Itsinyou Designer Boutique (Part 12) (Sexy Saturday Serials)

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.


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I had to skip Saturday’s request as a family emergency came up. I was worried they’d never invite me back but Sue assured me that it wasn’t breaking a rule to say no or take a break. The emergency resolved by Tuesday, my sister and husband were having a big fight. It turned out she was pregnant and acting irrational and he was frustrated with her temper. Once they figured it out all was good and let him move back in.

Despite how busy I was during the week, my mind found ways to make time for sexy thoughts of anonymous sex. There was nothing I could come up with that made it wrong. Well that I believed in anyway. I received an email about my level graduation, Thus the second man option. I was bumped to level three and that was exciting. Unbelievable really. It seemed to happen too fast, Sue only made level four last week and she’s been level three for more than half a year.

That afternoon I was texted to come in for service. I didn’t hesitate with my reply of yes. I did not want to risk losing my invitations. Friday’s were nearly write offs as I sat at my desk wet and unable to sit still. The air-conditioning was down and we were promised it would be fixed soon. I sat at my desk, a bit sweaty as I daydreamed of Mr. Thursday. I was secretly sad I didn’t get a VIP request yesterday from him. Or anyone. Still the usual Friday and Saturday were more than enough to get my hormones raging and pussy pulsing.

I looked up as my boss Drew Manson knocked on my door. He looked pleased, a bit flustered from the heat. His tie was off and his collar was unbuttoned. That was about as casual as he would manage. He still wore his suit jacket.

“Hi Mr. Manson.” I smiled.

“I wanted to let you know the promotion is yours. I thought you’d like to hear that before you head out for the weekend.”

“Really?” I jumped up and once again enjoyed the slick slide of my southern lips. I reached to shake his hand and he chuckled. As far as boss’s go, He’s never been inappropriate or weird nor ever made me feel uncomfortable. He was great to work for and fair. I was lucky to be here and I appreciated the promotion completely.

“It was barely a contest Amara. You’ve more than proved your worth here.”

“Thank you.” I grinned and caught sight of five little star clustered freckles near his collarbone. My insides flipped and not in a bad way. Uh oh.

“Go on and head out early, I’m letting everyone go, this heat is disgusting.” He dabbed his brow with a handkerchief. Drew Manson wasn’t unattractive, but not my taste either. Even now, I wasn’t attracted to him specifically. Other than I know how amazing it is to ride his… I shook my head. I needed to talk to Sue. Could this cause me to be expelled?

“Thanks Mr. Manson. Have a good weekend.”

“Weekends are why I work so hard. See you Monday.”

He turned and left and I texted Sue. She agreed to come over before we went to the shop tonight.

Sue came over after I tidied up and got ready for service. I told her what happened with the boss and she giggled.

“Oh Amara it’s bound to happen. You have choices. You can remove him from your line up unless you like the idea of slipping your boss. You do have to report that know you know him, but as long as you play by the rules, it’s totally fine. You will be asked if you want him to know. That’s up to you too. I actually figured out one woman in my favourites by chance and we see each other outside and both know.”

“I don’t want a relationship with him. I do want to have him again…” I did. Even now thinking about how he was my first and how much I liked riding him while sucking the other guy, I was uncomfortably wet. “But I don’t know if I want him to know. It would be weird at work. I like his… you know, but not him.”

“Then he doesn’t have to know. The truth of it is we sign up for anonymity. Just because you know doesn’t mean he has to. If you think it would be weird at work then definitely don’t.”

“I’ll think about it. I don’t think it will bother me to know, just for him to know. I was worried I’d be let go or something.”

“Nah. Someone likes you. You’ll be passing me in no time.”

“Doesn’t that bother you?” I asked.

“Amara, I get sex two to three times a week. Almost every week. I only wish you swung both ways.”

“Sorry Sue.”

“Me too. Meh. Let’s go get used.” Sue giggled and we left my apartment.

I gave my message that I figured out one of my selections. I was given a contract to read and sign. I chose not to let the man know. I was okay with that. I was assured that if the opposite were to occur I might not know that someone knew me. I was okay with that too, in fact it was a little exciting. I put on my robe and waited in the prep room for about ten minutes before being called to room three. I tucked my hair up into the full face mask. I laid on my back with my legs restrained spread open on a table in the middle of a room.

“So you are aware.” A deep male voice sounded to my left. “I am watching.” He said it with a tone that suggested he was disguising his voice. I hoped it was Mr. Thursday, him or not I wanted to believe it was him because it turned me on.

The door opened and I heard another come in. The first set of hands were rough and opted out of foreplay. He thrust his condom-clad cock and came before I was fully aroused. The second was more giving with rubbing my breasts as he thrust away into me. Again, he wore a condom. If I didn’t know what the reward was, I might dislike this. Even as impersonal, as they were I liked knowing they were enjoying my body. After all, I may have or may someday enjoy theirs. I figured out that these men that rushed are possibly newer members or even applicants. That aroused me sufficiently to enjoy the feeling of their erections as the third condom clad man sped through the act. Rushed or not it still felt good. No orgasms, but that was okay. Even more so I liked that someone was watching this. That someone found me sexy enough to want to watch other men use me. That someone was still in the room.

