Coffee And An Escape Plan – (Part – 20) Verena In Evermont

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol.
It is rated R and is for readers 18+ only.

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Coffee And An Escape Plan – (Part – 20)

When things get too much for me to process and the trauma comes back to visit my mind, I have panic attacks. I know it’s not serious and they pass, but in the moment it feels as if I’ll die. It was pathetic and I hoped Beau didn’t think it as a ploy to make him stay.

“Verena, Verena!”

I heard Beau but he was so far away. I covered my face and sunk to my knees on the old linoleum floor of the kitchen. I was there again and it was horrifying. All that happened and the faces of the families.


I felt a cold cloth on my neck and a hand patting my cheek and Beau came into focus. “I’m okay. I just need some water.” I managed to say.

I took slow breaths as he brought me a bottle of water from the fridge. I took large sips and deep slow breaths. I did not miss the look of concern and conflict expressed in his eyes.

“What the hell happened?” He asked.

“Sorry. Sorry. I just, you can’t drive. Please.”

“Okay,” he said rubbing my back, “I won’t. What in Heaven’s name is wrong?”

“Oh, it’s just anxiety. It happens sometimes. I…” I closed my eyes. “My parents loved me too much I think. I worshiped my father and loved my mom. They were such good parents.”



“Drunk driver?”

“In a roundabout way.”

“You don’t have to talk about it,” Beau said while helping me to my feet. “I’ll sleep on the couch.”

“I wouldn’t make that pesky raccoon sleep on that decrepit thing. Use the spare room it’s still made up.” I rubbed my arm over my neck as I finished the water. “It’s not even my house anyway.”

Beau hesitated as if he were going to say something meaningful and shut his mouth. I was feeling better and able to function again. Oddly it seems to go away as fast at it sets in.

“What?” I said harsher than I meant to.

“I have a better plan. Maybe it would be smarter if I made myself a strong cup of coffee. I swear to you I’m not even remotely drunk but a coffee would ensure that.”

A better plan, more like an escape plan. I bit my bottom lip hard. Two beers really wasn’t much and I know I’m overreacting. Now that I had myself under control I could reason better. He couldn’t wait to get away and that is totally my fault. I don’t want to make him more miserable.


I didn’t even take a step before he was at the counter making a large cup from my pod machine. I don’t like the pod machine as much as the regular percolator but it was faster.

“I’m,” I swallowed hard, “sorry I hurt your feelings.”

Beau chuckled and kept his back to me. “I’m not a child Verena. I was a fool to think you’d consider staying.” He turned. “I barely know you and I was already daydreaming about-” He turned his back to me again. “Somethings are not meant to be and I’m beyond glad we didn’t over complicate things.”

“I get it Beau, I’m a horrible person and you’ve made your point.”

“I’m not sure you do get it, but that’s fine.”

I didn’t want to hear him anymore so I walked quietly out to the front porch. Beau was right it was probably a good thing he didn’t push his teasing further and that I didn’t act on it either. I pushed him away and hard I expected him to be angry and bitter. I thought it would make it easier, but it’s not and there was nothing I could do to take it all back. I see no reason to stay here if there are no answers. I had to wait until tomorrow to head back home, the sooner the better.

I inhaled deeply the warm night air and the scents of the evening flowers. I had to admit I did like it here. This house, this view, the backyard view, the town and well everything including most of the people I’ve met. I thought about going home and getting back to my life. I’ve only been away a short time and it felt like forever.

My phone buzzed and it was from Eve. ‘Hang out tomorrow night?’ I read the text a few times.

I had just decided to go home in the morning. When Beau came out, my insides went bonkers, good and bad and I realized it was because of him. I was speed tracking this investigation because I wanted to get away from Beau. I replied to Eve. I’d hang out with her tomorrow and fess up to her. I’d know then if the budding friendship would bloom or wilt.

“Do you want me to break the truth to Eve?”

I swear sometimes that Beau is psychic. If there was anyway to make him hate me less I couldn’t think of one.

“I’ll talk to Eve tomorrow night and tell her the truth. I owe her that.”

“Yes you do. Even though you didn’t lie to her nearly as much as you did to me, she deserves to hear it from you.”

“I said I’m sorry, I don’t know what else to say Beau.”

“You look like you’re about to cry again,” Beau said and sipped his steaming coffee.

I was unjustifiably furious at his unforgiving tone. Maybe he needed some time, maybe I needed him angry at me, maybe I’m angry at myself for being such a damned pawn. I’m not sure what the game is and that is even more infuriating. All this for something I’m not even a part of. What the hell was I thinking? Distance from work and my boss certainly has opened my eyes. A sane intelligent person would have said no to a personal favor laced with threats upon their career. That said a lot about who I was. I liked that I thought of that as a ‘was’ and not an ‘am’.

“You don’t have to be a jerk.” I sad as I clenched my hands tight.

“What did you expect? That I’d forgive and forget instantly? I gave you plenty of opportunity to fess up. I suspected you were up to something and countless times you looked as if you might come clean. You chose not to. My feelings for you aside from this are my fault, that this went as far as it did, is yours.”

“I know that Beau, beleive me I know, but thanks for not rubbing it in.”

“I have done nothing wrong here Verena. I’ll get over this easily enough, but will you?”

“Leave me alone.” I got up and walked away around to the back of the house.

Once I fessed up to Eve, I’d go home and work on finding the buyers. Once I found them I could beg them if I had to, to get the answers Bobby wanted via my boss. The anger I felt was at myself, it was the kind of anger that comes from guilt and a broken heart, also self inflicted.

I planned sit out back until he left. I did not expect Beau to follow me and he didn’t. I heard his truck engine roar to life and got up to go into the house. I stopped in my tracks upon seeing an unwelcome face sneer at me as the sound of Beau’s truck disappeared completely.

To be continued…

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An Overflow Of Honesty – (Part – 19) Verena In Evermont

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol.
It is rated R and is for readers 18+ only.

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An Overflow Of Honesty – (Part – 19)

It took every ounce of strength I had not to start sobbing or begging him to forgive me. I managed to make quick chicken fajitas and served Beau his plate with a cold beer. We ate in awkward silence and I didn’t know what to do about it. It’s never been awkward between us before. I don’t know if he said nothing because he was mad or just didn’t know what to say. I didn’t say anything because I was afraid of what he might say. I had so many questions to ask.

“Okay,” Beau said after swallowing his last bite, “Now that we’ve eaten…”

“Who is Odessa?”  I blurted out. As soon as I said the name, I recalled the box and letter. “Oh! Right! Hold on a minute.” I Got up and ran to retrieve the box and letter and brought them down.

“Now before you say anything mean to me, I didn’t open the box. I figure it belongs to Bobby, but I did read the letter. I know I shouldn’t have.”

“Hmm, I seem to have caused an overflow of honesty from you… almost.” Beau picked took the letter from me and read it. “Odessa.” He said and sighed. “It’s a good thing you didn’t just go around asking about her.”

I got Beau a new beer and sat quietly waiting for him to explain.

“Jess Waters married Grayson Branson Massy in a shotgun wedding. Bobby was the reason for that union. It was seven years after that before she conceived again. I barely remember his mother Jess, to a child, adults are unimpressive and she didn’t do anything memorable, if I recall correctly. Nobody knows the truth, but her side of the story is that the baby was stolen from her. She turned her back for one second and poof.” Beau flicked his fingers, “gone. Only she claims to have seen the man run off and drive away.”

