as I squirted on the glass. Panting, I turned to watch my neighbor slamming his wife from behind. I watched a moment then went back to my toy. It would be faster this time. I rubbed and rode until the pleasure promise was too much. I fell to my knees spurting hot cum on the glass. I crumbled to the floor in my own wet mess. I watched the couple orgasm together and collapse to a heap themselves.

I looked up at my new favorite play thing and knew I was going to perform for them again and again. I’d watch them watching me and they’d get off while I watch them.


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Masturbation-Monday-badge-1“I found this lovely writing prompt.
I just had to participate.” -Cimm

Unexpected Company (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) NSFW

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.
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Unexpected Company (Quick and Dirty Short Stories)

For a party it sure was dull. Then again it was a cocktail party and not even one with tonnes of booze. I as here to support my friend as she hosted her coworkers, clients and other friends.

There were plenty of couples being overly friendly and I even saw a woman giving a guy a hand-job by the long drapes as if nobody would see. I did and since I liked it I was feeling a tad randy myself.

From that moment on all I could do was catch people kissing, touching or even fingering on the sly. Maybe I was just looking for it but damn if seeing that man pull his slick finger from under that dress didn’t make me wet.

“Having fun boo?” Thelma asked as she handed me a fruity mostly juice drink. She called me Boo even though my name is Brooke.

“Yes I am.” I said looking over her shoulder and seeing a mans hand go up a top. Was this an orgy or something? “There’s a lot of groping going on.”

“Mmm?” Thelma looked around. “I suppose… I invited mostly couples. Sorry Boo gotta go.” She held up a drink she needed to deliver.

I walked around and chatted and kept my eyes out for the naughty couples. I was feeling too frisky for my own good. I really shouldn’t be looking… I froze in my tracks as I wandered into the billiard room to see a woman covertly attempt to ride a man in a corner while a loud game of pool happened four feet away. I positioned myself to pretend to watch the game as I watched the couple. I couldn’t see anything but that didn’t change things. I became aroused and flushed. My groin throbbed with my pulse and my nipples ached.

I slipped out of the room and made my way to the back of the house where a small spare bathroom was. It was out-of-the-way and a good place to go masturbate. The light was off under the door and the hall was mostly empty. I ducked in quickly and locked the door while I pulled the top of my dress down.

I immediately  fondled my breasts with one hand as I dropped my panties in a flash. I decided to flick the light on since I loved watching as I fingered myself.

“Oh shit!” I said as a man with a long thick hard-on stood frozen staring at me. He was a good-looking man and he held a fine piece of equipment in his hands. “Sorry I didn’t know anyone was in here…” I didn’t put my top up since I’m not overly shy and I am ridiculously horny. Maybe we could make the best of this situation.

“I figured you’d scream or freak out. I’m glad I saw you had tits as you came in.” He licked his lips and moved his hand over his length. “Fuck they’re nice tits.”

I know my friend and I know she keeps condoms everywhere in this monster house. I opened the cupboard, fished one out and held it up. I hiked my skirt up as he rolled the condom on. The second he was done he grabbed me and kissed me hard and deep.

I was ready for him when he impaled me with one deep thrust.

“Fuck.” I said into his mouth and pulled his hair.

The agonizingly sexy pull and push of him was maddening. We grunted and tongued each others mouths with a fury of passion that was to each our own.

“Fuck my pussy hard big guy.” I said as he pushed me against the door and broke the kiss. “Yes, yes make me come.”

“Holy shit.”

“Ram me hard and fast.” I was so close. “You’re so big and stretching me wide.”

“I’m going to come.” He said just before I felt the torrents of pleasure grip my body and he jerked hard against me.

He pulled out and I leaned against the sink to catch my breath.  He flushed the condom, washed his hands and I left the bathroom.

When I came out I heard my phone beep from a text behind me. I turned around to see the man holding my clutch and phone. He looked up from it and handed it over.

“You left that behind.” He smiled and walked past me.

Half an hour later I was heading out the door to go home feeling so much better but still horny. Thorough some clandestine investigation I learned that the big guy from the bathroom was from my friends gym. She thought he was the nicest guy and probably gay.

My phone buzzed and I read the text. “Turn around sexy tits.”

I turned and saw the big guy in a sleek black car. “Do you want to ride me?”

