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Blythe & Mac

Blythe & Mac Full Chapter Story Listed.

A boy meets girl story of resistance, romance and sabotage. Blythe meets Mac, a man who she is determined not to fall in love with Mac while he has other plans. Both can’t possibly have what they want… can they?  (Click on image to visit page)

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Waking Up Jayla

Waking Up JaylaFull Chapter Story listed.

This story is about a young woman named Jayla. Jayla has let her life lead her instead of the other way around. Existing in a perpetual ‘sleep walk’ Jayla’s life is about to set off the alarm clock for her. The question is, can she wake up in time to find happiness or will she sleep walk right through it into the misery of complacency? (Click on image to visit page)

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Beth & Sean CR

Beth & Sean – Full Chapter Story listed.

Beth and Sean have known each other for years and barely tolerate the other. If it wasn’t for a tight-knit group of common friends they would never hang out. Each take a chance to get something they want from the other and neither consider the consequences.

Will a chance spur of the moment arrangement of passion between two Adults lead them down a path of destruction or devotion? (Click on image to visit page)

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Climbing IVY

Climbing IvyFull Chapter Story Listed

Ivy is a motivated woman with lofty career goals. Before heading off to her new career across the country she takes some time with her family at the beach house. While on vacation, Ivy’s ideals will be challenged in the most basic of ways.

Will a summer romance stop Ivy from climbing the career ladder? Will she give into temptation or will she keep her eye on the prize and sacrifice love? (Click on image to visit page)

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Verena In Evermont

Verena In Evermont  Full Chapter Story Listed

Verena Nova is a young woman set out to do an unconventional favor for her boss. Sent to a small semi remote town she begins her task of uncovering a strange mystery surrounding a house for sale. Like moths to a beautiful flame, Verena draws conveniently distracting admirers. Along the way she discovers secrets dark and light that challenges everything she thought she knew. Can Verena solve the mystery before the secrets of the house destroy her? (Click on image to visit page)

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Kacey & Parker – Full Chapter Story Listed

This is the story of Kacey and Parker.
On a grand group adventure to explore a newly found isolated ghost town they become enchanted by the well preserved town of Verborgen.
the the town’s strange dark and light past draws the two into an unlikely journey. Together they reveal a strange story of their own and must rely on each other to stay alive. Can they escape their predestined fate designed by a greedy stranger hungry for power? (Click on image to visit page)

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Snow Angel

Snow Angel – Full Chapter Story Listed

The snow is falling and Adley Lewis is looking forward to the fast approaching holiday season. Always looking on the bright side of things can be exhausting, especially when there are secrets lurking in the shadows of the past. When a determined handsome stranger steps into her life, he challenges her sense of right from wrong and then challenges everything else. Adley Lewis is about to find out what a secret does to the heart and soul if left too long. Can Adley outrun her past or is it too late? (Click on image to visit page)

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Haven – Full Chapter Story Listed

Haven is the story of a young woman who is plagued with a bout of bad luck. Keeping her head up while being knocked down can take a toll on even the strongest of people. Determined to keep her chin up and her heart from being broken again she pushes forward. Can Haven resist the charm and persistence of the man who sees the real Haven beneath her façade?  (Click on image to visit page)

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Marisol pink title

Marisol And GradyIn Progress

Grady Price wants two things, to make the beautiful, alluring Marisol Turner smile and laugh. Marisol has plans that don’t include time for men, especially the charming, quirky Grady. While Marisol grows her business things go strangely awry and she shuts Grady out. Can he figure out why before it’s too late for them both? (Click on image to visit page)

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