“Did she call the police?”

“She did, however, she was suffering from serious postpartum depression. I didn’t know any of this until years later. Bobby told me when he went through his ‘letting it go’ phase. The problem was she had gone for a walk and nobody knew about it. Everyone looked for her and Mr. Waters found her at the Riverview. It’s a tourist attraction platform overhanging a steep cliff near the B&B’s. White water rapids, gorgeous views,” Beau looked sadly at the letter. “The baby blanket was stuck on the rocks below.”

I covered my mouth in horror. “Did she?”

Beau shrugged. “She stuck to her story that a tourist took Odessa. They searched the river and banks for miles and found no trace. It would be the perfect place…” Beau set the letter down and rubbed his hand over his face. “Her depression worsened when she was accused and those that didn’t outright accuse her looked at her with judgment in their eyes.”

“How horrible.” I was already emotionally wound up, so this was an easy trigger for some tears. “What happened after?”

“Grayson demanded a divorce, she took off with her inheritance to find her baby, her mother Jessica went with her. Jess eventually gave him the divorce after five years of searching.”

“Poor Bobby,” I said wiping my eyes. “What a nightmare.”

“It was. He turned out all right. Grayson loved Bobby and married an amazing woman and both tried to keep Jess in Bobby’s life and never put Jess down in front of him.”

“What happened to Grayson?”

“He died four years ago from cancer.”

“What about Jess is she still alive? That letter sounds like it was written so long ago and I thought it was about a forbidden love affair.”

“It’s about the baby, not a lover. She was rather clueless in her words so it does read that way to modern eyes. Jess died about two years ago, Jessica never came back and I haven’t heard from or about her since she reported Jess’s passing.”

I sat a moment thinking. I couldn’t see any connection. “The only person that is a problem is Tim.”

“I honestly don’t think he’s smart enough to scheme anything and if a buyer had come around and I per chance did not know, I’d definitely know if Tim got near them.”

“Oh.” I nodded. “Is this a bad house?”

“No a house is not a bad thing Verena. It was built with love and sheltered heartbreak and dark secrets. It kept its families as safe as it could. Bobby…” Beau sighed and looked at the letter. “He always hoped his mother would find Odessa and come home. What was the worst, is how desperate Jess was to find the lost baby. Some say the obsession is founded in guilt other say it was founded in a mothers love and conviction of her version of the event.”

“I’d like to think the baby was stolen.”

“Most people do. There were only a few that took the dark path, but they were the loudest and meanest. Therefore they were all Jess could see or hear.”

I couldn’t believe it, it was so terrible a story.

I rubbed my arms. “I don’t understand what my boss has to do with it all.”

I retrieved my cell phone and called my boss. “Yes I know it’s after hours. I have a lead but I need to know who the potential buyers were and now.” I watched Beau struggle with staying quiet. He was a mix of fury and sadness. One problem at a time. “Bullshit, if they put an offer in they would be listed somewhere. Get Trask on it.”

Beau raised his eyebrow at my authoritative tone. Truthfully, I wanted this over with. The sooner I got away, the faster I can get over the man before me whom I’ve unfairly hurt for a stupid promise to a woman who I’m beginning to dislike.

“I don’t care if it’s borderline illegal… You have no grounds and furthermore, I’m busting my ass off here and I may actually be in danger. So if you would so kindly make it a goddam priority that would be swell. Oh and one more thing.” I paused for effect. I could just imagine how infuriated she was, “That promotion is mine, I damned well earned it.” I smiled at her stammering and agreeing to my demands. I knew she would.

I ended the call and let out a long breath. “Before this I’d never be brave enough talk to her like that.”

“It’s important to get what you want if it’s owed to you,” Beau said as he rose from the chair. “I’ll talk to Bobby and find out if he knows who put offers in on the house, he might not as his wife handles the estates.”

“You’re leaving?”


“But you…” I glanced at the beer cans.

“I only had two over two hours and a large and frankly delicious meal.”

“Yes but…” My anxiety crept up my spine and tugged at my stomach along the way. “You might…” My over active, emotionally charged imagination took control and I rubbed my hands on my skirt. “What if…”

“Calm down I don’t need more drama.” Beau went to the door. “Good night Verena.”

“Um… but.” I took a deep breath that seemed impossible to take. “You can’t, I gave you the beer. I knew you’d leave, shouldn’t have, you could…” I struggled to catch my breath as my vision swam. It was only five years ago…

To be continued…

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Useless Wishes – (Part – 18) Verena In Evermont

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol.
It is rated R and is for readers 18+ only.

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Useless Wishes – (Part – 18)

I walked up a small hill behind the house while I wiped my tears away.

“I wish I never agreed to come here and lie.”

It didn’t occur to me that pretending would be so awful. I knew it was lying but I didn’t think it would be a big deal since I was just doing my job. I also didn’t expect to like it here or anyone living here. I stopped at the top of the small tall grass covered hill with a forest to my left and open space to my right. I could see the town in the near distance and it felt like home. A safe place filled with people that genuinely cared about… everything.

I didn’t turn when I heard Beau stop behind me.

“Help me understand, Verena.”

I rubbed my arms, sniffled and silently wished he would truly understand.

“My world is go, go, go and my neighbors are strangers. I don’t know any of them by name. Hell, I don’t even know my boss Mrs. Clark’s first name. It’s sad but to get ahead, people do what they have to do. Lies are just part of it. Nobody gets hurt for real, so it becomes easy to live separate from life. I learned to pretend to be who I needed to be to do what needed to be done.”

I closed my eyes when his hands touched my arms and slid around to embrace me. Beau pulled me to lean back against him.

“I was given a job to do. One that is not in my job description and it was proposed as a favor. I was given strict rules and a goal. I set out at this as if I would any task, any job… Only…”

Beau forced me to face him and look up at his face. “You like it here.”

“Some parts.” I frowned. “I’m different here.”


I nodded and looked away from his inquisitional eyes. “It’s stupid I haven’t been here long but it feels like I belong here.”

“That’s the most honesty you’ve shown since I met you. I first thought you’d be a good sport and that I could get you into bed just for bragging rights.”

“Why haven’t you?” I asked.

“Can’t you feel it?” He asked and brushed his hand over my cheek to my neck causing me to shiver with arousal. “This attraction is dangerous Verena.”

I began breathing fast and shallow as one hand held the back of my neck and the other pulled me against his hard body. He is right it is dangerous and risky. I struggled to keep myself from pushing up on my toes and kissing him. I wanted to so badly that I won’t. Anything that tempting is definitely a problem.

What a terrible mess I’ve made. For some reason he wasn’t storming off and leaving me alone. He wasn’t running to tell Eve or anyone that I’m a fraud. Beau deserves better than me, and I don’t deserve him or anyone here. I wish I could blame my boss for sending me here in this ruse, I wish could blame my fear of failure, my hatred to break a promise, but I can’t. I came here as work me and work me is not a good person. How sad is that?

“Beau, let me go.” The words were like a horror story on their own. How the hell was I so attached to this man?

