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Hello my darling reader, if you’re here then you’re curious to know about who is behind Cimmerian Sentiment. This site and all content within is strictly for those 18 years and older.

I’m a middle-aged writer who enjoys erotica. I began writing because I love to write, I also wanted to contribute more stories that fall within what I enjoy reading.

Sometimes I found myself bored with a dull go nowhere story or poor foreshadowing or I cringe at the borderline illegal or scary content and think, if only there were more erotica stories for my tastes. Which admittedly, stick to the vanilla side of things. And that’s okay. While I applaud others for visiting and expressing their personal desires(It’s important to be yourself), I stick to writing what I like to read the most.

All of my stories, short or long, contain characters of legal age to consent to sex. All characters are 100% consensual and never forced against their will. All characters are legally and ethically clear to have sexual relations. While it’s popular and I’m sorry but “daddy” or “mommy” doesn’t do it for me so you wont ever find that here. All my characters are single and not compromising devoted relationships or cheating on anyone. If they’re not single then all parties are on board with what’s happening.

I haven’t dabbled in the supernatural… yet, I might. I have some ideas but I’m shy about stepping out of my comfort zone.

Most of my stories are either romantic, have a romantic feel or are just sex. Simple and it’s what works for me. I’m a romantic at heart. That my darling reader is my point. I write what makes me feel good because it was what resonated with me in the erotica literary world.  I want my characters to be pleased and hopefully my readers.

I value feedback. I’m not perfect and that’s okay too. I make mistakes and if you let me know, I’ll fix them. Often I take the comments and criticisms from my readers and keep them in mind when I write my next story. If you liked it let me know. If you didn’t tell me why.

I found when I read erotica there are different moods to my reading desire. Sometimes I want a long and invested romance with a touch of erotic, thus I have my Chapter stories. Full of romance and interesting scenarios I do my best to mix sex and romance. I post one chapter at a time and unless I make a mistake, they only get posted once a day. They usually run about 30,000 to 40,000 words max and each chapter is between 800 to 1500 words.

Next I find sometimes I want a quick and dirty short story. Not just wham-bam-thank-you-mam sex with nothing to grip it. This is why I write a short story with a sexy lead up, sex and usually a romantic or funny ending. Those are my Quick & Dirty short stories. Guaranteed sexy sex in 800-2000 words.

Lastly I often like a longer story what would be called a novelette that is sexy in every chapter. Like a Q&DSS but with more story-line. Thus I created my Sexy Saturday Serials. Each chapter is sexy and only published on Saturday mornings. 1000-2000 words max per installment. Read back to back these types of stories are going to get things heated up.

The most important part is my readers. I want you to be able to read without searching or getting frustrated. The point of my writing is not frustration. Each story chapter or story will have links either at the top or bottom to direct you to a page that will have clickable links to make it easy to find something fun to read. Each chapter story will have its own dedicated page with chapter links. Each chapter will have a clickable link at the bottom to take you to the next chapter. It’s a bit of work, but I want your reading experience to be seamless.

If you want to comment but don’t want to make that comment public I can be reached by email. cimmeriansentiment@gmail.com

Almost all images posted on my site are clickable. Just like the three below.

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