Safe Haven – Part 30 – Haven (NSFW)

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This story contain’s sexual content, violence, coarse language
and consumption of alcohol it is rated R.
By continuing to read you hereby verify that you are 18 years or older. 

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Hc3Safe Haven – Haven

Turf settled on the porch. He refused to come inside, and Eunice relaxed after she had looked ready to panic when the subject came up. He is a farm dog and usually sleeps in the barn. After a shower to wash the day away, I tiptoed out to slip into bed. Warren was downstairs talking with his dad, and I wasn’t sure what to do. I checked my phone. I had a few texts from my friends, I checked in with them an assured them I was okay. Olive misses me terribly but is glad I’m safe. I turned my phone off and realize I’ve been unplugged for days. No computer, television or anything electronic besides my phone. And I only checked it twice a day.


“What’s wow?” Warren said as he came in the room, so I told him.

I watched him undress, and the anticipation of his sculpted body, thickening shaft and warm hands joining me had me raring to go.

“Dammit Haven, if you keep looking at me like that I’ll have to ravage you.”

“Sounds dreadful,” I feigned horror.

“You are sassy today.” He said and tugged the nightshirt off me. “Are you really going to paint Turfs claws?”

“I have to.” I bit my bottom lip as he climbed on the bed on his hands and knees.

“You smell good.” He said and licked the top of my foot. “Mmm…” He kissed my ankle and flicked his tongue to follow the kiss.  Warren trailed kisses followed by licks up to my knee. He lifted my leg then kissed the back of it. I giggled and breathed hard at the attention. No man has ever done anything like this before. As he moved his kisses to my inner thigh, his hands began roving my legs.

“Warren?” I was aroused and afraid. This was so intimate. The lights were on, and he was inspecting my body with his hands, tongue, lips and his lusty blue eyes.

“Mmm, yes?” He skipped my honeypot and kissed his way up to my stomach.

There he tickled his fingers on my sides and kiss nuzzled my stomach. He was between my legs but made no move for sex. He was very ready, when I reached down, he pinned my arms to my side.

“No rushing.”

“But I want-”

“We have lots of time for you to play. Right now,” he licked a trail up my abs to between my breasts, “I want to savour your body.” He continued up to my neck where he administered firmer kisses, licks and it sent the most delicious shivers everywhere at once. I could feel myself getting wet, and I wiggled my hips as he moved to my earlobe then back down to my neck.

I let out soft sexy sounds of approval as his mouth went south and found a hard and sensitive nipple. The moment he encased it with his warm moist lips I arched my back into him. It was involuntary and sexy as hell. The surge of need between my legs was like a sledgehammer of pleasure. It left an ache between pulses that moved my hips and made me moan.

“You are a sensual little thing aren’t you?” Warren said as he let my wrists go and backed up. He sat on his knees, between my legs with his hands on my thighs. I had my feet drawn in and my knees up spreading wide.

“I need you.” I whimpered.

“I can see that.” He said as his hands travelled up my thighs and his thumbs played along with my sensitive swollen southern lips.

I moaned again, and he spread me. “I’m a lucky man.” He said and lowered his mouth.

I love oral but so rarely get it. Warren licked and lapped, exploring me with his tongue. The pressure was building, and I reached down to run my fingers through his hair. Something about this intimacy pushed me precariously close to orgasm. Warren focused his tongue on my clit, I grit my teeth arched my back and came so hard it startled me. Warren moaned and moved his tongue inside me for a few licks.

The pleasure waned but not entirely. I still wanted more. I opened my eyes and smiled as Warren looked into mine. I felt it, that overwhelming feeling of emotion. I know what it is and I know it’s real.

“I love you Warren.”

“And I love you, Haven.” He said as he slowly eased into my depths.

He kissed me as slowly as he moved within me. Our bodies slid against the other sensually and tenderly. I touched his back and played my fingers over the working muscles beneath them. How amazing he feels, his muscular arched body over mine. I usually feel trapped, panicked or oppressed in close contact missionary, but right now with his tongue gently licking mine, his shaft buried deep within me and our breath mixing, I felt safe. I’ve always felt safe with him. Warren is my safe haven. That made me giggle in a sexy way. I would have to tell him that silly thought later, it will make him laugh. 

Every languorous push of him into me heaved pleasure into my core. This is as close as two people can be, and it was glorious. I gasped as our mouths parted and the pace began to increase. He moved a hand behind my neck and lifted my head slightly. We looked into each other’s eyes as the pleasure grew within. Yet it wasn’t desperate, there was no groping or urgency it was just there, and it was beautiful.

“Come for me,” Warren whispered. It sounded so sensual, I did.

“Ah,” My eyes fluttered, and my lips parted. “Ah…” the soft sounds were all I could manage as my orgasm flitted out and about my body. Wave after wave of blissful pleasure unlike any I’ve ever felt. It was in all places at once, I shivered with delight as he spilled his seed deep inside me.

With Warren’s weight on my elated body, his soft breath on my neck I now understood the difference between having sex and making love.

To be continued…

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The Traitor Mutt – Part 29 – Haven (NSFW)

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This story contain’s sexual content, violence, coarse language
and consumption of alcohol it is rated R.
By continuing to read you hereby verify that you are 18 years or older. 

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Hc3 The Traitor Mutt – Haven

After we settled the horses in I was tired but felt amazing. I had lived so long under the burden of so much. Warren held my hand as we leisurely strolled toward the house. The smell of roast wafted out.

“Your mom is the best cook alive.”

Warren smiled. “With three teens and a farmer to feed she had to be.”


“Wayne and I are Irish twins, some people thought we were identical twins when we were younger. Emilia was only a little over a year after. Mom had her hands full.”

“Oh yeah, damn.”

“Gill never talks about his mom.” Warren said carefully.

“That’s because she married a douchebag lawyer who hates us. His snarky attitude rubbed off on her and she got… snobby? I don’t know how to explain it. We still love her, but he moved her across the country so we would stop complaining about how much of an ass he is. I still complain because I can. Gill and her struggle to get along.”

We sat on the porch and watched Eunice and Westley flirt and tease as they came out of the barn. I wanted that too. I wanted happiness that lasts. Warren held my hand and kissed the back of it.

“Do you miss your dad?”

“Yes and no. I mean he was a good dad, mostly to Gill. He loved me fiercely but didn’t know how to interact with me. I think he was afraid. I, of course, adored him but was horribly jealous of all the things he and Gill did together.”

“Gill told me you two feuded and terrorized one another for years. Then after your dad passed, you became best of friends.”

“Funny right? I think we were friends all along and only realized it after.”

Westley smiled down at us as Eunice touched my head before heading into the house. I know better than to ask if I can help. The answer is no. Wayne said to stop asking, and she would offer me a place in the kitchen in time. She’s a old-fashioned in that way.

“Get it all out of your systems?” Westley asked.

My mouth fell open in shock and horror.

“Nope,” Warren said then laughed.