 To be continued…

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Sexy Symphony – (Part- 18) Climbing Ivy

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol.
It is rated R and is for readers 18+ only.

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Part 18

Sexy Symphony – (Part- 18) Climbing Ivy

Here I was on the rocky beach strewn with large boulders with a man I’ve only known three days. A man who made me question everything. Dustin moved his lips against mine as I responded with as much need and emotion as he offered me.

My body was singing with the sounds of arousal, the gentle buzz across my skin, the tympani of my heart in my chest, and tattoo of my pulse in my ears. There was the peculiar empty ache inside me that hummed a steady need like the passionate chorus of violins and cello. His tongue ran across mine trumpeting arousal down to my core. It was a sexy symphony of self-indulgent satisfaction.

I pressed against Dustin feeling his own arousal and moved my hips gently against him. He moaned into my mouth and I begged him with my own moan of response. All my reason was gone and all that was left was a need. A need I’ve never felt before and was terrified I’d never feel again.

Keeping my groin against his rock hard arousal I arched my back so his hands could gain access to what they sought out. My tank top rode up with his hands as they found their treasure and he began rubbing and fondling my breasts.

If I was going to lose him, I wanted to lose all of him. The decision snapped my brain sharply. I could look back and remember a lover or I could look back and regret never sharing the one thing we both wanted.

I dove my hands into his hair and pulled his mouth hard against mine. His hands abandoned the awkward position of working my breasts and went down to my hips. I wanted no confusion as to what I wanted. I felt his thumbs hook into the tops of my very short Jean shorts and I pushed up onto my tiptoes forcing them down over my hips. I have no idea if Dustin pushed them the rest of the way or if they fell by the pull of gravity, all I know is they hit my ankles and I stepped out of them.

We both moaned as his hands made short work of my overly wet bikini bottoms. I felt a finger slip between my legs to explore as I was leaned against a large boulder. He let out a whimper as his finger slipped easily through my swollen lips.

I gasped and broke the kiss when two fingers penetrated.

“Ivy.” He said my name as if he were in pain.

Dustin’s fingers moved swiftly stroking my insides hard.

“Please,” I begged as his mouth found a bared breast. “Please Dustin, please…” I grabbed at his hair pulling his face back to mine.

Our eyes met as he took his fingers away.

“Please,” I begged in a lusty whisper.

His lips touched mine as he filled me in one swift thrust. The empty ache became a blast of pleasure.

Abandoning the effort of kissing, our guttural cries competed with the crashing waves as we gave each other pleasure. Each thrust eliciting more frantic pleas and noise from me. I wrapped my legs and feet, still in my deck shoes, around his waist as he slammed hard and faster.

“Dustin, Dustin, I’m… Oh, I’m… I…” I gulped one last breath and held it hard as my body released pleasure and convulsed from the overwhelming amount of it.

He thrust a few times and I felt him pull out and grunt as his seed hit the boulder beneath us. We stayed still, panting and together for what felt like an eternity. I committed it all to memory, if this was all I get then I wanted it all.

I gently scratched my fingers through his hair as he leaned his forehead on my shoulder. I felt too much joy to be sad.

To be continued…

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My Sexy Stranger (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) NSFW

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.
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My Sexy Stranger (Quick and Dirty Short Stories)

I don’t normally dream when I nap, but I did this time. I woke from the most erotic dream I’d ever had. Only I couldn’t recall any of it other than it had been erotic. I was taught with need and rubbed my nipples through my shirt and bra. I needed to relieve this particular tension. I took my bra off and continued to rub and fondle my breasts.

I glanced at the clock. “Shit.” I was late for dinner with my friends. I jumped up, changed into a sexy blue dress and put on makeup. I texted Belinda to let her know I’m on my way and drove carefully, but fast to get there.

I made it as appetizers were being served. Belinda and Lola were already three drinks in. We talked, giggled, and enjoyed the food. The faded memory of my dream still lingered between my legs and the sexy man at the table across the room was cutting me glances. So I covertly flirted back. I tend to get flirtier when I’m horny and feeding my libido wine.

“May,” Belinda began, “how’d the date with Greg go?”

I flicked my attention to her keeping the sexy man in my sights just behind her to the left. “he was a douche I didn’t even let him touch my tits.”

“I didn’t like him,” Hallie said as she sipped her wine.

I managed to flash my sexy stranger my fuchsia panties ‘accidentally’ and he licked his lips slowly. It was a rush to know we were on the same sexy page.  This was the first time I’ve gone on the prowl like this. I know it’s just flirting but man if he offered, I’d gladly have sex with him tonight.

