Where And When? (Part – 35) Kacey & Parker

Kacey & Parker’s story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language, it is rated R and intended for readers 18 years + only.

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 KP Part 35

Where And When? (Part – 35)


The sun no longer dappled down through the leaves upon my skin. The moon cast no light into the cold darkness that surrounded me. The wind blew across my cold skin to send new shivers down to my aching bones. I must have been unconscious for hours.

I pushed myself up to sit on the hard stone altar. Kacey wouldn’t have just left me here. The witches were gone. The air smelled clean and devoid of human activity. No fire, no cooking, no animals, garbage or human waste.

I managed to stand. The leaves rustled in the trees in the otherwise silent night. My clothes were gone, everything was gone. I was so thirsty my throat hurt and my head felt thick. I needed water.

One painful step at a time I made my way toward town. When it came into sight, I wasn’t sure if I was going to cry from relief or despair. It was vacant, the ghost town I remembered first seeing. Except there were buildings missing to the west. Regardless, it was shelter if there was nothing else.

I would have given anything for clothes and shoes. I need to get warm.


I walked into the town and looked toward the camp. There were no tents or people about. If I didn’t act fast, I was going to die from exposure. It wasn’t freezing but I was naked with dried blood on my thighs, the wind was cold and I was already chilled badly.

I gathered wood and went to the shed that held supplies for the researchers and visitors. It wasn’t locked to my releif, the metal bar that held the latch closed was easy to lift. There I found a box of waterproof matches in a crate with emergency supplies. I let silent tears fall as I wrapped a shiny emergency blanket around my shaking body and managed to get a fire going. It would do for now. The bottle of water in the crate tasted horrible but it was better than nothing.

As soon as there was some sunlight, I would explore the crate more. For now I was unable to move from the warmth of the fire.

“Where is everyone?” I whispered. “Where are you Kacey?”

Did he go home? I had no idea but I hoped he did. Was I back? I had no idea if it was the same year, years before or even years after. As the heat soothed my body, my mind began sorting through what to do. Survival was number one on the list, but then what? Roger said they had people here as soon as the spring let them in and they left just before the snow. Was it no longer summer? The trees had their leaves and they looked black in the moonlight. I put extra wood on the fire and dozed off waking at any sound in hopes it was another person and fear of an animal.

When the sun finally made its way to the horizon, I was ready to move. My stomach ached with hunger and I couldn’t leave this place alone. We flew in on a plane and hiked for a day to get here. I wouldn’t even know how to get anywhere and I would certainly die.

The crate was solid and intact but the survival bars were gone torn open by animals who left the wrappers and poo. There was one more emergency blanket. In another smaller crate were twenty cans of meat. Chicken, ham and tuna. I thanked everyone and every god I could think of that they had pull tops. I opened the tuna and forced myself to eat slowly. I needed the energy to take stock of my situation and find better shelter and something to put on my feet.

I found hand crank powered flashlight in the emergency first aid kit. I charged it up and started investigating. Roger said that Kacey had the military helicopter drop of supplies and heavier items that would stay stored year round. There were two metal ladders for repairs and exploring some of the buildings and a wheelbarrow for moving firewood and debris. There was a container of nails and a hammer, more waterproof matches a half full jug of kerosene for the lanterns. I found cans of dried rice, dehydrated beans, peas, powdered canned potatoes and there was powdered soup stock. All in cans but not the pull top kind. The can opener was hanging on the wall along with a shovel, axe, hatchet and hand saw.

“Thank God.” I was trying not to cry but I was beyond terrified.

If I’m here for the winter I need to get everything I can. As Katherine had said, prepare for the leaner days. My gut twisted recalling her standing among the witches, she had given no hint that she was herself a witch.

I pulled everything out of the shed. There were two sleeping bags and a backpack of someone’s clothes. I tugged them on quickly and didn’t care that they were miles too big and dirty. I rolled the sleeves and legs and tied a piece of sting around the belt to hold them up. No shoes but there were thick wool socks. I put them on and would try to figure out how to fashion some makeshift shoes later.

“Okay this sucks so bad.” I said to myself as I looked at the pile of what was there.

I found a binder with some blank pages and field guide book. There were some other books that would be of no help unless I needed something to start fires or read. I took inventory and figured it was mid to late October based on the weather and the trees. If it had been spring the plants would be different. Roger and Kacey spent a lot of time showing me the summer plants and telling me about the late summer early fall ones. 

I made a calendar and counted the months. March or April might be right for them to come back. “Plan for the worst.” Five months. I looked up to the sky.  “How do I figure out how much I need to eat?”

I would plan for five and a half maybe six. That was a long time to be alone and hungry. I heard Kacey’s voice telling me to make list of things to do. Stay busy. It was hard to move just because I was so frightened. The sun came out from behind the clouds and I stopped to appreciate it. The warmth washed over me then through me and smiled. I could feel the magic seeping through me and filling me with hope. It was still there.

With my magic giving me strength I made the list of what needed to be done. I did the best I could to figure out how much food I would need to survive.

I put everything back in the shed and headed into the town with the flashlight and hammer in hand. It was a long shot. Nobody said anything about a storage room beneath the shop when I was on the tour. I went into Alpheus’ shop and shivered from the good and bad memories. There was no way I could go into the store room Kacey and I shared if I wanted to keep moving forward. I used the hammer to pry up the trap door after scraping the dirt and plants from its surface. I was amazed it wasn’t rotted through.

After a few moments of spider induced hesitation, I made my way down. All the fabric and leather on the shelves were rotted and ruined. I used the hammer to open the large metal trunk that Katherine said would keep the best of her leather safe from everything.

“I hope she was right.” I lifted the lid.

She was right. It had some damage and it was stiff but I could use it to make something for my feet. I had a lot of work to do but if I wanted to see Kacey or my family and friends again I had to survive.

To be continued…

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Magic, Magic Everywhere (Part – 34) Kacey & Parker

Kacey & Parker’s story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language, it is rated R and intended for readers 18 years + only.

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 KP Part 34

Magic, Magic Everywhere (Part – 34)


The sheer force of my orgasm killed me, if only momentarily. It was the strongest most glorious release I’ve ever had. It was not what was meant to happen. I was the vehicle to Parker having an orgasm and I was to keep the words for her spell focused. But when she came, the sound of her pleasure, the smell of her body and the feel of her spasms were too much and I came fast and explosive. She moved oddly over me, the magic fell in on us then it was as if I were being turned inside out. There was magic everywhere and it pressed hard.