“Eunice!” Westley called out as he opened the door. “Where did you put them sleeping earplugs thingamajiggers? We’re gonna need them!”

I put my head on my knees and wanted to die.

Dinner was that of dreams, the food was scrumptious, the conversation was lively and familiar to me now. I wanted this too. I had no idea I wanted this much domestic stuff. I lived a standard life of a single woman in the city. Sure there is domestic potential there, I just never saw it or wanted it. This warmth and goodness is desirable.

Wayne showed up after dessert and took a mug coffee Eunice offered. “Thanks. Have you seen Turf around?”

“No,” I said before I even thought he might be talking to anyone else.

“He disappeared earlier I figured he was hunting you down to,” Wayne rolled his eyes dramatically, “play.”

“I haven’t seen him,” Westley said and went back to his paper.

“That silly mutt’s around here somewhere probably cornered by a skunk or something disgusting,” I said and glanced out the window.

Wayne looked at me oddly, and Warren furrowed his brow.

“What?” I asked.

“Are you… worried?” Wayne said with humour.

“Aren’t you?” I was and was feeling anxious.

“No. He’s a farm dog Haven, he comes and goes as he pleases. He does his job, gets fed and does what he wants.”

“One of the neighbours will probably be calling in a fury in about ten weeks,” Westley said from behind the paper, and everyone laughed.

“My kitchen is awfully crowded for such a lovely evening.”

Warren got up and dragged me out of the house. The laughter and teasing behind us set my face burning again. We made it all of twenty steps, and I was slammed to the ground, the wind knocked from my lungs.

“Wayne! Found your mutt!” Warren called out merrily as Turf slobbered all over my face and I laughed so hard I nearly puked up the fantastic roast dinner.

“Son of a bitch! She’s ruined him you know!” Wayne called from the porch.

“The dog or Warren?” Westley said, and they all laughed. Including Warren.

“Wanna play?” I asked Turf with a grin.

Turf let out a loud bark, moved off and bounced around like an eager puppy.

“Boomerang stick or ball, you pick,” I said, Turf took off, and I brushed dirt from my butt.

“He doesn’t understand English,” Warren said and gaped when Turf came back with a fat boomerang shaped stick.

“Ooh, good choice Turf.” We wrestled for the stick playfully before he let me win and threw it as far as I could. He found it when we were moving rocks from the field one cloudy afternoon.

Warren got in on throwing the stick to Turf’s delight. Warren can throw nearly three times as far as I can. Turf’s happy-puppy barks and actual bouncing was hysterical.

Wayne struggled not to laugh. “Emilia asked me to pick up that mare she has for you in the morning. Cliff broke his foot and they’re short handed, but I’d have to leave tonight.” Wayne said casually, how that was a casual thing to say was beyond my understanding.

“Are you going?” Eunice asked.

“Of course, can you keep an eye on the traitor mutt tonight?”

“Maybe you should ask Haven,” Eunice suggested.

“Yeah right and when I get back he’d be pink, his fur braided and wearing clothes.”

“Oh Turf what a good idea,” I said and clapped my hands. “We should paint our nails while he’s gone!”

“You wouldn’t,” Westley said as he laughed.

“Turf would let me.”

“No, he would not.” Wayne crossed his arms.

Eunice laughed prettily before saying, “I have a lovely selection of polish. I think a spa day is in order.”

Wayne growled and headed toward his truck. “Stay with Haven.” He said, and Turf barked and once again knocked me to the ground. “Don’t let her paint your claws and keep her safe.”

To cement, his agreement Turf barked and licked my face. It was often hard to remember that I’m actually in danger. That one little sentence brought it all back and with it the realization that these marvellous people were also in danger by proxy.

Part #30: Safe Haven  .

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Barely Remembered – Part 28 – Haven (NSFW)

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This story contain’s sexual content, violence, coarse language
and consumption of alcohol it is rated R.
By continuing to read you hereby verify that you are 18 years or older. 

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Hc3Barely Remembered – Haven

Warren had a way about him that got right down to the significant issues. He has intuition and the ability to draw out and pluck the truth from my depths. Only this time that truth, was not up for grabs. Judging by that glint in his eyes, he was going to do it anyway. That glint turned to a mix of anger, shock and horror.

“Son of a bitch you’ve been raped?”

I looked at Warren hard. It was not a subject I brought up, ever. Nobody knew and that this man had figured it out was maddening.

“It was a long time ago, and honestly I hadn’t thought of it much until… Well, you know that part.”

I couldn’t read the expression on Warren’s face. “Haven I’m sorry I didn’t know.”

“It’s okay because nobody does.”

“So he got away with it?”

“No.” I sat back against him, and he held me tightly again. Suddenly I had the urge to tell him. That’s a first. “I was fifteen, and I sneaked some vodka during a party at my house. He was a friend of my dad’s, and he found me giddy and drunk and took my no as a yes. It was over in less than three minutes, and during there had been moments I barely remembered.”

“Barely remembered, that’s why you have your bar rules and why the rufie freaked you out so badly.”

“Yeah, more or less. I was so careful, and we’re supposed to be able to trust the bartender.”

“Yes, we are. Was he arrested?”

“Yes, my dad, ugh, found us just as he finished. The judge was lenient with my dad for beating him so badly. I was a minor, so nobody knows but my parents, Gill has no idea, and I never want him to.”

“That’s a horrible burden. I’m sorry.”

“You know what’s weird?” I said and turned to face him again. He looked genuinely anguished. “I thought I never let that define me or tear me down. It happened, and with some counselling, I managed to move on. However, when sex became a thing I wanted; I struggled with trusting a partner. Randall… He was persistent and I trusted him with my heart. When I found out he was married-”

The lump in my throat cut off my words. I touched his face, and he let me. I felt the coarse hairs poking through begging to become a beard.

“You felt betrayed. Then that Jim bastard brought it all back.”

“Yes, he did. Although I didn’t know it right away. May I ask you a serious question?”

“Of course,” Warren said as he ran his hands up my shirt to play.

“Would you like me if I wasn’t broken?”

His hands dropped to his side, and he closed his eyes for a moment when he opened them I was afraid I’d ruined this. I could tell that Warren was choosing his words wisely. Even now, I’m still pushing him away. I suppose old habits really are hard to break.

“When I first saw you, Haven, I was shocked to say the least. I mean shit you came from nowhere in the middle of nowhere. Despite it all, the second I touched your face…” he looked up to the sky, billowed out his air puffing up his cheeks and returned his gaze to me. “I knew at that moment if I could have you for myself, I would do anything to make it happen.”

“That’s…” I didn’t know what to say as a rosy blush coloured my cheeks.

He smiled a crooked smile. “You had other plans. Then disaster after disaster you took it all in stride.”

“I bawled my eyes out a lot.”

“That aside, you never unjustly lost your temper at any of the causes of your misfortunes.”

“Not true.”

“My cousin, Grace, deserved your wrath. I can’t even tell you how much I loved you at that moment. She really is a stuck up bitch, and she was wholly unfair to you. I got the feeling you were going to be hard to get, and I was at a loss as for how to get what I wanted.”