Conversation slipped into exe’s and the club after dinner where they planned to find someone to take home. My sexy stranger made a show of rubbing his bulge for me. If I weren’t already wet, I would have been now.

“Excuse me,” I said and got up, Belinda and Hallie filled their glasses from the bottle on the table. I made my way to the restrooms. I paused when I got to the three doors. One for lady’s, one for gents and the other a unisex or family room.

My sexy stranger was right behind me and looking at me as if I were the most desirable thing in existence. I opened the unisex door and it was a single bathroom with a door lock. My sexy stranger followed me in. The moment I clicked the lock he grabbed me and kissed me deeply.

I knew what I was getting myself into when I stood from the table, and I wanted it. As his fevered lips and tongue met with mine, I tugged at his pants, undid them and pulled him free. He pressed a condom into my hand then undid my dress to free my tits. As he kept kissing, he fondled my breasts and I blindly put the condom on. It was easier to do than I thought it would be.

My sexy stranger’s cock was thick and rigid in my hands. I let him go,  hiked up my dress and pulled my panties off. I set them on the counter and he let my breasts go to grab my ass and lift me easily. My bare back was pressed against the cold door as he plummeted his length into me.

It was frantic, desperate and fucking hot. I whimpered and moaned as he thrust fast and furiously. I gripped handfuls of his dark hair as I came hard and explosively as he swallowed my moans and came himself.

He set me down and kept kissing me, pausing only to dispose of the condom in the toilet. With a killer sexy smile and a chaste kiss on the tip of my nose, he unlocked the door and slipped out.

“Holy shit that was good.” With shaking hands, I tidied myself up and put my panties back on. I waited a brief moment to let my flushed face cool off then went out to the table.

I glanced across the room to see my sexy stranger was gone as were the others with him. It occurred to me he might be married I didn’t even check.

“You okay?” Belinda asked. “You look flushed.”

“Yeah, too much wine maybe, let’s get out of here and go dancing.”

It didn’t take much convincing as Hallie flagged the waiter for our bill. I opened my clutch to take out my credit card and found a business card beside it. I read the name and flipped it over. “Call me.”

Hallie giggled. “Some guy from that table,” She pointed at the empty one, “Left that for you while you took forever in the restroom. He was super-hot, but too shy to give it to you in person.”

I smiled, he gave it to me in person all right and I had every intention of calling him.

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Monumentally Stupid- (Part- 13) Climbing Ivy

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol.
It is rated R and is for readers 18+ only.

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Part 13

Monumentally Stupid – (Part- 13) Climbing Ivy

I was sucking the orange fake cheese crap from my thumb when Dustin grabbed the empty bag of which he’d eaten the most.

“Did you eat the last one?” He said with mock horror and disgust.

“Mmm hmm,” I pulled my thumb from my mouth and examined the cheese powder covered forefinger.

“Ah man, I still wanted more.”

His silly pout made me giggle, it was embarrassing how much I giggled when around him, and I held out my finger. Without hesitation, he grabbed my hand, stuck my finger in his mouth and sucked. My giggle died on my lips as his tongue played over the sensitive digit. The arousal that up until now had been background noise, jumped up to full attention and fairly shouted hooray!

With a gentle pull, he had me off my chair and in his lap. His hands went up into my hair as he pulled my head down to his. I did not intend to stop him, at least not for just a kiss.

It was like being plunged into an overheated bath that was abnormally pleasant. My hands found his jaw and played along the semi soft stubble as his mouth and mine moved in a strange dance. I welcomed his tongue with my own as he stood and pulled me closer.

 As my heart raced, I traced my hands down his chest feeling the rapid thump of his. Dustin’s hands went down to my waist and his fingers played with the hem of my shirt. I breathed heavily as his hands sneaked up under my shirt and my body temperature began to elevate. It was weird because his hands moved with confidence and not. Almost as if he were asking for permission. This was unexpected. Pawing and groping was par and par with kissing. Given opportunity men ran for second base as soon as they could, usually right after the moment they rounded first base.

I shifted back enough for his hands to push my shirt up taking the bikini top with it. When his fingers crested my breasts, I moaned. He broke the kiss with a sultry chuckle.

“I knew it.” He ran his fingers over the crest and filled his hands with my flesh. “No bra.”

“Bikini top.” They are so much easier to move than a tight supportive bra.

“Mmm.” He nipped at my lips then kissed me again.

Son of a bitch he could kiss. I was dizzy from the taste of his mouth and the feel of his hands. He stroked and rubbed by breasts taking his time to arouse me fully. I felt hot and desperate between my legs. Empty. The feeling was emptiness and I wanted something to fill the aching space. It was probably anti-feminist of me to feel that way but it was true.

“Ivy,” Dustin whispered my name as I tried to focus. “Ivy.” He said with more force.

