Lucy’s Father – Part 6 (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) NSFW

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R. 18+ Only

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Lucy’s Father Part 6

I answered my phone as Jack and I got out of his car.

“Hey Lucy.” I said as Jack fondled a breast on the way to the elevator.  “Yeah I got back safe. All is…” I swallowed as he started fingering me again. Damn he was insatiable. “good. I-“

She cut me off and started talking about her mother as we got in the elevator. I expected the call to drop but it didn’t. Jack began licking and nibbling at my neck as his fingers worked my clit.

“Lucy… I have…” She cut me off again and I was trying not to pant into the phone as her father licked the length of my neck. “Okay I have to go, I’ll call you tomorrow. Have fun with your mom.” I ended the call. “While I fuck your father.”

His mouth left my neck as the doors opened and he tugged me on wobbly legs to his apartment. Jack had me naked before the door even closed.

“Fuck look at you.” He said as I backed up.

“Wanna look do you?” I moved into the well decorated and lavishly furnished space. I hopped up on the  sturdy coffee table and took his cellphone. “Keep my face out of it.” I said and started swaying my hips.


“Yeah just no face and no audio.”


I began to fondle my ample soft perky breasts.

“You’re so young and perfect.”

“And unbelievably horny again.” I turned around and bent over to give him a sexy view of my pussy. I reached back and spread my cheeks and lips and worked my muscles.


I slipped my fingers in from underneath and he slapped my ass hard.

“Bad girl.”

I liked it. Holy shit I liked him smacking my ass.

“I am bad.” I said and he smacked me again. “I’m fucking my best friends father.”

Wet actually rushed to my entrance and I pushed it out.

“You’re a very bad girl.” He grabbed me and pulled me to the couch. His phone still in hand he pushed me to my knees and started fingering me from behind almost violently. He took his hand out to slap my ass then put them back in and stroked faster. He repeated several slaps before I was soaked and losing control fast.

“Oh yeah.” He smacked my ass again.

“Ohhh yes, yes I’m so bad. Yes!” I collapsed as my body shook uncontrollably with the release of pleasure and I heard him stop recording.

I turned and started to undress Jack.


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Lucy’s Father – Part 5 (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) NSFW

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R. 18+ Only

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Lucy’s Father Part 5

I was lost in a labyrinth of lust. My friend’s father had fingered me to orgasm half an hour ago after having fucked me a few hours before that and that was after he ate me out.

Luck was in my favor as Lucy had to stay the night with her mom and Jack, Lucy’s father was giving me a ride home and I could barely sit still for my arousal.

I stole a glance at him. He was sexy for a forty-three year old man. Twenty two years older than I am. I’ve had a lot of boyfriends and not one of them had the touch he did. Maybe I’m crazy but I’m starting to see the allure of an older experienced man.

“Play with your tits.” Jack said and ran his hand over my shirt.

I lifted my shirt and took off my bra. I played with my already hard nipples and worked my breasts with precision.

“Oh Jack I’m so horny.”

“Finger yourself.” He said while taking glances.

The sun had set and it was dark. I put my left hand between my legs hiking up my skirt and shoved two fingers inside myself. I gripped my right breast with my hand as his worked my left.

“Oh yes, yes finger deeper.” He said and I complied. “Come on your hand so I can suck your fingers.”

I made eager desperate whimpers and stroked myself hard and fast. I clapped my legs shut as I came and he pulled my hand out and put the fingers in his mouth.

He lapped and sucked running his tongue around and between my fingers while moaning.

He pulled over and put he car in park.

“Fuck, unbuckle and put your ass up to me.

I did as he commanded. On my knees, with my hands on the car door, I lifted my ass up and he immediately started fingering my wet hole. Jack took his fingers out and buried his face and began fucking me with his mouth.

“Oh Jack, Jack!” I cried out as his tongue and fingers became indistinguishable in my lust soaked body.

“Backseat now.” He said and got out as I hurried and climbed between the seats. He climbed in and closed the door.

I rubbed my breasts as he suited up and with a hand around my neck he thrust into me hard making me cry out with the pleasure of it.

I was a mess of lust and sexy noises. Jack grunted and thrust and when he came I climaxed around him. He collapsed on me and ran his tongue over  a nipple.

“Sated yet?” He asked as he began sucking.

“I should be.”

“Mmm, should huh?” He sucked my nipple hard then let it go with a pop. “Horny for an old man are you?”

“You’re old enough be my father.”

“Does that turn you on?” He said and pulled out to replace the emptiness with his fingers. “That I’m Lucy’s father?”

“yes.” I said as he began stroking my g-spot.

“You naughty little girl.”

“Make me come old man.”