“Gill said you were tormented.”

“That’s putting it mildly and I could not for the life of me figure out why I was so damned determined.” He picked up the pendant from my chest and ran his thumb over it before letting it back to rest on my skin. “And just when I thought I could shake you, I’d see you smile or look at me in that way you do when you think I can’t see.”

I blushed hard. “Oh.”

“Yeah, Oh. Haven, all my previous girlfriends were just normal not broken women. Except for Gina, she wasn’t broken either, but she was a psychopath. Each one that met my family failed to get their approval.”

“I don’t follow. You dropped me off here at my worst and expected what?”

“I have no idea. Mom knew I was head over heels for you since I was playing knight in shining armour. You needed help, and my family will never turn someone away who needs help. If you asked my mom right now she would say everyone falls, it’s how you get up and dust off that matters.”

“So why did you fall for a girl stuck on a windshield?”

“Hell if I know.” He said and put his hands on the sides of my face. “But I do know the best things are worth fighting for. My family adore you because you didn’t crawl under sheets or bitch and complain the entire time about dirt under your fingernails.”

“I’ve had so much fun here. I’ve learned so much Warren, and not just about farm stuff.”

“I know, this place is good for the soul.”

When he kissed me, I gave everything I had to this wonderful man who loves me anyway.

Part #29: The Traitor Mutt  .

Copyright © 2018 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment

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The Newlyweds #75 (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) NSFW


Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R. 18+ Only.
By continuing to read you confirm that you are 18 years or older.

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The Newlyweds

The newlyweds kissed with eyes closed standing in the middle of their kitchen. His hands cupped her ample ass, hers rested on his collarbones.  They opened their mouths wider, accepting each other’s tongues as his hands slid up behind the fabric of her shirt. Once the clasp of her bra was undone, he shifted to the front to take a handful of her large breasts. She backed off, smiled and pulled her shirt and bra off, discarding them to the floor. The moment he had his shirt off their lips and hands went back to their places. He handled those beautiful big pillowy breasts with exuberance, squeezing, rubbing and pushing on them.

The front of his shorts pushed out, his cock begging for freedom and he pulled his mouth away from hers to lick a dark areola. The stiff nipple danced as his tongue swirled and flicked before he sucked as much as he could into his mouth. Her head tilted back, and her chest heaved as he sucked one and rolled the other nipple with his fingers.

As he switched breasts to nibble and play, she wiggled out of her shorts and panties letting them fall to the cold tiled floor. Eyes still closed, mouth open she panted as she undid his shorts. One hand disappeared behind the fabric as the other pushed the remainder of his clothes to the floor. Finally free the thick purple-headed cock stood high and hard in her dainty hand.

She glided her fingers down his length and back up, stopping to massage the tip before stroking down again. His hand abandoned the breasts to kiss her and to ease a hand south between her legs. They stood in the kitchen stroking each other’s sex. He moved her back two steps, and her round ass hit the hard edge of the table. With a combined move she lifted and perched on the edge of the table. Her hand stroked him with gusto as his fingers wiggled between her parted legs. Breaking the kiss, she threw her head back and gasped through her orgasm as he kept fingering her eagerly.

Her eyes opened with unbridled lust, she put her heels up on the table edge to spread wide, moved his hand from between her legs and guided his hard cock to her slick opening. He dove in, sinking deep into the root. Her arms braced on the table behind her propping up on her elbows, and he eased out. Gripping her thighs, he slammed into her making her tits jiggle delightfully. Thrust after thrust she wiggled and bounced in all the right places.

His balls slapped against her curvy ass, his body tensed and muscles bulged with each thrust and retreat. The shiny cock pounding into her eager wet body. Falling back to the table she gripped her bouncing breasts and pushed up with her heels to raise her ass from the table. Fast and hard he crashed into her, her mouth opened wide, her eyes shut tight, and she came wet and hard around him. Three thrusts later he emptied his seed deep into her body.

She propped herself back up as he pulled out and sat on a chair. Her heaving chest glistened with perspiration as she lifted her head. They both looked out the sliding glass door. She meets your eyes and smiles a devious little grin. He stands, reaches for the blinds, winks at you and then closes them.

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment

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QDSS Chapter

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Grace Part 11 – Careful What You Wish For (Sexy Saturday Serial) NSFW

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.
Read From The Start Here: Grace Chapter Page  .


Grace Part 11 – Careful What You Wish For

Oliver just watched Ken and I have sex. I was still on a couch and laying on Ken’s chest, ass up waiting for Oliver to penetrate me. I’ve never had sex with two men at once.

“Suit jacket, inside pocket,” Ken said as I came down from my orgasm and then he kissed me. He didn’t push me down over him again, instead, he held me steady and firmly. I wasn’t scared because I trusted them. I felt the coolness of lubricant dripped over my ass.

“What?” I looked back as Oliver stepped up and put the tip of his penis to my ass.

“If you say no we’ll stop.”

There it was. I felt the truth in that. They would stop but just this or everything? I wasn’t ready to give either of them up yet. Melissa goes on and on about how awesome anal is.

“I’d like to try but, be nice?”

“Trust me Grace,” Oliver said, “I will not rush this I like to take my time. You need to relax if you want it to feel good.”

I tried. It did feel nice having him rub the tip over my anus. He stopped and the pressure of the head pushing hurt.

“Ow,” I said and grimaced. It was like a hard poo only not.

“Relax,” Ken said and rubbed my clit with the head of his.

There is a sexy man beneath me and one behind me. Both have made me feel extraordinary every time I’ve given in to my desires and ignored my normal tendency to talk and hesitate. Oliver slapped my ass hard, I gasped and he pushed further in. It was odd, good and bad but neither and both. I liked the strange pain, it wasn’t really pain and it eased off and came back with every movement.

“Ow, ow!”

“Almost,” Oliver said and massaged my ass cheeks. “Breathe Grace.”

I didn’t realize I’d held my breath. It burned that strange interesting pain, not too much that I wanted him to stop. Melissa says anal is amazing if it’s started right. Slow, patient and lots of lube. I heard and felt more being applied. Oliver popped out and it felt fantastic. He pushed back again slowly and It hurt but again not too bad. I looked at Ken who held me steady.

“It’s good, trust me,” Ken said and as he rubbed my pussy.

Oliver slapped my ass again and moaned. It hurt intensely and I whimpered. I thought to tell him no more, but then the pain went away like a drop of water on hot sand. I felt oddly full and it was… nice. Thick and slippery.

“I’m halfway in,” Oliver said.

“Nice and slow,” Ken said staring into my eyes. “She’s not in pain.”

I held my breath as Oliver pushed into a hole I’ve never had filled before. It didn’t hurt anymore. Melissa was right. Slow and steady and it was a nice feeling. More than nice. 

“I’m all the way in Grace.”

“It’s… okay.” I said, Ken smiled, nodded and leaned forward to kiss me.

