Stick To The Wall (Part – 13) Snow Angel

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This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol.

It is rated R and is for readers 18+ only.
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Stick To The Wall (Snow Angel)

I didn’t want the night to end. It’s been a long time since I’ve had so much fun on a date or felt comfortable with a man. We talked about our favorite holiday traditions. We didn’t dive into family stories or who’s who in families since this was the first date. However, we did talk about making gingerbread and trying to wait up for Santa as kids. I told him about the monstrosity gingerbread houses my mom used to make for charity and he told me about his mother’s insane collection of homemade Christmas cookies she always give out in pretty tins.

Now as he drove me home I almost wanted to pout. Locke was the one to break the silence.

“Nana gave me an earful for upsetting you. I told her I had no idea what I did to make you so angry. When I called her yesterday and told her what happened, she laughed so hard she hung up on me.”

“It is funny in hindsight. I was so disgusted.”

“Hot topic for you?”


“Adultery, cheating.”

“It should be for everyone!” I caught myself and lowered my voice. “Sorry. Yes it’s a hot topic. Before my mom met Donovan she had, two boyfriends cheat on her. It was sad to see her so devastated and feel completely inadequate.”

“May I ask if your father is still in the picture?”

“He’s not.” I couldn’t hide the venom in my voice.

“I’m sorry Adley, I won’t pry I just wanted to understand the dynamic.”

I know that and it wasn’t an easy thing to talk about. If I get serious about a boyfriend and I tell them, poof, like magic they break up or just say ‘nope I’m out’ like the last one did. I’ve only confided in three boyfriends, the rest I’ve driven away before I have to. My biggest fear is being alone forever. It wasn’t so bad for Elton, but then again our dad hated him and barely ever interacted with Elton. I wished every day that he had hated me the same way.

I took a deep breath. “My dad was the worst human in my world. He nearly ruined my life and I’m not ready to explain him to you.”

“Big fear there huh?” Locke waited while a man crossed the road so slowly he might have taken a few of his steps backwards.

“My biggest.”

Locke was silent a moment as he continued to drive. “Nana always says a person is not who others are no matter how close they were.”

“Maude is my favourite person I swear.”

I adore her. I have no grandparents alive or that want anything to do with me so Maude has filled that gap even if I only see her a dozen times a year.

“She’s strangely protective of you. She’s never told me your real name Adley, but she talks about her little Angel all the time.”

I smiled broadly and felt all warm and cozy to think she’s talked about me kindly to others.

“You’re so adorable and sexy it’s… fascinating.” He said as he parked in my driveway.

The moment the car stopped my heart sped up. Now what do I do? Do I invite him in? I’m not ready for that yet. Do I kiss him now? Do I run for it? Why am I so nervous?

“I’ll walk you to the door.” He said and got out.

Did he want me to invite him in? We stopped on the porch and I unlocked the door.

“You are an amazing woman.” Locke said and put his gloved hand on the side of my face. “Please tell me there can be a second date.”

I nodded and looked down as he leaned to kiss me again. This time the world didn’t just swirl around us it imploded. I put my arms around his scarf wrapped neck and when my back hit the door, our tongues met. The hormonal tempest around us centered in my core and rendered me blinded with lust.

His mouth left mine and the cold air bit my wetted lips as I slowly blinked my eyes open. If I spoke, I’m sure I’d say something incoherent.  

“Good night Adley.”

“Good night.” I said quietly, thankful it was actual real words and not babbling.

I watched as he walked away to the rental car. Once he backed out of the driveway, I fumbled with the door and rushed inside.

“Holy moly,” I panted and tugged my scarf and hat off.

I hung them on the hook I placed over the heat vent and unzipped my boots. I hung my coat up after brushing off the snow. I rubbed my arms and went to find a book to read while I take a hot bath. I jumped when my cell rang as I ran the water in the tub.


Hey luv how did the date go?” Perdita asked.

“How did you know I wasn’t still on the date?”

First dates never go long. It’s the litmus test of dates and you don’t sleep with guys on the first date either.”

“I think it went well.” I told her the gist of it as I climbed into the tub.

I’m dying from the romance over here. He sure lucked out on that pick.”

“He said it was the same as the worst pick for someone else.”

Ugh recycled date. Oh well it was still romantic right?”

“I loved it. He’s so sweet and hot.”


“Too much maybe? Is that possible?”

Like my aunt always says, if he makes you soak your knickers with just a kiss, he’s a keeper. So did he?”


Like as in damp or stick to the wall soaked?”


We both giggled as she had admitted Tenjin does that to her.

I’ll take that as a wall. Hey speaking of sticking things to walls…

We talked for a few minutes about her wedding plans and troubles with reservations. She and Tenjin are the best couple I know, they are so in love but best of friends at the same time.

“Well luv I have to go. Happy Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas.”

I ended the call and set my phone aside. The hot water caressed my body relaxing my muscles. The deep warmth caused by Locke’s kiss lingered. I glanced at the pile of my discarded undergarments beside the tub. The panties had been abnormally wet and sticky. The only skin that touched were our lips.

“Just a kiss,” I whispered and dunked my head under the fragrant water. I came up and ran my hands over my perky breasts. “What would happen if he touched me?”

The thought coupled with my roving fingers tingled my nipples to hard peaks and I wiggled my hips. Everything about Locke had me wound up. Even when I thought he was a devious cheat on his non-existent wife, I was lusting after him.

“What’s a girl to do?” I said as I slipped a hand down my flat stomach and between my legs.

I closed my eyes to envision Locke’s electric blue ones, the feel of his lips on mine. Oh to feel those lips on my neck or… “Mmm,” I found my excited clit and rubbed her gently. “Oh yes Locke.”

I rubbed my nipples and slipped my fingers deep. The water sloshed as I fingered myself. It was absurdly frantic as I imagined Locke’s fingers in place of mine. I slid my other hand to rub my nub as I stroked myself faster.

I gasped and splashed water over the edge of the tub as I came. I let my body go limp in the hot water as the pleasure abated and my body calmed.

“What’s come over me?” I said and reached for the towel to dry my hands.

I picked up my book and read until my mind was distracted from my blue-eyed cleft chin God of a man.


To be continued…

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