His free hand ran the length of my stomach. “I haven’t had pussy like this, or this much in over twenty years.”

I wasn’t able to speak as he stroked me. I pulled my legs up and wet his fingers with my cum.

“I need to get you home.” He said after licking his fingers clean.

“Oh. Yeah… I should go home.”

“Oh no. You’re coming to my place so I can fuck you blind.” He smiled as I whimpered. “That turn you on?”

I nodded and fondled my still naked breasts.

“Good play with those amazing tits of yours.”

I did as he commanded as he drove the rest of the way to his apartment. My phone rang as he parked.

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Bubbles (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) NSFW

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R 18+ only.
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The hot water from the shower was melting away my tension from my shoulders but building a tension deep inside.  I poured extra shower gel on my loofah and worked it up to a frothy lather. I shut the water off so it wouldn’t rinse the slippery suds away and  began covering my body slowly and methodically.

I took my time to enjoy the sensual feel of the foamy bubbles on my skin. My arousal doubling in intensity. I had tough about this all afternoon at work.


I ran the rough loofah over my large nipples feeling them tighten delightfully. with one hand I cupped a slippery breast and massaged it letting the pleasure shoot from my nipples to my clit. Ignoring the throbbing nub, I closed my eyes to soak up the slick feel of my soapy hands.

I raised my leg to the tub edge and pressed my breasts against the glass rubbing them up and down as I began teasing my outer lips. The soap was gentle and wouldn’t burn or sting so I didn’t hesitate to gently finger my opening.

“Oh yes.” I said and pushed two fingers in deep.

Slowly, with my eyes still closed I stroked and knelt on the slippery soapy bottom of the tub. I moved to my back feeling the soap bubbles beneath my back and ass and wiggled in it.

I propped my legs up on the edges of the tub and stroked hard and fast. “Yes, oh yes, yes… Ohhh yeessss.”

My body slipped and I pulled my legs up as pleasure overwhelmed me. I opened my eyes ready to start again and yelped to see my husband’s hand jerk his cock hard and spray a load on the glass. He was supposed to be out golfing. I was instantly aroused knowing he watched me.

“You’re a filthy little woman.” He said opening the door with lust filled eyes.

I held up the soapy bubble filled loofah. “Then you better come clean me.”

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Lucy’s Father – Part 4 (Sexy Saturday Serials) NSFW

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R. 18+ Only

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Lucy’s Father Part 4

Here I am talking to my friend at her sister’s birthday barbecue and I just had sex with their father in the basement bathroom two hours ago.

It was crazy amounts of fun to flirt with Jack, who’s twenty-two years older, on the sly with his jealous crazy ex-wife feet away. The food was fantastic and I was getting giddy from the beer as the end of the party approached.

I went into the house to use the restroom and heard Lucy arguing with her mom.

“I don’t know why you brought that girl with you are you two a couple now?”

“No she’s my friend and she get’s along with Annabel who asked me to bring her.”

“You promised to stay the night and go with me to the spa tomorrow after breakfast at the club. That girl’s not coming along. We haven’t had any us time in ages.”

“I know I forgot.”

“Fine I guess you can come back tomorrow even though I made all those plans.”

I walked away, used the bathroom and when I came out Lucy was near tears. “Hey Lucy what’s wrong?” I asked as Jack walked into the room.

“My mom’s pissed because I was supposed to stay the night and I forgot.”

“I’ll take her back.” Jack said to Lucy.

“Would you dad? You don’t mind?”

Jack smiled at me. “I don’t mind giving her a ride.”

Lucy hugged her dad. “You’re the best.”

“You’re not mad?” Lucy asked me.

“No. Go tell your mom before she implodes.”

“Right.” Lucy took off leaving us alone.

Jack grabbed me and pushed me against the wall by the door. He put his hand between my legs and I opened for him eagerly.

“You,” He said slipping two fingers in and stroking fast, “should go say goodbye. I’m leaving shortly.”

“Yes.” I said quietly as he stroked me faster. “I don’t want to miss my ride.”

“No you don’t.” His fingers stroked, tugged and wiggled me closer to bliss.

“Ohhh.” I moaned as he moved his face so close to mine.

“I’m going to fill this with my cock later.” He said and slammed his fingers in hard. “Your tight sweet pussy will clench and soak me.”

“Oh Jack.” I moaned quietly as the wet sound of his strokes became louder.

“I wonder how many times I can make you orgasm before you pass out from exhaustion.”

“Mmmm….” I have a lot of stamina and don’t tire easily. I’m not telling Jack that.

“Wanna find out?”

“Yes, yes oh fuck Jack, yes.”

“You naughty little thing; come on my fingers.”

I didn’t need much encouragement as I came undone and slickened his fingers.