When Oliver pulled out, I gasped and looked back. It didn’t hurt. I expected it to hurt. Many women say it does. He pushed back in and I bit my lip. I waited for him to pull back out and when he did I felt a tingle and flutter in my pussy. I liked it.

“She likes it,” Ken said as if he read my mind.

“I… I do,” I said surprised as Oliver pushed in again. “It’s not gross?”

“No,” Ken said as Oliver moaned and pulled out.

This time when Oliver pushed back in, he pushed down on my ass, Ken slipped into my pussy and both cocks filled me.

“Oh! Oh my God!” It was unlike anything I could have ever imagined. 

“Good?” Ken asked.

“It’s a lot of sensations,” I said as Ken lifted me so I was half off him. He held me firm and both men thrust into me. “Yes, yes this is… oh yes.”

They continued their tandem thrusts, gentle but increasingly faster.

“She’s so tight.”

“Mmm, there you are Oliver,” Ken said and they began alternating entering me.

“Can,” I groaned from the pleasure, “You feel him?”

“Yes, oh fuck yes,” Oliver said and they moved into their pre-orgasm thrusts that usually get me off fast.

I was so close and overwhelmed with pleasure. I rode my orgasm as they rubbed against each other with me in the middle. Ken went first and I collapsed on him as Oliver grabbed my hips and pulled into me hard. When he backed off, he sucked his breath in.

“Beautiful,” Oliver said.

“Stay still,” Ken said with him still inside me. Oliver returned and used something to wipe me. “There now, was it as scary as you feared?”

“No.” I got off Ken and nearly giggled. I straddled Ken and I was taken bent over. I’d written both, sort of. Two M’s. Oops. I got what I inadvertently wished for.

“Would you do it again?” Ken asked as I stood on shaky legs.

“I think so. I really expected it to hurt more. I feel odd back there but not in pain.”

“It’s all in how you start,” Oliver said as he started dressing. “And lube.”

I nodded and focused on dressing. I felt amazing and sated. It was odd, but not painful at all. The little pain I felt at first wasn’t even that bad and I kind of liked it. I had to ask, even if it broke the books vague rules. Thinking of rules… I didn’t feel the strong urge to run.

“Do you two?” I gestured with my hand between them.

“We have, but honestly we both prefer a pretty hot body between us instead. It’s fucking amazing” Oliver said. “I was going to ask you on Wednesday if you’d consider this, imagine my surprise when you walked in today.”

“Oh.” I thought about that. I wasn’t even weirded out. “Do you kiss?”

“If we feel like it,” Ken said with a smirk. “Still want to play with us?”

“Hmm… Kiss,” I commanded and buttoned my blouse.

Dark eyes met amber ones and then their lips met. Huh. It was sexy. Hell, I bet they’re sexy no matter what they do. They chuckled and looked at me.

“Well,” I said and picked up my purse that I had dropped by the door and didn’t notice that I had. “I’m not freaked out. In fact, I like it.”

“A whole lot of firsts for you Grace, are you okay?” Ken said and opened the boardroom door.

“I am, I honestly am.” I smiled at the empty office and glanced at my watch. It was six. “I hope I didn’t ruin things and it’s not the last time.”

“Mother of fuck I want to keep you in my pocket forever,” Oliver said as I smiled and walked away.

“Do you think she’s the…” I heard Ken say just as the elevator doors closed.

Now, what the hell did that mean?

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment

Coming Soon
Part 12 – Work Hard, Play Hard

Grace nc2


Conversation’s And Confessions – Part 27 – Haven (NSFW)

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This story contain’s sexual content, violence, coarse language
and consumption of alcohol it is rated R.
By continuing to read you hereby verify that you are 18 years or older. 

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Hc3Conversation’s And Confessions – Haven

Performing oral in the middle of a quiet wood with a man that has quickly become very important to me, was the sexiest thing I’ve ever done. When he came, I let it hit the dirt instead of in my mouth.

“Sorry,” I said looking away from his seed back to his face.

“For what?” he said pulling me up to stand.

“I…” I looked at the thick white cum; it was interesting how different it was from man to man.

“I wouldn’t swallow it either,” Warren said with a wrinkle between his eyebrows.

“Yeah, but I can’t even put it in my mouth.”

“So?” He said while tucking himself away.

“I’ve had guys break up with me because I won’t… can’t, whatever.”

“That’s a weird excuse for a man to make.”

“You’ve been with women who do?”

“Sure, some like it some don’t. May I ask why not?”

“Everything about it makes me gag; the taste, the texture and the temperature. I’ve tried and tried and trust me it ruins the moment to be gagging and retching.”

“Mountain from a molehill,” Warren said and lifted me back to the rock. “I think it’s more of an issue for you than it is for me.”

“Holy crap,” I said as it struck me.

“What?” Warren said putting his arms around me and nuzzling my neck.

“I’m afraid to disappoint you.”

He chuckled and kissed my neck. “Is that all? That’s a good thing.” He said and undid my jeans. I was already worked up from giving him a blowjob. I have no idea why it turns me on so badly, but it does.

“Oh, Warren I’m so… Ohhh.” I said as his hand slipped down and into my lips.


I pushed against his hand as he slipped two fingers into me and thumbed my clit. “Warren.”

“Come on my fingers.” He said before he kissed my neck again. He moved me, so I was straddling his leg after he propped his foot up on the rock. With his hand between my legs, he rested on his thigh while still inside my jeans. I rode his hand and ground on it as I came quickly.

“That was hot,” Warren said as he pulled his hand out and I caught my breath.

“I’ve never done that before.”

“You will again without the clothes in the way. I want to see you do that.”


I didn’t know how to react to him sucking his fingers before rinsing them off with water from a refillable bottle. After we had a drink, he helped me back on the horse, and we continued up the trail. We hit an open field, and when Warren took off on Birch at a gallop, I followed with Scotch. Maybe it was Scotch following, I’m not sure I’m doing much directing or whatever with her.

It was exhilarating, and my heart raced right along with the horses. When we slowed, Scotch seemed to follow Warren’s lead confirming my suspicion. We entered another stand of trees single file.

We followed that trail for some time, and I lost myself in the serene beauty wondering how such areas existed so close to the city. Realistically it’s not close at all, but I couldn’t put the distance in my mind accurately.

I startled when Warren said my name. I smiled at him and looked around, I had fallen into a silent, peaceful trance of sorts and hadn’t noticed where we were. This time it wasn’t frightening because I was so relaxed and happy. We were on a bluff overlooking farmland and Warren helped me down.

“Is this the hill I can see from the house?”

“Yes. We have to pass through some private property, but the owners know us and are fine with us passing through.”

“It’s higher up than I expected.” I shivered when he wrapped his arms around me from behind.

“I don’t know if I can let you go.”


“When we go back to the city,” Warren sighed before continuing. “The magic of this place will disappear and…”

“You’re afraid I’ll go back to being bitchy and mean to you.”

His silence confirmed it.