His body flinched and he stepped back shaking his head. “At first, oh Verena at first I thought it was just sexual attraction. It was fun to tease and flirt, but it became more too fast for me.” Beau stepped back again. “You wouldn’t stay here would you?”

“I have my career Beau, over six hours away. I…”

Beau nodded his head a little. “I’ll help you get the information and when you leave, never come back.”

I had to do it, I had to sever the connection between us. Eve was right, he is a romantic and I’ve hurt him. This was for the best even if it was tearing me up. “I have no reason to come back Beau.”

“Good to know. I bet Eve will be happy to hear that,” Beau said with zero emotion and jammed his hands in his pockets.

“If she forgives me I’ll stay friends with her.”

I hoped beyond hopes she would. We were like friend soulmates.

“Doesn’t matter. What do you need to find out?”

Food, I needed food. I’m on the brink of tears again, I want him to help, but not because I want to leave. “Um, maybe we can sit and talk? I can make dinner.”

“Fine,” Beau said curtly, turned on his heel and headed toward the house.

His posture was a jab at my guilt, I followed him wishing I had never lied to him, or anyone. I had my reason for doing it, but that didn’t make it right. Wishes are useless and I wish too much and far too often. If I thought things through more carefully, I wouldn’t be asking for useless wishes.

The tension, while I cooked, was thick and miserable. I declined his help, began dicing vegetables, and the chicken that I roasted two days ago. I stole glances at Beau who sat quietly and never so much as looked my way. From day one, I had a fun comradery with Beau, we could talk, tease and laugh easily. He was genuine and probably the nicest person I know.

Part of me wanted to yell that I didn’t have a choice, but he’s right I did, and I made that choice solely for myself. I considered nobody else as usual and I went about this as if none of these kind welcoming people mattered. People that meant a lot to Beau.

Now he sat in this outdated kitchen picking at the corner of the table brooding and angry. Even in this foul mood, I could see him cracking a joke or teasing me to make me blush, or flush or gasp for air. He didn’t, and of it all, that hurt the most.

To be continued…

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Confession – (Part – 17) Verena In Evermont

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol.
It is rated R and is for readers 18+ only.

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Confession – (Part – 17)

My momentary joy and relief at seeing Beau’s truck was short lived. I had to tell him the truth and he wasn’t going to like it. I am going to tell him, because I’ve had enough of lying and pretending like I know how to be a sleuth. I don’t, I don’t have the first damned clue how to find clues or solve them. If I did then I’d be done here and back to my life where I belong.

“You look like you’ve had a rough day spying,” Beau said losing his smile as I approached him.

“I wasn’t spying on you I was…” I didn’t like the look on his face. The one that said ‘here comes the lies.’ “I was researching the people that lived here including Tim and Bobby and I met with a friend for lunch that lives in the city.”

“Tim never lived here.”

 “I know.” I swallowed hard. “I have no right to ask, but I need your help.” I held up my hand to stop him from interrupting me. “I never bought this house, I’m here to find out why nobody wants to buy it. Not by choice mind you.”

Beau stared at me evenly. “And?”

“And I have no idea how I’m supposed to figure it out. I have no information to go on, no clues to start with and I can’t ask direct questions or let anyone know what I’m doing. Nobody at all.”

“Or you’ll lose your job?”

I nodded and sat on the steps carefully in my cute flared purple skirt. This summer heat was getting the better of me and I was dressing more and more casual.

“That is…” Beau said and sat beside me.

“Fucked up?”

“I would say something less vulgar.”

“Of course you would.” I leaned my elbows on my knees and rested my chin on the palms of my hands. “I expected to find outright hostility, or mean townsfolk or a ghost or… I don’t know anything severe.”

“What do you need my help with?”

I looked at his unreadable face. “You’re going to help me even though I’ve lied to you from the moment I met you? Why?”

He shrugged. “The sooner I help you figure it out, the sooner you stop lying to everyone here and the sooner you leave.”

I looked down at the ground. “Oh.”

I did not expect that amount of coldness from him. Even his tone was frosty. It was deserved, but that didn’t make it hurt less. I thought nothing of my cover story at first, but I’m a grown woman and should know right from wrong. I honestly didn’t think it would go this far or this long. I was supposed to come here, find the problem and fix it. I’m certain it’s Tim, but even he doesn’t seem enough.

“When others have come to look at the house did anything happen?” I asked.

“Not that I’m aware of. Although I’ve not seen anyone actually come and look at this house. Before or after buying it.”

“Nobody?” I scrunched my face in thought. “Would you notice?”

“Yes, Verena I notice everything. If anyone other than that real-estate agent had come by I’d notice or at the very least know about it and it’s been two years since she came poking about.”

“Maybe it’s just sight unseen buyer’s remorse. This place is off the beaten path. Is Tim smart enough to find out who might be offering on the house and harass them?”

“Tim still uses dial up internet and actually says ‘world wide web’ every time he talks about web address’s.”

“Oh.” I chuckled. “Is dial up still a thing?”

“It is around here.”

“I don’t even know who the seller is.”

“How are you here with no information? It’s stupid.”

“Yeah Beau, I’m aware it’s stupid. At first I thought it would be fun, like an adventure. It’s not and I’m sorry.”

“Bobby is the seller, he never said a word to me about you or previous buyers. I came around to talk to you so much because it was odd. I called him and he said you bought the place, so I believed him until you started slipping up.”

I sighed heavily.

“Look, Verena, I need more information; what exactly are you looking for?”

“All I know is a number of buyers have rescinded their offers or paid the penalty to cancel suddenly and without explanation.”

“Find them and ask them why.”

I couldn’t miss the hostility and impatience in his voice.

“I’m trying to do that but I can’t get that information, I was told they’re not talking. I’m here because they won’t tell the buyer, Bobby I guess, why. I’m sorry about how this is, but I didn’t want to come here. I didn’t have a choice.”

“Everyone has choices. I can’t for the life of me comprehend why you played a game. These people are real and decent people. They offered you trust and friendship.”

Everything about his tone and posture displayed to me how deep down angry he is. I felt as if I were a child who just got caught lying about skipping class.

“I lied about why I’m here. Everything else was real.”

Beau stood and looked down at me. “Why should they trust anything that you said or did was real? How do you think Eve will feel when she finds out you probably used her and Mirabelle for information?”

Eve. Of course, he would be mad about Eve too. The burning in my chest was harsh and painful. I got up, pushed past him and walked around the house to the back lot. I could do nothing to stop my tears. He was right, in my quest to please my boss I’ve hurt people I’ve grown to care about. I don’t think this is worth it, I don’t think it was fair of my boss to send me here to do this ridiculous favor.

To be continued…

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It Might Be Too Late – (Part – 16) Verena In Evermont

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol.
It is rated R and is for readers 18+ only.

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It Might Be Too Late – (Part – 16)

Beau just left me horny and frustrated and I know it had to be affecting him too. That was the small consolation prize. He knows I’m lying and now he’ll press harder for the truth that he deserved.

If I told Beau why I was really here he would hate me. Either way, I’m not having sex with him now. It was easier to decide not to have sex when he wasn’t touching me. I waited until I heard his truck drive away before I showered and dressed in a cute flared purple skirt with tiny pink and yellow flowers on it. The matching tank top was the same shade of pink. I usually go for business casual or suits. This cute outfit was what I might wear to a beach party or pool party, it was fun to dress so casually here.