I opened my eyes as he pulled his hands from my shirt and tugged it down to cover me. It took me a moment to realize what he was doing.

“I’m sorry.” He said softly and stepped back.

I didn’t dare speak or I might beg him to have sex with me. A move I know deep down I’d regret. Or would I? No, I would. In the light of day, sober and alone I’d feel like shit about it. Especially since I can’t keep him.  I waited for him to say this was a mistake. The words that would hurt me to the point of physical pain.

“I need to stop now or I won’t be able to stop,” Dustin said in a tone soaked with lust.

I nodded and looked at the ground. What the hell am I supposed to do? I have no idea. Run away? No that’s stupid and dangerous. Go to bed with him? That would be doubly dangerous and monumentally stupid.

“Couch?” I asked quietly.

“Two rooms, two beds.” He said as he took my hand.

He led me into the open beach house that was twice the size of the one I was staying at and three times as nice.

“Nice,” I said as he pointed out the huge Jacuzzi tub bathroom and the spare room. It was made up already with what looked like clean bed sheets.

“Good night Ivy,” Dustin said softly as he brushed my hair back from my face.

I smiled and closed the door when he stepped back.

I was already barefoot and didn’t know what I did with my shoes. I checked to make sure my feet weren’t too dirty and climbed into the spare bed. I don’t know when the tears started but I knew I was in trouble.

“I don’t even know him,” I whispered to the darkness. “I don’t even know his last name.” And I still didn’t want to either. “I’m getting too old for these fruitless summer romances.”

When I talk to myself like this, I know it’s because I’m upset and have a problem to solve. I glanced at the bedside radio alarm clock several times, as I tried to sleep. I got up around five and tiptoed out of the room. I heard Dustin’s soft snore, smiled knowing it was beer induced and I thought it was cute.

I slipped out of the house, found my shoes by the extinguished fire and jogged away.

To be continued…

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Itsinyou Designer Boutique (Part 9) (Sexy Saturday Serials)

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.


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Saturday I floated on cloud nine. Only I had to text in that I was on my cycle. I didn’t expect anyone to be into period sex when they could have any other available. The break was nice, Mr. Thursday had me a little tender from his administrations.

The week flew by and by Wednesday I was done with my period and by Friday I was ready for a good weekend. I walked into the office feeling horny and ready for a day of distraction before I got to go play.

I must say having a tantalizing evening ahead made the day more fun, but it did go by slowly. Would it always be this way? Sex so often? Oh, I’m not complaining, it is life changing. I’m not cranky, I’ve been more alert and I’m being noticed. I am not at all interested in dating at the moment so I can focus on work and I’m getting very far ahead.

I entered the shop, handed over my card and went to the room. There were some new questions.

Regarding anal. Chose from the following options that you are willing to do or try. Penis, finger or thumb, tongue, beginner plug, vibrating toy, non-vibrating toy or none of the above.’

I contemplated this. I’ve never wanted to. Sue says it’s fun and she can’t get enough. I recalled both times I wanted to push further when it came to the vibrators. I selected finger or thumb and beginner plug or small toy and pressed enter. That’s the best I can do. Even watching it on porn makes me uneasy.

There is no guarantee of anal play. Please proceed to the change room.’

I was dressed in my robe and barely sat in the waiting room before being called to room five. Sue’s eyes went wide and she whispered. “That was fast.”

I went to prep room five and read the instructions on the screen. I looked at the chair. It was angled so I’d be slightly propped up but it looked maneuverable. Okay this was not on my list of options. Maybe it was only for men? I shrugged and sat. I scooted my bum to the edge so my tailbone was on the end. I put my feet in the comfortable stirrups and secured my feet. I pulled my hair back and put on the mask. It was more comfortable than I expected and I could breathe just fine. It wasn’t hot and I couldn’t see a dammed thing. I reached down to the sides and groped for the handles as instructed and pressed the buttons with my thumbs. I heard a whirr and my wrists were secured.

I did say I was okay with being restrained and it was exciting. If anyone had told me month ago that I’d like being held in place as men did as they please with me, I’d have laughed at them until I puked. I know I’m in for pleasure and there was no pain so I didn’t panic last time so I wouldn’t this time. I waited and heard the door open. The soft sounds of clothing being removed made me antsy and I started flexing my pelvic muscles. I was spread wide and on view and it turned me on.

“Nice.” A deep male voice said as his hands roamed my entire body. “I’ll go first.” I heard him inhale and felt what had to be a tongue flick my spread open lady parts.

Did I hear him say go first? Yes I did. A pair of hands started working my breasts as the others gripped my thighs as their owner licked and lapped expertly. My breath quickened. I was panting and trying not to make noise.