I screamed in the darkness of my mind. I was certain death was pulling me to hell for my sin of letting Parker down. With a sudden bone-slamming thud, I was on my back again with cold hard stone beneath me.

The moment I realized Parker wasn’t on top of me, my eyes flew open. My chest tightened as my senses became my own again. Someone called my name.

“Kacey!” Roger said as he rushed toward me removing his jacket.

The spell worked, I was home.

The pressure in my head kept me from speaking and I desperately wanted to call out for Parker. Babs and Gabby were naked on their knees and two of the security had guns pointed at them. If I didn’t just time travel for the second time in my life I’d be saying ‘what the hell?’.

I took Rogers canteen and greedily drank the cool water. As it hit my throat and stomach, the pressure in my head eased off greatly.

“Parker,” I said as the despair set in.

She didn’t come back. Babs and Gabby started sobbing and rubbing their arms.

“It’s gone.” Gabby said between sobs.

“It was taken away, torn from our souls.” Babs said.

“What do you mean gone?” I said harshly knowing that I lost Parker because of them.

“The magic that was everywhere is gone, the moment you came through it was pulled from me.” Gabby said as her guard tossed her clothes at her hard. 

“Get dressed,” he said. 

I looked away from the rotten women to see Rogers sad face, “Parker?”

“I’m sorry son she didn’t come back.” Roger helped me up and wrapped the jacked about my waist. “We put two and two together and realized that Gabby and Babs knew something and were partly responsible for your disappearance. It was a far fetch to believe I’ll tell ya.”

I couldn’t speak now for an entirely different reason, if I did I’d start crying and heaven only knows if I’d be able to stop. Parker must have known she couldn’t come back. If she couldn’t keep her mind on where to go and it was blissfully blank at the time, she’d stay put. Dianne would have killed Parker. My blood never spilled on the altar but if Parkers had… I shivered at the thought as my throat closed. I managed to make it to my tent before I collapsed on my sleeping bag and let my misery out.

An hour or so later I was clean, dressed and I sat by the fire eating a tasteless dinner that I couldn’t even focus on. Roger beckoned me to walk with him. Everyone but Gabby and Babs were exploring the ruins. We disappeared yesterday. Roger brought me a cup of coffee and Gabby’s book. It was similar to Dianne’s book but older, which made sense.

I clutched the book and the cup of hot coffee and told Roger everything as we strolled. I’ve been to war, I’ve seen people die, innocent and evil people; I’ve caused some of those deaths. I’ve lost family and friends and I lost myself for a while, but none of it hurt as badly as losing Parker.

“We found some clues that appeared overnight that corroborated Gabby’s claim that you were pulled back in time to complete a blood ceremony we forced them to tell us everything.”


“Parkers camera, knife and backpack as well as your inscribed watch and boots. All aged.”

“If she was alive she would have left a clue, some way to let me know.”

Roger nodded and gripped my shoulder. “Then let’s look.”

I finally looked at the ghost town and it was disorienting. “Roger, it’s different from when I left.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes there was a whole street to the west that’s gone.”

“There is evidence of a large fire. I suppose we can expect some differences. I’m sorry Kacey but…”

“My grief aside Roger I’ll tell you everything I can including what’s changed.”

We searched everywhere while the sunlight lasted. I went back to the altar as the sun set and stared at the large stone. There was no sign or evidence that Parker survived. Dianne wouldn’t have let her live after stealing their magic. Parker ended the dark magic but maybe she still had her own. No the witches said repeatedly that her magic disappeared when she lost her virginity, but then how am I back?

I couldn’t come to terms with being here without her. In reality we haven’t known each other long, but it was long enough and that situation brought us closer fast. I stared at the center and replayed all that happened only hours ago for me. All those women were long dead they got what they deserved by having their power taken. Parker had succeeded.

I went back to my tent to read the book that was confiscated from Babs and Gabby.

It contained everything Dianne’s book contained. It wasn’t her book but a copy. There was a large number of spells and potions and ceremonies.  What was fascinating were the explicit instructions on how to perform the anchor ceremony. The copy of what Dianne’s coven was doing but to bind a body and help push it back. They didn’t need to even be at the altar for it to work. Anyone with potential of being the sanguis would be sent back. There were warnings about virgins. They were never to perform the ceremony within a hundred feet of a female virgin. The calling ceremony was there to draw males in.

“Son of a bitch.” I muttered and kept reading.

Dianne had used the last of four witches magic to break Esther’s sister Agnes and Francine’s sisters Mary and Tabitha out of the towns hold. She did this before the first visitors arrived. They were sent out to the cities find a male with latent power and to have babies. To keep only the females and teach them the ways. Their magic would be weak but enough to nudge people back into the spell they would cast regularly to trap the Sanguis. The spell would only work if a male successor of Tobias was alive. 

“She sent this message down to the ancestors to anchor their time spell? Wow. How many did they draw back?”

I explained that only one went back at a time, who they were and from where. Babs and Gabby admitted they were practicing the ritual on their vacation on the way to the altar the book said they would find. They admitted to luring strangers and practicing making them disappear. With Babs and Gabby directly touching the altar, they were able to send me and Parker back together. Both Roger and I wondered if I would have been pulled back even if I wasn’t here when they used the actual altar. I thought it was likely since I was the target all along.

“They shot themselves in the foot.” I could draw some satisfaction from that if nothing else.

How was I supposed to just walk away from this? From her? Would she want me to give up on her and move on?

“Yeah.” I said and kicked the dirt. “She would.”

I could hear her lecturing me about living life. I will live life, but I’ll never stop hoping that maybe she might find a way home. She’s too strong to just let Dianne or the others kill her. I made up my mind knowing we had to leave here before the first snowfall. I would give her until then to send me some sign, some message before I hiked out of here with the researchers.


To be continued…

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Where And When?
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Stealing A Ceremony (Part – 33) Kacey & Parker

Kacey & Parker’s story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language, it is rated R and intended for readers 18 years + only.