“Good girl.” He pulled his fingers out and smacked my ass. “Now go.”

I became aroused again as he sucked his fingers and I walked away. With a promise of more sex to come I quickly made my goodbye’s.


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Lucy’s Father – Part 1 (Sexy Saturday Serials) NSFW

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R. 18+ Only


This story was originally posted as a QDSS, it evolved and will now be presented in SSS on Saturdays. The first three chapters will be posted in quick succession since they have already been posted in QDSS.

Lucy’s Father Part 1

I was roped into going to my friend Lucy’s birthday dinner at her house with her crazy family followed by the fun party after.  Dinner with her family was stressful for her because her parents were divorced and didn’t get along. Lucy bought the house about four years ago after getting a promotion. She hated renting. It didn’t take long for me to think Lucy’s mom Val is insane. Jack is hot for a man of his age and she was… not. Mostly personality, she didn’t have a good one that was for sure. She had cheated on Jack with a neighbor for years. I just hoped after when the actual party-party began I’d find someone to relieve my itch. I probably should have masturbated before coming here. I was too horny for my own good.

I was there to keep conversation civil. I wasn’t the only one, Anna our mutual friend was there too. Dinner went well, conversation was surprisingly fun, light and full of laughs. Jack stole glances at me with his deep blue eyes. I tried not to look his way as he unsettled me. I was transfixed by his long strong fingers as they worked the silverware. My imagination kept running off into my panties.

Shortly after dinner, others began arriving. Music started up and the bar was opened. Lucy’s mom left for her date and I lost track of Lucy.

“It was nice of you to chaperone dinner.”

I turned to see Jack’s smiling face. My heart jumped and my pussy fluttered. What the hell? Sure I’ve never met this man before today, but he was at least twenty-two years older than I am and my friend’s father.

“It was surprisingly fun.”

“Hmm.” He looked down my ample cleavage. “Surprisingly.” He moved closer and the sexy musk of his body and cologne sent a shiver to my core.

I dressed for the party not for him to leer. Still I liked that he looked. My lips parted as my breath became heavy. My nipples pebbled and I licked my parted lips. I swayed in my skirt and felt my body heat up.

I glanced down and he adjusted himself. This was bad. Dangerous and had to be wrong. I smiled and slipped past Jack grazing his bulge with the back of my hand. Ugh how was it possible that I wanted her father? I stopped at the screen door to the yard, looked back to see him watching and my face flushed and my panties dampened.

I pushed out into the vacant yard and inhaled the cool night air. Eventually the party would overflow to this space. I glanced back to see Jack follow me out the house and I made my way across the yard to the back shed. I slipped behind the shed and thanked Lucy for being an avid gardener. Her yard was immaculate and nothing littered the ground near the shed.

I turned as Jack rounded the shed and felt my self slicken. “I wasn’t sure you’d follow.”

“I wasn’t sure I read you right.”

I lowered my eyes to his prominent bulge. “This is wrong. Lucy’s my friend.”

“Then I leave it up to you.” He said and held up a condom.

I snatched it from his hand. “Meet me half way Jack.” I said opening the foil as he dropped his jeans and briefs. My hands shook as I rolled the rubber over his thick hard shaft. Impressive and now I was sure Val was a fool. I turned to face the shed and pulled the soaked crotch of my panties aside.  “Just sex.”

“Just sex.” he said and pushed in from behind.

“Wow Jack you’re a good fill.”

I braced on the shed as he thrust and slipped his hands up my shirt. If my pussy had a voice it would be screaming so loud with pleasure the neighbors would call he cops. I stifled my moans as he gripped my hips and I turned to bend at the waist.

“Oh shit.” He whispered as he thrust harder. “You’re pussy is so tight and slick.”

“Ram me Jack. Hard. Make me come.”

He did as told and I covered my mouth as my orgasm rippled sensually through my body. Jack grunted and came after a few strokes. He slapped my ass and pulled out.

“Shit Jack you’re a good fuck.” I said and put my panties back in place as he pulled his jeans back up. “I’m glad we did that.”

“Me too. I wanted to fuck you the second I walked in and saw you. I should go say goodbye to Lucy and leave. I’m too old for a party like this.”

I nodded. “I need a drink.”

“I don’t want to be presumptuous.” He pulled a card from the inside pocket of his blazer and handed it to me. “I’m not interested in any sort of relationship, but I’d like to eat your pussy sometime. I don’t tell my daughter everything about my life.”

He walked away and I swallowed a whimper. I tucked the card in my bra and went to find a drink, dance a bit and text my friends’ sexy father a picture of my tits.

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Lucy’s Father – Part 3 (Sexy Saturday Serials) NSFW

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R. 18+ Only

Read From The Start, Or Previous Chapters Here:  Lucy’s Father .