I called my boss to see if she had emailed me the information yet and she had not, it was taking too long and it was pissing me off. She said it was being looked into and by her tone, I suspected something was wrong. Which meant she wouldn’t rest until she got me the information on the previous people who put offers on this house. I was beginning to hate her and suspect she was lying.

I decided to drive the hour down the highway to the city to visit my friend Candice who is in real estate and ask her some questions. I haven’t seen her in years and it was a marvel that she was so close to that small town. She moved there with her real estate broker husband who was a power property-mover. I needed to understand better and see if she could covertly dig up anything on the property for me since my boss was either not bothering or purposefully hiding information from me. After a light lunch, we parted ways and she was excited to help.

I found a small coffee shop with Wi-Fi after lunch. After hours of searching, all I was able to figure out is that Jessica was Bobby’s grandmother. I could find no records of her death or life for that matter. I suspected that was all kept on file at the town hall or library or something. In hard copy and if I wanted that information I would have to ask. I needed answers without asking.

I felt like I was putting a puzzle together without the picture. Only I was certain there were extra pieces that didn’t belong. I slammed my palm on the steering wheel as I slowed for a construction crew renovating a building and putting sewer lines in, forcing the road to one stupidly slow lane.

“I can’t do this by myself, but who can I ask?” I muttered as I waited in line for the man with the sign to let us have a turn. I glanced at the construction crew and nearly had a heart attack. Beau was standing among them holding a large sheet of paper. A man pointed to the paper and Beau nodded and began talking. Fate it would seem, suggests Beau.

That he was here and doing a job I had no clue about, proved my point. I don’t know anything about him. Other than, he insisted on teasing me, being nice, kind and charming. A car honked a string of frustrated beeps from behind me as I nearly missed my turn. Beau and the man looked up and he saw me as I drove by.

Once I got back to town, I found the local doctor with the facility to take the test. He was a lovely man who was apparently third generation practitioner for the town. There is just one doctor in this office with two nurses and a nurse practitioner. I arranged a blood test for Tim and called my boss to let her know what I needed from her. She said I had to sort it out myself as she was busy fulfilling my first request. I took an offered coffee from the nurse and cut my finger on the mug’s handle.

“Oh my gosh I’m so, so sorry. I thought Liza tossed the chipped one away. Here.”

She took my hand over to the sink and padded it with sterile gauze. “It’s not deep at all thank goodness.”

“It’s not bad at all,” I said feeling bad for her.

She was so upset that I cut my finger. I let her clean and bandage it. The Nurse lets me use a spare desk and their Wi-Fi to send my lawyer the information to start the request for the DNA comparison. I wasn’t prepared for the immediate email response.

I already have the approval from Bob Massey. He sent it in expecting your end of the matter to be taken care of. He wants this issue resolved once and for all.

I reread the short paragraph and replied my thanks and the file number the nurse gave me for the lab to which they would send the sample. How or why he knew to contact my lawyer was yet another mystery.

Tired and half-frustrated from lack of information I went to Mirabelle’s for dinner. I sat alone at the table wishing I could just ask the questions I want to ask. I tried to find some history on the town that might help. Nothing.

I was trying to think through the family tree. Grayson was Jessica’s father and Bobby’s grandfather but Tim said he was Grayson’s son and Bobby’s half-brother.

“You look like you’re thinking too hard,” Mirabelle said and sat across from me.

“I am.” I sighed and sipped a strawberry milkshake.

“About what honey?”


“Which one?” She smiled kindly.

“There are two?”

“Sure, it was a bone of contention. Grayson was the first name given to the first-born boy to the Massey’s going on ten generations now. Jessica Copper married Grayson Bartholomew Massy senior. Jessica’s son Grayson Branson Massy married Jess Waters and named Jessica’s Grandson, Grayson Bobby. However, he went by his middle name, Bobby as soon as he was able to insist on it. I think that boy just hated his father and changed his name to spite.”

“Wow. No wonder I was confused.”

“Why were you wondering about them?”

“Curiosity of who lived in the house I suppose.” I shrugged and put my money on the table. It was enough to cover the meal with a generous tip. “Thanks, Mirabelle, tell Eve the food was to die for.”

“She’ll be glad to hear it. Such a good girl my Eve.”

I was tired of dancing around it all and I was about to ask her who Odessa was, but she got up and wandered away. I was getting tidbits. I need to be more aggressive, I need the truth so I can go home, before it’s too late, before I fall in love with Beau.

I drove home and smiled like a lovesick schoolgirl when I saw Beau’s truck parked in the driveway of the house. It might be too late.

To be continued…

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Secrets And Surprises – (Part – 15) Verena In Evermont

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol.
It is rated R and is for readers 18+ only.

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Secrets And Surprises – (Part – 15)

It took me a bit to figure out that I had to push toward the wall then over to the left to unhinge the board and pull it up from the floor.

“Cool.” I Smiled and pulled a small box from the floor. I would ask Beau tomorrow how to get the box to Bobby since it was probably his by rights. I looked into the hole and saw a letter. Curiosity was too strong on the tail of my emotional breakdown. I picked it up and looked at it.

My beloved,

You will never read this letter because you of all people should have believed me. They all think I killed her. I see it in their eyes and feel it in their words down to the very depths of my tormented soul. They cannot find proof of what I would never have done to my dearest Odessa. I love her more than my own life. I long to hold her one more time, to kiss her, to feel her heartbeat and see her smile. I would never deprive myself this joy and it destroys me to know anyone would believe I could deprive the world of her effervescence. She was taken from me, not killed by my hand. She is alive; I know it and I will find her.

– Jessica

I re-read it and the name at the bottom. “Jessica,” I whispered. “Jess. Why did you do it?”

I muttered Mr. Waters’ words to myself. Did Jess have a female lover? Was everyone so appalled that she would be with a woman that they would believe her capable of murder? I sat against the wall. How tragic. To love someone you can’t by societies standards and taboos.

“She was married with a child.” I glanced at the box.

I betrayed Bobby by reading the letter and I would fess up to that. The box was his to open. If he wanted to. His relative had secrets. Maybe he knew, maybe not. Beau would know if Bobby would want these things.

I glanced at the closed door. “I’ll show him in the morning.” I put the floorboard back, put the box on the dresser with the letter and climbed into bed. I with the light still on I dozed off only to wake by a loud bang outside.

I jumped out of bed and opened my door. Beau was already out of his and held his hand up for me to stay back. Not likely. I followed him down the stairs and the sound came again from the front door. I’d be lying if one of the scenarios I played out in my mind didn’t involve a zombie.

“I said to stay upstairs.” Beau hissed the words in a whisper at me.

“No words were spoken,” I replied and jumped when the banging noise was louder.

He went to the window beside the door and peered out. When he stood and opened the door, I backed up. I wanted to yell at him for being so stupid.

He clapped his hands and went out into the night wearing only his boxers. Even scared I could admire his sexy hot body. Too bad, he didn’t sleep nude I mused. I stayed at the bottom of the steps and hugged the banister until he came back. He looked at me and chuckled.

“It was a raccoon that knocked over the chairs on the porch.”

“Oh.” I felt silly and he laughed softly as he went back up the stairs.

“Go back to bed Verena,” Beau said as he disappeared into his room.

“Yeah right,” I muttered.