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 KP Part 33

Stealing A Ceremony (Part – 33)


The incessant chanting of the insane women around us was annoying. Their scowls and sneers were distracting. How was I supposed to have an orgasm with all that negativity and people watching? This was not how I imagined my first time with Kacey or my first time at all. I hoped for the romantic closeness and mutual pleasure. I put my clean hand on Kacey’s cheek as we stood naked in the center of a round stone altar.

I was hurt that Katherine was in on this. In hindsight, her attitude had turned slightly after the first orgasm Kacey gave me. All the women here had been so kind. The stupid self-serving bitches needed to be stripped of magic. If they were here then they must be a part of this madness. They were killing people. I felt bad for the innocents in this town. The last thing I knew before I was brought here was that there is no such thing as witches. Wiccans yes but not real live evil spell casting witches. Up until the moment I left, their magic had been stuck and maybe muted but not gone. There are ‘real’ stories abound of witchcraft but none of it terrifying to the point of making the world cower before them. If I go back, will things be the same? Not likely. Either I will succeed or Kacey will die and they get their power.

Therefore, the world I know will either have witches ruling the lands with terror or their magic will be reduced to poultices, teas and spiritual journeys.

I couldn’t freak out about this, not now and not until we were safe. The idea to take their ceremony for myself was a flash of genius. With no way to know if it would work, I took a leap of faith and followed the light inside me. Kacey would call it instinct and I was inclined to agree.

Dianne had said my energy was leaving me but she was wrong. As the blood trickled down my legs I realized the magic that had held me back wasn’t mine and it wasn’t good. It was old and dark and deep within; that was what drained out of me. If she was sensing that, in theory it made sense since the darkness was more familiar to her.

Now they tried to throw darkness at me as a collective but I felt none of it penetrate. I reached down with my blood covered hand and touched Kacey’s soft penis. The more I gazed into the deep dark depths of Kacey’s eyes the further away the crazy coven got.

“Let’s go home.” I said and gently stroked making it thicken.

“I love you Parker.” He said and ran his hands down my back to my ass.

“Not nearly as much as I love you Kacey.”

He looked at me with the most trust and love I’ve ever seen as he leaned in to kiss me. The absolute trust fueled my light and despite our onlookers, passion took over. Kacey is mine if only for this one moment, he is mine. I’d rather have him forever but one-step at a time.

His lips and mine moved sensually in the tender romantic way I always dreamed of. His hands caressed and teased my skin to shivers and shudders. I could feel the heat from his body crashing into the heat of mine drawing us closer together.

Beneath it all, deep, deep, down light was telling me that Kacey must not bleed on this altar that I must complete my spell first. Part of me was afraid that to complete it, I had to still be here.

“Patience,” I heard Dianne say, “She will lose her concentration and the barrier will fall. We will have his blood.”

I let that light out to swirl around us and blanket us in goodness. With my light shielding our love and passion, I shut them out. She was right but if we could finish what we started before Dianne can finish what she started, then I win.

Kacey slowly dropped to his knees as he stiffened in my hand. I dropped with him and as I’ve seen in movies, I straddled him and took him in. It hurt a little, but not enough to make me stop.

“Think about us going home and never stop.” I said.

“Send us home.” Kacey said and began repeating those words along with the year and date we disappeared.

I rode him to the rhythm of his chant and gasped as the alien sensation of him sliding in and out of me became extraordinarily pleasurable. I wanted to cry from the sheer joy of him, the loss of something that had been mine for so long and all my fear of losing him.

I grabbed Kacey’s shoulders as he repeated the words to take us home. I may lose my concentration but he won’t. I loved that he believed and wasn’t above helping. I prayed it would be enough to get us gone before Diane and the others were able to attack.

I said the words in sync with Kacey, I moved faster and our words came faster. It was different from what I’m used to, deeper and urgent. I moved even faster as Kacey kept chanting. He understood and trusted in this craziness as his hands guided me.

It was going to happen, I was there as my climax crested and blasted outward through the light inside. The barrier fell. Dianne screamed a primal guttural cry as she advanced too fast. I shoved Kacey to the stone as I finished my orgasm and he grunted the words and jerked beneath me.

I was nearly blinded by the light and deafened by the screams around me. The women fell to the ground holding their heads. 

A tendril of light emanated from me like a flash toward Dianne’s glowing pendant. It collided and shattered the stone to minuscule shards and Dianne screamed loudly. The sound of a woman broken completely. The pleasure continued to release throughout my body as Dianne swung the knife downward toward Kacey and me.  I moved to take the blade and keep Kacey’s blood from hitting the altar, which was paramount. The blade dropped and the light within me and out errupted in an explosion of absolute pain…

To be continued…

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Magic, Magic Everywhere
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From Wax And Light (Part – 32) Kacey & Parker

Kacey & Parker’s story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language, it is rated R and intended for readers 18 years + only.

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 KP Part 32

From Wax And Light (Part – 32)


The shock of being torn from the light and warmth of Parker was akin to being tossed into a frozen lake in the darkest of nights. There was blood on my penis and cold hands holding my arms firmly. I’m strong but I couldn’t fight them. Magic. It had to be.

One by one, the candles wavered and revealed naked kneeling women that we knew from town but not as witches.

“Holy shit,” I said in dismay.

“Yes,” Dianne said with a purr in her voice, “Most things that are holy are indeed shit.”

Parker had stopped screaming and stood on the edge just outside of the stone circle. Blood stained her inner thighs and she was crying. I struggled against my captors as they tied my hands. I couldn’t fight them.

“Let me go.”

“I will Sanguis, into the afterlife you will go soon enough.” Dianne smiled and trailed a finger across my chest. “Thank you for taking her power away in the most convenient place for us. You see, we believed you until the earth shook for a second time and we were not in ceremony. There is only one thing that can activate the time rift and that is the ultimate pleasure of a witch, or the Iconoclastarum.”

Parker’s terrified eyes met mine before Dianne slapped my face hard. “She will die, but not before you do. I may keep her alive and steal her power as painfully as I am able.”

What could I say? I couldn’t move. Parker looked ready to collapse but not. She glanced at me and I got the messages clear. She was feigning weakness. That’s my clever girl.

I groaned and let my arms relax. “What are you doing to me?”

“The bulk of our magic is frozen but not all of it. We summoned all we have available to set this trap and to bind the two of you with a simple spell.”

Parker wobbled and the two women holding her let fall to her knees to the ground just outside the altar stone.

