Sexy Saturday Serials

Sexy Saturday Serials.

Stories that will be posted every Saturday morning. Each story will have several chapters and be explicit in nature. See links below to read a specific chapter or to start from the beginning.

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NSFW – Explicit Erotic Rated R

18+ only

Links to all story chapters provided below in order.

Warning: Some content my offend and is intended for adult only.

I completely understand that the stories on my blog are not always clean. For this reason I don’t actively seek out random follows by randomly liking posts. The content here my be offensive to some readers. Therefore, if your post or writing is not risqué like mine, but you like what I write or follow me, I will check out your blog. I love feedback so please feel free to leave a comment.

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All Business – MiaAll Business - Mia

Meet Mia – A dedicated therapist at a sports medicine office. She is sent out of town to train on a new piece of therapy equipment. An unusual run in at the start of her business trip sets the tone, and it’s not what she expected. NSFW. 18 + Only

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Itsinyou Designer Boutique – Amaraamara

Meet Amara – A bored twenty something with nothing better to do. A strange gift card takes her to a boutique store she’s never noticed before. Itsinyou Designer.  With an open mind and open legs she’s about to find something better to do. NSFW. 18 + Only (Click Title Image to Read Amara’s Story)

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Lucy’s Father (In progress) Lucy2

An unexpected turn at a Birthday party will change everything. Lucy’s Father is a surprising man with sex appeal and an eye for Lucy’s best friend who might just want to play. NSFW. 18+ only. (Click Title Image to Read Lucy’s Father)


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