Climbing Ivy

This story contain’s sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol it is rated R and 18+ only.

Climbing IVY

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Ivy is a motivated woman with lofty career goals. Before heading off to her new career across the country she takes some time with her family at the beach house. While on vacation, Ivy’s ideals will be challenged in the most basic of ways.

Will a summer romance stop Ivy from climbing the career ladder? Will she give into temptation or will she keep her eye on the prize and sacrifice love?

Climbing Ivy

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Part #1: Tresspassing

Part #2: A Gaggle Of Giggles

Part #3: What’s In A Text?

Part #4: Swimming With Temptation

Part #5: Beer And Talk

Part #6: Table For Two

Part #7: The Heartbreak Plan

Part #8: What Have I Done?

Part #9: Beach Bonfires

Part #10: Torn Apart

Part #11: Throwing Stones

Part #12: Too Early

Part #13: Monumentally Stupid

Part #14: The Morning After

Part #15: Sacrifices

Part #16: Who’s Stubborn?

Part #17: Unpredictable Ivy

Part #18: Sexy Symphony

Part #19: Naming Temptation

Part #20: Mom Knows Best

Part #21: Moving On And Up

Part #22: The Pride Platter

Part #23: The Girl Next Door

Part #24: The Price Of Fame

Part #25: In A Bubble

Part #26: Fooling Around

Part #27: Negotiations

Part #28: Double Dipping

Part #29: Tonight’s The Night

Part #30: Sloppy Seconds

Part #31: Reality Sucks

Part #32: Working Through It

Part #33: Unexpected Friends

Part #34: Oblivious Ignorance

Part #35: Explaining A Secret

Part #36: Presumptuous Plans

Part #37: Cupcakes And Kisses

The End

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