Too Soon? (Part – 26) Snow Angel

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This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol.

It is rated R and is for readers 18+ only.
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Too Soon? (Snow Angel)

I was up early and at the gym by seven. I doubled my workout after eating too many sweets over the holidays.

I finished collecting the food donations from the few stores I had collecting for me and dropped them off at the church. Just because Christmas passed doesn’t mean people stop needing food donations.

I met with Perdita and a few friends for lunch and they picked up on my good mood. There was nothing I could do to hide my giddiness. They all sighed at the romance of the two dates. Perdita told hilarious recounts on how mean I was to him and it made everyone laugh until their sides were sore. Ashleigh said ring or not I had bad from the start to treat him that way. Mary laughed saying I wasn’t actually that bad and it was only because it was me that it seemed bad.

I looked at my phone when it buzzed with a text from Locke.


Define Busy,” I replied knowing he’d laugh.

Can’t, you didn’t get me the dictionary you kept saying I need.

I laughed at that. How silly that was now that I knew he probably had better grammar and spelling than I ever will.

I have to work tonight.” I was half-glad and half-sad I had to.

Dinner before?



I blinked at the single word. He said exactly what I felt about him. I’ve felt the ‘addiction’ with other men before, that sweet need to just talk, touch or even see each other. With Locke it was different, right from the moment I nearly ran him over I wanted to see him, touch him and talk to him. It was why it was such torment and conflict with my moral compass. He was a married man in my mind at the time and I wanted him. Despite wanting him so badly I needed to let my brain do some work here. 

Sorry I have plans… Maybe…28th?

Texting is my least favorite form of communication. I despise the short forms and bastardized words, yeah I use them but I hate them. Knowing Locke is a writer makes me feel the need to be fully literate when I text. Silly, but it’s how I feel.

I really do have a full schedule.

He replied with a frowny face then, “New Year’s Eve?

I was becoming frustrated with texting, it takes too long. I called him. 

Hey.” He said and I could hear his smile.

“I work at a popular bar and it’s our busiest night.”


The sadness in his voice broke my heart. “But if you want you can come to dinner with my parents before?” What was I thinking? “too soon?”

I’ve met your mother already so why not.

I let out the breath I didn’t know I was holding. “If it’s weird you don’t have to-”

Adley, I knowingly subjected you to three of my siblings already and accidentally three of my exes and workaholic control freak assistant. It’s only fair I meet my girlfriends family.

“Okay, then should I pick you up or meet you there?” Eep, I’m screaming for joy inside at the vocal declaration of our relationship.

I have a party to go to for Deena after so I’ll meet you there. Text me the address later.


We chatted a little about what to wear and that Michael told the rest of the family about me and they were bugging him to bring me by to meet them. I said if he wanted to, I would. I figure before that happens he needs to know at least some of the truth. I just don’t know how or when I’ll get the courage to drop my history bomb on him. Truthfully, I was terrified to. More than I’ve ever been. 

After a silly flirty conversation, I got ready to go to the garage to do some oil changes for Tony before work.

I was scrubbing the oil and grease from my hands when Tony came up to me.

“Had a woman poking about asking all kinds of questions ‘bout you.”

I couldn’t help the stab of fear.

“And judging by that reaction it’s not good?”

“What did she look like? Did she give a name?”

“Movie star redhead named Deena.”

“Oh, that’s my… boyfriend’s busybody assistant. Probably doing a self-assigned background check.”

Tony shook his head. No doubt disappointed again that I wasn’t into Marcel. “Who’s the man?”

Crap I forgot that Tony knows him. “Ah…”

“Out with it.” He crossed his strong and muscular arms.

“Locke Wy-”

“You’re shitting me!”

“No.” I dried my hands on a soft grey towel.

“From you driving him to the lot?”

“Not exactly. We met before then. Back to Deena, what did she ask?”

“That bird is an odd duck. She was overly concerned about your morality. Are you good, violent, or are you weird? Are you liked or are you mistrusted? I’ve asked fewer questions in job interviews.”

“What did you say?”

“Nothing personal and I lost my patience and told her to get to know you herself. I also told her to leave you alone that you’re probably the best person I know.” He smiled kindly and put his hand on my shoulder. “Yes, Adley even after what happened when you were a child.”

I cringed inwardly and out. Tony knew everything. Marcel and Jordi knew some of it but not all. Tony found me near hysterical just before prom when I thought I saw someone I thought I left on the other side of the country for good. It wasn’t him, but I had panicked anyway. It had been a stressful week and that near incident sent me over.

“I had a call the other day. I reported it.” I told him about it and he hugged me when I was done.

“Let Gary know and the boys. It’s better if we can watch out for you Adley. It’s all bullshit if you ask me. Why can’t they leave you alone?”

“They’re angry Tony.”

Tony balled his fists and paced, “it’s not right, maybe if they knew all you’ve done, who you are now?”

“Maybe, the trick is finding them first and getting them to agree to meet. It’s probably nothing.”

“Nothing or not, tell Gary. I’ll talk to the boys. You better get going.”

I nodded and smiled as I drove to the bar. It was heartwarming to know I had people on my side here. I would stick it out if the mysterious woman contacted me and brought it all out again. I have a good life here and those that really know me will stand behind me. Those that don’t, well it’s sad but I’d understand if they want nothing to do with me.

To be continued…

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment


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