“Don’t you mean Do I want a ride home?” I asked as I began tingling anew and walked the three steps to his car.

“My version’s more fun.” He said pawing an obvious hard on.

Well damn if he was ready that fast who am I to walk away? I opened the car door and got in. I wonder how long it will be before one of us asks the other for a name.

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Sneak Preview – Climbing Ivy

With Beth & Sean Complete it’s time to begin a new story.

Here is a sneak preview of the story of Ivy English, a young career minded woman with big plans and no room for distraction. Climbing Ivy will debut August 24th 2017.

I decided to go back to my original style of story telling for this one as well as trying something a little new. Ivy is a character I enjoyed writing and hope you will enjoy reading.


Climbing Ivy

I decided to move closer to the large boulders and near the cliff. It wasn’t a huge cliff but it was a crumbly one. I was bound to find a critter or two to look at. I looked up at the sun after exploring for a while to see that I still had plenty of time. I walked along the beach until the rocks turned to pebbles and I left the cliff behind me. I daydreamed about my new job, about how I’m so different in a work setting. I’m a hard ass and a hard worker. I wanted to climb the ladder and go places. I wanted to succeed and make my family and myself proud.

“Oh!” I nearly tripped when a man stepped out from a beach house set back into a large treed area.

I became nervous. If I were to describe the sexiest man alive, it would be the man I just stumbled upon. He had a strong jaw lined with dark stubble, piercing blue eyes and a quirky smile that make my bikini bottoms wet.

“Hey.” He said in a deep voice as he approached with a smile on his face.

“Sorry.” I stammered as he took strong strides toward me. “I didn’t realize there was a beach house here.”

“No worries.” He said after looking me over from head to toe and back.

He lingered on my hips and purple bikini covered breasts but went back to my eyes. Huh. All the men I know are ogling pigs. They will make eye contact with nipples more often than pupils. Then again, this man was older than any of the men that I’ve ever dated…

Find the Chapter page for Climbing Ivy here.

Climbing IVY

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment

In The Mirror (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) NSFW

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R 18+ only.
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In The Mirror

My hands shook as I closed the front door of my house, dropped my purse and keys on the table and pulled down the top of my spaghetti strap dress. I leaned against the cool wall and tugged on my nipples. I smiled at my reflection in the wall length mirror and pushed my dress down over my hips taking my underwear with it. I stepped out leaving my heels on and went back to fondling my breasts.

Reading erotica on the bus home and thinking dirty thoughts all day led me to this burst of out of control need. I moaned and ran my hands over my curvy body watching myself in the mirror. I’ve never done this before but the character in the book had. I stood here in broad daylight in front of a mirror. The idea stuck and I had to do it.

I spread my legs and gasped at how shiny and swollen I’d become. The lightest touch from my fingers sent spasms of pleasure through my lips to my clit. I wondered how wet I could get and spread myself to look. I leaned up against the wall and began rubbing my clit in gentle circles.

I’ve always been shy about sex, and lately, I’ve been reading more and more erotica. Some of it made me horny some made me cringe. I quickly found the sub-genres that made my blood rush and focused on them. I wanted to be more I wanted to explore and play. In my head after reading a story I’d feel brave, however the more time that passed after reading, the less bravado I felt.

I took in the view of my hand with my delicate petals pushing up between my fingers. I imagined myself a sexy woman in a novelette, the confident woman who could claim the pleasures she longed for.

I clenched and pulsed, I sunk to the floor as I pulled my heels closer to my bum and spread wide. The cold floor beneath me became warm as my body heated up fast.

Panting, groaning and rubbing marginally faster, I gasped when a sexy amount of viscous wet pooled at my opening. I tightened my pelvic muscles and it overflowed. The clear shiny line made its way over my taint to drip to the floor. It was happening I was doing what a woman in a sexy story might do.

“Oh yes,” I said rubbing my lips and clit faster, my pulse thundered in my chest and ears.

I closed my eyes and let my orgasm take over my body. The sweet sensation coated me and caressed my soul. There was more to this than one meager orgasm. I planned to watch myself finger my now dripping pussy.

I opened my eyes to see my husband standing with his mouth open, eyes burning with lust and a raging hard on in his hand and I grinned at my reflection as I disappeared two fingers deep inside as he fell to his knees stroking. Now was my moment to be bold.

