Blythe & Mac’s Story

18+ only some content my offend and is rated R and E.

Blythe & Mac

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The story of Blythe and Mac

A boy meets girl story of resistance, romance and sabotage.

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Part #1: Vivid Pink

Part #2: Delicious Desire

Part #3: Stealing glances
_3 Stealing Glances

Part #4: Mr. Impulsive
_4 Mr. Impulsive.

Part #5: Sunkissed
_5 Sun Kissed

Part #6: Lucky Streak
Lucky Streak

Part #7: Pink Silk Ribbon
_7 Pink Silk Ribbon

Part #8: Blue Lagoon
_8 Blue Lagoon

Part #9: Sweet Icing
_9 Sweet Icing

Part #10: Dodging Mac
10 Dodging Mac

Part #11: Self Service
_12 Self Service

Part #12: Run Blythe, Run.
_11 Run Blythe, Run.

Part #13: Oblivious
_13 Oblivious

Part #14: Nobody’s Placeholder
_14 Nobody_s Placeholder

Part #15: Talking it out
_15 Talking it out

Part #16: The Other woman
_16 The Other woman

Part #17: Cat Fight
_17 Cat Fight

Part #18: Too Close For Comfort
_18 Too Close For Comfort

Part #19: Surprise Dinner Date
_19 Surprise Dinner Date (1)

Part #20: Plus One
_20 Plus One

Part #21: I can’t do this
_21 I can_t do this

Part #22: Finally The Truth
_22 Finally The Truth

Part #23: Mac Figured it out
_23 Mac Figured it out

Part #24: An Inappropriate Question
_24 An Inappropriate Question

Part #25: Fight Or Flight
_25 Fight Or Flight

Part #26: The Dust Jacket
_26 The Dust Jacket

Part #27: Just An Appetizer
_27 Just An Appetizer

Part #28: Oh Isn’t That Perfect
_28 Oh Isn_t That Perfect

Part #29: Summer Nights
_29 Summer Nights

Part #30: It’s A Date… Finally
_30 It's a date... finally

Part #31:  A Lovesick Girl
_31 A Lovesick Girl

Part #32: My Place Or Your’s?
_32 My Place Or Your's_

Part #33: More
_33 More

Part #34: Date Interrupted
_34 Date Interrupted

Part #35: Broken
_35 Broken

Part #36: All Good Things…
_36 All Good Things...

The End.

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