“Try her, she tastes fantastic.” The voice from earlier spoke. The hands on my breasts didn’t move away, but started really working my nipples. I felt kisses on my thigh and two hands rubbing my leg as two more hands went to my ass cheeks and a rougher and thicker tongue probed me. I felt two mouths descend on a breast each and the out of sync attention along with the mouth between my legs drove me over. I bucked and came.

I heard the voice come from between my legs. “This is incredible.” The second man said

“Want some?” The first man said.

“Not yet.” This one had a light Spanish accent. “You know what I want.”

“Alright men work her up. I’m going in,” first said.

I moaned when he pushed in. My nipples were once again in separate mouths at once. Tongues flicked, teeth grazed and they sucked.

I was so close to coming and I felt first, grunt and come hard.

“Fill her up.” Spanish said.

“Let her down.” Second, said as my pending orgasm backed off. “Alright sexy my turn.” He eased in.

For some reason this was turning me on. I know they’re clean and I’m on birth control. I mewled as he thrust. He was thinner but longer than first. I was close again and panting.

“Yes.” Second said and rammed his long cock hard. He jerked and I could feel him spurting into me. It seemed more intense since I could do nothing but feel what they were doing.

“You’re up,” Second said.

“Let’s see.” I felt fingers probing and making sucking noises as my breasts were once again being attended to. The pleasure from them would be enough on it’s own. I wanted double mouths on them again.

“Your fet is not my taste man, but I like watching you do it.” First said.

I felt a third and different cock slip into me. This one thinner and shorter. He would be slipping about in the spunk of two other men. I was filled with two different men’s semen and I really wanted an orgasm. However, they had so far stopped and come into me before I got there.

“Rub her.” Spanish said as he started thrusting.

I felt a hand slide down my body to my clit as Spanish’s thin short cock slammed away. I arched my back as I revved up too fast. I moaned and both mouths went wild on my nipples. The hand rubbed faster.

Spanish hit me hard twice and held still. “Oh yeah.” He said as he unloaded into me.

I was so close I wanted to cry from the frustration. However, the breast men were still going and I was still being rubbed.

“Get her there.” I felt Spanish take his rod out and then his mouth went to work. His thick hot tongue went deep. He moaned and if I was right, he was French kissing my cream filled pussy. My clit was being rubbed and I writhed beneath them.

I couldn’t stop my moaning yips as all the pent up pleasure pushed closer to the apex. I don’t know what he was doing with his tongue but it was too much. I cried out and clenched his tongue as he sucked and groaned.

As my body calmed with a decedent afterglow Spanish abandoned me as the other two moved away.

“Good?” First asked.

“The best yet.” Spanish said.

“Let’s get another to take us all at once.” Second said.

“Hell yeah.”

I listened as they dressed and left after tapping on the screen. My hands were released and a voice over a speaker told me to tidy up. I did and went to the lit up screen.

Did you enjoy yourself?’  I pressed yes.

Were you at any point uncomfortable?’ It was odd but no. I pressed no.

Would you like to return?’ Yes.

Proceed to the change room and have a nice evening.

I can’t see myself ever saying no to coming back. This time I showered before leaving. I would never do that type of sex in the real world. Somehow, in here it was okay to have three guys fill me up and one of them suck it all out. It was gross in my opinion, but he gave me pleasure for his. There was no harm in that.

To be continued…

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Me, Myself And Isla (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) NSFW

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R 18+ only.
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Me, Myself And Isla

It’s been over a year since my husband left me for another woman. Since then I’ve discovered the joy of real deep down sexual pleasure. The kind that I discovered on my own. I had no idea it was missing from our marriage bed.

There is something swirling in my mind that’s stirring up my insides.  An image of a hand tending to its own body as it works to bring forth the pleasure and release. An image imprinted from a sexy tasteful black and white video I watched yesterday.

The hand moves slowly at first before it finds the eliciting pattern needed. I blink the image away and look around my kitchen. I stared at the faucet dripping steady, turn it off and indirectly marvel at the rise and fall of my breasts, how sexy they look in my new push-up bra. The image of the agile fingers playing gently across tight silky skin reappeared as I carried the two cups of tea to the table.

My heated blood flushed my cheeks as I sat and listened to my friend Isla talk with her singsong voice. Despite the conversation, my mind played the mini movie on repeat. Stroke, rub, moan, squeeze, grab, grunt and come.  Like a prisoner, I was trapped in my vision as much as I was trapped in the conversation keeping me from re-enacting the video.

Disrespecting my boundaries, my mind took off on its own adding a sweet soundtrack to the flashes of imagery. Heavy breathing, soft moans, and the sexy sound legs make when shifting abruptly over bed sheets from throws of self-induced passion.

The tightening inside the core of my sex became luxurious and called for me to take action. I should not be feeling this way or think these things so openly in my kitchen with company over.

Over my hot tea, I watched my friend Isla’s lips form the words of her story. I held my breath as the glistening tip of her tongue poked out to moisten the soft flesh. I’ve never even kissed a woman before so I had no idea why I was so aroused by the sight. Isla and I fingered ourselves in the same room one drunken night, but nothing happened or came of it.