“As we speak her magic is falling away. You had one chance to use it and you failed.” Dianne laughed maniacally as a good villain should. “Or rather we stopped you and we have won.”

The other women in the forest joined hands around the stone circle. I recognized all of them including Katherine. When our eyes met, she looked away in shame. Dianne sauntered over to Parker.

“This is what your lies have wrought.” Dianne said and backhanded Parker.

“Caution!” Wilma said harshly, “Do not spill her blood.”

That was an odd thing to say considering Parker had spilled blood running down her thighs. I caught Parker’s attention and she blinked purposefully at me and gave me a slight smile. She heard Wilma’s odd statement. There was no blood on the altar, they got Parker off before it managed to drip to the cold stone.

“It is time take up your blades.” Dianne said and turned to face the four others.

Esther stood defiantly with a smug sneer upon her face and reached for a small knife just as a timid young woman did. 

“No,” Dianne said snidely, “Mary you are not powerful enough, Ester is free and will perform.”

“She must, you gave your word!” Anne said with balled fists.

“You forget Anne who I am. I knew what you were up to and let you play your little game. It was a good distraction for our prey. Did you think I would allow two of your bloodline to participate here for this unbinding? Say another word and Katherine will take your place and you will be flayed for betrayal.”

Ester took the knife in her hand, Anne nodded contritely and picked hers up. The woman had been bested and her plans thwarted by the real danger of this group.

The other two, Wilma and Francine picked up small their knives and the five of them went to their places and lowered to their knees. The witches holding Parker and I and the rest began chanting. ‘blood of power blood of magic’ in bastardized Latin. That’s what they were saying before when they did the calling ceremony. That day they had mumbled, but now it was clear.

Parker lifted her face to the sky, the sunlight dappled her tear streaked face and she took rapid deep breaths. The two witches holding her fell backwards screaming in agony. In the same moment, Parker reached between her legs and covered her hand in blood. She moved like liquid lightning and touched the closest stone phallus after shoving an unprepared Wilma out of the way.

“No!” Wilma cried out.

The five women got to their feet, the daggers poised dangerously.

Dianne raised her larger knife as Parker body slammed Francine out of the stone circle. I still couldn’t move my body. The woman fell hard to the forest floor. They had no idea how strong and trained Parker is. The dull thickness in my body wavered and I was able to throw my captors back and out of the stone circle as Parker touched her bloody hand to the second phallus. With a virgin blood covered punch, Parker knocked Esther off balance and in a swift shift Parker grabbed the slight woman’s wrist, swung her around and out of the stone circle. It was spectacular to watch. As dangerous as these women are they seemed unable to touch Parker. They had no concept of martial arts and Parker gave them no opportunity to adjust to her actions. 

Dianne advanced on me shrieking. I’m buck-naked and that’s a huge knife. I dodged her advance and slammed a closed fist into her back. She cried out as Parker made it to the third Phallus. The women outside were either unable or unwilling to move closer to help their coven leaders. The energy in the altar was a very different flavor than any I’ve felt so far. It was good and light and full of promise. Perhaps time stood still outside the circle. It was possible, hell anything is possible. I dodged Dianne again and in the process, I was able to land a kick to Anne’s hip sending her tumbling to the forest floor. Anne had eyes only for Parker and screamed in surprise when I outed her from her position abruptly and painfully.

I stood in front of the fifth phallus as Parker touched her bloody hand to the fourth. Dianne advanced again. I waited, pivoted and used her momentum to get her out of the circle. She screamed like a mad woman and her pendant began glowing a sickly yellow and red, I touched my flaccid penis, stooped and touched the blood to the fifth phallus. I have no idea what Parker is up to but I had no intention of doubting her in any way. Parker held her hands out and took deep breaths before saying,

“Shield and sanctuary.”

I saw all the naked women in the forest fall to their knees and asses except Dianne who held her glowing pendant to her mouth. She advanced on the circle fighting an invisible source of pain.

“No.” Parker said and glared at her enemy. “You may not enter. None of you may enter you foul and dirty creatures of the dark.”

Dianne stopped at the edge of the circle as if scalded. “What did you do!”

Parker moved closer. “I learned from your idiot arrogant rambling.” She waived her hand around. “The actions and the words are just that. The real magic is in here.” She tapped her chest then her head, “And in here. I beat you to it.”

“Break it down!” Dianne bellowed as her face went red with fury.

The shaky miserable women got up, joined hands and began chanting again as Parker touched my chest gently with her clean hand. Her eyes fairly glowed with life as she smiled.

“We have nothing to lose, let’s see if I can take us home.”


I looked at the angry frantic women around us watching. What held them out was beyond my understanding, and I have no idea how long we have left to live.


To be continued…

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment

Stealing A Ceremony
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Inhaling The Sun (Part – 31) Kacey & Parker

Kacey & Parker’s story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language, it is rated R and intended for readers 18 years + only.

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 KP Part 31

Inhaling The Sun (Part – 31)


I muddled over the damned book until my muddler was sore. Then I stopped thinking about it and pretended I could inhale sunshine. The moment I tried it felt as if I could. I became light, calm and full of good energy. I could see past the written words of the book and what they said. It was as if I zoomed out and instead of a book, I could see the purpose of it, the magic behind it and it hit me in a glorious wash of bright warmth.

“Oh my God,” I muttered and jumped up.

I yelped in surprise to find Kacey right behind me. He nodded toward the forest. I ran to grab my bag and things first. He didn’t argue and waited for me. With my backpack on his back, we headed toward the forest. Once Kacey was certain we were completely alone he spoke.

“Okay so what do we need to do?”

“Magic. Kacey the answer was there all along. Babs and Gabby were obsessed with the full moon. The freaky five brought us here on a new moon. The others arrived on new moons and disappeared on full moons. I don’t think it was for any reason other than ceremony. For show.”

He blinked at me and nodded for me to continue.

“My two earth-shaking orgasms were when we chose to do it. They did a calling for me the other night and plan to sacrifice you tonight.”


“And? No not and, Kacey, why! Timing is for show. If they can unlock the spell tonight then we could do it now.”

“The timing of it doesn’t matter… It’s easier to hide nefarious things in the dark.”

