Beth & Sean

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Beth & Sean

Beth and Sean have known each other for years and barely tolerate the other. If it wasn’t for a tight-knit group of common friends they would never hang out. Each take a chance to get something they want from the other and neither consider the consequences.

Will a chance spur of the moment arrangement of passion between two Adults lead them down a path of destruction or devotion?

Beth & Sean

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Part #1:   _1 Riding Shotgun

Part #2:   _2 Gathering Wood

Part #3:   _3 The Tool In The Shed

Part #4:   _4 Truth By Fire

Part #5:   _5 I Have A Problem

Part #6:   _6 Pancakes And A Pig

Part #7:   _7 Bikini's and Bitches

Part #8:   _8 Mesmerizing Flames

Part #9:   _9 Dripping Wet

Part #10: _10 The High Road

Part #11: _11 Sleeping Re-Arrangements

Part #12: _12 Dancing Around The Truth

Part #13: _13 Perception Askew

Part #14: _14 Sleeping In

Part #15: _14 Sleeping In (1)

Part #16: _16 Rock The Boat

Part #17: _17 Making A Huge Splash

Part #18: _18 Wandering Off

Part #19: _19 Ghost Stories

Part #20: _20 Too Close

Part #21: _21 Pity Party

Part #22: _22 Eight Legged Enemies

Part #23: _23 Altered Truths

Part #24: _24 Too Relationship-ish

Part #25: _25 There's Nothing Else Like It

Part #26: _26 Lashing out

Part #27: _27 Some Alone Time

Part #28: _28 Take A Deep Breath

Part #29: _29 The Stranger In The Woods

Part #30: _30 Heart, Body And Soul

Part #31: _31 Comforting Warmth

Part #32: _32 Monkey See Monkey Sea-Doo

Part #33:_33 The First Time We Met

Part #34: _34 Fishing For Memories

Part #35: _35 Enough Is Enough (1)

Part #36: _36 Hella-Hot

Part #37: _37 Lost Time

Part #38: _38 A Sort-Of Hate

The end heart

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