“I am too. I was mean and it wasn’t fair.” I said quietly and turned to face him. “I hated feeling so afraid and angry all the time. I didn’t know that’s what was wrong until it wasn’t a problem anymore. I thought and felt to the very depths of my being that love was… well wasn’t very wonderful. My defenses are gone because I don’t think I need them anymore.”

“Your brother laughs at me every day saying I had to fall in love with the one woman who doesn’t want to fall in love.”

“That’s accurate and funny. Aren’t you his boss? It’s pretty ballsy of him to tease you.”

“I own the company.”

“Oh… still, that’s extra ballsy then.”

“We’ve become friends over the past year, he’s talked about you and he thought it was hilarious that we met and thinks it’s even funnier that I fell for you.”

All I wanted to do was kiss him. “I think there’s no going back from this. I want to be happy, and I am with you.”

Warren made a sexy grumble in his throat as he lifted me without difficulty. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he kissed me as he did the first time we had sex. I needed him in me and not his fingers.

“Dammed jeans,” Warren said as his hands gripped my ass hard.

“Mmm…” I lowered my legs as he panted. With a sultry smile, I undid my jeans, shimmied them to my knees, bent and grabbed my ankles.

“That’s too sexy.” His hands caressed my ass as he eased his hard length into me.

I mewled my appreciation for his hard thrusts driving him faster. It was more than just sex with Warren it was trust and love. Everything about this was erotic. Being outdoors, all the teasing and playing to get here. The pent up hormones pushed hard on me.

“Warren faster please,” I begged, and he obeyed.

He had to hold me up when my orgasm struck suddenly. I cried out loudly, and my legs shook. I felt him pull out and heard the subtle splatter of his cum hitting the ground.

I righted myself and pulled my jeans and underwear back up. “Thanks.”

“As sexy as it is to see it fall out of you, this isn’t a great time or place for it.”

“Maybe later?”

“Oh my God Haven stop before I get hard again.”

“Could you?” I teased.

“Yes, but I’d rather wait till later.”

We settled on the ground away from his mess and looked out over the area. I leaned back against Warren as he played with my breasts under my shirt. We said nothing as he fondled, squeezed and pinched. I was getting horny again, and he started being more aggressive.


“Turned on?”


Turned on was an understatement. I could not sit still if my life depended on it. My body wanted him in any way it could and right now it was enough. That I was so horny so fast was fascinating. He began licking my neck and earlobe. I couldn’t take it, and I came.

“Did you?”

“Yeah,” I said amazed that I had.

“Damn.” He was quiet for a bit, and I could sense the tension in him. “I have a thing for smart women in power suits and pencil skirts, I also get hot for a woman who can… relax.”

“And get their hands dirty?”

“It’s the farm boy in me.”


“Gina was incredible, smart, strong sexy and commanded that boardroom like nobody’s business. She was as bossy in the bedroom as she was out of it. I was hooked and in love. I thought she was the most amazing person.”

I didn’t say anything and let him continue on his own time.

“I was the only one that thought so. My family hated her. I was young and rebellious, I figured they hated that she represented my city life, so I married her. Things were good until I figured out she despised my family and tore a strip off my mother at Christmas for not having gluten and soy free food even though she ate them before.”

“What happened?”

“My mother is not a weak woman so when she cried, I knew she had been trying too hard to please my mean young wife who constantly called me a momma’s boy. I’m not a momma’s boy.”

I chuckled.

“Okay, I’m not a total momma’s boy. The marriage was based on the idea of marriage and not real love. It was already falling apart and fast. We never agreed, and she was adamant about never having kids, and I thought I was okay with it, I pretended I was to keep her happy. Seeing her sneer at my pregnant sister and bring my mom to tears of frustration opened my eyes. She didn’t like that I started calling her out on her rotten behavior and she hated that I worked too much. Even though it was my drive to be successful, that she boasted about. The divorce was finalized three months before our second anniversary.”

“Is it weird that I like your mom so much?”

“Everyone loves her.”

“Hmm. So your first wife was mean, I was a bitch, do you like mean women?”

He chuckled and held me tightly. “There is a difference between being genuinely mean and defensively mean. You were pushing me away specifically. You didn’t treat everyone like crap.”

“I don’t feel like pushing you away anymore.”

“I noticed.”

I laughed at his suggestive tone.

“From Gina, I learned a hard lesson. I learned to trust my family. For the record, my mother adores you. She said it was amazing to see someone broken flourish and find her feet again as quickly as you have.”

“I didn’t realize I was so badly shaken by the incident.”

“Why were you so broken? Why did the threat of rape mess you up so badly?”

I was not having this conversation with him. Nope, not happening. It wasn’t until he dropped me off here that I realized it had broken me.

Part #28: Barely Remembered  .

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The Eyes Of A Killer – Part 26 – Haven (NSFW)

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This story contain’s sexual content, violence, coarse language
and consumption of alcohol it is rated R.
By continuing to read you hereby verify that you are 18 years or older. 

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Hc3The Eyes Of A Killer – Haven

Warren played with my hair as we sat on the porch in the sunshine. My stomach jumped when a black sedan pulled up the driveway and stopped. Detective Cage got out and greeted us as we stood. He held a binder in his hand, and Eunice came out with a tray of sweetened iced tea and set it on a small table on the porch.

“Hello, Detective. You can go inside if need be.” She said as she walked down the steps.

“This is a fine home and porch, I’d be a fool not to enjoy the midday sun upon it.”

Yeah, Eunice made men go a bit silly it seems. The detective smiled and Eunice headed toward the stables.

“Why did you have to come all the way out here?” I asked after he shook our hands.

“Given the high profile of this case and the sensitivity of the subject, I felt it was better to come in person. Emailing the images is risky and if they got out it, would be harder for us to catch the man.”

I nodded and took the book from him as Warren handed out glasses of tea. I skipped through them quickly and stopped on the man with the oddly shaped eyes.

“That’s him.”

“That was fast,” Warren said and looked. “Totally the bartender, he had an odd look about him.”

“The eyes, they’re like Disney eyes or something. Too big.” I said as the detective took the book. “The eyes of a killer.” I muttered and shivered from knowing how close I had been to him.

“That’s our number one suspect.” He took out his phone and made a call and walked away from us.

“Is that it?” I asked Warren who shrugged in response.

Detective Cage returned. “We’ll have a country-wide warrant out for his arrest inside the hour. Once we have him in custody, you can go back to your life.”

“So I should stay in hiding?”

“Until he’s found yes, Jim Albert knows you can identify him and that you have. He also knows you can identify the Bartender.”

“What’s his name?”

“Roger Evans, but he has numerous aliases that he’s been using. I’ll be in touch Miss Tatum.”

“I’ll be here I guess.”

We shook hands again, and he left.

“That was a long way to drive for me to look at a book,” I said and rubbed my arms he was here for less than twenty minutes.

“Sit,” Warren said and resumed brushing my hair when he did.