Even with him across the hall, I was still jumpy.

I lived in an apartment building surrounded by people with a roommate for a reason. I don’t do alone very well. I trudged up the stairs and went to my room. I left the light on and laid awake staring at the ceiling. With a few minor updates, this house would be perfect.

I heard a sigh at my door that I had left ajar.

“What?” I said defensively.

Beau nudged the door open and looked in. “Are you still freaked out?”


“Hmm. You’re not as good a liar as you think you are.”

“About that-”

Beau waived his hand in dismissal. “I’m too tired to dive into your excuses or contrived story. What’s the problem?” He rubbed his face. “About sleeping I mean.”

“This house scares me at night and I can’t sleep here. Every night noise makes me afraid and I hate being alone.”

Beau stepped into the room, shut the light out and climbed into the bed beside me. “We can discuss the alone thing tomorrow. Go to sleep.” He said and put an arm around me. “Goodnight.”

I held my breath until his breath became soft and even. I thought about how angry he seems to be about my lies. Ones he doesn’t know are lies or not.

…The comfortable lazy feeling soaked my body as I woke from sleep. A feeling that begged me to stay in bed and waste the day away. That was until I realized the firm pressure of an erection was pressed to the small of my back. The strong muscular arm around me held me tight and the warm breath on my neck jogged my memory and my arousal.

I was too horny to move. I wanted to enjoy this moment before he ruined it by being mad at me and asking questions. If only he would…

He moved his hips and rubbed against my back. It was skin on skin. He must have come free of his boxers and his hand had pulled up my t-shirt… I felt the surge of wet when his hand squeezed my breast. I breathed quietly as his fingers pulled and pinched my erect nipple. I was beside myself with need. I wanted him so badly but I can’t. It’s not fair.

He rubbed against my back again and moaned softly. For someone that doesn’t even want to kiss me this was awfully intimate.

“I’d love to finish this,” Beau said huskily. “But I need questions answered first and I don’t have time to hear them.”

I didn’t say anything or look at him as he got out of the bed.

“If Tim comes back call me or Arlo. Preferably me. I’ll stop by later… after dinner.”

He left the room and I let out my breath in a harsh tear laden rush. He was maddening. Teasing me to the brink of insanity and simply walking away. Every fucking time he just walked away.

To be continued…

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Itsinyou Designer Boutique (Part 15) (Sexy Saturday Serials)

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.


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Monday at the office was fun. Mr. Manson was in a particularly good mood and that filtered down through the staff. I wondered if it would be awkward or weird knowing, but it wasn’t. I wasn’t attracted to him. I even tested that theory on Wednesday when I tried to look at him in a sexy way. Nope. His personality was just not for me. I was thrilled to know this. Sure, I wanted to have sex with him, but not in any personal way. Yes I’m aware that is strange, but it works for me.

I got a text Thursday afternoon for VIP. I responded yes instantly. I had to put my head on my desk and take a moment to calm my hormones down. VIP. I read the text three times before deleting it. I stared blankly at my screen as my insides roiled and I worried that the liner wouldn’t be enough. I went to the washroom to clean up and couldn’t help but wonder if Mr. Thursday wanted me again.

By the time I got to my desk I was slick and hornier than I should be. I managed to get through my tasks and rushed home. When I arrived at the shop my hands were shaking and I was already soaked and swollen with arousal. I was taken to a room that had a strange chair. It was designed to straddle and be moved easily. I was told to put on the mask. I did and was then led to the chair. It was like laying down but my breasts were on either side of a soft beam. My tender lady parts were exposed and my legs strapped in so I couldn’t move. My wrists were restrained and the woman left the room. I didn’t wait long before the door opened and I heard a soft sigh. It sounded familiar. Was it him?

The position I was in was similar to the table and the log pillow only far more comfortable. I felt hands on my backside.

“You are so perfect and,” He slipped his hand down to my folds. “Horny.”

I recognized the low timber of the voice. Mr. Thursday.

“Lets see what we can do tonight baby.” He said and slipped his fingers into my sopping opening. He stroked fast and noisily bringing me to climax faster than should be normal.

“Oh, are you hot for me?” He chuckled. “A moan would make an excellent yes.”

I moaned and clenched as he fingered my wet folds and up to my clit.

“Good girl. Don’t hold back baby, make nose for me.” He said and began stroking my engorged clit.

“Oh, oh, uhhhh.” I couldn’t believe how badly I wanted this man inside me. I gave in to his fingers and came again in what had to be record time. I heard him sucking what had to be his fingers.

“Baby you taste so good.” He said and I felt a tongue delve deep between my legs.

It took so much to not speak and beg. I moaned and whimpered as he licked and sucked and probed me with his nimble tongue.

Panting and desperate for more than he offered, I still came fast around his tongue. There wonderful orgasms in such a short time left me gasping as he ran his hands over my legs, backside and back. He left me a moment and returned. I felt the tight clips on my nipples and voiced my approval with low noises in my throat that sounded like purring.

“Like that do you?” He said and rubbed the pinched nipples. I moaned loudly and tugged on my wrist restraints. “Easy baby, I’ll make you feel good.”

I didn’t doubt that. He had already made me feel amazing and I couldn’t believe how horny I was for him. Mr. Thursday was more than just sex. He was chemistry. It had to be. I felt something cool against my anus. I still said no to full anal, but was fine with fingers and toys for now. Nothing too big.

“I promise you’ll enjoy this so don’t hold back baby, make nose for me. If it hurts or you want me to stop you may say stop and only that word.”

It didn’t hurt and I now knew that any man doing something on my list under willing to try will say that to me. Sue had explained that she loved anal and if I was worried about poo (Her word) then to get an enema. Sounds horrific, but realistically it was easy to do and not disgusting. It also gave me peace of mind in case a finger found its way inside me again.

“You prepped. That’s hot baby.” He slid the lubricated object in and out of my ass. It was wider than a finger and I liked how intense it felt. He took it out and I felt something larger pressed against my ass. I tried to relax as he worked it slowly in. It was wide and with a slight pop it nestled and I clenched around it. I grunted from he almost pain the insertion caused. I couldn’t quite close my ass so the slippery sensation of trying was arousing me. I felt full in a pleasant way.

He moved and rubbed my pinched nipples again. He was leaning over me and putting pressure on my invaded ass. It felt good to my surprise. I moaned and he moved and I could feel him pressing his thick shaft into me. The electrified contact made me cry out in pleasure. There was more to my Mr. Thursday than normal. My body wanted his. He stroked long and slow until I climaxed and he held still inside me. I didn’t hold back my noises, I was enjoying this too much to bother.

“Good girl, that’s it.” He said and started thrusting slowly again. “You’re incredible. I can feel you getting hot.”

I was helpless and loving it. He rubbed my backside and wiggled the toy. When it started vibrating I squealed and panted. Fuck it felt unbelievable.

“Okay baby, you’re ready for the big one now. Don’t hold back baby, make nose for me.”

I cried out as he started stroking my insides with his cock. I felt my nipples being tugged and as he slammed into me he moved the vibrating toy that made me feel even fuller.

I was lost in a black sea of ecstasy that was terrifying and I desperately wanted more. I cried out, moaned and squealed with delight as my body tightened and became an inferno of pleasure.

