#5 Sunday Reading (Waking Up Jayla)

This story contain’s sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol it is rated R and 18+

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Sunday Reading (Waking Up Jayla)

Sunday’s were my favourite. I slept in instead of working out and today I decided to go for a walk to the park and read under the shade of an oak. I had zero obligations to anyone and decided not to make any plans. My sister had asked me over for dinner, but they also invited Paul. I held my tongue at her rudeness. I had to, her husband Theo was good friends and worked with Paul. I can’t help but feel like they were betraying me by still staying friends with him.

I settled beneath the oak on a small bench facing a large duck pond surrounded by shrubs and flowering bushes. I smiled at a small girl chasing a goose and opened my book. A delicious sense of serenity settled over me as I read. There was an undeniable joy in being free. I moved when the sun did and found a comfortable flat rock to sit on near the large pond.

When my tummy grumbled, I looked around. There was a small restaurant on the far side of the park. It sold over-priced mediocre fried food. Then I recalled there is a hotdog vendor on the other end of the large pond. Definitely a tastier choice.

“Why not?” I got up and headed closer to the water to watch the ducks and see if I could spy any other wild creatures as I made my way to the vendor.

“Heads up!” A male voice called out.

Naturally I turned my head toward the voice of a young teen boy. Warnings like that are rarely fruitful. The Frisbee whacked into my wrist and I dropped my book. It tumbled down the short steep bank and into the murky water.

“Ah crap.” I stooped to reach for it and it drifted away too far too fast.

“That’s unfortunate.”

I stood and turned to see Curt casually scratching his slightly stubble covered cheek. My heart jumped to my throat and I was instantly nervous. He looked amazing in cargo shorts and a light green polo shirt. The young man who threw the Frisbee came running over as did his friend.

“Man, I’m sorry.” The boy said.

“It’s just a book.” I glanced back at the book still adrift by the small island populated by ducks and a big white swan. I just bought it, but there was no reason to make the boy feel badly for an accident. “I’ll let the groundskeeper know. Don’t worry about it.”

The boy apologized and offered to pay for the book. I declined and told him that I wouldn’t punish him for having fun and being active. They eventually took off to play again.

“That was nice of you Jayla.” Curt said as we both looked to see the waterlogged book snagged on the exposed roots of a tree in the water. Curt took my hand in his, inspected my wrist and kissed the red mark. I was not prepared for my body to strike up the band and start the panty party.

“I’m just glad I didn’t choose my kindle today.” I took my hand back and breathed a slow breath of relief.

We both chuckled. I looked around to see if anyone was looking our way, possibly missing Curt or wondering why he wandered off.

“I’m alone or at least I am now. My son was just picked up by his mom.”

“Oh how nice to spend a day at the park. I love this park.” I started walking toward the hot dog vendor. I did have a goal after all. Book loss or not.

“It’s nice, but a bit out of the way. A friend recommended it. We’ll come back for sure. That playground is massive.”

I looked over at the large play-structure. I never gave it much thought. It was teeming with screaming, laughing and crying children. My sister Asha and her husband Theo brought her son Henry here all the time.

There was a man in city uniform removing a broken branch from a shrub so I veered toward him.

“Excuse me sir?”

He turned, looked me over and smiled. “Yes?”

“My book was knocked into the water and floated over to the island.” I pointed in the direction. “I don’t want it to make the ducks sick or anything.”

He nodded and glanced at Curt before crossing his arms. “Well ma’am it’s a five hundred-dollar fine for littering in the water.”

My mouth fell open in what had to be a comical way. “B-but it was an accident.”

“He’s teasing.” Curt nudged my shoulder with is arm.

The man started laughing. “I’ll have it removed, but I can’t say it will be in any shape to read again. Have a nice evening.” He smiled and walked away.

“Gullible much?” Curt teased.

I pointed at the sign listing fines. “It’s actually on there.”

He looked and laughed harder. “Dumping garbage isn’t the same as accidentally dropping a book.”

I closed the short distance to the hotdog vendor. I had a tag along. Curt seemed determined to hang out. Fine I kinda-sorta wanted him to stick around. He was easy to talk to.

“Want one? You bought me a drunk burger so my treat.”

He looked at the selection. “Surprise me.”

I smiled slyly at his handsome face. “Okay then.”

I ordered two Oktoberfest sausages and two Cokes. We sipped our drinks as the vendor woman chatted away about how lovely the day was. She was right. I loaded both up with sauerkraut, a little mustard and green olives. With a smirk, I handed one over to Curt.

“This looks disgusting.” He poked his finger at the toppings as we sat at a nearby picnic table with our backs to the table so we were facing the playground.

“Don’t knock it till you try it.” I took a big bite. “Mmm.”

I honestly love this. The tang and salt of the toppings complemented the sweetness of the sausage and bun. I didn’t expect him to like it or even eat it. I was curious how he’d react I guess.

He shrugged and took a large bite and his overly contemplative expression made me laugh. Curt finished the mouthful and nodded.

“Not bad. Needs more sour, maybe pickles.”

I laughed and took another bite as he did. We ate in silence watching the kids in the playground.

“Have I earned real conversation yet?”

I glanced sideways at Curt’s light and casual expression. “Maybe.”

“I’ll take a maybe. What’s your favorite food?” He chuckled and finished his last bite.

I raised my eyebrow at him. That was odd and cheesy. He reached over and swiped his thumb just below my bottom lip. There was a smidge of mustard on his thumb and he stuck it in his mouth. It was an oddly familiar thing to do and strangely sweet.

“I figure start with the small get-to-know-you questions so I don’t scare you off again.”

I looked away. I was slightly embarrassed that I ran, but this man who is still a stranger, had a strange effect on me. That was unsettling.

“Watermelon.” I said.


I narrowed my eyes at him.

“Not chocolate?”

“You said food. If you want me to break down my favourites in specific categories then ask properly.”

He laughed and it made me feel warm and safe. I wiped my face and fingers with a napkin and glanced around the park. Nobody was paying us any attention.

“Alright Jayla let me go first. You can reciprocate if you want to.  Dessert would have to be tiramisu, hot food is loaded baked potato, veggie is snap peas and fruit would be sun warmed strawberries.”

So far so good. I wasn’t too nervous. What was it about him that made me so edgy? It was like a crush only worse. “Ginger cookies, chicken wings, celery and I already said watermelon. But I’d eat that every day if I could.”

“Favourite sport?”

“Does reading count?”

“Maybe if you had dived in after that book.”

We laughed and it felt amazing. There was no pretense no faking it. I wasn’t worried if he liked me or not because I didn’t want him to. Why? I really don’t know.