This story was originally posted as a QDSS, it evolved and will now be presented in SSS on Saturdays. The first three chapters will be posted in quick succession since they have already been posted in QDSS.

Lucy’s Father Part 3

I should feel badly for having sex with my best friends father. Should but I don’t. Twice now I’ve run into him and twice now we’ve had sex.

He had my cell number since I called him at the restaurant, but he hasn’t called or texted. I suppose that’s for the better since it was just sex and not a relationship.  I found myself daydreaming of our last encounter and how risky it had been.

Now Lucy had begged me to go with her to her sister’s birthday. They were one year and two months apart. I agreed with the hopes of seeing Jack again. Just thinking about the possibility made me horny.  We were currently singing along to Despactio and laughing at our silly attempts to actually sound like we could.

We got to her mom’s house in the suburbs and I had to admit it was a nice place. Everyone was in the backyard and we went right on through.  Lucy’s mom Val greeted me with an undercurrent of hostility, and once again I wondered how she could have cheated on Jack. Then again I don’t know him beyond two quick episodes of amazing sex. He could be abusive, self-centered or emotionally absent. None of that really mattered since it was their problem and not mine.

My nipples hardened at the sight of Jack standing next to Annabel. I wanted him and planned to have him again. I mingled and kept my eye on Jack as I made my way over with Lucy.

“Hey dad.” Lucy kissed his cheek then her sisters. “I’m glad you came.”

“I almost didn’t.” He said looking down my top. “But I would never do that to your sister.” He said and side hugged Annabel.

“I came with a buffer.” Lucy grinned at her sister and father. “I hope you don’t mind Annabel.”

“Not one bit.” Annabel said and hugged me, we’ve started hanging out more and Annabel and I were becoming friends. “I should have invited you in the first place, you know I don’t mind if you come.”

“You should come more often.” Jack said looking right at me and I nearly did. I shifted and clenched enjoying the slickness he was causing.

“Can you do me a favor?” Annabel asked me.


“My mom’s in a bitch-at-dad kinda mood. Can you, and I’m sorry to ask, can you hang out with him to keep her away?”

“Sure but why would I keep her away?”

“She doesn’t like you because you’re way prettier than she ever was. She’s in a jealously phase and wont go near anyone younger and prettier.” Annabel explained.

“Her loss.” Jack murmured for only me to hear.

“I guess as long as I get a beer or two.”

“I’ll grab you one.” Lucy said and took off.

“Enjoy some finger food,” Annabel said to Jack and I, “I have to mingle.”

“Sounds like a great idea.” Jack said as he came up behind me.

His hand slipped between my legs from behind and he huffed when he found nothing between him and my flesh. I knew it wasn’t obvious what he was doing and with our backs to the garden along the fence nobody was behind us. I shifted my stance to grant him access.

He plunged a finger deep into my already wet hole and wiggled it. I played with him by flexing my muscles as he stroked.

“I’m glad you’re here.” Jack said with a fake laugh as if I were being funny.

“Lucy’s coming back.” I said and he withdrew his hand.

She handed me a beer and her father a plate of appetizers. He ate one then sucked his shiny finger.

“Best thing I’ve tasted in years.” he said as he looked at me.

“Mom hired caterers. Eat up because they made too much.”

“Don’t worry I’ll eat my fill.” Jack said making my lady parts tingle.

“Lucy!” Val, her mother called and waved her over impatiently.

“I better go calm her down. You sure you don’t mind hanging out with my old man?”

I smiled as his hand crept back up my skirt. “I’m fine.”

“I’m not that bad.” Jack said as he fingered my opening right in front of Lucy.

“You’re old and boring dad, no offense.” She kissed his cheek as his finger slipped up into me. “Make sure you eat something more than just apps.”

“Oh don’t worry I will.”

“What if she saw you?” I said quietly as he stroked and my body shivered with pleasure. “Oh God Jack.”

“Mmm.” He pulled his hand away and sucked it clean. “I’m hungry.” he said and set the small plate down.

He moved toward the house and I followed. I glanced over my shoulder through the window and nobody seemed to notice we were gone. It was a pretty packed yard.

He led me down a hall and down to the basement. “There’s a spare bathroom down here.” He said and pulled me into it. Before I could say anything he picked me up by my small waist and set me on the small counter and spread my legs.

“I’m fucking starved.” He said and licked my slit.

“Oh Jack.”

I lifted my heels to the counter top, leaned back against the mirror and played with his hair as he licked and sucked me intimately. The firm strokes of his tongue licking pleasure into me. I don’t mind oral, but this was altogether different. He didn’t lick me because he felt he had to be fair, he did it because he wanted to. His sexy moans and expert ministrations were bringing me fast.