My nipples tightened upon seeing hers pucker beneath her blouse, sending a tingle that bounced between my breasts and my clit. Up and down and back again repeatedly. The thick thud of my pulse between my legs became too much to ignore.

I should excuse myself and seek out privacy, but I couldn’t move.

I leaned forward, rested my left elbow on the small kitchen table. I set my chin on my hand curling my fingers in so the knuckles pressed against my mouth. My right hand inched between my already parted legs as the images of the black and white hand in my head worked faster.

Isla kept telling her animated story of her trip to the Bahama’s for her brothers wedding.

I could feel the wet already dampening through my underwear to my thin leggings. With a stealthy move, I wiggled my finger, forcing the fabric between my hot southern lips until I found my clit. I began a gentle circular rub with only my index finger, sliding the wet fabrics creating a tantalizing friction.

I was so worked up and this was so ultra naughty that I brought myself fast. Clenching hard on nothing, my body climaxed from my own gentle solitary digit.

“Dammit Teri,” my friend Isla said sounding breathy. “I don’t know what it is about you today, but I’ve become super horny since I got here. Wanna go upstairs and watch each other finger ourselves again?”

“Or perhaps I could finger you?” I asked holding my breath.

The sultry smile that stretched her lips and the lusty glint in her dark brown eyes got my heart pumping a steady beat between my legs again.

“I thought you’d never ask.”

A Hansel and Gretel trail of discarded clothing followed us to my bedroom.

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I just had to participate.” -Cimm


Itsinyou Designer Boutique (Part 7) (Sexy Saturday Serials)

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.


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I spent Sunday recovering and being as lazy as I could. Eventually I couldn’t stand it and went for a bike ride down a long forest trail. I laughed at myself for thinking things smelled nicer, looked greener and brighter. I’m the kind of person who enjoys masturbating, but lately I have refrained. It was more fun to be horny and aroused all day. I managed to make it through another week at work. Taking on more tasks and jobs than normal, I tried to keep busy.

“Hey Amara, any weekend plans?” Joe from editing asked on Thursday. I couldn’t tell if he was fishing for opportunity or not. I didn’t particularly like him and would never date a co-worker.

“Spa day with friends and a dinner date.” I didn’t mention with my friend Sue. “It seems I have no spare time these days. You?”

“Painting the outside of the house. Have fun, see ya.” Joe walked away.

My insides were a bundle of anticipation. I sat at my desk too randy to concentrate after getting the service text. On a Thursday? That was new. I called Sue to ask her if that was normal.

No. Thursday is VIP. I’m going but I’ve only been to three. Amara, I’m so glad I got you invited.”

“Me too Sue. It’s so much fun.”

I ended the call, rushed home after work to tidy up and was sufficiently aroused by the time I got to the shop. I was taken immediately to room seven by a woman I’ve seen before and directed to lay on my back. She put my hair up into a strange mask/blindfold on that stopped just below my nose. I couldn’t see a thing but my mouth was exposed. My hands were secured to my sides by a strap and I was helped to lay down on a table.

I didn’t wait too long before two warm hands were massaging my body gently and with some oil. Up each of my legs and down. My hips, stomach and then arms. Then my shoulders, neck and finally my breasts. He lingered and rubbed and massaged until I was breathing hard from arousal. All I could do was imagine what was being done. I felt my head being tilted back as the table reclined at my shoulders. The rest of my body was still horizontal.

“There you go beautiful.” A soft male voice said as he tweaked my nipples. “Spread your legs for me.”

I did as instructed. This was fun to be spoken to. I’m not supposed to talk even if asked a question. They aren’t supposed to ask questions only give demands or instructions.

“You’re glistening.”

I felt his fingers wiggling through my southern lips making a wet sound.


I heard him and felt… I’m not sure what I felt it was as if he was above me and maybe ready to plunge in. Instead, I felt something soft and warm touch my lips and stroke across them. The familiar smell of pre-cum wafted to my nose as my lips were moistened.

I parted my lips and licked the slit of the cock before them. I opened my mouth and put my lips around the bulbous head teasing it with my tongue.

“Oh yeah suck me.”

I love licking and sucking a cock. I beckoned him in further with the caress of my tongue and realized the angle allowed me to take him in easily. As I licked and swallowed I felt his chest touch my stomach then his hair tickle my inner thighs as he lowered his mouth. Ah a sixty-nine. This was something I’ve never done but had always wanted to try. I spread wider as he began licking and sucking me as eagerly as I was him.