I shrugged. “I’m not really a sports person. I don’t hate them, but I don’t actively seek them out either.”

I know for some guy’s that’s a deal breaker. I never cared that Paul spent more time watching sports on TV alone or with friends than he did with me. It was his thing and I just wanted him to be happy. He hated having to explain any of it to me. He would ask me to leave if I asked any questions.

“I prefer to play over watch. Hockey would be my top pick.”

We got up and started walking slowly. I kept my hands together just below my breasts fidgeting with my nails as we meandered along the gravel pathway. We turned toward the gardens where a couple and their large wedding party were taking pictures. We watched a moment before continuing. They looked so happy. I didn’t feel bad at all. I’m not sure I’d go through all that again, but all the power to them.

I heard a familiar laugh and turned to verify its source. My stomach dropped and my breath came short and fast. Theo, my brother-in-law was walking toward us with his son and Paul. Great. Just freaking great. I can manage a conversation with them, but I did not under any circumstance want to be caught with another man who I barely know. Not with Paul in tow. The truth was I didn’t want Curt to meet my ex. They hadn’t noticed us yet.

“I have to go. I lost track of time. I have to go.” I said hurriedly if not eloquently in my panic. “I’m sorry.”

“Wait.” Curt said as I turned away.

I didn’t look back as I jogged away. I slipped around the corner. I chanced a glance back and Curt wasn’t following. I kept up the semi fast jog all the way home as I warred with disappointment. Disappointment that Curt didn’t follow me, that I wanted him to and that I ran. Again.

To be continued…

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A little TLC (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) NSFW

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.
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A little TLC

The humid summer night air stuck some of my hair to my neck. A shiver ran up my spine as a bead of sweat dribbled down it.  It had been a long hard day, who was I kidding? It had been a long and terribly hard week. Hard doesn’t mean bad though. The new photo-shoot had taken all my attention, energy and efforts and left me feeling randy to the point of becoming unmoored.  Taking photos of oiled up nearly naked god like men was fun, but frustrating. They posed and stretched, bunched muscles and left little to the imagination as I snapped nearly indecent pictures. Nearly was more tantalizing than the full Monty sometimes and this past week had been one of those times. I needed some release and a little TLC.

Since I’m single and had nothing better to do tonight, I picked you up after careful scrutiny. It wasn’t an easy selection to make. There were so many tempting specimens to choose from. I wanted a full body, strong and guaranteed to make me feel good. I took my time to read you’re fine print, to learn where you’re from and what you are all about. I wanted to know and understand what you had to offer me.

I drove home with you to my apartment knowing you would please me, that you were the right choice and I wasn’t going to be disappointed. I was horny from a thinking naughty things the entire drive and recalling the young men from earlier. More than one had become aroused and they did nothing to hide it behind the boxer briefs they wore or the meager towels they held covering only their goods while I snapped pictures.

I smiled while thinking about what toys I might use and how delicious you will be. Eagerly I opened my door and took the few steps with you to my kitchen.

“Finally we’re alone.” I whispered with desire.

My nimble fingers gently remove the thin barrier between us. I released you from your confines, took you out and admired the sheer glory of you. With a deep contented sigh, I trailed my hands down your long smooth length and licked my lips. My eyes raked every inch of your throat down to your heel reveling in the unabashed beauty of your fine smooth body.

Gently I slid my fingers down over you then back up to just under the collar near the tip. I ran my index along the ridge, then skimmed my thumb over the top a few times. As a glistening bead of moisture trailed down your length to the base. With a gentle twist and firm grip, I free you, opening your potential. As I closed my eyes and inhaled your complex earthy aroma, letting it fill me with desire and need. I want nothing more than to put my lips around you and drink your juices until you’re empty and I’m satisfied. No, not like that, not yet. There is more pleasure in drawing this out.

Instead, I trace my fingers through the rivulets that slicken your length, I griped you just below the lip, and tip you over. Finally, you give me what I want, what I’ve waited so long for and worked so hard to get. You spill your delicate juice into my glass so I may unwind from this long hard day.

“Thank god.” I whisper.

Now I can sip my carefully chosen wine, sit back and masturbate in peace.

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All Business (Part 4) (Sexy Saturday Serials)

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.

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All Business – Mia Part 4.

The first half of the day I spent listening to Gwen go over the new Electronic Muscle Stimulation machine. How to use it, the safety features, the never-ending explanations of the buttons, knobs, settings, readouts and everything in between. We were getting one of these in the office and Dr. Kinsey wanted one of us to be the primary. I was chosen. I already read the damned manual so Gwen was boring the shit out of me. I honestly don’t know why I had to come all this way to learn what a video can teach me.

I was taken out for lunch by Gwen, Gill the knobby kneed bald guy and a man named Dr. Dwayne Liner. Let me explain Dwayne. He was a walking wet dream. Dirty blond hair, bright blue eyes and a tan that screamed ‘I spend time outdoors shirtless showing off my sculpted bod.’

Since my body decided to be a slut this trip, I enjoyed the thrum between my legs as Dr. Liner touched my hand or arm as we talked. Gwen was too preoccupied with her cellphone to notice my flushed cheeks and Gill was too busy looking down Gwen’s ample bosom.

Gwen prattled away about things I half-listened to. Dr. Liner was touching my leg with his under the table.  Was I hyper sensitive? Or was he flirting? As we walked the short distance back to the office Dwayne’s hand touched my back three times. Yes I counted them.

“Dr. Liner will show you how the machine works on the body today and tomorrow you’ll get some real experience.” Gwen announced.

I nodded as Gwen kept talking. Finally back at the office Dr. Liner led me to a treatment room. I recognized many of the machines. Some for skin rejuvenation others for body sculpting. We had them at our clinic, but we focused mostly on the sports medicine side of things.

“Okay Miss Mitchell.”

“Mia please.”

“Well then Mia.” He smiled so sexily I nearly melted. “Call me Dwayne. Have you ever used one of these?”

“No. Though I’ve seen the home versions of them. While helpful, they are not strong enough to treat damaged or weakened muscles properly.”

“Then you should know how they feel to be used. I always insist my staff learn how each piece of equipment feels before I let them treat patients.” He handed me a thin cotton gown. “Please put this on and I will demonstrate. If you have under-wire please remove it. Leave the straps untied.”

When he turned his head I undressed down to my panties and the gown. I climbed up on the soft cotton cloth-covered table. He began by putting electrodes on my leg. The muscles constricted and released. He demonstrated how the increased pulse rates and intensity felt. I wont lie as he turned it up it hurt.