I smiled enjoying the sunshine and Warren’s affection as Eunice walked toward us from the stables. She was so tall and graceful I had a moment of feeling inadequate again. I wanted to impress her for no reason other than to see her smile at me. This woman raised Warren and no matter how old he gets he will always look up to her. Eunice’s opinion mattered. I suppose she could be a monster or mean, but she wasn’t. She was down to Earth in every possible way. Except for her clothes, she had fantastic taste in clothes.

“They’re ready to go darling.” She said smiling down at us. “Haven rides Scotch.”

“Of course,” Warren said and pushed gently on my back for me to get up.

“Horse riding?” I said as my entire body lit up with excitement.

“You’re like a little kid.” Warren laughed as I bounced on my feet and impatiently waited for Warren to get moving.

Eunice took the hairbrush, “go already, I for one am thrilled she’s not like Gina.”

I caught the look of pain as Warren’s face darkened. He passed his mother shooting her a subtle look of frustration. I couldn’t help wonder what provoked that look. I trust Warren to tell me when he’s ready like he waited for me to be ready.

“Slowpoke,” I grabbed his hand and tugged him making Eunice laugh.

I still had to use the step to get on the horse, so Warren lifted me instead. Warren swung up and over as if he’d been doing it his whole life. I laughed at that thought, of course, he actually has. I paused to concentrate and remember how to do this.

“What’s wrong?” Warren asked while his tone was still darkened.

“Just trying to remember how to… drive this.”

He laughed and kicked his horse named Birch forward with a click of his tongue to cheek. Right. I got Scotch going, and the horses naturally seemed to want to walk side by side. Birch was mostly white with black stretched out spots like a white Birch tree.

We stopped at the edge of the property near a small forest, and Warren opened a gate. Once we were through, he closed it and got back on his horse.

“It’s super sexy seeing you do that.”

Warren nodded and gave me a half smile.

“Okay,” I said firmly, “either you tell me about Gina or you don’t. I’m not going to pry or bug you about it. I just don’t want you so… upset?”

Warren sighed and looked over at me with a vulnerability that made my heart ache.

“Gina is my ex.”

He paused as we moved to a narrow trail and had to go single file.

“I figured that part out.”


I didn’t know what to say. That was a big thing to blurt out. For a moment, I was angry that he didn’t tell me sooner then I set the anger aside because we’re just getting to know each other and any ex-talk is a terrible conversation for a new relationship. I did wonder why he didn’t tell me when I told him about Randall. Maybe he didn’t want to make the moment about him.

We rode in silence. I didn’t know what to say without sounding as if I’m prying. Evidently, it didn’t work out, and his mother didn’t like her. We came to a clearing that was a noticeably romantic place that many have likely come to. Warren got off his horse and helped me from mine. I copied him and looped the reins around a tree branch. The small lake was calm and glittered in the afternoon sun.

I decided words wouldn’t make it okay. He was hurt by Gina and like my Randall; she was the fear factor for him. When he stood tall, Warren was too tall for me to kiss even on my tiptoes. I never thought about how much he stoops to kiss me or how far up he lifts me off the ground. He moved to the water edge, and I climbed up on a small boulder about the height of a single step. I made him turn, and I wrapped my arms around his neck before kissing him tenderly.

It was a kiss to show him how I felt, and that nothing else mattered. Why should it? I thought I’d been in love before, I had, but not like this. Warren loved me completely. He saw something wrong and made it better just to make me happy. He saw I was in danger and made me safe, just to see me happy.

I wasn’t planning on sex right away I just wanted to kiss him, to feel him in my arms warm and responsive. As his hands roamed my back and up my shirt, I moved against him, and sex was definitely going to happen. Only I wanted something else. It was a beautiful spot, and what better place is there to give oral? I stepped down from the rock and Warren let me go with a gleam in his eyes.

“Naughty woman this isn’t where we’re going, I just wanted a br-”

He stopped because I was unzipping his jeans and pulling him free. I haven’t had a good look at him yet, and just the sight of him in my hands made me horny. I can’t quite get my thumb and forefinger around to touch as I began stroking.


I smiled up at him while on my knees, and as his eyes met mine, I opened my mouth and took him in. Without breaking eye contact, I explored him with my tongue. My hand stroked, and when the first drip of precum came out, I broke eye contact to give his beautiful body my full attention.

I opened and took him in further, sucking, licking and stroking with my hand. He moaned and breathed hard as I cupped his testicles and bobbed my lip-covered teeth over him fast.

“Oh my God Haven, I’m close.”

I could tell, and I was worked up from hearing his pleasure.

“I’m going to cum.”

I pulled my mouth away and stroked him until he spurted to the ground.

Part #27: Conversation’s And Confessions  .

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A Busy Morning – Part 25 – Haven (NSFW)

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This story contain’s sexual content, violence, coarse language
and consumption of alcohol it is rated R.
By continuing to read you hereby verify that you are 18 years or older. 

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Hc3A Busy Morning – Haven

Warren was funny with his surprised looks when I showed him all I’d learned. After two more stops, we were checking suspicious damage to some feed corn along the fence line. I needed to know what was going on in the real world and since Warren had no intention of telling me, I had to ask. I’ve texted and talked with my friends, but it was mostly to know how they are.

“So what’s going on with the case?”

“You have been outright identified, and there is mass speculation as to where you’ve gone. Your brother figured it out.”

“He’s intuitive. So how long do you think I need to stay here?”

“You can go home anytime you want, but the detective suggested you stay put until-”

I saw a flicker in his eyes before he squatted and touched an indent in the drying mud.

“Until what?” I crossed my arms as he stood. “Warren, until what?”

“Jim Albert isn’t the killer.”

“Oh excuse me?” I nearly fell over.

“He’s one of the rapist’s, but not the killer. He and a friend would find a mark and if both found her agreeable they would…”

“One of? Oh shit.” I covered my mouth. “The bartender.”

Warren put his arms around me, and I let him support me.

“You were right about him. Jim’s DNA matched all victims but a second male donor was present only in the murdered girls.”

“Let me guess, the bartender is MIA.”

“Yes and you’re the only one that saw him clearly. I remember him but not well enough to identify him. Conveniently he’s not on any security footage.”

“Wait, that doesn’t make any sense. The bar would know who they hired.”

“They have in total, thirty part-time bartenders and had five on that night all women. How he got behind the bar is unknown, and nobody recalls him clearly. Detective Cage has a bunch of photos for you to look at.”

“Great so I should go look at them.”

“He agrees with me, you stay put here, he’ll be here after lunch.”

“Why couldn’t he just email them?”

“Good question.” Warren smiled and kissed me tenderly. “Let’s get the last of this done, have some lunch, and you can ask him yourself.”

We drove slowly around the last point and were headed toward the house. I could see Turf bounding in the distance and I smiled. By the time, we closed the barn door Turf was running circles around me and dropped an orange ball.

“Where did he find that?” Warren asked as I picked it up.

“Ask him,” I said and threw it as far as I could.

With a happy bark, Turf took off.

“You do realize he doesn’t fetch right?” Warren laughed as we approached a dismayed Wayne.