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment

Masturbation-Monday-badge-1“I found this lovely writing prompt.
I just had to participate.” -Cimm

Amara – Itsinyou Designer Boutique (Part 4) (Sexy Saturday Serials)

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.

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Itsinyou Designer Boutique

Part 4

I read the message twice to proceed to room nine and with an excited shaking hand, I opened the door. I clicked my heels on the linoleum floor as I made my way down the long hall to room nine.

I read the instructions and laid on the pad on the floor. I scooted down until my head rested in the groove on the pad and as instructed put my arms in the comfortable grooves in the wall. A curtained partition lowered over my upper chest leaving my arms, shoulders, neck and head in the small room. The lights dimmed

I wondered why my arms and that of the man last night were not allowed in the room. I didn’t wonder long as hands ran the length of my legs from my feet to my hips. A new man, a new stranger and a new cock. I was wet just from the idea. The appeal of this place was too much to deny. No wonder Sue has been so happy and fun lately with a secret like this? My thoughts fled as my legs were spread and propped so my knees were bent up.

Two hands rubbed my stomach, hips and down between my inner thighs. What would he do I wondered. I wasn’t ready for a second set of hands to cup my breasts.

I, like many women, love my breasts being played with. As the hands below massaged and played with my lower lips and opening a second set focused on massaging my ample breasts. The two upper hands went to work on one breast and a mouth sucked and licked the other.

I was unable to stop my hips from wiggling as a thick penis slipped inside me. Not being able to see what was being done was too much and my already revved up body let loose a small but delectable orgasm. Still the cock in me thrust steady and now slicker than before. I felt a body straddle my torso below my breasts and a warm hard piece of man meat came to rest between by breasts. It was warm and slick feeling. I felt my breasts being pushed together to envelope the hard wet cock and then he began thrusting.

There was a cock in my pussy thrusting away surging my insides with velvet pleasure and one slipping between my sensitive breasts. The hands holding my tits were also rubbing the nipples. I never would have thought being fucked with my breasts would be arousing or feel good. It did. The weight of the man on my chest and thrusting added to the sensual onslaught and I was close again. I pulsed my PC muscles and the man between my legs sped up, as did the man slipping between my tits.

I was gasping and clawing at the wall as everything blew up at once.  With a hard final thrust between my legs, I came undone with blinding spasms of orgasm. I felt something warm hit my upper chest and the man on me stopped moving.

I heaved my breaths to gather my wits as smaller twinges of pleasure flashed. Both men removed themselves from my body. I lowered my legs closed and as before, I waited. After a few moments, I was able to pull myself back into the small room to clean up. This time there was semen in me and in large sticky streaks on my chest.

Cleaned with my robe on I looked at the screen.

Did you enjoy yourself?’  I pressed yes.

Would you like to return?’ Of course, I pressed yes.

Are you agreeable to providing service again?’ Yes. I may have taped it twice quickly.

Proceed to the blood testing room. Then the change room. Have a good night.

I did as asked. In the change room, I could shower then go home or just dress and go home. I chose the latter. I wanted a hot bubble bath, a glass of wine and a good book.

To be continued…

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New chapter coming next Saturday

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#1 Riding Shotgun – (Beth & Sean)

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol it is rated R and 18+

Read from the start: Click Here

Riding Shotgun (Beth & Sean)

_1 Riding Shotgun

I was stuck riding shotgun with the dashing blue-eyed Sean McLaren. His black Nissan crossover was loaded up with all the camping gear and since I had a broken right foot, I couldn’t drive. I’ve known Sean for what seems like forever. I met him seven years ago on my eighteenth birthday when my friend Gemma who introduced us, gave me fake ID for my birthday. At first sight, I was smitten but that went away fast when he looked at me like I was stupid and trash. I was neither.

Sean is a fun and outgoing man who would bend over backward to help a friend. Only Sean and I have an epic love-hate relationship. Sometimes we get along, more akin to tolerance and sometimes we hate and or loathe the other.

I was being a good passenger and kept up a one-sided conversation until about an hour ago when he asked if it would be remotely possible for me to be quiet. His tone was snarky and rude as usual. The most exciting part of this trip so far was when a Bumble bee flew into the car and we both freaked out and laughed hysterically over our silliness. Bees are mostly harmless after all; wasps are the ones to worry about.