“It’s important, as you can feel, to not advance a patients treatment too quickly and make sure they understand that this is a slow graduation of treatment.”

I was glad turned the machine off. “I can see how it would help and hurt if not done right.”

“Sorry about that.” He gestured for me to stay laying down. His hands on my leg sent shivers to my core. He removed the pads and rubbed my leg gently.  I didn’t mean to but I glanced at his crotch. As his fingers rubbed my leg my nipples hardened. Through the gown it looked exaggerated. Our eyes met after he noticeably checked out my glass cutters.

He took more pads and attached them to my ribs. His hands grazed my breasts more than once. I didn’t object. This was probably sexual harassment, only I wanted him to. Otherwise I’d say to stop and call him out on it. My thoughts were pretty risqué at this point. He demonstrated the muscle contractions again then moved the pads to my hip. Damned if I wasn’t wet from his hands grazing my skin as he kept changing the position of the pads and massaging after each demonstration. He explained in detail how working the muscles by force helps with rehabilitation and even relaxation of tense muscles.

He finally turned the machine off completely and removed the pads. “Are you okay?”


“You look flushed. Did I hurt you?”

“No.” I sat up.

The fantastic outline of his full on erection was more than a turn on than expected. There was something arousing about seeing the fine details muted by fabric tightly covering the penis. How was I so turned on? I had sex already today.

“I’m just…” I couldn’t tear my eyes from his crotch.

Dr. Liner adjusted and gave himself a small rub. I looked up to meet his lusty eyes and let the gown fall off my body.

“We don’t have a lot of time.” He glanced at his watch.

I reached for his belt. “I’m okay with that.”

I didn’t say more as his mouth crashed into mine in a glorious passion filled desperation. I had him freed and in my hands as fast as I could. I stroked his thick length as his hands groped my breasts. I moved back to the table, he pressed a button lowering it and I managed to break my mouth from his. I may be mad with desire, but I’m still not stupid.

“Condom.” I reached for my purse. My pharmacy visit was part of my fantasy; to be doing exactly what I was doing right now. He wrapped up as I spread my legs to welcome him in. I sat on the edge of the table as he thrust evenly, kissing and moaning as we spent our pent-up desires.

Our bodies met thrust after thrust until I couldn’t take it anymore and my climax spilled outward in a magnificent crescendo of pleasure. He came and pulled out a moment after.

As I caught my breath and dressed, he watched. “You’re not going to file a complaint are you Mia?”

“Hell no.” I smiled broadly. “Are you?”

“Hell no.” He chuckled and turned with his clothes back in place. “Tomorrow I’ll show you alternate applications if you want to learn. Before you practice on patients.” His offer sounded sexy and promising.

“I’d like that. I can see myself out.”

“I’ll see you in the morning then?”

I winked, I have no idea where that came from, but I did it and turned to leave. I was on cloud nine and not in the least sore. Double win in my books.

To be continued…

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#4 Just Jazzy (Waking Up Jayla)

This story contain’s sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol it is rated R and 18+

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Just Jazzy (Waking Up Jayla)

Being vague and not answering questions saved me from having to face or talk to Curt again. Ona was pissed at me for stiffing Tripp even though I told her what he did. She took his side and his story of me being crazy and emotionally unstable. In a blast of anger I, told Ona to date Tripp herself is she was so worried about his happiness. I haven’t spoken to her since.

Two weeks passed and I still wondered why I ran from the charming Curt. The odds of meeting someone like him again were slim to none. I resisted the urge to search him on the internet. I don’t need to be creepy and after how I behaved I wouldn’t even acknowledge my existence if I were him.

Things were looking up at work. I was in line for a promotion and without Paul’s constant belittling (That I didn’t realize was there) I’m flourishing with confidence. It’s being noticed and for the first time.

Bill from accounting confessed this morning to needing to work up the courage to ask me out. He’s nice and a decent looking man. Average, but then I am as well. Maybe if I can go on a couple real dates I wouldn’t be dragged into the blind ones or blind double dates. Which are even worse.

Mandy, my best friend, said that my problem wasn’t what Paul did, but what he didn’t do. I’m not entirely sure how that figures, but she’s notoriously good at assessing things. I finished applying the mascara and assessed my overall appearance. A nice summer dress, hair up with some loose strands. I loved my blond hair, as it’s my favourite feature. I put on some strappy-heeled sandals and grabbed my smallest purse. I said no to dinner since that never seemed to go well. I told Bill I’d go on a date as long as he came up with something fun to do. This felt right, I knew Bill a little and that was more than I can say for Tripp or any of the others. It was a step in the right direction.

I reached for the door as Bill approached and for a split second, I envisioned Curt as I swung the door open. The idea was gone as quickly as it came. There looking at me were a pair of pale blue eyes not warm brown ones. Bill smiled and looked me over. His approval was apparent and it made me feel good.

“Wow, you’re as punctual as you are beautiful.”

I closed my door and locked it before taking Bill’s arm. He was taller than I am by more than foot. Wearing beige slacks a white short-sleeved button dress shirt and blue… suspenders? I’ve only seen him in full on suits so maybe he wears them all the time? Not the worst thing he could be wearing.

I let Bill pick me up because he had an old-fashioned sense of romance. I got to say that we do something fun and he got to pick me up. I would have rather met him somewhere.

I did my best to listen to Bill talk. He did most of it. The subject was often work and that annoyed me. Maybe he’s just nervous? He pulled over and parked downtown. What on earth would we do here? He got out and opened my door. I let him hold my hand. It was nice to feel the warmth of another person.

“Where are we going?” I asked. I should have maybe asked that before tonight.

“My favourite show is in town.” He said as we walked toward the theatre. It was a live theater. I have only been a couple of times to see a play and a strings concert many years ago. I looked at the large marquis. “Quincy Ray’s Jam Session Live.”

“You’re going to love it Jayla.” Bill grinned like a giddy child.

Okay so he’s quirky. At least he’s excited and fun.

“It’s a collection of local artists playing classics and some smokin scat.”

I presumed that didn’t mean animal droppings. The only scat I know of is the kind my cousin cleans out of attics after an infestation. Bill’s pale blue eyes glittered as we approached the theater. He handed over the tickets and I looked around. I should have asked if there was a dress code. I wasn’t the worst dressed, but the majority wore much nicer dresses than I was wearing.

We found our seats, very close to the stage and Bill leaned closer to tell me all about the musicians. Too many names I didn’t know.

“Do you like Jazz Jayla?”