“I’m, oh Jack I’m…” I came and he continued to lick and suck me.

He stood up as I panted and  my orgasm faded. He rolled a condom on and pushed my shirt up  and pulled my tits out. As he groped and pinched them he invaded me with his thick shaft.

I did not expect to be aroused so fast. “You feel so amazing Jack.”

I watched him slide in and out shiny and strong. He was in great shape and very sexy. I reached down to rub my clit as he hammered me hard.

My toes curled as I got close and I gripped him.

“So… fucking tight.” He said and thrust faster.

“So fucking thick.” I said as my second orgasm approached rapidly.  He gripped my hips and slammed hard.

“Uh, uh, uh…” His grunts were sexy and primal with each hard thrust.

I clamped down hard as I came again and held my breath as my body gave way to the euphoric pleasure.

He pulled out after a moment of recovery and disposed of the condom. “You go out ahead this time.”

I nodded after straightening up and making sure I didn’t look too thoroughly fucked. Sex with Lucy’s dad was unbelievably good and I very well might be addicted to him.

I left and went back to the yard of people.

“Where’d my dad go?” Lucy asked.

“Restroom.” I said and took a fresh beer from her.

“I came to warn you the burgers have cheese in them. Sick to the chicken.”

“Thanks Lucy.” I said and sipped my beer, smiling and feeling amazing.

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Lucy’s Father – Part 2 (Sexy Saturday Serials) NSFW

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R 18+ only.

Read From The Start Here:  Lucy’s Father .


This story was originally posted as a QDSS, it evolved and will now be presented in SSS on Saturdays. The first three chapters will be posted in quick succession since they have already been posted in QDSS.

Lucy’s Father Part 2

It had been a week since my friend Lucy’s birthday party. I thought about Jack all the time. How could I not? He was a sexy older man with a fantastic package between his legs. 

Lucy doesn’t know I had sex with her father on her birthday and I can never tell her. I recalled how thick he was and how fast he brought me as I sipped my iced tea.

“So anyway,” Lucy was in the middle of a story. “You don’t mind?” She asked.

Oops, I was too busy making myself horny thinking about her father to hear her. 

“Not at all.” 

“You weren’t listening.”

“Sorry Lucy I was eyeing that and fantasized a wee bit.” I nodded to a super-hot guy behind her three tables away and she looked. 

“Totally understand. Anyway he’ll be here any minute I hope you’re not mad.”

“Why would I be mad? If you want to drag your boyfriend out for lunch with me that’s your prerogative.”

She giggled and stood. “No not Nathan.”

I looked up as her father Jack hugged her, smiled down at me and sat at our table directly across from me. I was even more surprised when her sister hugged Lucy and sat as well. 

“It’s nice to see you again.” Jack said taking an eyeful of my ample cleavage. 

“Sure.” I smiled as the server came up to take our order.

Jack’s leg brushed mine and I was crazy kinds of horny for him. I slipped my shoe off and carefully raised my leg to rest my foot on his chair. I made eye contact with him and slipped my foot over his bulge. He was already rock hard. 

“How’s the new job?” Annabel asked me. 

“It’s good, and wonderfully hard,” I ran my toes down gently and back up his length, “I’m enjoying it very much.”

“That’s good.” Annabel said. “Is it satisfying?”

Jack coughed into his napkin as I kept stroking him with my foot. 

“Oh yes it’s very, very satisfying. I can’t think of anything I’d enjoy doing more right now.”

“Oh you.” Lucy laughed at me. “She’s a workaholic I swear.”

“Long,” I stroked him from tip to balls, “hours.”

I took my foot away. I got up and leaned to Lucy. “I think there was dairy in that I’ll be back.” it was my clever way to get away for long enough to finger myself so I wouldn’t orgasm right there at the table. I was lactose intolerant and my excuse may be gross but a long bathroom visit wasn’t out character when cheese is involved.

Lucy nodded and I slipped away. I waited twenty seconds and dialed Jack’s number. I wanted more than my fingers. I’d memorized it but hadn’t had the guts to call it yet. Jack picked up.

“I’m waiting.”

“Lucy baby, I have to take this, its work.” Jack said.

“No prob pops Annabel and I can hold down a conversation.” I heard her say in the background. 

I was so hot and wet by the time Jack got to the restroom. I already had my underwear off and stowed in my purse. Jack had a condom open as I locked the door. It was the lady’s room and there was a chair for whatever reason. I made Jack sit with his pants around his ankles and lifted my skirt.

“I’ve been dreaming about your pussy.” Jack said as I inched him inside me. “Fuck your wet and tight.”

“Suck my tits.” I said lifting my top and pushing my bra under them. 