So here’s my problem, Sean is hot, I’m horribly attracted to him but I don’t like him. Because of how much he gets under my skin I ignore my attraction. I’ve secretly fantasized about him during my alone time and I probably will again, but that’s as far as that will ever go.

I brought a few books with me to relax by the water when everyone went hiking and the one I was reading now was particularly erotic. Actually, it was straight up erotica and I was enjoying a steady thrum of growing arousal as I read.

“I’m bored of the music what are you reading, Beth?” Sean blurted and turned off the iPod then ran his hand through his wavy light brown hair.


“Read it aloud.”

“I thought you wanted me to be quiet?”

“I don’t want to hear you prattle on about your extra boring workaholic work-life. Reading is okay.”

His comment made me furious. Prattle. Normally I would be embarrassed to talk about sex let alone read erotica aloud. Then I got a devilish smile, the jerk. If he wanted me to read then I would. I backtracked a few pages.

I cleared my throat and tugged on a long strand of my dark blond hair.

“Okay. The gist so far is that Carrie and Josh have been dancing around a major taboo attraction to the other. They are stuck in a cabin at a work retreat by a terrible storm.”

“Sounds horribly like romance cliché garbage.”

He knows, as does everyone, that I am a romance novel junkie and proud of it. Erotica was a treat that I didn’t often buy.

I narrowed my green eyes at him.

“Do you want me to read or not? I can tell you all about the new proposal I’m working on at work if you prefer.”

“Ugh fine. Please read.”

I cleared my throat again as tingles returned to my lower bits. This was is naughty.

The flash of lightning lit the cabin brighter than the candlelight and both jumped at the boom of thunder above. “Geeze that’s awful close,” Josh said and Carrie moved to sit beside Josh on the worn couch. “I know; it’s exciting.” Carrie said.

I smiled as Sean groaned because I knew what was next.

“Anyway…” I said before continuing.

The following cabin-shaking thunder made them both jump and laugh nervously. Josh put his hand on her thigh as their eyes met. The storm was forgotten. They stared deeply as they moved closer, the electrified attraction undeniable any longer. Josh abolished the distance between their mouths and began kissing Carrie tenderly.” I turned the page. “With a gasp, she became aroused and shifted to let him touch her. His hands went up her damp shirt to find her braless breasts.

I glanced over. “Oh yeah, she took it off earlier because it waws wet and uncomfortable because it was underwire. I think she just wanted to show of her tits. Now where was I?”

Josh’s strong hands traversed her round soft breasts like little dancers as his fingers grazed her tight nipples. “I want you.” Josh said and Carrie reached over to stroke his love rod through his pants.


“Hey I don’t write it, I just read it.”

I chuckled as my arousal leaped back to life. Somehow reading this aloud was even better than reading silently in my head. I was going to have fun masturbating later.

Josh pulled her shirt off and then his own. Their hands explored their differences as their tongues played a sensual game of sexy tag.

“Sexy tag? Damn this is cheesy.” Sean complained.

I glanced quickly to see that Sean was enjoying the story more than he was admitting. It was erotic to know I was turning him on with the book.

“As I was saying… Josh’s nimble fingers made short work of her jean shorts and delicate undergarments leaving her creamy soft body to his endless enjoyment. His eager calloused hands slid over her hips as he played his tongue to a breast. Gasping and wiggling beneath him Carrie spread her legs as he nudged her thigh, granting his shaking long strong fingers entry to her deep wet honey pot.

I smiled as Sean cleared his throat and shifted in his seat.

Slowly Josh worked his fingers into her hot wet pussy feeling her soft warm walls surround his thrusting digits. “Oh, Josh please take me.” Carrie cried out. Her body was ablaze with the electric need for more than just his fingers.

Sean laughed but it was more nervous than scorn.

“I can stop if you want.”

“No, it’s funny. Keep going.”

I shifted in my seat feeling how wet my panties are. “Carrie gasped repeatedly as he removed his pants and she got her first sight of his thick manliness. “Oh yes please.” She said and pulled him down to her with abandon. Josh kissed her deeply as he slipped his strong manhood into her honeypot. Inch after inch of hard thickness filled Carrie until she cried out in the pleasure of it. Josh began thrusting proudly as her juices covered his thick stroking shaft.