“Which is why we’re going to do it in the daylight. The sun Kacey it’s a stronger source of energy and power than the moon. I feel it and I just know it is.”

“So what do you want to do?”

“I think we need to decide. Do we unlock the spell and see if I can steal the power or do we ignore that spell and cast our own?”

“I don’t like the idea of unlocking their spell. It was dark and even in daylight it will still be bad magic.”

“Oh good we agree then I do not want to face that magic if I don’t have to.”

He put his arms around me and held me close. “What is your instinct telling you?”

I chuckled. “Is that your polite way of asking if my magic talks to me?”

“Sort of.”

“Sex,” I said and looked up at his beautiful dark eyes, “Is the key. I want to sacrifice my virginity, have my first penetrative orgasm and use that power to send us home.”

“Far fetched.”

“I know but feel it’s right. I mean we can’t ask anyone. What harm is there in trying?”

“I’m all for having sex with you believe me, but how will you channel magic you’ve never used before?”

“The same way they do. I’ll use the altar.” I had to ask him, “Does it weird you out that I’m… like them?”

“First of all you’re nothing like them, you’re good and wonderful. Second of all, if you have magic that can get us home then I’m good. Just don’t turn me into a frog or something.”

I giggled and rested my cheek on his chest. “I’m afraid, I’m so afraid Kacey.”

“Me too,” He said and kissed the top of my head. “But we have each other, if nothing happens and we don’t go home, we run.”

“As in leave this place?”

“Yes, as far as we can go and if they come after us, let’s just say it would be the last thing they do.”

I backed away, took his and tugged him in the direction of the altar. “Time doesn’t matter unless it doesn’t work.”

“As in now?”

“Yes, if it doesn’t work Kacey then we can get an early start on running.”

I muddled again as we walked. Kacey existed, therefore his ancestor who was in the middle of being sacrificed on that altar got away. They needed Kacey to complete the ceremony and unlock the spell. If nothing else, I hoped Kacey would at least go back home. If I couldn’t go back then he had to. It was something I felt so completely that it was becoming an obsession.

I can do this, I have to do this and there is no other option. I can stop the darkness and the murders. In the process I get to have Kacey. I want him, he’s the first man I’ve truly wanted and not just for sex.

We came upon the circle. There were thick candles already set out between each stone phallus. Kacey scouted the area as I stood nervously.

“We’re alone, but that doesn’t mean we will be forever.”

Kacey undressed me quickly and I shivered in the warm air. The sunlight dappled my skin as the leaves above us moved in the gentle breeze. He undressed in what had to be record time. He was stunning and I was terrified and nervous. We left our clothes in a neat pile with his gun hidden in my pack. If we had to run we would leave and not stop for anything so it was better to have it all nearby.

“I feel darkness here, gross magic hanging in the air.”

“Then let’s fix that.” He said and kissed me gently.

I sighed deeply as we turned to walk onto the large circular stone altar. The pentagram engraving was more evident now than it was in our time. The five phallus rocks stood high and hard at the ends of the pentagram points. My eyes were stuck on the five candles. I looked around There were more than the five. There were at least a dozen or more on the ground around the circle. They felt so wrong.

“The candles feel super bad.” I said and frowned at them.

“They said they were going to prepare. Let’s stay away from them.”

I rubbed my arms as waves of the dark energy pulsed. I stopped and looked up toward the sun. I can shield myself if I try. I did the other night against Dianne. I imagined myself inhaling the sun and its warmth coursed into my lungs and into my blood. I took several deep breaths and let the light permeate every part of me and my fear slid away. The worry around Kacey’s eyes eased as I touched his arm and together we stepped past the candles and into the center of the altar.

“Are you sure?” Kacey asked me as his hands began exploring my naked body.


We kissed tenderly and when I pressed closer the kiss deepened and I felt Kacey’s arousal. I wasn’t afraid. I blanketed us in my borrowed light and moved against his hard length. We knelt and his hands cupped and squeezed my breasts. My back touched the cool stone when he laid me against it. It didn’t feel wrong or right, good or bad, but it did feel like power.

Kacey kissed me and pressed his hand between my legs. I opened to him and he rubbed my clit in small tantalizing circles.

“Remember,” I whispered. “Think of our time and focus on going home.”

I smiled at Kacey as he moved between my legs. He positioned the tip against my opening and I bit my lip.

“Are you ready?” He asked with lust in his voice.


With a firm pressure, he pressed against me. I gulped air in frantic anticipation and when he tore trough, I cried out in pain. It hurt so badly and sharply. The pain took over my body.

“Shh, shh…” Kacey cooed in my ear as tears fell from my eyes.

He held still and he pain drained away like water from a tub.

“Slowly,” I said and as he pulled out, he was pulled away from me.

I was grabbed and dragged from the circle by hands soaked with darkness. The stone scraped my soft skin and in the confusion, I started screaming at what I saw happening.

To be continued…

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment

From Wax And Light
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Playing Fair (Part – 30) Kacey & Parker

Kacey & Parker’s story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language, it is rated R and intended for readers 18 years + only.

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 KP Part 30

Playing Fair (Part – 30)


I have honestly never wanted a woman as much as I want Parker. Not because she’s a challenge, though that was adding to it, but because she’s amazing in every way. She is smart, sexy, brave, clever and strong to list a few.

If my theory is right then I can’t take her virginity until we can use it to get home. I asked her a question and she refused to answer. I’ll find out for myself. I wondered if her magic keeps her or has kept her from having sex, yes I’ve gotten used to the concept magic exists by force.

I trailed kisses across her body and focused on her breasts. After assuring her, I would do nothing more than clitoral, she relaxed. That kind of trust was a turn on. If she gave any real sign that she wanted me to stop I would. I rolled her nipple with my tongue as I pinched the other with my fingers. She moaned quietly as I moved my hands south to tackle the cotton underwear.

She meagerly protested the removal and giggled at how silly she was being.

“I’m so nervous Kacey that it almost feels unnatural.”

Once her underwear was off I moved up to kiss her proper. I waited patiently until the tension eased off and her hands ran up my arms to my shoulders. I fondled her breasts and damn they are fantastic. I began my journey south running my hands and mouth keeping her busy with arousal. I managed to get myself between her legs and by the time I got to her lower stomach with kisses, she let me nudge her legs open.