“It’s the best most down to the soul…”

I’ll admit I tuned him out. Once the man on stage came out the conversation died. He started playing a saxophone in a long and shrill clutter of notes. I couldn’t discern any pattern or tune. That instrument’s jumble melded into more musicians coming out and picking up various instruments. Sometimes they played a melody and others it was such a clutter I had to close my eyes. It was the best I could do since plugging my ears seemed ultra-rude.

Every time a song ended, and I never quite knew when that was, the crowd went wild with cheers, whistles and clapping. The energy was infectious and if nothing else, I enjoyed the atmosphere.

After four encores of only God knows what songs, we left. Bill was over the moon with glee and joy and he made me smile. We decided to walk to get gelato.

“You’re quite passionate about Jazz Bill.”

“Wasn’t it wonderful?” He took my hand in his. The street was busy with a wide range of people. Many couples of various varieties

“Yes.” That was honest, only because on a whole it was, the music was not something I was in to.

“I knew you’d love it.”

We arrived at the gelato shop and picked our flavors. I chose strawberry and lemon. He got orange and pineapple sorbet. We walked slowly down the street. He asked me what I thought of the music and after my polite answers; he filled in the gaps with his own impressions.

“So tell me Jayla what’s your favourite music?”

“I don’t know. I like the piano guys, Adel’s good. I love Christina Perry right now. Can’t get enough. Oh I have a pretty awesome dance mix for when I’m cleaning.”

Bill went quiet. Good or bad, I couldn’t tell. I finished my gelato and he found his voice again.

“What sort of dance mix?”

I shrugged and dropped my empty container in the street recycling bin. “You know, Katie Perry, Bruno Mars, Rhianna, Ooh Meghan Trainor, KOS… To name a few.”

“Huh.” Bill dropped his half-finished sorbet in the bin. “Do you like classical music or Jazz?”

Ah the loaded question. I liked Bill and his company. However, I learned one thing from Paul, faking it was never a good plan.

“Sure I like it, but I can’t say I’d choose it on my own.”

Bill nodded as we approached his car. He said nothing until we started driving.

“Are you a music snob?” I chuckled. “Do you hate that I like pop?”

“No, no. It’s fine.” He smiled. “Maybe. But you know what?”

“No. What?”

“The differences between people can make things interesting. I’ve tried dating women too much like myself. They bore me.”

I laughed. That was so honest and true. Paul and I liked all the same things. Sort of. I spent a lot of time pretending to like what he did to make him happy.

“I think it would be a problem if I said I hated Jazz. I don’t. I really like how enthusiastic you are about it.”

Conversation got a heck of a lot easier after that. I steered conversation away from family and work. We were talking about gardening of all things by the time we pulled up to my house. I had a small garden that I tried to keep tidy and full of blooms.

Of course, he walked me to my door.

“I had a good time with you Jayla.”

“Me too.” I chuckled. “But about you. Thank you for the not boring dinner date.”

“I’d like to kiss you goodnight if that’s alright.”

Now why did I find that so peculiar? Too polite. I smiled and nodded. Why not? What’s a kiss? Nervous butterflies fluttered about in my stomach. I liked kissing. This was definitely a perk of not being with Paul. I get to kiss again.

I watched as he leaned down and his nose got closer. I remembered to close my eyes as his mouth touched mine. He moved his lips a little in a chaste and sweet kiss. I felt the beginning of excitement in my chest as he backed off. Would he kiss me again? With more passion?

“I hope we can go out again sometime.” Bill said.

Oh. That’s it? Well I wouldn’t mind seeing how this went. He was fun company.

“I’d like that.” I replied.

“Then I suppose you can pick the date and venue next time. Good night Jayla.” He smiled and went to his car.

I went into my house. “That was… fun.” I said to myself as I prepared for bed.

To be continued…

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#3 Too Good To Be True (Waking Up Jayla)

This story contain’s sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol it is rated R and 18+

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Too good To Be True (Waking Up Jayla)

I rubbed the back of my hand absently as I stood from the patio chair. Curt started tidying up our trays when someone in uniform came out to clear them. I backed away and made my way to the sidewalk. I had no idea what just happened, but when he touched me it was too intense.

“I’m not going to hurt you Jayla.” Curt said as he caught up to me. “I’m sorry if I upset you.”

I stopped and looked at him. “Are you for real?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well you show up all knight in shining armor, make me laugh, deflect Tripp the idiot and just happen to offer me my favorite naughty food. No offense, but you seem too good to be true.”

“I see. So manners and common courtesy are a bad thing? When did that happen?”

I started walking again. I was being rude. Why was I being rude? Curt should just walk away, I would, and I wanted him to.

“Someone really did a number on you.” He said quietly.

“I suppose.” I picked up my pace heading toward main street.

I learned the hard way that my sham marriage hadn’t been a one-way problem. In one volatile argument over dividing possessions, he managed to let me know I settled into our complacency and stopped trying after the third miscarriage. Paul also said I was a bad lay and that I was passionless and as boring in bed as I am out of it. At first, I figured it was just his spite, but it was partly true. I was boring; at least to him I’m boring. I don’t think I am so maybe someone else will like me. Curt kept pace.

“But that’s my problem. You know what? Lesson learned. Dating is a waste of time, a… a farce.”

“How sad.” Curt stepped in front of me forcing me to stop.

I eyed a parked taxi on the street with is sign lit and driver reading a book.

“You know what I think Jayla?”

“No. What?”

“You like me.”

“I don’t know you.”

“That doesn’t matter” His eyes sparkled too much to be real. “You know what else I think?”

I side stepped and he moved to block me. Damn he’s fast. “Fine. What?”

“That you’re rudeness is all defense. I want to get to know you Jayla. Give me a chance?”


“Why not? You’re beautiful, I like you and I’m a nice guy.”

“You can’t like me I’m a stranger. I believe the nice guy bit. Save yourself the trouble and find a nice girl. I’m not nice.”

Wow I dug deep to find my inner bitch. I am a nice girl. What’s my problem?  I was not prepared for him to grab my face and plant his lips on mine. I was doubly not prepared for the blast of arousal that turned me to molten lava. It took what seemed like forever to realize I was kissing him back. The jeer of a passerby broke the spell and I backed off.

I could hear Paul laughing in my mind. The last time I saw him he teased me about how desperate I am. With my new clothes, weight loss and my nice haircut. ‘No real man will want you.’ He had laughed. ‘You’re boring Jayla and without money you’re nothing.’

I learned that somehow Paul had managed to disappear most of my inheritance. I couldn’t get any proof of where it went. It was a joint account, he had insisted, there was no prenuptial agreement and he had the right to spend it if I gave him access. Which I did. I thought he loved me and I thought I was in love with him. He had been so sweet before he married me; he was kind and made me laugh…

“I’m sorry Curt. I can’t do this again.”