“Are you messing with me? Does it really say that?”

“Yes, it’s erotica.” I could see Sean straining against his shorts and it turned me on more than the book.

Steadily their sweaty hot passion grew as urgently as their spirited lovemaking became more demanding. The gentle rub of their slick sex’s driving them ever closer to the glory and rapture of a wet sticky Earth shattering orgasm. “Oh, Josh I’m coming. Come with me. Oh, come inside me.” Carrie cried out as she came and her juices flowed mixing with the hot thick cum that filled her pussy as he claimed her in the most primal of ways.

I stopped reading as Sean pulled over, put the car in park and turned off the engine. “I need a break.”

“Is it too hard of a drive?” I giggled as he adjusted his rock hard erection.

Sean glared at me, his eyes flicked to the book then my breasts before returning to my face. Yeah, I’d have sex with him if he offered and I badly wanted him to. I don’t think it would change our relationship and I certainly wouldn’t become his girlfriend.

“I really don’t like you.” He said.

“Feelings mutual.”

It was weird that we were friends beneath all our dislike. Granted most of our complaints of the other were superficial and often the same.

“But I’d like to fuck you, Beth.”

“Will you get weird and boyfriend-ish?”

“If you keep talking I’ll lose this.” He grabbed himself through his shorts. “And your wet pussy will go to waste.”


“In the backseat, the blue bag, in the second pocket.”

I moved to reach in the back and found the bag as he undid his shorts and pushed his seat back as far as it would go.

“Did you bring enough?” I asked.

There had to be at least fifty.

“I know you want my cock as much as I want your pussy. I was hoping to propose we be fuck friends.” He rolled the condom over his wide cock and my mouth went dry. “We’ve both done that before.”

I got too wet at that statement and undid my own shorts slipping them off along with my panties. It was true I’d had two fuck buddies and loved it. Until they got weird. Normally I like a good relationship for sex, but every now and then, I don’t mind casual sex only.

“I think that’s a great idea, Sean. Just don’t ever kiss me.”

“Why not? Kissing is half the fun.”

“I don’t want you to. Just promise?” I had my reasons. For me kissing was something you do when you like a person when you’re attracted to them physically and emotionally. I do not want to confuse emotions with Sean.

“I promise I’ll never kiss your hideous thin-lipped mouth.”

I didn’t have thin lips, but his insults were rarely on the mark.

“Flattery is not your strong suit.”

I awkwardly climbed over, he helped me move my walking air-cast clad foot gently. I managed to find a good position, he moved his tip to my opening and I lowered over him, forcing him up deep inside. If we weren’t in such a large car this would not have worked.

I’ve never seen his penis before and I was pleasantly surprised at how much girth there was. He stretched me and filled me more than I’ve ever been.

“Mmm, you are a thick filler-upper.”

“The ladies never complain.”

“I can feel why.” I rode him hard and for my own pleasure.

If he got off great, but I had my own orgasm to tend to and it was too close to stop. Each drop thrusting a pulse of pleasure deep inside and each grew in intensity.

“Oh fuck yes,” Sean said as I ground into him and came. “Holy shit.” He jerked hard beneath me and I knew he came from the look on his face.

I climbed off carefully, put my panties and shorts back on in the awkward space and buckled back up. He removed the condom with a tissue, put it in an empty paper coffee cup and put himself away.

He started driving again. We were only about half an hour from the cottage the group of us rented.

“You know Beth, we can do that all weekend if you want.”

I smiled enjoying the afterglow. Did I hate that I just had sex with a man I genuinely don’t like? Nope, not even a little.

“On the sly?” I asked.

“Ah, yes I don’t want anyone knowing I fucked you.”

It would be too humiliating for me to have anyone find out. It wasn’t a good image to be having sex with someone you don’t like just for the sake of pleasure and fun.

I looked out the open window. “Thank God because I don’t want anyone to know either. So yes, if nobody knows I’m in.”

I smiled and enjoyed the afterglow as we drove the remaining distance to the cabin and our waiting friends. Did I hate that I just had sex with a man I genuinely don’t like? Nope, not even a little.