I took a moment to gaze upon her perfection and to calm my nearly out of control lust. I’m so much stronger than she is; it would be easy to take what I wanted. I would never do that but I could by sheer dominance. I glanced at her startling ice eyes and read a mixture of lust and trust in them.

“Trust me.” I said to reassure her.

She nodded as my fingers crept closer. She held her breath as I ran my fingers over her sensitive folds. Slowly I spread them and looked.

“Parker,” I said and she bit her lip in worry. “You are so beautiful.”

She was and she was also very much a virgin. There was no way she’s been fingered, fingered herself or done anything to widen or tear her hymen. It was textbook picture perfect. There was a small hole in the center no bigger than an eighth of an inch. I’ve seen a few hymens in my life and there is no mistaking it.

Before she could object, I put my mouth over her clit. I can’t do what I want to do the most so second best will do. Third, actually, since I can’t even finger her. As I licked and flicked her clit with my tongue, she writhed beneath me. I put my arms under her legs and pulled her up so her ass was off the small bed.

It was sweet agony to be so close to taking her. If I asked she might give in, but then again the magic might keep her from saying yes.

“Kacey,” She whimpered quietly and I doubled my efforts.

I could taste her juices of arousal and I prayed to a God whom I haven’t spoken to since my days in Iraq, and begged to keep her, to have her forever.

I kept massaging the nub as it twitched beneath my tongue. She came hard, gasped loudly and the ground shook. Now what would happen I wondered, if that happened at the altar, the focal point of all this magic? Would it be enough to send us home?


The sound of her voice was a mix of pleasure and fear. I let her go and she scooted away.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Yes, no, yes… It was wonderful and…”

“The Earth shook.”

“Yes it freaking shook and I felt it Kacey, the magic. I felt it deep in me, bright and beautiful. It’s as if you’re drawing it out of me. I think it’s reaching for you.”

I didn’t manage to hide my frown in time. What if her attraction to me is all magic, because my blood is tied to a halted dark spell and her power senses that?

“Don’t.” She said and moved to her knees before me. “Kacey, it scares the hell out of me, but how I feel isn’t because of magic.”

“Heaven help us Parker.” I closed my eyes in relief for a brief moment.

“We will help ourselves if no one else can.” She said and put her hands on my cheeks.

She smiled such a sweet smile that turned into a naughty sultry smile that belonged on a temptress not a virgin who’s never had a vaginal orgasm. There is no way she’s even used a tampon with her cherry so intact.

“Kacey there is one thing you need to know about me.”

“What?” I asked enjoying the glint in her eyes.

“I will always play fair.”

She kissed me as her hands sought out my aching friend, if he could talk, would be begging to dive into her depths and claim her in the most primal of ways. Patience little buddy, I thought as she lowered her mouth over me, patience.

We woke in a tangle of limbs and giggles. She insisted on relieving me, I may not have protested much, or at all. We had work to do. Our hosts were distraught that there was another rumbling and no appearance of visitors again last night. I couldn’t let it sit. I mentioned to them off hand that there was a natural sloped path to the north east that could be easily developed into a road. They knew about it and it used to be a road until it became too unstable. Landslides and floods on the other side of the precipice caused too many injuries. At least if the arch collapsed they would be able to get out easily and know where to go.

Parker read through the copy of the book twice more and sat out in the herb garden thinking too hard. They were going to come for me tonight, maybe sooner. Parker smiled up at the sun with her eyes closed; she was too beautiful for her own good. The warm sun shone down on her dark blond hair making it look unearthly. The corset and dress was alarmingly sexy. I might have to have an outfit like this made for her when we get back home. When she jumped up suddenly, I knew she has thought of something.

To be continued…

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Inhaling The Sun
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Lucy’s Father – Part 9 (Sexy Saturday Serial) NSFW

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R. 18+ Only

Read From The Start, Or Previous Chapters Here:  Lucy’s Father .


Lucy’s Father Part 9

I decided quickly that Jack would get his threesome. Anne managed to bring me to climax twice that night. She agreed to my rules to get Jack’s cock. She doesn’t know he’s our good friends father or what his name is.

Thus rule one. She gets to be blindfolded until Jack has her climaxing. She was unbelievably turned on by this clandestine taboo encounter and agreed easily to that one. The second was she couldn’t have sex with anyone else. She and I went down to the clinic the next day to get tests done and paid extra to have the results in three days. It was her insistence that I know she’s clean so mystery man can double dip bareback. The third rule was no kissing on the mouth. It was never a rule before, but since Jack and I don’t she and Jack can’t either. She can kiss me, that’s totally fine since we have been some what regularly since our naughty night.

Anne turns me on, not as much as Jack does or the idea of a man but she can get me warmed up with some effort and i was becoming more comfortable with her hands and mouth on my body. I texted Jack and asked him for a teaser of him stroking himself for his new plaything to watch with me. He responded with the number 3 and I said yes. About twenty minutes later I got a long video from him.

Anne came over after my text and we had some wine and watched the fingering video then the original of Jack giving me a creampie. By the end of that we were fondling each others tits.

“Are you sure you want to share him with me?” Anne asked as she pulled my shirt off to suckle a nipple.

“Mmm, with you yes.” I pulled her shirt off forcing her to stop attending to my breast. “I have a surprise for you. I haven’t seen it myself yet.”

“Oh.” Anne moved to see as I opened the video Jack just sent.

His hand moved over the front of his very noticeable bulge behind his pants. I was warming up fast.  after a few seconds of that he undid his pants and rubbed himself behind them. He shifted and removed the pants to leave the tented boxers and he gripped his length and moved his hand over it.

“Oh good lord I want to see it.” Anne said as he pulled himself out stiff and large. “It’s bigger than average.”

We watched him stroke himself slowly and methodically as we fingered ourselves. As he picked up pace we swapped and started fingering the other. Anne came first and as Jack shot his load I came to Anne’s nimble fingers.

“Oh I cant wait to have that cock,” She grabbed my underwear and pulled them off in one tug, “pounding me from behind as I make you come in my mouth.”

“Anne, you know it’s not fair, I’m not…” My eyes fluttered as she used her tongue with expertise. I panted, “I’m not comfortable going… oh god… down on you.”

I came and she crawled up to meet my face. “I know and I’m totally okay with that honest.”