The tears welled up as I ran for the taxi.

“Drive!” I said before I closed the door. Kudos to the driver, he dropped his book on the seat, turned the key, shifted to drive and pulled away before Curt made it to the car.

To be continued…

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The Worst Date Ever… Maybe not. (Quick and Dirty Short Stories) NSFW

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.
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The Worst Date Ever… Maybe not.

This is possibly the worst date ever. Dinner and a movie. Yup and a new release to boot so it was crowded. My date Geoff wasn’t even making a move. Nothing. No touching, no stolen kisses and this was our fifth date. I’m thinking it’s the last. I’ve tried more than once to make it obvious I wanted him to touch or kiss to see if we were compatible. I was dressed in a lovely flared skirt and tight top. No bra even. I wanted to play a little before I moved on.

I paid for my half of dinner and for my own ticket, popcorn and drink at the movie. I’m totally okay with that. I didn’t want to owe boring Geoff anything. We were more than halfway through some loud flashy action that I was kind of into.

The theater was crowded and very few seats were open. I listened to my date Geoff’s theory on why the back row was best, blah, blah and blah. I thought it was because maybe he planned to grope me or something. Nope. Maybe I need to make the first move.

I reached my hand over and rested it on Geoff’s thigh. Would you believe he scrunched his face and put my hand back on my lap? Oh yeah, totally the last date. I’m not easy or anything, just horny and now frustrated.

The man to my left made a soft noise and I glanced over to see his girlfriend massaging his bulge. Even in the dark her actions were noticeable due to the light from the screen. I suppose only if you look. Which I was. Like a little miss Houdini she had his pants undone and reached into the opening.

I glanced at Geoff, he hadn’t noticed. In fact he was so into the film I may as well be there alone.

I stole a glance at Mr. Hand job my neighbour, and he was out and free. His thick firm flesh being stroked by red nailed fingers. I felt myself get wet and shifted in my seat. I tried again to touch Geoff and I was rebuffed with a “stop I’m watching this.” whisper-hissed at me.

What twenty-five year old man doesn’t want to be touched?

Miss Hand Job leaned closer to her man and whispered something. My pulse was slamming away and I opened my mouth to breathe quietly as I watched in my peripherals. Did they see me peek?

My neighbor reached over and nudged my popcorn that was in my right hand to my right thigh. I glanced over and he winked and his teeth shone in the dark when he smiled slightly. My breath caught when the stranger’s hand went between my thighs and waited. The woman stroked him and lowered her head over his cock and licked his proud flesh while making eye contact with me.

I was too aroused to care that it was weird. The man wiggled his fingers and I shifted in my seat to spread my legs. What I was doing was beyond my reasoning. But it was hot and I was turned on by this threesome clandestine activity.

I bit my bottom lip as his fingers stroked my damp panties and tugged on the hem. He pulled and I lifted my ass up, reached up my skirt and tugged them off. I kicked them down to my ankles and glanced at oblivious Geoff practically on the edge of his seat for the action on the screen.

The woman bobbed quietly while stroking him eagerly. The man palmed my mound and slipped two of his fingers into my hot and ready entrance. He stroked slowly at first and I bit my knuckle as my body surged with each stroke of his long dexterous fingers. I held the popcorn to block Geoff’s view, not that he was paying attention and felt my insides heat up. I nearly moaned as he rubbed hard and I tightened around the strangers fingers.

He slowed his stroking to a near stop and grunted quietly. I looked to see the woman swallowing his load. That was so hot. He opened his eyes, began stroking me again as she tucked him away. She looked to see his fingers working me faster.

I closed my eyes and held my breath as he fingered me closer to orgasm. The sudden release of pleasure made me cry out. I stiffled most of it. It was fine, some building was blowing up and a woman was screaming profanities at some man who just saved her. Oh then they kissed. I have no idea what’s going on in the movie.

My neighbour removed his slick fingers, sucked one and let the woman suck the other clean. My eyes widened as I felt a flutter of arousal from that strange act.

I managed to get my panties back on by the time the credits rolled, which was moments after they licked my juices from the mans fingers.

“That was great.” Geoff said and stood as the lights came up.

I got to my feet nodding. I know my face is flushed and I’m still horny, maybe more so now.

The man, my neighbour smiled as his woman clung to his arm. “Hey man are you going to fuck her and make her cum tonight?”

“What?” Geoff scrunched his face and glanced around nervously. “Dude! Inappropriate. I’m not that kind of guy.”

The man turned his dark and sexy eyes my way. “Well that sounds like a hard no. Wanna come home and play with us instead?”

I looked between the three.

The attractive woman piped up. “I can tell you’re not into women, but if you close your eyes I’ll give you the best oral orgasm you’ve ever had.”

“Good girls don’t have sex before marriage.” Geoff looked disgusted. “Ignore the deviates. Come on, I’ll take you home before it gets too late.” He reached for my hand. It was nine o’clock on a friday night, I’m twenty-four. I havent had a curfew since I moved out of my parents house six years ago and that statement explained a lot.

“Bye Geoff. I don’t think we’re a good match.”

I took the strange man’s hand left with them. I did not regret one second of the entire weekend of being naked and being played with. Or the many, many weekends after either.

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#2 One Too Many (Waking Up Jayla)

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One Too Many (Waking Up Jayla)

It was half an hour passed the time my blind date Tripp, yes his name is Tripp, was supposed to show. I already had qualms about this date and if he didn’t show soon I was leaving. I was on very large glass of wine number two and starving. Probably not a good combination as I’m a lightweight when alcohol is concerned. Oh well, I looked fantastic in my black dress and heels. My blonde hair up in a messy bun since it was humid as hell out. I jumped from my thoughts as Tripp sat in the seat across from me.

“Sorry I’m late Lisa. I had something come up with my sister she needed my help. You’re quite beautiful. Ona didn’t show me any recent pics of you just the fat ones.”

I smiled politely at Tripp. He was handsome with light blond hair and ice blue eyes. I did wonder though, whom did he think he was fooling?

“I bet you did.” I smiled. “Not that you owe me anything, but I’m sort of a stickler for the truth.” I stood up and being a bit tipsy, I raised my voice. “You’re over half an hour late and my name is not Lisa. Next time, make sure you get all of your sister’s lipstick off your earlobe and chin before going on a date.” I stopped the waiter as he walked past. “This man, Tripp Robinson who reeks of incest sex and cheap perfume is paying for my drinks.” I looked at Tripp. “See how easy it is to remember a name? Thanks for the wine, have a nice night.”