There was something primal about knowing you turned someone on and even more so that you pleasure them. Stranger or not, it was erotic to give and receive in this manner. He was thrusting into my mouth and I held still as his thin cock slid to the back of my throat and out then back. If he had been longer or wider, this would not have been as much fun. I tensed up for my orgasm and came into his mouth. He sucked and licked as he unloaded into the back of my throat. I swallowed as he held still and pulled out slowly. Normally the taste makes me gag instantly, but since I never got a wad of hot thick cum in my mouth it was bearable. Perhaps it was the temperature and texture that bothered me.

I don’t mind and had said I was okay with oral. He moved off me and was near my head.

“You taste fucking awesome.” He said and I heard him move to the screen and tap on it.

He left and I stayed there half wishing I could raise my head back up. Mental note, don’t leave anyone to wait uncomfortably. I didn’t wait long before someone came in, raised the headrest and took a warm cloth and washed my breasts and vagina. I was sat up and given a drink of a citrus soda and then laid back down to wait. It didn’t sound like the person left the room.

To be continued…

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In The Mirror (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) NSFW

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R 18+ only.
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In The Mirror

My hands shook as I closed the front door of my house, dropped my purse and keys on the table and pulled down the top of my spaghetti strap dress. I leaned against the cool wall and tugged on my nipples. I smiled at my reflection in the wall length mirror and pushed my dress down over my hips taking my underwear with it. I stepped out leaving my heels on and went back to fondling my breasts.

Reading erotica on the bus home and thinking dirty thoughts all day led me to this burst of out of control need. I moaned and ran my hands over my curvy body watching myself in the mirror. I’ve never done this before but the character in the book had. I stood here in broad daylight in front of a mirror. The idea stuck and I had to do it.

I spread my legs and gasped at how shiny and swollen I’d become. The lightest touch from my fingers sent spasms of pleasure through my lips to my clit. I wondered how wet I could get and spread myself to look. I leaned up against the wall and began rubbing my clit in gentle circles.

I’ve always been shy about sex, and lately, I’ve been reading more and more erotica. Some of it made me horny some made me cringe. I quickly found the sub-genres that made my blood rush and focused on them. I wanted to be more I wanted to explore and play. In my head after reading a story I’d feel brave, however the more time that passed after reading, the less bravado I felt.

I took in the view of my hand with my delicate petals pushing up between my fingers. I imagined myself a sexy woman in a novelette, the confident woman who could claim the pleasures she longed for.

I clenched and pulsed, I sunk to the floor as I pulled my heels closer to my bum and spread wide. The cold floor beneath me became warm as my body heated up fast.

Panting, groaning and rubbing marginally faster, I gasped when a sexy amount of viscous wet pooled at my opening. I tightened my pelvic muscles and it overflowed. The clear shiny line made its way over my taint to drip to the floor. It was happening I was doing what a woman in a sexy story might do.

“Oh yes,” I said rubbing my lips and clit faster, my pulse thundered in my chest and ears.

I closed my eyes and let my orgasm take over my body. The sweet sensation coated me and caressed my soul. There was more to this than one meager orgasm. I planned to watch myself finger my now dripping pussy.

I opened my eyes to see my husband standing with his mouth open, eyes burning with lust and a raging hard on in his hand and I grinned at my reflection as I disappeared two fingers deep inside as he fell to his knees stroking. Now was my moment to be bold.

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Amara – Itsinyou Designer Boutique (Part 6) (Sexy Saturday Serials)

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R 18+ only.

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Itsinyou Designer Boutique

Part 6

I had plans with friends Saturday and had more fun with them than I recall having before. They were commenting on my mood and that I looked happy and flushed. They grilled me about a boyfriend and I said no. They were relentless so I said I found a friend with benefits and it was working out in my favor. They let it go after I insisted they didn’t know the man. Hell, it was more than one man and I didn’t even know them.

Giddy to serve I went into the shop and verified my stats were the same. I was in the waiting room less than five minutes before being called to room four. I didn’t hesitate to climb into position on my stomach resting my feet on the floor.

I felt fingers spreading me from behind and an unceremonious penetration. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of being thrust into. Knowing that the man on the other end was enjoying me I clenched for him and he started a faster-hurried pace. I felt aroused and started enjoying it when he stopped abruptly, held himself tight and pressed as he came. I was vacated and remained horny and waiting. Would he do anything else? I was certain he’d used a condom since there was nothing leaking out of me. That’s a distinct feeling and it wasn’t there. The screen on the wall lit up and it simply said please wait for guest number two. Then it went out.

I waited and gasped when hands made contact with my ass cheeks. There was once again no foreplay as what felt like another condom clad cock edged into my opening. This one was slow and languid with his strokes as he rubbed my backside. His thumb grazed my anus a few times, as he thrust. It felt good to my surprise. I became wetter as my body enjoyed the strokes and caresses; I was close to orgasm and started clenching as he began thrusting fast.

Before I could get there, he did. I was left empty so suddenly I whimpered. This was part of the deal. It felt a bit uncomfortable to be used so coldly. I would never treat my servers this way. I didn’t want to. It was much more fun to know the cock I was using was enjoying it too.