She kissed me with my juices still on her lips and I slipped my fingers down to rub her clit. I was really beginning to enjoy our new-found sexual relationship. Since we were such good friends to start with this felt natural and good.

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By The Light Of The Tree (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) NSFW

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R 18+ only.
See other short stories here: Quick and Dirty Short Stories


By The Light Of The Tree (NSFW)

I still had an hour before I would head out to the social club for a drink or two with the ladies. We met up every last Friday of the month after work but it wasn’t mandatory. If you show, great. If not there was next week.

I enjoyed the drinks and flirting with the well dressed men that frequented. The trick was to find one that didn’t just slip the ring off for the night. 

I gently eased the sheer black high thigh stockings over my long legs. They were the sexy kind that stayed up on their own without garters. Dressed in only the garters I went to get wine while I put makeup on and dressed. I was taking a cab anyway.

I saw my cat Persnickety run with a guilty step to the bedroom and saw that he had knocked a few ornaments off the tree. 

“Silly cat.” I said and went to see what he was up to. 

I picked them up, sang along to baby it’s cold outside and reached high to put them out of Persnickety’s reach. I bent at the waist and picked up the last two and put them up high. I had others tied to the branches and hoped this year he wouldn’t bother these ones. 

I turned and gave a startled yelp. Landon my sexy downstairs neighbor stood staring wide-eyed, open mouth and bulging pants with a bottle of wine and a large bag in his hands. I forgot he was coming over so I could help him make a gingerbread house from scratch for his work’s bake sale. In fact I distinctly said, ‘if you hear music just come in I wont hear you knock.’ 

I didn’t bother to cover up, what was the point, he got a great view of me already. I honestly thought in my head somehow he was coming over tomorrow night and had hoped it might evolve into more this time. I reached over and turned the music down to a more reasonable level. 

“Sorry,” He said, “Am I early?”

“No, I mixed up the days in my overworked brain.” I smiled as he cleared his throat and dropped his gaze to my breasts.

I took that moment to check out the distinct outline his thick cock made against his pants. The sudden ache between my legs suggested I might have more fun tonight than I thought. 

“I can come tomorrow.”

“Wouldn’t you rather come tonight?” I said and un-tucked his shirt.

He set the wine and cookie ingredients down on the table beside my couch as I unbuttoned his shirt. 

The moment this hands were free he cupped my jaw and brought his mouth down on mine. The absurd amount of hormones that stampeded through me was staggering. I actually whimpered. Our mouths opened and tongues sought each other out as his hands moved to gently my breasts.

His fingers were anything but gentle as they pinched and rubbed my hardened nipples. It was too much, I worked at removing his pants and pushed them down until they fell of their own accord. 

We were past words that were unnecessary as our hands took over communication. I took his hot flesh in my hands and stroked my promise to him as he reached one hand down between my legs assuring me of his intentions. 

with four fingers he massaged my wetness until I was desperate with need. I put one foot on the coffee table and lifted up using his shoulders for balance. His hands went to my ass to guide me as I wrapped my legs around him. Months of subtle flirting with Landon came to head as his slowly penetrated me. 

Locked in a deep maddening kiss, I took him in completely and by the light of the tree we fucked frantically too in the moment to even move from where we stood.

I rode him in my living-room. Hot slick sounds of our sex, breathing and moans filled the room as we stopped kissing. I wrapped my arms around his neck as my orgasm knocked me useless with pleasure.

Landon gripped my ass hard and thrust harder up into me before he jerked and came. Once I regained some sense I went back to kissing him. I didn’t want him to think I only wanted a quickie. 

When my feet hit the floor it was cold and hard not the softness of my carpet. I opened my eyes to find us in my bathroom. Our apartment layout is the same. 

“Please tell me your on the pill.”


he looked relieved. “Great, let’s have a shower then some wine.”

“Yum to both. Then we can make some dough and I’ll deep throat you once it’s made. Then we play and make the cookie house pieces in the morning, have some more fun and then make the house.”

He eyed me making me feel ultra sexy, “I’m suddenly looking forward to Christmas this year.”

“Me too.” 

He was already stiffening up as I turned the shower on and took the stockings off.

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment

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Witch Words And Gibberish (Part – 29) Kacey & Parker

Kacey & Parker’s story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language, it is rated R and intended for readers 18 years + only.

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 KP Part 29

Witch Words And Gibberish (Part – 29)


The witches didn’t plan to act until tomorrow. I am confident they didn’t suspect Kacey followed them. I managed to giggle twice before Kacey returned as silently as he had left.

“You’re not going to believe what I just heard.”

He told me everything in hushed whispers as we sat on the bed and he brushed my hair. “Was all quiet upstairs?”

“Yes.” I whispered as he kissed the back of my neck. “I was so worried they’d catch you.”

“Parker, I was in the military a long time and learned a thing or two. Let’s take a look at this book.”

“They might notice it’s gone.”

“I already put it back.”

I didn’t understand. Kacey is fast and he explained that he had my camera from my backpack in case he needed it and took pictures of each page before putting it back. I had told him to use whatever he needed from my pack. There was enough battery power in the camera for us to read the information if it’s in English. They planned to move on us tomorrow night so we planned to either be home by then or have a better plan, even if that plan is running from this town.

My camera is the best quality for its compact size. The display screen was large enough and I could zoom in on the writing in the book. Some of it was gibberish as far as I could tell, but most of it was in English. As we read, Kacey kept kissing my neck and shoulder. Kacey explained that the gibberish in the book was a mix of Latin and Welsh. They were the chants. The words were meaningless but he thinks they are to focus thought.

“This one,” Kacey said pointing to the string of words, “is just the words, blood of man come.” He looked at me squinting at him. “Well more or less. I think it’s close to what Babs and Gabby were saying only they said blood of man go. Again roughly. It’s crap if you ask me which is why I think they’re just focus words with no real power.”

“I agree.” I nodded as he kissed my wrist and sent shivers deep inside. “The magic didn’t feel like it came from the words.”

The rest was just confirmation of what we knew. A powerful spell was interrupted it locked the witches magic leaving them with very little to work with.

Kacey sat up. “I found a note here, they were casting a spell to hone their magic, to condense and magnify for power.”

“That makes sense.”