I left the restaurant and hoped I didn’t look as tipsy as I felt. One more lousy date to add to the collection. It was hard not to be jealous of my ex, Paul. He was happy and engaged already. I wished them luck and suggested to his fiancée Candie that she get tested for STD’s regularly since he’s as faithful as a male lion. That didn’t go over well.

“Are you okay?”

I turned to see a handsome Brunette man looking at me with his head tilted to the side.

“Fine why?” I asked. I was a bit wobbly. I needed food. Maybe I should have had an expensive meal before walking out on Tripp.

“I’m sorry, but I overheard you back there.” He gestured toward the restaurant.

“Just dandy.” I muttered and dug in my purse for my cellphone to call a taxi. I glanced around. “You don’t need to interrupt your date for me. I’ll survive a crappy blind date.”

The man with soft brown eyes chuckled gently; his deep voice somehow made the overly warm night warmer.

“I was wrapping up dinner with my cousin and her husband that just moved to town. Surprisingly, the food was sub par and not at all filling. You didn’t miss much.”

I nodded and searched for the taxi number.

“There’s a decent burger place around the corner if you want to join me.”

I looked up at the man. My stomach rumbled and my mouth watered. I should just go home eat a couple of cookies or something equally bad and crawl into bed.

“Curt Loftin” He held his hand out, his warm brown eyes glittering in the street light.

To say this man was attractive was an understatement. Tall, broad in the chest and shoulders and despite the warm weather he wore a light grey suit. I shook his hand. Why not? Well there are plenty of reasons not to, but too much wine and an empty stomach overrode them.

“I’m Jayla. Thank you but-”

“No but’s. Two glasses of Merlot on an empty stomach and you didn’t eat.” Curt held out his arm. “It’s the least I can do to repay the best bad date ditch I’ve ever witnessed. Incest sex. He had that coming.”

“You bitch!”

I turned to see Tripp storming out of the doors with his fists clenched.

“You had two, thirty dollar glasses of wine?”

I treated myself and planned to pay for them. I rarely enjoy a decent vintage and I had been in a fantastic mood before the date.

“I did Trip and I would have paid my way had you not been such a creep.”

“Creep!” Tripp stopped in his tracks when Curt stepped forward. “Oh you are a slut. Picking up so fast! And you had the nerve to embarrass me?”

“Whatever Tripp. Get lost.” Was I slurring my words? I wasn’t entirely sure.

Tripp pointed at me aggressively. “You are a fat, ugly piece of work. That’s the last time I go on a pity date for a friend.”

“I suggest you do as the lady asked and get lost.”

“Whatever.” Tripp waved his hand at me dismissively and stalked off.

Now I know he was being hateful but still I hated hearing it. I had worked hard to shed twenty of the thirty-five pounds I put on after my miserable marriage started. It took the marriage ending to realize just how unhappy I was.

“Right. You dodged a bullet there.” Curt turned to face me.

I was done with this night. My stomach hurt and my emotions were shot. Curt, the sexy man I just met held his arm out for me again.

“All I want is company. I don’t want to eat a burger alone. You can run away after if you need to.”

“I suppose.”

Did I look ready to flee? Probably. I wanted to desperately. The pain in my stomach prompted me to take his arm. It was an odd gesture. How was I supposed to eat after being called fat? I was a bit off-balance and regretted not having at least some bread while I waited.

“Jayla.” Curt mused as we walked. “That’s a pretty name to say. What do you do for a living Jayla?”

I Smiled. I’ll be honest, I like how he said my name.

“Small-talk.” I sighed as he steadied me.

We approached a small burger joint with tables on the patio out front.

“Not a fan of getting to know people?”

“Sorry, I’m feeling cranky. I should just go home.”

“Nope you more or less promised me company Jayla.”

They stopped and ordered their food and took their soft drinks and a plastic number to their table outside.

“Okay, so why is someone as gorgeous as you on a blind date?”

I laughed, “I’m not a sucker for flattery.” I am a liar. Shame on me.

He sipped his Pepsi and eyed me suspiciously.

“Do you plan to answer any questions I ask or just avoid them?”

I shrugged and grinned as our burgers were delivered, dressed exactly how we ordered them.

“These look amazing.”

Curt laughed. “Avoid it is.”

I took a large bite to do exactly what he accused me of. The trouble was I wanted to talk to him. He was alluring and patient. Half way through my burger, my stomach calmed and the last of the wine buzz faded.

“This is a really good burger.”

“It’s decent.” Curt shrugged. “But being starved and half-drunk makes anything taste five-star.”

“I was not drunk.”

“I said half.” He teased. “Besides it worked in my favor. I took a risk that you’re a burger lover in distress and now I have someone more interesting to talk to than my cat.”

“Cat?” I raised my eyebrow.

“Mr. Freckles.”

I giggled. “Seriously?”

“Deadly. Although my son named him so I won’t take credit for that.”

Son. I looked at his left hand since I hadn’t yet. No ring. When I looked back up, he had his brown eyes narrowed ever so slightly.

“No I’m not married Jayla. How about you?”

“Me?” I set my quarter burger down. I was too full to finish. It’s why I didn’t order fries. I can never eat that much in one sitting anymore. I sipped my Sprite to delay.

“I figure you’re not married since you were on a blind date with a loser. I meant kids.”

Kids. The one thing Paul threw at me relentlessly. I lost the one that apparently was the only reason he married me. The second and the third too. I started taking the pill after number three and got and IUD. Paul had been so cruel about my inability to be a basic woman so I never told him about the birth control. I had brought up adoption and in hindsight that’s when he started working late and going to the gym more often.

“No.” I looked at the twisted paper napkin in my hands. “No kids. No pets either.”

“What do you do in the daytime?”

I smiled. He was nosy and persistent. I’m not ready for this. The blind dates were okay because I could ditch them and never call again. They were also six for six, total jerks. Curt was nice and sweet and…

“I should go. Thank you for-”

He reached out and put his hand on mine. The immediate sensation of mini tingles flowed across my skin from point of contact outward. I drew my hand away as if burnt. I tore my eyes from my hand to see his perplexed yet amused expression.

To be continued…

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#1 Rude Awakening (Waking Up Jayla)

This story contain’s sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol it is rated R and 18+

Rude Awakening (Waking Up Jayla)

I’ve been living under a haze for five years. Asleep even though I’m awake. I have no control over my life and that’s okay right? Maybe. I need to wake up before I lose everything. However, it’s easier to sleep.

