Really Bad Timing – (Part – 27) Snow Angel

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This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol.

It is rated R and is for readers 18+ only.
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Really Bad Timing (Snow Angel)

Gary and his husband were the only other adults in my life, outside of my family and Tony, that knew everything and they still loved me. I walked into the back and saw Deena in Gary’s office. I took a deep breath to swallow my anger. I know she means well and is only doing what she feels in necessary, but nosy people cause trouble for me.

“Hello, Deena,” I said as I stood in the doorway. “Why are you snooping in my life behind my back?”

Both she and Gary looked at me. Her calculated smile was not reflective of Gary’s confusion and surprise combination.

“Adley I asked you nicely to send me your schedule, you refused and so I had to improvise. It’s really for your best interest after all.”

Best interest? Her timing is monumentally bad. I know if I give her what she wants she’ll just keep digging and this proved it. She had mentioned that she’s heard so much of me. Maybe she’s already started digging and she’s inadvertently the reason someone found me. Regardless of her reasons, this is absurd.

“What is going on?” Gary asked.

“What did she ask you?” I asked Gary.

“She was asking after you and your schedule and what kind of employee you are. I told her nothing of course. I wouldn’t without your permission. I was just informing her that she needed to clear it with you before I give out any details.”

I crossed my arms and frowned at Deena. “You have really bad timing Deena. I’m not trying to be difficult, but my life is mine and who I share the details of it is up to me and me alone. If Locke wants to know my schedule he can ask me or ask me to tell you. He’s done neither.”

“I mean no harm, Adley. I just know how busy Mr. Wyvern is and you seem to be a busy person yourself. I merely wanted to help facilitate a potential schedule for you to work with together.”

“And I’m sure that’s sweet from your perspective.” I uncrossed my arms. “Look I get what you’re doing, but I’m asking you nicely to stop. If it means so much to you I’ll email you my details when I’m ready to.”

The abnormally beautiful redheaded Deena stood and smiled. “I would appreciate that Adley. After all, Mr. Wyvern’s happiness is paramount.”

She shook Gary’s hand and then mine, I only reciprocated so I wouldn’t offend her further. I need her to back off right now, or at least until I deal with my new problem.  She left with an overly polite farewell. I closed Gary’s door.

“What was that all about?” He asked sitting forward in his chair and leaning on his desk.

“She’s my boyfriend’s overly nosy assistant. Thanks for not telling her anything it’s weird that she’s so persistent.”

“I sensed no hostility Adley but I agree, she does need to back off.”

“You have no idea,” I told him about the phone call and asked if he wanted me to quit or stay away until it cleared up.

“Hell no! You’re far safer here surrounded by friends than you are alone. Shit, Adley, you should have called me right away. Damned jerks need to just leave you alone.”

“Jerks or not, one has found me. I don’t know if she plans to share that information or keep it to herself, but she knows who I am. She’s smart enough to get my unlisted cell number.”

“Which means she has been onto you for some time.”

“Yeah, at least a few weeks or more. The original five were four men and one woman. One killed himself four years ago and the woman found Jesus and doesn’t hold me accountable anymore. The rest just gave up and moved on with life from what I’ve been told.”

“Don’t discredit the possibility she might be a he Adley. People can change their voice or have someone else speak for them.”

“That’s what the police said. Don’t worry, I’m not playing a fool, but I’m not going to let them ruin my life. I’ll face them if I have to.”

“I’m overjoyed to hear that Adley. I’d hate to see you uproot your life and hide.  You have a solid support system here, let us help. Let the others know and I’ll tell Yates to make sure the security cameras are being backed up. Now, what’s this about a boyfriend and are you seriously telling me it’s Locke Wyvern?” He picked up a paperback from his cluttered desk and it was one of Locke’s scary books.

“Um, yes?”

He dropped the book with a muffled thud. “Is he a creep Adley? I’ll be candid, he writes some messed up shit, granted I’m a big fan, but still, it’s… dark.”

I shook my head, “He’s super nice and sweet, you would never know he writes scary books. You’ve met him, he was the FDD from that WHIP party.”

“The one you gave a ride home?”

“Yes, and nothing happened that night. It took a while before I agreed to a date.” I looked at my watch. “I have prep so I’ll get changed and to it.”

“Okay, does… I can’t believe you’re dating him, does Locke know what happened?”

“Not yet.” I bit my lip and wrung my hands.

Gary got out from behind his desk and put his arm around me. “I can’t tell you what to do or how to feel Adley. You need to find a way to settle all of it, find a way to make it your past forever and stop letting it limit your future.”

I wiped my eyes and let him hug me. This would never happen in front of anyone. Gary does not show affection to anyone at work. I felt safe here it’s why I stay. I would work for him forever if I could. It may not be glamorous but I’m welcome here and there is no judgment or shame inside these walls.

“Go on, get those limes and lemons cut and could you tell Phyllis that I want her to put her sampler basket back on the menu and make it a special tonight.”

“Oh, she’ll be so happy.”

“It’s not a real money maker, but people like it and they have commented incessantly on the website. Go.”

I slipped out of his office to get to work.

For the rest of the week, I worked hard and kept busy. I got one more phone call and a letter in my mailbox. All nothing threatening just a message that I don’t deserve to be happy and I should face legal judgment. The police were more concerned about my slashed tires that I found after work that night. It could have been random, except that mine were the only ones touched.

Despite it all, despite my resolution to face this and stand my ground, I had to get a temporary roommate. Jordi moved into my spare bedroom and was happy to be saving on rent since I refused to take money from him. His dad Tony had wanted Marcel to move in in a last ditch effort we might ‘fall in love,’ but Jordi was the one that didn’t have a lease or a mortgage. I also didn’t mind if Jordi had his boyfriend over since I adore Yuri and he liked to clean and cook while I was out. I didn’t like the lack of privacy, but I did like having someone around. 

To be continued…

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7 comments on “Really Bad Timing – (Part – 27) Snow Angel

  1. Nel says:

    Plot thickens. I want to know what happened with these guys and girls

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  2. Superb! Your writing is excellent, Cimm. Keeping me on the edge of my seat. Whatever she has to face, she’s not alone with caring people around her.

    Liked by 1 person

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