I had read earlier that the witches in the world were divided because of false witches and wiccans drawing too much attention and causing witch-hunts etc. Being divided has weakened their magic. One by one, the coven’s were wiped out by disease, natural disasters or by man’s fear and fury. This was the last coven of dark witches in North America.

I found something interesting. “Get this, um… if one can harness the dark wielder she shall rule all coven and all mankind.” I looked up from reading aloud. “This is messed up stuff and it’s so unbelievable.”

“Tell me Parker do you think they’re playing a game or do you think this is real?”

I shivered. “It’s real. It’s so real. I think if I didn’t feel it so acutely I’d think I’m insane. I still might be. How is sex evil?”

We went through everything twice. Some of it we couldn’t figure out or read. Most of it was spells and potions or herb mixtures for tea. All of it was sexual in base. They draw power from pleasure. The ultimate power being the orgasm. We weren’t surprised by this, but we were weirded out by it. I mean sex isn’t bad so how do dark witches harness evil power using it?

“Wait.” Kacey said scrolling back then he read a page and went forward. “Parker, sex isn’t evil but it’s the most powerful feeling. You’re not evil.”


“But you have power and made the earth shake.”


“Was it? Think about it. Five women used pleasure brought by themselves to channel and focus magic. Babs and Gabby togehter made the Earth rumble. It could as easily be good witches. The book doesn’t say good or bad magic or whatever. It’s the end-user that decides the shade of the power.”

I blinked at him. He was right it didn’t make reference to dark or light. “Sacrifices?”

“Never mentions that anyone has to die. Blood spilled doesn’t have to mean death. My guess is this book is a translation of an other. It’s so broken and a lot of it is nonsense.”

“Yeah but I bet for the dark magic, death is probably a necessity.”

Kacey smiled at me in a way that made my insides jump. He set the camera aside and climbed over me. I giggled as he rubbed his scruffy chin on my neck.

“Earlier, when you brought yourself you only touched your clit.”

“Ugh.” I turned bright red as he trailed kisses up and down my neck.

“Have you ever fingered yourself or been fingered?”

“Kacey,” I frowned.

Despite the uncomfortable questions my body was anything but uncomfortable. I was trembling under his touch as his hands roamed my body, he sat me up and he pulled my nightgown off.

To be continued…

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment

Playing Fair
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Sneaking Around (Part – 28) Kacey & Parker

Kacey & Parker’s story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language, it is rated R and intended for readers 18 years + only.

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 KP Part 28

Sneaking Around (Part – 28)


The stragglers leaving from the dance held up the women. I relied on them not being able to scurry off to meet immediately since Dianne was the mayor’s wife and had some damage control to do with upset townsfolk. I found the shed easily and as I approached, Wilma stooped at the edge of a thick stonewall, pulled a middle stone out and then a thin worn leather-bound book. She replaced the stone and hurried to the shed. I stayed in the shadows. This is what I do best. It was admirable that Parker had done it first.

I found the most advantageous spot to overhear and peek in on the shed. It wasn’t well built and had a small gap in the boards.

“It is her, I know it.” I heard Wilma say desperately.

“What do we do now?” Dianne asked as she burst through the door.

“We are out of options.” Anne said casually as she leaned against the wall were I spied.

“Yes I know.” Dianne said curtly. “This has left a gap in our circle. I can think of no way to get Esther out of this mess without exposing us. Who can fill in?”

“The others are exhausted Dianne. Too many calls have sapped what they had you know that.”

The sheer frustration in their voices and in Dianne’s pacing was obvious. Anne moved into view and Parker was right, she is setting the board for a take-over.

“Perhaps we need to bring in someone unproven. Wilma does it matter for breaking this curse on our magic?”

Wilma put her fingers to her temple and closed her eyes. “No, no it won’t matter as long as they are of blood lines. Age will matter; they must be at least thirteen and have had moon blood for at least a year.”

“Mary is thirteen last month and has been preparing for her bonding ritual. Her moon blood started two years ago.” Anne said and when Dianne turned, the smirk on Anne’s proved that was what she wanted to start with. Who is Mary?

“She is too immature.” Dianne said, “She is still untouched and will not know how to achieve the dark glory.”

“I can have her undone tonight and teach her the pleasure ritual. She has already learned how to achieve glory.”


“Even without her dark glory as long as she takes the stone the ceremony will work.”

“I do not like it. What choice do we have? Anne your daughter can fill in. Go and prepare her. Now can we do this without the new moon?”

Wilma nodded sure and confidently. “Yes. We can cleanse tomorrow and perform the sacrifice at midnight.”

“How will you get him there? They suspect I am certain of it.” Anne said.

“It is that suspicion that I will use against them Anne. It is time to threaten and make our Sanguis protect his pathetic wife. The magic is in her, it’s different from in the others. Likely the child she carries is female.”

“Will it be a problem?”

“No, however it must be born before we can abolish it and the magic it carries. With their mixed blood it will be strong and it will give me great power.”

“I will prepare the cleansing tea and wash for tomorrow.”

“Wilma what does the teachings say about returning them?” Anne asked.

“Ester was asking about that yesterday.”

“She did, did she? What did you tell her?”

“We can only pull them to us. Bettina’s descendants will be the anchor but they will have very little magic, not enough to pull them back to their time. The only way would be a push. Since the Iconoclastarum is powerless, and the babe is many months away we have nothing to worry about.”

“Ester had no place to ask Wilma.” Dianne said with anger.

“She is your successor. I thought-” Wilma said with a frown.

“You thought wrong! Her power is strong but her mind is weak. She is tainted with a fractured constitution. She had not yet performed a sacrifice you know this!”

“I am sorry.”

“You are a good witch Wilma and you are lucky Anne’s daughter can stand in. Be more cautious. Let us go Anne you have a lot of work to do before tomorrow night. We must not tarry I do not think that Parker woman is honest.”

“Nor do I.” Wilma said with her head lowered.

The door slammed and it took all my strength not to barge into that shed and interrogate the witch called Wilma. I could, but this was a delicate matter. If we wanted to go home, we had to be careful. Dianne could turn the town on us and have us locked up.

Wilma gathered up the six rough sacks with herbs that she had been preparing as Dianne yelled at her. When finished she closed the book, blew out the candles and left the shed. She tucked the book back and slinked away. It was easy to retrieve the book for a look and get back to the house.

To be continued…

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment

Witch Words And Gibberish
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