Things fell apart quickly, or maybe it was slowly? I’m not even sure when it started but when I realized my husband and I had fallen into a plutonic relationship of not bothering, I had to try something.

Every night after work for at least three years, he went to the gym. He’d come home, mumble a greeting and head right up to the shower. He hated public showers. Tonight I wanted to do something spontaneous. See if I can’t get his attention. If I let him go up the stairs, he’d shower, turn on his computer, maybe come down for dinner and then go right back up to his computer. If he bothered to stay home. More often than not, he’d go over to a buddy’s house or out with the ‘guys’.

I ran my hands through my long straight blonde hair and peeked out the window as my husband Paul’s car rolled up the driveway. I licked my bright red stained lips as he got out of his Mazda. I checked and double-checked that my sexy red lingerie was in place and hugging my curves in all the right ways.  I held my breath, pushed my B-cups to strain against the fabric and waited in front of the stairs.

The door opened and closed without Paul even looking my way. His black hair was mussy and his shirt was un-tucked. That meant he was tired and wanted his space.

“Hey babe.” His usual bored tone oozed out of his mouth. “Long day, need a shower and I have work to do.”

I pushed down the anger of his blind dismissal. I stepped in front of my husband. I’m not sure what sparked my determination to rekindle our lost passion, but I had to try.

“Just a moment Paul.” I purred the words.

He finally looked at me in my red lace panties and matching see through Babydoll. I was a knock-out collaboration of all his favourite sexy things. I put my arms around his neck and kissed him. When we first dated he was a mediocre kisser, it was never his thing. He used to make up for it with hugs, massage’s and groping. Used to.

Paul pulled back and sighed heavily. “I said I need a shower and have work to do.”

“What the…” I bit my tongue to stop the imminent fight.

I could do nothing to curb the hurt on my face. I did myself up to look hot and paid a good amount for the outfit.

“Look babe, I’m sorry it’s been a long day.”

Something deep inside reached out with desperation. He was outright rejecting me and it hurt. I reached and pushed his workout shorts down. I took his flaccid penis in my hand and tried to stroke it to life.

“All the more reason to relax before you shut yourself in the study.” I suppose passive aggressive was not the best choice to spark our sagging passion.

“I said I’m tired.” His tone was angry and words clipped.

I dropped to my knees and decided to do something I know he loved and something I haven’t don’t in far too long. I planned to suck him until he’s hard. This is how it always was with Paul; I had to work to make him happy.

Before he could object further, I put my mouth around the soft supple flesh.

“Jayla don’t”

Hindsight would put a much different tone on that don’t. It had been a warning, a plea. The second my tongue explored the tip and its ridges I backed off. I recognized that taste. It’s been a long time, but one never forgets the distinct flavour of pussy. Only I know that wasn’t mine.

“What the fuck!” I jumped up and ran to the kitchen. I was more disgusted in that moment than furious. I rinsed my mouth out and stood at the sink calming my breath and racing heart. I turned to see him standing in the doorway. No shame, no guilt and no love on his face.

“How long?” That was the best I could do.

He shrugged so nonchalantly I could hear my life shattering. “A while.”

“Who?” I grabbed a glass and filled it with water.

“You don’t know this one.”

I dropped the glass in the sink and it broke. “This one?” I spun around. That implied I knew one or possibly more of his others. “How many?”

“Does it matter?”

I took a deep and non-effective breath. “Yes Paul if fucking matters. How many whores have you slept with unprotected while I had no damned idea? God it’s disgusting! To think…” I wanted to throw up and actually gagged.

“Twelve… no thirteen if you count Delilah.”

My sister. I could barely breathe and I covered my face. Not for tears, they were not coming to the emotion party just yet. Paul still stood there as if he’d done nothing wrong.

“Why aren’t you screaming at me?” Paul asked.

Good question. Maybe part of me knew? No. I honestly didn’t think so. Then I realized and my stomach burned. It felt as if my entire world just came tumbling down and shattered at my feet clad in sexy black heels.

“Because Paul I don’t love you anymore.”

“Did you ever?” He asked.

“Of course. Did you?”

Paul shook his head no and I reached a shaking hand to the chair. I managed to sit before I fell down.

“Wh-Why did you marry me Paul?”

It was strange, it felt as if this confrontation was a long time coming. He was so calm and collected. I was a jumbled mess and I’m certain I’m not processing this well. The storm of breakdown and total heartbreak is on the horizon and there’s nowhere to run and hide.

“You got knocked up remember? Not that you could even do that right. You got fat and you’re boring. I liked our living arrangement and you were an okay wife. Lousy in bed so I found other lovers.”

“You mean you liked my money and housekeeping.” My tears did start then. It sucked to be told you’re lousy in bed, unloved and basically worthless.

“I’ll pack a bag and go to a hotel.”

“No.” I shook my head. “Don’t bother to pack just one. Take your time and pack it all because you’re never coming back.”

“I’ll call my lawyer.” He said it matter of fact and left me alone in the kitchen to cry. I couldn’t even begin to describe in that moment all the horrid things I thought and felt.

One would think that a five-year marriage falling apart in such a strange yet cliché way would destroy a person. It didn’t. It scarred but didn’t destroy me.

Now a year later, and finally divorced, I was getting ready for a blind date. I’ve seen his picture yes, met… no. My friend Ona set us up. A co-worker that I think she has a crush on.

I looked in the mirror at my slimmer self. I’m still a little curvy and sexy in my opinion.

“Well Jayla, your first date as a newly single woman.”

I’ve been on a few dates since I found out my husband was a serial cheater, but none have even sparked my interest. I don’t think I’m ready to trust yet. But I wished I was.

To be continued…

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All Business – Mia Part 3 (Sexy Saturday Serials)

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.

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All Business – Mia Part 3.

It was late by the time I stopped at a pharmacy and checked into my hotel. The room was typical but nice. I showered, dressed in a grey pencil skirt and a simple light pink blouse. It was mid summer so no need to over dress for training.

I finished brushing my shoulder length light brown wet hair and made my way to the hotel restaurant for a light breakfast. I had two hours before I had to check in at the office.

I will admit I spent a lot of my empty time thinking about Eric and his fat fingers. That and him and his fiancee going at it while talking about it. While his advice was exciting, it wasn’t practical. Running into him was a fluke. I have no idea how to seek out stranger encounters. To keep it casual and anonymous. The problem I now had was I was horny. Really horny. After thinking about the potential of random sex, I was all worked up.

Instead of eating quickly to get away from everyone, I nibbled on fruit salad and looked around. Mostly couples, some single women in small groups and a handful of possible single men.