Two more men came and did the same. Each time there was a let down break between and each time I was so close to orgasm. They came and left. How boring. Was that all they needed? I contemplated this as I felt hands run from my calves up to my thighs and then over my ass up to my lower back and back down. He repeated this until I was fairly dripping. I felt something cold touch the back of my knee and it started vibrating. A toy. At this point, I just wanted to come and didn’t care if it was by the toy. He ran the small vibrating object up over my leg, over my ass and down the other leg. When he brought it back up, he dipped it down to my wet and then up against my clit.

I wiggled my hips and rolled my eyes as the orgasm built quickly and released violently. Shaking and panting I waited for him to remove it. He slid it back through my wet and up to my anus. I tensed and he patted my ass cheek gently.

The buzzing was unusually pleasant, once I realized he wasn’t going to do more than that I relaxed and he pressed his cock into my well. It felt different, smooth and it rubbed nicely. No condom. It definitely felt much nicer than latex.

He held the toy in place as he began stroking my insides with his hard shaft. As I became more and more aroused, I wondered if it would feel even better if he put the toy inside my ass. A thought I’d never entertained before now. I felt the toy circling and enticing my no-go-zone as his cock brought me to the brink of a blinding orgasm. I gripped the bed, gasping and grunting as he unloaded into me. I cried out as my body burst into blissful oblivion. I felt him pat my backside gently and leave me. The telltale dribble of warm liquid slipped out and down the inside of my thigh. It didn’t gross me out at all. I rather liked it.

Once I was able to clean up, I answered all the questions asked and went to get dressed. I slept so well I didn’t even dream.

To be continued…

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Oh What A View! (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) NSFW

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R 18+ only.
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Oh What A View!

A flicker of guilt, chased by a briefer moment of shame was overshadowed by my hefty surge of arousal. I peeked at my watch and silently crept up to my low kitchen window naked. 

The sheer curtains would hide me from view; I’ve tested that theory so I know I’m safe. Again, the guilt and shame scratched at my gut before tickling my core. This was part of the dance, the routine I’ve become addicted to. 

He was right on time. I knelt on the wide portable step stool I kept in front of the window for this purpose. I shopped for it carefully, choosing the perfect step stool to allow for comfort and the right kneeling height. To everyone else, it was a handy tool for me to reach the top shelves of my cupboards, for me it was my front row seat.

I let my bare breasts brush against the cold wall. The contact hardening them further as my naked neighbor entered his kitchen.

There were no coverings on his low window and it was wide open. My eyes slid down his glorious twenty-five-year-old body to rest upon his thick hard cock jutting proudly before him. Oh what a view! His hand moved from tip to base and back up so slowly I was transfixed.

I could hear my pulse in my ears and feel it between my legs. I was already slick from anticipation. I curled my fingers and raked the backs of my nails over my rigid nipples like an old-time washboard.  I wiggled my hips and clenched as he opened the cupboard stretching and stroking as he took out a bowl. Sexy flutters from my core cause me to part my legs, perching my knees on the edges of the step stool. 

He kept stroking as he reached up with one hand and brought a box of cereal out. I bit my bottom lip, grabbed handfuls of my breasts and squeezed while pinching my nipples hard. He was right beside the window and he paused to rub the the dripping head of his cock with his thumb spreading the pre-cum over and down as he began stroking again. 

I knew he would stay in sight, he always did. He turned after filling the bowl giving me a head on view of more pre-cum leaking from his bulbous mushroom shaped tip. My right hand abandoned a breast to slip down my stomach and over my mound. Again, he thumbed the pre-cum over the head as he turned to pour milk into the bowl. 

I slipped two my fingers deep inside myself as he turned again to put the milk back in the out of sight fridge. He could go and sit at the table I can’t see, but he won’t. His hand reached down to fondle his balls as he started eating. His cock jerked as it leaked more. What I wouldn’t give to lap it all up and swallow that beautiful thing deep in my throat.

My own juices trickled down my hand to my wrist as I began stroking myself. I fingered deep to match the movement of his hand as it resumed the lengthy journey from base to tip and back. I bit my lip harder to keep from making noise. I didn’t trust my closed window to keep my secret. 

Faster and faster, we stroked until he stopped eating and faced the window completely. Matching his furious movements with my own, I watched him lean against his windowsill and with a few final strokes; he shot his seed out in thick spurts. I imagined it all landing on my face and tits instead of the concrete alley four stories below. Pretending to feel the hot fluid slip and slide down my breasts to my nipples and drip like honey to the floor. I collapsed to the cold tiles of my kitchen as my body shook and twitched with orgasmic release. 

Laying on my back, I sucked my slick fingers wishing I were thirty years younger and thanking the architects who designed these intrusive apartment views.

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Masturbation-Monday-badge-1“I found this lovely writing prompt.
I just had to participate.” -Cimm