To be continued…

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Lucy’s Father (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) NSFW

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.
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Lucy’s Father Part 1

I was roped into going to my friend Lucy’s birthday dinner at her house with her crazy family followed by the fun party after.  Dinner with her family was stressful for her because her parents were divorced and didn’t get along. Lucy bought the house about four years ago after getting a promotion. She hated renting. It didn’t take long for me to think Lucy’s mom Val is insane. Jack is hot for a man of his age and she was… not. Mostly personality, she didn’t have a good one that was for sure. She had cheated on Jack with a neighbor for years. I just hoped after when the actual party-party began I’d find someone to relieve my itch. I probably should have masturbated before coming here. I was too horny for my own good.

I was there to keep conversation civil. I wasn’t the only one, Anna our mutual friend was there too. Dinner went well, conversation was surprisingly fun, light and full of laughs. Jack stole glances at me with his deep blue eyes. I tried not to look his way as he unsettled me. I was transfixed by his long strong fingers as they worked the silverware. My imagination kept running off into my panties.

Shortly after dinner, others began arriving. Music started up and the bar was opened. Lucy’s mom left for her date and I lost track of Lucy.

“It was nice of you to chaperone dinner.”

I turned to see Jack’s smiling face. My heart jumped and my pussy fluttered. What the hell? Sure I’ve never met this man before today, but he was at least twenty-two years older than I am and my friend’s father.

“It was surprisingly fun.”

“Hmm.” He looked down my ample cleavage. “Surprisingly.” He moved closer and the sexy musk of his body and cologne sent a shiver to my core.

I dressed for the party not for him to leer. Still I liked that he looked. My lips parted as my breath became heavy. My nipples pebbled and I licked my parted lips. I swayed in my skirt and felt my body heat up.

I glanced down and he adjusted himself. This was bad. Dangerous and had to be wrong. I smiled and slipped past Jack grazing his bulge with the back of my hand. Ugh how was it possible that I wanted her father? I stopped at the screen door to the yard, looked back to see him watching and my face flushed and my panties dampened.

I pushed out into the vacant yard and inhaled the cool night air. Eventually the party would overflow to this space. I glanced back to see Jack follow me out the house and I made my way across the yard to the back shed. I slipped behind the shed and thanked Lucy for being an avid gardener. Her yard was immaculate and nothing littered the ground near the shed.

I turned as Jack rounded the shed and felt my self slicken. “I wasn’t sure you’d follow.”

“I wasn’t sure I read you right.”

I lowered my eyes to his prominent bulge. “This is wrong. Lucy’s my friend.”

“Then I leave it up to you.” He said and held up a condom.

I snatched it from his hand. “Meet me half way Jack.” I said opening the foil as he dropped his jeans and briefs. My hands shook as I rolled the rubber over his thick hard shaft. Impressive and now I was sure Val was a fool. I turned to face the shed and pulled the soaked crotch of my panties aside.  “Just sex.”

“Just sex.” he said and pushed in from behind.

“Wow Jack you’re a good fill.”

I braced on the shed as he thrust and slipped his hands up my shirt. If my pussy had a voice it would be screaming so loud with pleasure the neighbors would call he cops. I stifled my moans as he gripped my hips and I turned to bend at the waist.

“Oh shit.” He whispered as he thrust harder. “You’re pussy is so tight and slick.”

“Ram me Jack. Hard. Make me come.”

He did as told and I covered my mouth as my orgasm rippled sensually through my body. Jack grunted and came after a few strokes. He slapped my ass and pulled out.

“Shit Jack you’re a good fuck.” I said and put my panties back in place as he pulled his jeans back up. “I’m glad we did that.”

“Me too. I wanted to fuck you the second I walked in and saw you. I should go say goodbye to Lucy and leave. I’m too old for a party like this.”

I nodded. “I need a drink.”

“I don’t want to be presumptuous.” He pulled a card from the inside pocket of his blazer and handed it to me. “I’m not interested in any sort of relationship, but I’d like to eat your pussy sometime. I don’t tell my daughter everything about my life.”

He walked away and I swallowed a whimper. I tucked the card in my bra and went to find a drink, dance a bit and text my friends’ sexy father a picture of my tits.

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All Business – Mia (Part 6) (Sexy Saturday Serials)

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.