I rolled my eyes at myself. “What are you doing?” I muttered under my breath. I was here for work not play. I got up and set my tray on the cart and went to find some sunshine. I went to the front desk and approached a lovely man with dark skin. I peeked at his name-tag. Andrew.

“How may I help you?”

I’m horny and need to find someone to fuck me. Yeah like I’m brave enough to say that. “I need some suggestions.”

“Are you here for business or pleasure?”

The way he said pleasure made me wet. That’s new. I don’t normally respond to simple statements by getting wet. It often took a lot of flirting to even get me aroused. Then again I don’t normally bother talking to people that aren’t friends, coworkers or patients lately.


Andrew’s eyes dipped quickly to my tasteful cleavage. “Perhaps you need to try both.”

And now I’m tingling between my legs. “I’m heading over to 10th ave is there anything interesting between here and there? I have some time to kill.”

“I suggest cutting down to the waterfront and walking the boardwalk up to Eastbound road then up to 10th.” He gave me an appreciative once over. I take care of myself so I know I look good. I may not be gorgeous or model thin, but I can hold my own. “But first I suggest you go see Henri at the salon. Your fair skin will burn in the hot sun.” He gestured at the salon across the lobby. “I insist you go. Tell him I sent you.”

I looked over my shoulder. “Oookay. Thank you Andrew.” I smiled and decided to go see Henri. Why not? I did forget to put sunblock on. But I figured in the early morning it wouldn’t be too bad.

I entered the salon and explained to a woman why I was there. She retrieved Henri for me. Henri was gorgeous and in his tight white t shirt looked like a bronze god. He introduced himself and led me to a back room.

“Please remove your blouse and skirt. I do not want to get sunblock on them.”

“Oh I can put it on myself.” I said unsure.

“Nonsense. You are the guest here.”

It was that moment that I realized Henri was sporting a bit of a bulge behind his white trousers. I took my blouse and skirt off. Why did I look at his crotch?

“Sit.” He said pointing to the massage table.

I did and he took off my pumps and began rubbing my legs with the sunblock. I was already horny so I decided to enjoy the contact. Innocent or not. I gasped quietly as he worked my legs going higher than necessary.  when his finger grazed the damp spot on my panties I sighed. Was he asking permission?  He stood me up and started on my arms and up to my neck. I don’t even know when my bra was undone but as his hands went over my shoulders to my upper chest. I felt the fabric slide down and onto the floor. Apparently I was going to play a little before I went to work.

His nimble hands were done with the sunblock and moved over the mounds of my breasts from behind.

“You have lovely breasts.” he rubbed and pushed them together in such an erotic way I groaned quietly. Henri slipped his hands down my torso and inched my panties down over my hips. They fell to the floor and Henri pressed his rock hard bulge aginst my ass. “Would you like to relieve your tension?”

“Yes.” I pushed back against him.

His hands went to my arms and he moved me to lean them on the massage bed. I looked as he undid his pants and freed his proud hard staff. In what had to be record time he had it shrouded in a condom and had his hands back on my body. Henri caressed my hips and pushed me over the table and patted my left leg so he could lift it.

I was pulsing with anticipation as he ran the round head through my wet folds. I whimpered with need as he pressed in from behind.

“Oh yes.” I said as he entered me fully.  The sensation of him in me filled me with an urgency. I clamped down and pushed back.

“Fuck.” He pulled out and pressed back in.

“Yes. Yes, oh yes.”

Who am I? I have no idea. I wanted more. It was like Eric awoke something in me and now I was letting a complete stranger have sex with me.  I grunted as Henri picked up the tempo, stroking my insides with sturdy friction. I was close and that surprised me. It usually took a lot more than that. Even with my last boyfriend I didn’t always get there before he did.

“I’m coming.” I said.

I grabbed the edge of the bed as Henri thrust firmly against my backside. The orgasm washed over me sending as shiver of pleasure across the entire surface of my body. He pulled out and handed me a fragrant slightly damp warm towel. I cleaned myself and got dressed as he took care of his end of things.

“Enjoy your day.” Henri handed me a card. “Stop by tomorrow if you need more sunblock.”

I smiled, nodded and left the salon. That was surreal. I surreptitiously glanced at Andrew, he winked and leered causing my body to respond. Holy crap, what’s gotten into me? I made my way to the outside world. At least I was feeling pretty damned good to go off for a day of abnormally boring training.

To be continued…

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Upcoming story. Waking Up Jayla

Hi my darling readers and followers. I want to thank all of you. You have been very supportive and wonderful with your comments and appreciation of my stories. I Especially my Novella, Blythe & Mac.

I have finally finished writing the next romance erotica story and it is in the final stages of editing/revision. I will be posting it in the same fashion that I posted Blythe & Mac.

Because this story contain’s sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol it is rated R and 18+.

This story is about a young woman named Jayla. Jayla has let her life lead her instead of the other way around. Existing in a perpetual ‘sleep walk’ Jayla’s life is about to set off the alarm clock for her. The question is, can she wake up in time to find happiness or will she sleep walk right through it into the misery of complacency?

I hope you enjoy reading ‘Waking up Jayla’ as much as I enjoyed writing the story.

Here is a taste of what’s to come.


Waking up Jayla

I stepped in front of my husband. I’m not sure what sparked my determination to rekindle our lost passion, but I had to try.

“Just a moment Paul.” I purred the words.

He finally looked at me in my red lace panties and matching see through Babydoll. His favourite style. I put my arms around his neck and kissed him. When we first dated he was a mediocre kisser, it was never his thing. He used to make up for it with hugs, massage’s and groping. Used to.

Paul pulled back and sighed heavily. “I said I need a shower and have work to do.”

“What the…” I bit my tongue to stop the imminent fight.

I could do nothing to curb the hurt on my face. I did myself up to look hot and paid a good amount for the outfit.

“Look babe, I’m sorry it’s been a long day.”

Something deep inside reached out with desperation. He was outright rejecting me and it hurt. I reached and pushed his workout shorts down. I took his flaccid penis in my hand and tried to stroke it to life.

“All the more reason to relax before you shut yourself in the study.” I suppose passive aggressive was not the best choice to spark our sagging passion.

“I said I’m tired.” His tone was angry and words clipped.

I dropped to my knees and decided to do something I know he loved and something I haven’t don’t in far too long. I planned to suck him until he’s hard. This is how it always was with Paul; I had to work to make him happy.

Before Paul could object further, I put my mouth around the soft supple flesh.



Stay tuned for chapter one of Waking up Jayla, and thank you for reading and letting me know what you think of my stories.


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