“Ah!” I cried out, “oh aaaaaaah!” It was too much and he removed the nipple clamps. The sudden rush of pleasure was like a fuse to my pussy exploding. I screamed and saw stars as I came undone around Mr. Thursday. The toy came out of my ass with a silent pop as he thrust and cried out loudly as he came deep inside me. I clamped down and orgasmed again. Not as intense but it was amazing.

He lifted his body from mine and I missed him intensly.

“Good girl. You did well. If you reconsider anal sex I will be your first.”

I let those words echo in my mind as he left the room. Again no tapping on the screen. He must be important to be able to make such a promise. Once I was released from the strange chair I now loved. I tidied up, dressed and went to the screen. I answered all the questions and smiled at the one that was new.

Are you willing to participate in anal sex?” I tapped yes.

If it meant I got Mr. Thrsday again I would say yes. That and I apparently like it. Or at least the toy and the finger. The idea of him pumping his cock into me made me horny again. I went home to think about my Mr. Thursday and how much I wanted him again.

To be continued…

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Unkissable – (Part – 14) Verena In Evermont

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol.
It is rated R and is for readers 18+ only.

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Unkissable – (Part – 14)

Beau and I worked another two hours until I was too hungry to keep going and the natural light began to fail. We had talked about generic things while I thought about how to ask him what I needed to and whether or not to keep up my charade. My mother always said food brings out better conversation so I will wait.

I warmed up a meatloaf a lovely woman named Greta brought me and I loaded up the plates and carried them outside to the patio table. I saw the cleared table and paused. I forgot to clean up earlier but there was nothing out.

“I tidied up as you saw your charming guests to their cars,” Beau said and sat.

I smiled at the old-fashioned lantern with a candle in it and noticed a few others of different styles set about the barren plant pots to illuminate the patio.

“I also know where the lanterns are kept and the candles. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Um… no, not at all. It’s just weird that you know this house so well.” We ate in silence and I loved how comfortable it was. “I don’t know anything about you… not really.”

“Hmm, that’s a two-way street,” Beau said cautiously. “You’ve been avoiding real conversation, I assume Arlo said something about me.”

“He tried to.” I set my fork down.

“Let me guess you wouldn’t let him and he probably said to ask around about me. Am I right?”

I nodded. This outdoor candlelight reheated dinner was romantic. I wanted this for real, casual conversation and flirting, but honest and not cloaked in lies. I’m not shy by nature but every now and then he catches me looking at him too intently, I look away and he smiles knowingly.

“You could, but if you do, make sure it’s a fair sampling of opinions.”


“Yes fair. I bet I could ask twenty people what they think of you and I would get a mix of opinions. However, if I ask twenty people who are jealous, petty or selfish, the opinion wouldn’t match what your best friend or boss would say.”

“Fair,” I nodded, “I think I’ll stick to my original plan.”

Beau sat back and set his fork down. “Which was?”

“Decide for myself.”

“So did Arlo finally get the stones to ask you out?”

“Not that it’s your buisness, but yes he did,” I grinned, “Jealous?”

Beau coughed to hide his chuckle, “I don’t do jealous, but if I did, Arlo would not be the inspiration.”

“Did you know Tim would show up?”

Beau nodded. “Yes, I knew he would eventually. News travels fast, but I knew he was away, just not for how long.”

“Is Ted actually Bobby’s brother?”

Beau shook his head no. “You’re wasting your money on a test, he won’t pay for it.”

“I assumed it would be that he can’t pay for it. I’d rather force him to back off than endure his company and accusations.”

“Speaking of enduring company, why did you make me stay?” He tilted the beer I gave him with dinner the third since I gave him one when Arlo and Tim showed up.

“I doubt very much I made you do anything, Beau Buchan.” I stood and gathered the plates.

He chuckled as he blew out the candles before following me into the house. “I have to say, Verena, you surprise me.”

“Oh?” I set the dishes in the sink and headed to the living room. I plopped down on the couch that needed replacing. If I were going to actually live here, it would be the first thing to go. The chair was surprisingly comfortable which is why I keep sleeping in it.

“Everything you do or say is not what I think you’re going to do or say.” Beau sat beside me instead of on the far end of the uncomfortable couch.

I regretted not sitting in the chair.

“In my world I’m commonplace. People say what they want and don’t care what others think. I evaluate and then act. Tim was no match for me.”

“Hmm. You outsmarted him that’s certain. Only he’s easily outwitted.”

Beau picked up my hand from my lap and held it. I didn’t pull it away. I probably should, only the contact was causing a stir below and I liked it and it made me feel content too, the combination was interesting.

“There are two problems.” Beau said.

“What would they be?” I asked hoping I didn’t sound as wanton as I felt.

“One, he thinks you’re sleeping with me and two,”

Beau ran his thumb over the back of my hand and I swallowed hard trying not to make an awkward noise, I think I failed.

“He’ll go home and stew it all over coming to the conclusion you made a fool of him and he will retaliate. Especially if you prove him unrelated. Which you will.”

“Why would sleeping with you be a problem?” The second I asked, my face flushed and our eyes met.

“I’m the enemy, Verena. That makes you guilty by association.”

“Then I’m dammed if I do and damned if I don’t. I can’t deny it since it would be the proof they want.” I shivered as his fingers played across the palm.


I pulled my hand away when his touch on my wrist caused me to flash with strong arousal. The delicious feeling that comes from foreplay. I can’t do this. I’m not staying and if I slept with him I’d be attached and heartbroken. For all, I know he could be why the buyers are backing out. It could be all of them. Nobody here has said a word about previous buyers. I should have asked Tim about it, only I was afraid he might become violent.

“I…” I stood quickly. “I…” Of all the damned times to lose my senses this was not a good one.

Beau stood and when he stepped toward me I stepped back, my heel caught on the rug and I lost my balance. He grabbed me by the waist before I fell back and pulled me close. Every bit of my body buzzed and throbbed in approval. Except for my heart and brain. I don’t care to be hurt and I know I have to walk away this isn’t my home or life.

I don’t know if my angst showed on my face but he let me go.

“I’ll make up a spare bed.” I ran to the steps and thanked my feet for not tripping again.

I finished tucking in the sheets and turned. “Shit!” I said seeing him leaning in the doorway.

“You swear too much.”

“So you’ve said. You scared me.”

“Just now or downstairs?”

My mouth moved but no words came out. Oh great, I must look as ridiculous as I felt. He stepped closer to me and the backs of my legs hit the bed.

“Do you know why I haven’t kissed you, Verena?” He asked as he leaned into me.


“Do you want me to kiss you?”

I held my breath as my heart pounded too hard in my chest and too loud in my ears to think of a reasonable answer. That answer is yes but it should be no. He put his hand behind my head and I almost begged him.

“There are five types of women I will not kiss. Relatives, Cheaters, whores, thieves, and liars.” He said the last with too much emotion. He let me go and walked out of the room, across the hall to the Bathroom.

I collapsed and sat on the bed. He knows I’m lying. I was torn, tell him and risk everything or not tell him and risk… everything. I was confused and my anxiety kicked in. I struggled to gain my breath, my vision faltered and I became dizzy. This is stupid, my boss is stupid, but I made her a promise. I just need a bit of time to figure out how to tell him without him hating me.