“Gladly.” Jack said and began fondling and sucking as I rode him.

I was so hot and revved up I was close. I rode fast and hard slapping my ass on his legs in a sexy noisy way. My squelching hole joined the noise and I moaned to complete the symphony. 

“I’m coming.” I said and ground into him aggressively. 

“Oh God.” Jack said as he jerked and thrust up hard into me. We stayed like that for a couple of seconds and I climbed off. 

“You go back first.” I panted and enjoyed the aftermath of a strong orgasm.

“But you’ve been gone longer.”

“Trust me.” I smiled as he disposed of the condom and tidied up. I watched him go and tidied up myself. I waited five full minutes before returning to the table. 

When I returned Lucy smiled and asked if I was okay. I caught Jack’s eye and said I was now. We finished our lunch and went our separate ways. Only now, Jack has my cell number. I wondered if he would text or call me for a fix.

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As You Research (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) NSFW

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R 18 + only.
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As You Research (Quick and Dirty Short Stories)

Your eyes travel across the screen as you read the sexy story. Nobody knows that you read them. You started reading them as research, curiosity and the to help fill need to learn what you innocently never knew. Your eyes take in the words of how the hands caress a cock then it caresses a pussy. 

You feel the flutter of arousal beat its first thrum into your core and shift in the chair. Licking your lips you keep reading about sucked nipples and plunging fingers and your own naked nipples pucker. The flutters become indistinguishable and settle into a deep need between your legs that you shift to part. Heat and the gentle scent of arousal escape as you flick your thumbs over your taught nipples. 

Faster your eyes take in the sexy words of grasping hands and deep hard thrusts as you wiggle your hips. pushing your mound against the cushioned fabric of the towel covered chair you pinch your naked exposed nipples. For a moment your eyes dart from the screen and around the empty dark room. The desirable pulse between your legs urges you to lean back in the chair. 

You read about slippery cocks and slip your hand down to your already naked pussy. With a gentle stroke you slip your middle finger between your wet hot folds as you read about wet blinding orgasms.

Your finger enters your eager hot hole and you draw it out. Shiny in the light of the  computer screen. The woman being fucked from behind was licking another woman in the story as you tentatively part your lips and dart your tongue out to taste of what you’ve never tasted before. 

The rich smell of wet arousal on your finger tastes salty and pleasant and so you envelop the finger with your own mouth and suck. The sudden surge of arousal was undeniable. You dip your fingers back in and suck them again moaning softly. Your left hand rubs and grabs at your breasts as you pant and lap up your own juices. The pressure becomes too much to bear and you shove two fingers deep inside yourself. With one hand pumping and the other rubbing your clit, you pull your legs up spreading wide.  

The urgency curls your toes and the orgasm releases. You attempt to keep stroking but your thighs clamp on your hands and your body jerks with pleasure. When you open your eyes and remove your hands, your shiny fingers make your tongue tingle. You lick and suck them clean as you continue to read about the couple who brought another woman into the mix. It’s what your husband wants and as you study the erotic stories, it becomes your own want.

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Itsinyou Designer Boutique (Part 17) (Sexy Saturday Serials)

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.


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The man was breathing hard as I covered him with the towel. I was shaking and about to reach back and turn of the vibe when the fair man cleared his throat. I glanced over to see him tenting his towel.

“Oh.” I smiled. I suppose the loud sex with the dark man turned him on. I went over and uncovered him to see him stiff and ready.

“Yes?” I touched him and he nodded his masked head. I climbed over and despite the mass of the man before, this one still felt incredible. I thought I was done. I was tired but just the sight of him aroused from hearing me come made me horny again. I’m insatiable. Well ate least two to three days of the week.

I rode with wild abandon. I reached behind me as I ground into him and played with the toy a bit.

“Oh. Oh my.” I pulled it partly out and let it pop back to place. I repeated and started pumping the mans cock into me. “Oh this is good.” I moaned and wiggled the toy more and faster. I let it go and went crazy fast on the man. He grunted and panted as I screamed and saw stars. As I regained my senses I felt him pushing up and for the second time filling me with spunk.

I recovered him as I got off of him, pulled the toy out and turned it off. I tidied, and put on the robe instead of my cloths. I wanted a shower. I answered the questions and rated the two men highly. Oh yes I wanted to play with them again for sure. I went to the showers, cleaned and dressed.

I came out to find a woman waiting. “Follow me.” She said.

I was worried maybe I’d done something wrong. I was led to a furnished office with a lot of monitors. I sat in the chair and waited as my nerves became more and more taught.

“Ah good evening.”