“You’re making my dog a dog little one.”

“Wayne I know you’re speaking English, but I don’t get what you’re saying.” I said and laughed at the silly scowl on Wayne’s face.

The two devilishly handsome men laughed as Turf came back, dropped the ball and nudged it toward my feet. I picked it up as he barked at me, and Wayne snorted. I threw the ball and Turf ran away trying to catch it mid-air.

“Yeah,” Wayne said with a laugh in his voice, “No fetch, no baths, no following or sitting still for scratches. Turf does what he wants. He’s a good dog but he doesn’t play.”

“That’s bull, Turf hangs out with me all the time and we play. He’s a great listener.”

I walked away from the two men and met Turf. I threw the ball again, and when he came back, he bowled me over and licked my face until I laughed hard enough my stomach hurt. When I sat up, he plopped down between my legs and presented his neck for scratching.

“You still smell good,” I said and kissed his head. Warren and Wayne were sitting on the porch and watching with drinks in their hands. “They don’t know it, but I’ve never had a dog friend before.”

Turf gave me a small bark and licked my hand.

“I’ve never had a lot of things before now. Trust and love. Turf, Warren scares me, he’s all in with no question.”

I laughed when Turf growl yipped as if he were talking back. I put my arms around his clean fluffy fur, and he rested his head on my back. I watched the two brothers talking, and Westley came out to join them.

“I want this, maybe not every day but I want this life to be a part of mine.”

I sighed and let go as Turf whined.

“Wanna run and play ball?”

He barked, I got up and threw the ball. Turf gave me a playful look, and I chased him until he gave up the ball. This was our new favourite game. I know I’m being watched and I don’t care. I don’t know how long we played, but I was getting tired. We both turned when Wayne whistled loudly.

“Mmm lunch.” I said as Turf barked in agreement.

I laughed and ran back to three men who looked too amused for their own good. Turf ran circles around me and nearly tripped me as I got to the porch. All three burst into peals of laughter.

“What’s so funny?”

“Oh Warren told Wayne to call his dog back, or you’d never come in for lunch. I said I bet you’d come running just as fast as the dog for Eunice’s fried chicken.”

“You both turned at the same time, too funny,” Wayne said ruffling Turfs head. “She’s Warren’s girl you can’t keep her.”

Turf barked, growled and moved to stand between my legs. He was too big, and I’m too short. I laughed so hard I fell over, and Turf stood over me and growled at Warren. It made the three men laugh so hard Wayne spilled his drink and Eunice came out looking alarmed.

“What’s all this noise? What on Earth is going on?” She asked staring at Turf and me.

“I’ve lost my mutt to a tiny bit of woman, and now Baby brother has to fight a dog for her.”

“Oh for heaven’s sake. Turf she needs to eat and if you want scraps, let her up.”

I hugged the dog and got to my knees. “Don’t worry Turf you’re my favourite.”

He barked and went to Eunice as Warren helped me up and brushed me off. 

“You’re a mess.”

I looked around at the open green area. People were moving about the stables and in the training field with a horse. Birds flew in and out of the trees and gardens. I had dirt, grass and various unidentifiable things in my hair and on my clothes, and I was happy.

“I think I’m ruined.” I grinned as Warren leaned in to kiss me.

We broke the kiss when Westley cleared his throat loudly at the door. He held it for us as we went inside. How am I supposed to go back to a concrete world and my small apartment now?

Lunch was hilarious. Wayne outright flirted with me, and Warren got juvenile about it. They teased and bickered over me, and twice Eunice declared they were behaving like bratty teens again and to knock it off at the table.

Warren sat on the top of the porch steps and had me sit two steps lower as he picked plants and mystery things from my hair.

“You are a silly woman rolling around with a dog. Sorry,” he said as he pulled my hair removing what I now know is a burr.

“I suppose I could just stand still and throw the ball.”

“He’d knock you down anyway. You’re the only person he actually plays with, you know that right? Wayne loves that dog and vice versa, but he’s not usually very dog-like.”

“Turf gets me.”

“There, you’re burr and stick free,” Warren said and began brushing my hair. “I wont tell you what critters I found.”

“Please don’t.”

Aside from the dread of our impending visitor, I was content.

Part #26: The Eyes Of A Killer  .

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Work And Play – Part 24 – Haven (NSFW)

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This story contain’s sexual content, violence, coarse language
and consumption of alcohol it is rated R.
By continuing to read you hereby verify that you are 18 years or older. 

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Hc3Work And Play – Haven

I woke to find myself wrapped around Warren. Possessiveness had nothing on me. Warren chuckled when I tightened my already tight grip.

“Haven,” He said softly.

“I’ve never woken up this happy before.” The word happy was actually iced with horny like a cake of delectable emotion.


There was so much sex in that sound, and I lowered my hand to find him agreeable to what I wanted. I giggled and squealed as he moved fast and had me pinned on my back.

“I could get used to this,” I said as he spread my folds with his hand and invaded my body with his shaft.

“Good morning.” He said with a smile as he buried himself to the root.

“Good has nothing on this morning.”


Neither of us could speak as our desperation grew with the ferocity of our rhythm. I clawed at Warrens back as my orgasm drowned me in pleasure. We laid contently in each others arms until our bodies settled.

I could do nothing to stop the blush of embarrassment as I sat at the table for breakfast. Eunice had smirked at me when she set two cups of coffee on the table for both Warren and I. Westley was already sipping his and reading a section of the newspaper. It hadn’t occurred to me that they might hear us or assume or know or… oh hell, I was so embarrassed.

“So,” Westley said as he set his mug down. “Are you two going to get any work done today or are you going to constantly sneak off like a couple of hormone-ravaged teens?”

I covered my face as Warren laughed loudly joining Westley in his laugh.

“Oh, you two!” Eunice scolded and set out plates of pancakes. “Never mind them, Haven.”

“Well pops I’ll take option two if it’s a choice.”

They laughed again, and I was mortified. I began eating, and despite the initial difficulty swallowing, I devoured my breakfast. I was so hungry here. Westley said it’s the fresh air and hard work. I must be insane, but I was looking forward to whatever Westley had in store. The only day these people took off was Sunday. However, Saturdays were less work and often shorter. Not that Westley, Eunice nor Wayne seemed to have regular working hours.

“What’s on the agenda?” Eunice asked as she started in on her breakfast.

“Aside from your stock clients and surveying the property, not much so the young’uns can run off to play.” Westley winked at me.

I actually put my forehead on the table.

“Stop,” Eunice chastised. “Haven honey they tease, but there’s nothing to be embarrassed about.”

I looked up at her and saw the flicker of mischief in her eyes.

“Besides, Westley is by far worse than any Young’un around here.” 

I laughed as Westley had the decency to blush and choke on his coffee.

Warren got up. “We’ll check the property and leave you two to be worse then we’re going to be.”

“Oh my God,” I said in horror as Warren grabbed my hand and actually dragged me from my chair and out of the kitchen.