I don’t know why I care so much what Beau thinks. I don’t know why I wanted him to… I looked up as he came back, my chest tightened and I panicked. I know the blood drained from my face. I got up, rushed past him to my room and slammed my bedroom door. I threw myself on the bed and cried into the pillow.

Once I gave up on crying and my anxiety settled, I laid there in the light of the bedside lamp looking at the floor. The patterns of the natural grain in the hardwood fascinated me. This house is well built, except for the one floorboard by the wall. It had a gap.

A gap? I sat up. “No way.” I got off the bed and scrambled to the loose board.

To be continued…

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Funny, Cute Or Scary? (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) NSFW

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R 18+ only.
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Funny, Cute Or Scary?

I felt silly in the costume shop. I had already done three laps of the little store and had no idea what to do. Funny, cute or scary? I had no idea. The party was bound to be awkward since I’m the new person in town and was invited by a co-worker who assured me she would be the only other co-worker there.

“May I help?”

I turned at the sexy voice and nearly gasped at the sexy brunette before me with green eyes. I assumed the portly fellow was the only one working here.

“Um…” I glanced behind him.

“Travis is helping a group of college kids he’ll be a while. I’m Ryker.”

Ryker was only two inches taller but he was strong, his shirt strained beneath him but not grotesquely. His flattery wasn’t wasted but I won’t let him know that. He is a sales person after all.

“I’m Sophia. I’m looking for a costume. Maybe…”

I looked at the wall of fairy tale characters and touched the dragon costume. I noticed him look me over from head to toe and he lingered on my hips and breasts.

“Sexy. You need a sexy costume to go with such a sexy body and that sensual name Sophia.”

Sexy was not on my list of possibilities. I’m not rail thin or model perfect. I have curves and breasts that some say are too large. My waist is tiny and my stomach is flat but the rest of me is all hills and valleys. I think I look good but when I’m out with friends the trendy thin ones are picked up first.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“No? Why not? Oh!” Ryker flashed me a panty-melting smile and my body felt as if he just gave me a jolt of energy. “Come with me I know exactly what you need.”

He took my hand and I had no choice but to follow him. My body seemed to want to follow him anywhere even if he opened a door to the precipice of an active lava pit, my body might just follow him in. This was a fantastic sales tactic. Flatter, flirt, and get the woman to buy whichever costume he picks out.

He led me down a very short hallway to another side of the store. There were custom costumes hanging on one wall, rentals on another then an entire section of cosplay.

“Fun,” I said and started rifling through as Ryker eyed me.

“Hmm,” He ran his hands from my hips to my waist then up to my sides under my arms.

The touch wasn’t meant to be sexual but my body didn’t seem to care. He turned and I took an eyeful while his shapely back was turned, a little mental impression for later.

“Here try this one on.”

He held up an armful of light and dark pink with gold ribbons. I took the hanger and went to the curtained change room. It took me a minute to figure out it was a princess or something. I managed to get it on but not done up.

“I don’t think this one’s right,” I said and peeked out.

Ryker smiled slyly and tugged me out of the dressing room by my wrist. “Too poufy,” he said and went back to the rack. It made me look bigger than I am. I hated it and I was embarrassed.

“This is better.”

I took the dark green and silver number from him. I went back in and changed. The velvet hugged my figure and the lines made me look slender where I am, and it accented my curves in a way I’ve never done on purpose before. It pushed up my breasts and made them the focal point.

I came out and his mouth dropped open. “Goddamn Sophia you’re a hot and sexy woman. Or should I say woodland fairy.”

I giggled shamelessly. I turned to the large mirrors and I had to agree. He stood behind me and in the reflection, I could see his green eyes leering down my cleavage and when I peeked, I saw the arousing outline of his hard cock pressed against the fabric of his pants.

“With some wings, glittery makeup, stocking and heels you’ll be fighting the men off.”

“Pfft, not likely, I do like this though.” I adjusted my breasts so they sat high and perfect in the low push-up top.

“You don’t agree?” Ryker said and moved closer, he put his hand under my chin and made me look up at him.

“Not really.”

“Not really? Sophia if I could, I’d take you right here and right now.”

My freaking knees wobbled and I made a sexy gasp sound. I closed my eyes well before his mouth met mine. It was my subtle way of giving him permission if he wanted to, and he did.

Holy mother of all things sexy, he kissed me. He was tender at first until I parted my lips. He dug his hands into my dark black hair and pulled my face closer to his. He’s probably done this a thousand times. His tongue gently sought mine out as he opened his mouth wide to match my own.

With his other hand, he pulled me against that fantastic bulge of his. Our breaths came rapid and loud through our noses as our tongues invaded each other deeply. I ran my hands up to his neck and when I massaged my fingers into his soft hair both of his dropped to my ass and then to my bare thighs.

The short leafy skirt lifted and he hooked his fingers in my panties. Since I had no intention or ability to protest, they fell to the floor in a puddle. His hands caressed my bare ass cheeks as we kept kissing. My body sang with arousal, I couldn’t hear sirens if they went off beside my head. The tingling between my legs grew to a thick pressure and need that pulsed hard. I let out a pitched groan when he removed his hands and stopped kissing me.

“Hold on Sophia,” He panted lustily.

Ryker stripped to the buff, opened a foil wrapper and rolled a condom on. I shivered with anticipation; he was so beautiful and sexy. I reached for the zipper of the costume.

“Would you leave it on?”

I frowned. He didn’t want to see me naked. His hands went to the top and he tugged the velvet down. My breasts popped free and when I glanced at the large mirrors it looked ultra-sexy. Like a corset.

“Oh,” I said as his hands began playing with my breasts.

“See? You’re fucking sexy Sophia.”

In a flash of passion, he pulled me to him and lifted me. I felt him ease in as I wrapped my legs around him. With his hands on my ass, I rode him hard and fast. He leaned me up against the mirror and began thrusting deep and swift. In a riot of hands, lips, and grunts, I shivered with the ecstasy of release as he thrust twice more and came.

I wasn’t embarrassed. I got down and silently went to change into my own clothes. When I came out, I followed Ryker to the cash register and bought the costume and all the accessories he picked out.

As I went to the door and he held it for me I asked, “Did you do that just to get the sale?”

He shook his head, “no, I had to have you. I’ve never felt that strongly before.”

“Me neither, I don’t normally do that.” I said shyly looking at the floor.

“I could tell.”

He handed me the bag and I left. No phone number or anything exchanged. I could have, should have, but I was too shy. I got home and found a small note tucked into the delicate wings…

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment

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I just had to participate.” -Cimm
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Not So Charming – (Part – 13) Verena In Evermont

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol.
It is rated R and is for readers 18+ only.

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Not So Charming – (Part – 13)

I kept working on the windowsill as Arlo got out of his Ford and an angry brown hair bearded man got out of his run down Buick.

“Arlo you shit you don’t have to be here I just want to talk to her.” The man said.

“With your temp-” Arlo stopped in his tracks upon seeing Beau, “-per. Oh great you’ve sunk your claws in have you? That explains it.”

The bearded man laughed. “Of course he did. She must be a dumber slut than I thought. But I bet it’s not his claws he’s sunk into her.”

I sighed, pulled my work gloves off and descended the ladder. “So I suppose I have to meet you even though in the ten seconds you’ve been here you’ve been monumentally rude.”