I started to stand and was gestured at to remain seated. The man was a very average looking man but his proportions indicated he was fit. Maybe ten years my senior, possibly more. There was no reason for it that I could reason, but I was absurdly attracted to him.

“I wanted to meet you Amara. I’m Gabe.”

I shifted in my seat. I was glad he didn’t want to shake my hand, because I might fling myself at him. This was ridiculous. I don’t even know how many orgasms I just had with the three men.

“It’s nice to meet you Gabe.”

“Let’s get to it. You are aware that you are watched. For pleasure and safety reasons. For no other reasons. You are not recorded or viewed by anyone outside our group.”

I nodded. I did know this.

“I have been watching you and I have been with you.”

My face went red and I shifted again.

“I think your reaction is explanation enough to why we have anonymity here.”

I nodded. “I get it now.” I did. Not knowing who belonged to the cock made it easier. Except my boss. That was fun for other reasons.

“I did not say that to make you uncomfortable.”

I nodded and blushed.

“Amara You are getting very good reviews and requests that have encouraged your advancement here.”

“I figured it was something like that.” I really don’t know what it is, but I wanted to have sex with this man.

“The reality Amara is that you are rare.”


“Yes. You don’t just take you give.” He held up his hand. “I do not mean by servicing. When you are invited you make sure each man you are with enjoys himself and that each one orgasms and is comfortable.”

“Doesn’t everyone?”

“No. You know that first hand.” Gabe reached and pressed a button on a monitor then moved a mouse and clicked. “Watch.”

I turned my attention to the screen. A soft woman entered a small room with a man on the floor. She went right to the man, lifted her skirt and lowered. I watched her ride until she came. It did not take long, she got up, tidied and pressed her answers on the screen before leaving. The man was still fully erect.

“Now he will service another once he’s cleaned up, but my point is Amara, that you don’t just use them.”

“Oh.” I couldn’t help but wonder which one Gabe had been. His voice seemed familiar but not?

“Some people tire of being used and leave. Some tire of it all and quit coming back. Either they get lazy or complacent or just want something different. There are others that have been here for more than ten years. They are the ones that give as much as they take.”

Gabe changed the screen to a very fit woman using the glory hole. She did the same, when she was done she left and the man was still hard.

“I bet you are wondering why they don’t keep going.”

I nodded.

“Not everyone embraces this fully. Not everyone can get past the social hang up and truly enjoy themselves. You did from day one. Why?”

I wrung my hands as my panties moistened under his gaze. “It’s fun. I like that it’s anonymous.”

“As do I. However, I find myself nearly obsessed with you. Do not be alarmed. It’s not in a creepy stalk you sort of way. You fascinate me and I would like to get to know you. No you cannot normally do this, I however can. Outside in the real world I’m a respected man on the rise. Dating is difficult as I could never give this up and I could never ask anyone to live with it.”

“That would be a challenge.” I smiled. “Unless your girlfriend was a member.”

“Exactly. This is not a dating service and I could have approached you outside and swept you off your feet. You would never know that I am a member, but I pride myself on honesty.”

I was stunned. “You want to date me?”

“Yes. However, I do not want you to stop accepting invitations or service. Unless you want to for yourself and no other reason.”

“I.” I didn’t know what to say. Date this man? I really wanted to. “How would it work?”

“Outside we are one hundred percent monogamous and loyal. Here we can do as we please with no consequence whatsoever.”

It was a perfect proposition. “If I date you and it doesn’t work out?”

“No harm done. You won’t be kicked out Amara.” He stood and approached me.

My body responded instantly by humming. “I like you and would like to get to know you. I promise if we are compatible I will make you unbelievably happy.”

I nodded. There was so much truth in his words. “I would like that. To date you. I’m attracted to you and I think it would be fun to date someone who knows, but can I have one question and one request?”


“Why the restraints and no faces?”

“I take the personal aspect out of it so guilt and shame don’t contaminate the pleasure. Trial and error over centuries has honed down this process to perfection. Many have lives outside. And yes many are in relationships like the one I propose. Chemistry can lead to repeated requests and there are tells such as tattoo’s moles, freckles, scars and more that can give away ones identity. Even in a large city, if one looks they will find whom they seek. Or they can petition to meet their interest.” He moved closer still. “Now what request do you have?”

I blushed. Could I ask? I don’t see why not. At worst, he could say no. “Um. There was a second man on the VIP Thursday, the one from last VIP Thursday… I’d…” I licked my lips as he touched my cheek and made me wetter. “I’d like to be with him again. Maybe be able to choose him?” It was such a strange thing to ask the man I just agreed to date out of convenience. A man that seemed to be in charge of a place I’ve been coming to for crazy awesome sex with strangers. One that I was crazy attracted to and I was excited to get to know.

