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This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and it is rated R and intended for readers 18 years + only.


I completely understand that the stories on my blog are not of everyone’s taste. For this reason, I don’t actively seek out random follows by randomly liking posts. The content here may be offensive to some readers. Therefore, if your blog or writing is not risqué like mine, but you enjoy what I write or follow me, I will check out your blog. I love feedback so please leave a comment if you wish. Comments help me decide what to put in or leave out of an upcoming story.

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To view the Part (Chapter), click on the image below.

Flying Solo
KP Part 1

Visiting Ghost A Ghost Town
KP Part 2

Exploring Verborgen
KP Part 3

A Weird Thing To Do
KP Part 4

Under The Stars
KP Part 5

This Isn’t Normal
KP Part 6

Little Bees
KP Part 7

Up To No Good
KP Part 8

Icky Magic
KP Part 9

Holy Shit
KP Part 10

Terrible Pillow Talk
KP Part 11

An Unexpected Problem
KP Part 12

Too Many Questions
KP Part 13

Which Witch?
KP Part 14

Dress Up
KP Part 15

KP Part 16

Baiting A Witch
KP Part 17

The Silliest Things
KP Part 18

Pride and Pleasure
KP Part 19

Cracking A Witch
KP Part 20

Play Make-Believe
KP Part 21

Tea Time
KP Part 22

The Calling
KP Part 23

A New Theory
KP Part 24

This Bloody Conversation
KP Part 25

A Little Truth
KP Part 26

One Down, Four To Go
KP Part 27

Sneaking Around
KP Part 28

Witch Words And Gibberish
KP Part 29

Playing Fair
KP Part 30

Inhaling The Sun
KP Part 31

From Wax And Light
KP Part 32

Stealing A Ceremony
KP Part 33

Magic, Magic Everywhere
KP Part 34

Where And When?
KP Part 35

Dangerously Entangled
KP Part 36

KP Part 37

Returning To Verborgen
KP Part 38

Black Licorice And White Magic
KP part 39

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