“Verena,” Beau said with a cautionary tone.

The man advanced toward me and Beau stepped closer making the man stop.

“I go off on a fishing trip to come back and find out some snooty rich city bitch has bought my house while I’m gone!  It belongs to me and you’re trespassing.”

“For the love of God Tim, it is not your house,” Arlo said exasperatedly.

“It is.” Tim pointed at me. “She needs to understand that and give it back.”

I held my hand up to stop Arlo from speaking. “Tim is it?”

“Tim Peterson.” He said and puffed out his chest.

“Mr. Peterson, why do you believe this house belongs to you?” I asked.

“I don’t just believe it, it is my house.”

I nodded and smiled sweetly. “I understand that since you said so, but it’s hot out, I’d like to go get a pitcher of lemonade and take a break. If you’d like to have some I would happily hear your reasoning.”

I knew that would throw the offensive man off balance and he nearly stumbled backward. Arlo and Beau both looked at me as if I performed some sort of miracle. I see Tim for what he is, he’s angry and he feels justified. You cannot reason with someone like that until they feel like they have had an honest say. The reality is I wanted to know if he was the reason this house wasn’t selling. So far, he is the only lead I actually have and if he’s been away that would explain the delay.

Tim rubbed his hands on his dusty jeans. “Well, that… that would be nice.”

“Perfect. There’s an old patio set out back that I cleared off we can sit there.” I turned on my heel and left the three men in the driveway.

“Have you been jumping her or are you here to guard her?” Tim asked Beau as I headed toward the house.

Beau looked ready to tear the man to pieces. “Be nice Tim it’s the least you can do for someone who just offered you kindness and hospitality in the face of your lack of either.”

I didn’t want to hear them bicker and went to the kitchen get the lemonade. I nearly screamed when I turned with a pitcher in hand to see Arlo in the doorway.

“Oh Arlo, you startled me!”

“Sorry, Verena.” He looked out the window to see the two men sit. “Beau? Oh, Verena, I thought better of you.”

I slammed the palm of my hand on the counter loudly. “Enough! Whom I spend my time with is my business. I do not appreciate the insinuations you and that despicable man are throwing around. Beau has been kind and helpful.”

More than I deserve I thought as Arlo looked contritely at the floor.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to be rude it’s just…”

“I get it, you don’t like Beau, but I do. I like you too so if you want to keep it that way, be nice.”

“I’ll try for you, but you don’t understand what kind of man he is, what he’s done.”

“Stop Arlo. I’ll form my own opinion thank you.” I held out a plate of cookies and fruit for him to carry.

He took the plate. “That’s all and well, but maybe you should be asking others. It’s easy to be tempted and blinded by a handsome face.”

“Awesome.” I picked up the tray with the glasses and the pitcher of lemonade and another beer for Beau. “I just love being called slutty and shallow.” I didn’t give Arlo a chance to give an empty apology and went out to the waiting men. Jealousy did not suit Arlo who up to this point had been sweet. I set the tray down and handed Beau a beer.

“Thank you,” Beau said and sat back eyeing Tim and Arlo warily.

I poured lemonade for Tim, Arlo and for myself. “Okay, Mr. Peterson why don’t you explain why this is your house.”

Beau’s eyes shifted from Tim to me then back as he cracked open the can.

“You can call me Tim.” He said eying Beau’s beer. “Grayson was my father this house was left in his will to his surviving children. That’s me.”

“And Bobby,” Beau added. “Who was actually Grayson’s son.”

“Bobby has no right to sell this house,” Tim said with a pout.

I suspected Bobby was the owner, but why couldn’t they just tell me this outright? It made sense but then why didn’t Beau say so when he mentioned Bobby? Unless he assumed I would know who the seller is of the house I supposedly bought.

“Tell me.” I began and sipped my lemonade, “Is it a legal known fact that you are the blood relative?”

“Everyone knows.” Tim slammed his fist on the table and Beau sat up.

“Yes that’s all fine and dandy, but have you had a blood test to prove it?”

“I don’t need a blood test!”

“Take it down a notch, Tim,” Beau warned.

“Back off Beauregard,” Tim said with a sneer.

“Enough!” I yelled and all three stared at me. “If you want to run around claiming something then man the fuck up and prove it. If this house is half yours then so be it.”

“Now you-” Tim began and I cut him off by holding up my hand.

“No Mr. Peterson if you want to cause me a shit load of a headache and legal fees the least you can do is give me some proof you are who you claim to be and not some fraud. I happen to know how the legal system works and if you are Bobby’s brother even by half, then you will win. So shall I arrange a blood test?”

“You- you can do that?”

“Yes, Mr. Peterson I can. However, if you are not a blood relative you will never again set foot on this property ever again. Is that understood?”

Tim scratched at his beard. “How will you prove it? Grayson’s dead.”

“I’ll either have to have a judge order Bobby to give up a sample or exhume the body.” I stood. “Either way I don’t want to be stuck in the middle of a weird domestic legal battle.” I looked at Arlo. “It won’t be hard to get in touch with Bobby will it?”

“No, I’ll see to it,” Beau said before Arlo could answer. “You won’t need a judge or court order.”

“I’ll make sure Tim here gives his sample,” Arlo said crossing his arms.

“Perfect. Now I would like to get back to work.”

Nobody moved.

“That’s your cue to leave boys,” Beau said as he slowly stood from the chair.

“You’re letting him stay?” Arlo said under his breath to me.

I narrowed my eyes at Arlo and he stood. I followed the two men to their cars. Tim got into his and reversed into a shrub before driving away. Arlo smiled at me.

“You handled that so amazingly.” Arlo glanced over my shoulder. “If you’re… I mean I’d like to take you out to dinner.”

“I’ll think about it.” I crossed my arms. “You might need to reevaluate how you speak to me and try a little charm instead.”

“I’m not so good with charm.” Arlo looked at his hands. “Some people are just naturally gifted.” Arlo looked at Beau who leaned against the railing by the front steps looking ultra-manly and sexy. “But that doesn’t make them good people.”

“You’ve made your point,” I said quietly. “For the record, I’m not a stupid person, but of the three men at that table, Beau was the only one that didn’t insult me. Think on that and understand that charm isn’t what you think it is.”

I turned and walked back toward the house. Seeing Beau leaning so casually made my heart hammer. Damn if I didn’t want him badly. I didn’t turn as Arlo drove away.

“That sucked,” I said and went back to the window while putting my work gloves on.

“I have a few questions,” Beau said as he picked up the other scraper, climbed the other side of the ladder and started on the top of the window frame.

“I figured you would.”

“How did you know to disarm Tim?”

“I deal with people who are often difficult, but feel righteous or justified in whatever they are claiming.”

“Okay, that was elusively vague. How did you know how to disarm Tim?”

“Same answer as for the first question but with practice.”

Beau chuckled and shook his head. “Blood test?”

“DNA, but I didn’t want to scare him off.”

“I figured that out Verena, I meant why would you even offer that?”

“If there is some crappy legal battle about to happen over a sibling dispute then I want no part of it.”

“So you’d just walk away?” Beau asked and stopped working. “Just like that?”

“Well yeah, no house is worth that kind of stress.”

I looked up and Beau looked away, but not before I caught a look of disappointment or sadness. I’m not sure which. Maybe both.

To be continued…

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