Gabe smiled leaned forward so his breath hit my ear. He lowered his tone slightly. “Don’t hold back baby, make nose for me.”

I gasped and his mouth descended on mine. My body responded so completely that I was utterly useless in his arms. Gabe is Mr. Thursday. This was the best day of my life.

The end

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Itsinyou Designer Boutique (Part 16) (Sexy Saturday Serials)

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.


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The week passed and all I could think of was Mr. Thursday. It was Friday and I had given myself another enema, just in case. I looked at the screen choices and selected three new members to play with. If either was Mr. Thursday would I know? I think I would.

I went into the first room with the dark man on a reclining bed. It was a new choice and I thought it would be fun. It was crazy how horny I was. I had this man then two more after. I could cancel if I chose to but why would I?

The mans erection was long, wide and curved forward from his chest. Not the widest I’ve had here but it looked like fun. I ran my hands over the man and licked and sucked until he moaned. I put my feet on the foot rests and climbed up. Condom was optional and I opted out. The reclining chair had a swivel handle that I brought over in front of me and could use for leverage. With my back to the glorious specimen of a man I slipped him inside me. Not Mr. Thursday, but shit he was a sexy fit.

 “Shit you are a filler upper.” I lowered and lifted increasing my speed loving how he hit me deep inside and it was wonderful and almost painful. I started to ride using my legs on the rests to lift and lower. He was hitting my g-spot and I rode hard and fast.

“Oh God, Oh, yes.” I cried out. Sitting on this curved cock this way was genius. “Yes, yes!” I bounced and stopped as I climaxed intensely. I heard him groaning behind me and he began jerking as he shot hot and thick deep into my core. I was definitely choosing this man again. I got up, covered him, cleaned and dressed myself.

I answered my questions about the man. This was new. I got to rate him and request him to be on the list again. I liked being level four. I followed the green line to the next room where the two men waited.

I just finished riding a curved dark man and was opening a door to my next two. One tall muscular pale man and a contrasting dark one. I hoped at least one would have Mr. Thursday’s penis.

What fun I was going to have with them. I read their preferences. They were opent to pretty much anything. I glanced at the table and bit my bottom lip. I was here to pleasure myself. I walked over and saw two sections. One said vaginal the other Anal. I picked up a vibrating anal plug. It was small. Probably smaller than Mr. Thursday used. I shrugged, lubed it up and worked it into my ass. It popped inot place and I wiggled as I walked over to the two waiting men. They were both standing. I moved the thick fair man to lean against the table and the dark one before me. I ran my hands over the fair one until I heard him breathing harder. I turned and pressed back against him slipping him into me from behind. Nope not Mr. Thurdsay. I might be a little obsessed. Nah.

“Oh nice.” I wiggled and enjoyed the feeling of both holes filled. Yes I definitely wanted to try anal now. The thought that Mr. Thursday would be the one made me hot and clench the cock inside me. He moaned and I kept the Kegel clenches as I bent and fondled the dark mass before me. Too big to be Mr. Thursday. That didn’t matter. I smiled as I wrapped my hands and lips around his dark rod. This was going inside me next and fuck, I wanted it badly.

As I coaxed pre-cum from the club of sexy in my mouth I pounded against the other. Each hit moved the toy and each made me moan. The man behind me started moving his hips to slam against me as I pushed back. I took my mouth from my tasty treat and came hard and wet. I heard him groaning as he kept thrusting and came into me.

I moved the fair man to a chair and covered him. I wasted no time going back to the other.

“Here sit on the chair.” I helped him into the chair. I climbed up facing him and panted as I massaged his balls. I hesitated a moment, turned on the vibrator and closed my eyes. It felt good. I lowered my cum filled pussy over the massive staff. Three. This would make three. I should feel shame, but I don’t. They are willing, I’m more than willing and nobody is being hurt or forced. I slowly inched over him.

“Um.” I stopped and grabbed some lubricant. He might be too big. I covered him liberally and tried again. It was hard and it burned as I eased him up into me. Once I was nestled over him I rubbed my breasts and clit until I came and relaxed around him.

His grunting was appreciated. “You can make noise.” I whispered and started to lift. It was a heady experience my walls tightened and I ached and pulsed with need. When I dropped I orgasmed so suddenly I cried out in surprise.

“Ah, oh.” He trailed off into a long moan as I lifted again. As good as he felt I bet I was super tight on him. Good I liked that he was enjoying me too. I dropped with force and my eyes fluttered. I found a rhythm and was panting and sweating with my efforts. I ground into him and rubbed my clit again. The combination of  that and the anal vibrations sent me over and I came hard enough to make him shoot hot spurts deep inside. I climbed off and caught my breath before covering that massive member with a towel.

To be continued…

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