Warren snickered and smiled as he pulled me along toward the large barn.

“That was super weird and awkward. Why are they so…”

“Open about sex?” Warren stopped and let go of my hand to open the barn door.

“Yeah. You didn’t find that weird?”

“No Haven I don’t. They tease because they’re not morons. They know we have sex and probably heard you voicing your approval last night and again this morning.”

I covered my face again.

“Honestly,” He took my hand from my face and pulled me into the barn full of machines and equipment. “When you grow up on a farm with parents that have huge senses of humour and a strong view of honesty you get over any false embarrassment. Oh and we breed horses don’t forget.”

“So they just… talk about sex with you?”

“Yes, and not one of their kids have unplanned babies and usually have healthy relationships.”

“Usually. Until you met me.”

Warren laughed as he handed me a helmet. “Pops would say a perfect woman will bore you to an early grave.”

He started the engine of the quad, and I moved to get on behind him.

“No way,” He laughed and pointed to the other quad. “As much as I want to feel your hot body against mine you need to live a little.”

I hesitated before sitting and starting the engine. I don’t even like driving cars, I can, I just don’t enjoy driving. I started out and barely heard Warren’s laugh behind me as we raced out and across the grass. I knew where to slow down so we could look for all the things Westley and Wayne told me about. We stopped at the fence where I had repaired the damage the first day here.

“Wayne said you helped,” Warren said as he got off his quad.

I took my helmet off and followed him to the fence. “My arms hurt for two days.”

“But you didn’t quit until the job was done.”

“That would go against who I am.” I sucked my breath in when Warren looked at me as if he wanted to devour me. “You are not going to-”

I did not get to finish that sentence as he pulled me roughly to him and kissed me deeply. It was silly and surprising. I did indeed feel like a hormone-ravaged teenager. Still kissing me, Warren turned my body so he could slip his hand behind the jeans he just unbuttoned.

With the warm morning sun bathing us in light, Warren’s fingers moved behind my underwear, and I parted my legs eagerly for him. His tongue sought mine out as his finger dipped between my lips to find them moist. Once he had it slick, he moved his finger back up to my clit and began a gentle rub. He was the first man ever to find it sight unseen.

I began moaning uncontrollably, his fingers slipped down into my wet before returning to my clit. I gripped his shirt and came undone to the firm rub of his finger. I grinned as he pulled his hand out, zipped up my jeans and refastened the button.

With a playful smack on my ass, he said, “Let’s get going, we have a few more places to check before we head back.”

Part 25#: A Busy Morning  .

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Love, Lust And Letting Go – Part 23 – Haven (NSFW)

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This story contain’s sexual content, violence, coarse language
and consumption of alcohol it is rated R.
By continuing to read you hereby verify that you are 18 years or older. 

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Hc3Love, Lust And Letting Go – Haven

I entered the guest bedroom with a soft terrycloth robe wrapped about me feeling more human and alive than I’ve ever felt in my entire life. Thoughts of Randall were no longer gripping me with fear, anger, shame and humiliation. Randall never loved me, I may have loved him, but it was one-sided. I was his secret mistress and nothing more. Randall had no intention of leaving his wife or telling me about her. It wasn’t my fault that he was unfaithful and it wasn’t my fault his life fell apart.

I closed the door and paused to see Warren sitting on my bed. I didn’t expect him to be there. He gestured for me to come closer and when I did, he took my brush from my hands and made me between his legs with my back to him.

“You had a very pensive look when you came in before you saw me.”

“I was just thinking about how right you are.”

“Ooh, I like hearing that I’m right.” He chuckled as he began brushing my wet hair.

I had to tell him part of why I was so messed up. Warren deserved to know what he’s been working so hard to help me overcome.

“I was in love once, before you.”

“Before, so you admit you’re in love with me?”

I shook my head and rolled my eyes. “I was in love, but he wasn’t, and it ruined me for a long time.”

I told him about Randall as he brushed my hair more than was necessary. When he set the brush down and put his arms around me from behind just to hold me and listen I nearly cried.

“I never let anyone get anywhere close to my heart. Then your friend hits me with your car, and in a moment of weakness you slip right in and get close, despite my best efforts to make you go away.”

I turned in his arms to look at him, and if I hadn’t known it already, I’d know he loves me from the look on his face.

“Fate,” I said quietly, and I got off the bed to face him properly. This much closeness and contact had me suddenly desperate to have him closer. All the gentle touches and chaste kissing brought back the memory of how badly our bodies want the other.

“Haven,” The lusty tone of his voice suggested that he was as worked up as I am from all this tender teasing.

I grabbed his dress shirt and tugged making him come to the edge of the bed. I quivered between my legs and the sensual feel of wet seeped delightfully into my panties. To want someone so intensely was terrifying, and once I shoved that useless fear away, it was exhilarating.

“Warren,” I said in the same lusty love filled tone.

My fingers unbuttoned the first on his shirt as our mouths met. The first time we did this, it had been chaos and uncontrollable passion, and it happened again. The kiss was short and overflowing with hunger. There was more communication in the briefest look into each other’s eyes than words could have conveyed.

In one swift tug, I was naked, and Warren’s hands were everywhere as fast as they could be. I pulled his shirt free and started on his belt and pants. I couldn’t stop or slow down, and he mirrored my sentiment. Rational thought and reason had no place here among our hormones and desire. His pants hit the floor, and he sat back on the bed pulling me with him. We kissed again as I straddled his body. I wiggled my hips to help him enter, and the moment he began penetrating I pushed down to make it happen faster.

I braced myself with my hands on his shoulders, he had one hand buried in my hair and the other on my back as I rolled my hips and rode him with the most passion I’ve ever felt.

We kissed until our breaths came too fast to maintain lip-lock and I gasped and panted arching my back and digging my fingers into his shoulders as I came. The world spun swiftly, and I was on my back. Warren put his hands on either side of my head and looked into my eyes as our noses nearly touched. He began firm and fast strokes and kept at it until I was lifting my hips and making guttural noises begging him for more. I was vulnerable and I let myself trust this man above me. I let him show me just how much we belonged together. Warren saw it when I couldn’t, he felt it enough for both of us and I loved him even more for never giving up on me. Warren doesn’t deserve my fear.

“Oh Warren,” I whispered just before my body released the pleasure it began storing with each thrust. “Oh, Warren!” I whispered harshly as I pulled his head down and he buried it in the crook of my neck.

“Haven,” He replied then he grunted, stiffened inside and filled me with his hot seed.

I held him to me to feel his body claiming mine and for the first time in my adult life, I savoured the heat and weight of him over my body. We breathed hard to slow our pulses. Our sweat glistened bodies in full contact. There was something ancient feeling about this moment, and I smiled when he lifted his head to look at me again.

“Not going to kick me out?” He teased.

“Never again,” I said and kissed him softly.

After we tidied up and ate sandwiches that Warren liberated from the kitchen, we snuggled into the bed and kissed like teenagers until exhaustion claimed me and I fell asleep in his arms.

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