 All Business - Mia

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All Business – Mia Part 6

Well I ended up skipping the bath since I was so exhausted and fell into bed. I took a long hot shower in the morning instead. I patted my mound amazed that I was tender but not sore. I expected sore, and even painful. Instead I was flushed and a little puffed between my legs. Aroused. Like a bitch in heat only not gross. I was fascinated by how horny I am after all that sex yesterday.

I Jumped at  a rap at the door and tied the white fluffy robe around my still wet body. I peeked out and a man stood at the door with a tray. I didn’t order room service. I left the bar bolt on the door and opened it the inch.

“Good morning.” He said before I could object. “Andrew sent me up with a complimentary breakfast.”

I glanced at his name-tag. Gerry.

I backed up and closed the door. Was I labeled easy? It would fit. Did I care? I should, but as Eric said, on this trip I could do whatever I wanted. Nobody knew me here. I swiveled the bar lock and opened the door for the young man. He was close to if only a year or so younger than I. A lean and tanned body supported a handsome face topped with light blond hair. Not rugged, more like model pretty. He turned his very dark blue eyes on me as he set the tray down. More than just my hair dripped.

“You’re wet. Let me help with that.” Gerry smiled and retrieved a towel from the bathroom.

“I can dry my own hair.” I reached for the towel.

“Nonsense, you are the guest here.”

Where have I heard that before? I smiled and didn’t fight as he started drying my hair. I didn’t object when he undid the robe and let it puddle at my feet. He preceded to gently rub my left arm, then my right. I shivered with anticipation as my insides fluttered and roused. He dried down my back to my left leg then back up to my right. He moved to my front and dried my stomach and up to my already alert breasts. He rubbed them dry. He spent far to long to accomplished this and the resulting friction sent bolts of arousal down to my core and outward.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t dry all of you.” Gerry pouted and dropped the towel on the terrycloth robe. “Not with the towel.” He gently moved me to the edge of the bed and sat me down. I was speechless. I didn’t know what do say or do. I wanted this total stranger who stood before me pushing out his dark grey trousers.

Gerry gently nudged me to lay back then lifted my heels to the edge of the bed forcing me to spread wide for him. Was this really happening? There I was on the edge of a hotel bed with a pretty blond man gently fingering my very wet folds.

“So wet.”

I was breathing hard and aching for more. So fast and so ready for whatever he wanted to do.  I watched as he licked his lips and lowered his mouth to my eager entrance.

I was skeptical. Never have I actually enjoyed oral to orgasm. It was okay, but any man to eat me out was timid and either rushed or gave up in seconds. I always felt it was an empty gesture to just get his penis in me. Gerry’s tongue full on licked my entire sex from perineum to clit. He repeated a couple times before using his fingers to open my petals wide. He languidly ran his tongue up through my most sensitive flesh stopping to focus on the hardening nub of my clit.

I Gasped and writhed and Gerry held my hips steady as he went to work on and around the sensitive bump. He made the sexiest soft moans as he worked my body, as if he were enjoying the activity.

“Oh God, oh, oh. Ohhhhhh.” I came fast as his rough tongue massaged my clit. It surprised me and left me panting. I expected him to stop and get down to business, but he didn’t. Instead Gerry slipped the flexed tip of his tongue down and circled my opening. Which was still pulsing from the orgasm. I could hear my own wetness as I clenched and released. It was arousing to say the least.

With a low groan in his throat Gerry pressed his lips to my southern lips and pushed his tongue into my well. I held my breath and concentrated on the feeling of his thick wiggling tongue licking at my inner walls. The muffled sound of his breathing shooting hot blasts of air from his nostrils through my upper crevasse and over my clit in harsh puffs. Gerry’s arms went under my legs to hold me firmly. I buried my hands into his abnormally soft blond hair as he brought me closer to another orgasm. Each meaty stroke of his agile tongue licked pleasure deep into my core.

I closed my eyes and pulled back my legs as I neared the edge of no return. I gasped and grunted finally crying out with the pent up release. My body shuddered and convulsed as Gerry sucked and moaned into me.

The intoxicating euphoria spread over me as Gerry stood. “There that’s better.” He smiled. “I’ve had my breakfast, now you should have yours.” He went to uncover the tray… I had other plans.

To be continued…

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