A Porch And A Pompous Ass – (Part – 4) Verena In Evermont

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol.
It is rated R and is for readers 18+ only.

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A Porch And A Pompous Ass – (Part – 4)

I woke suddenly and fell from the chair to the hardwood floor.

“Ow,” I said and rubbed my elbow and hip.

How I managed to stay in the chair all night was a mystery to me. I must have been exhausted. I had a terrible crick in my neck and my back was stiff. I looked out the window, the sun was about to peak the horizon.

I heard a car door close and realized that a vehicle must have startled me from my unusually deep sleep. I scrambled to my feet and cursed silently at my disappointment that it wasn’t Beau.

“Fool,” I said to myself as I ran to find my hairbrush and tug a clean shirt on before answering the knock at my door.

“Who visits this early?” I muttered and went to answer the door.

I hesitated only a moment as my imagination played out every homicidal door-opening to a stranger scene I’ve ever seen in a movie or on television.

“Good morning.”

I was greeted with smiling blue eyes and a soft smile. The man before me was average in every way. Height, looks, and weight. He dressed in jeans and plaid shirt. He ran his hand through his pale brown blond hair.

“Hi. Name’s Arlo, I’m your neighbor.” He held his hand out looking at me with an intense interest. “Thought I’d stop by and introduce myself.”

I shook his hand. “Verena and thank you,” I said as he handed me a small basket of peaches.

“Bet you were afraid to move into a small town.”

It was an odd thing to say. Why would someone go to the trouble to buy a house if they were afraid to move into the town in which it was built?

“Not particularly. Would you like some coffee or tea?”

“Thank you but no, I have to get to work. I live just over that hill next door. If you ever need anything, my door’s open. The other neighbors will probably pop by later with pies or something better than a hasty basket.”

I smiled at his awkwardness. He clearly wanted to say more but was shy? Maybe shy wasn’t quite right. He lacked confidence.

“Fresh peaches will never be considered hasty in my world Arlo. Thank you, this is very kind.”

“Have a lovely day Verena, I’ll see you around.” Arlo nodded and put a baseball hat on before turning away. I closed the door and set the basket down.

“Okay so why do people run from this place?” I looked around. “Aside from it being freaking creepy at night. The house is mostly fine…”

I decided to skip my Pod machine, made a real pot of coffee, and I did something I’ve always wanted to do. I sat on the porch with a mug, my feet tucked up and I hugged my knees. I’ve seen it in the movies and always thought that porches were best for early mornings with coffee and goodnight kisses. Since I could fulfill one of the two, I did and it is as awesome as I hoped.

The secluded treed in view was amazing. I felt as if I were on a much-needed vacation. I fantasized for a moment that I could live here and work via remote for real. If I could get the internet here that is. That snapped me back to reality. I needed the reason for this problem to rear its ugly head. I just didn’t know how to do that. I expected it to happen any second. Maybe the town is all vampires and they’re all too charming.

“Or a cult” I chuckled and sipped.

There was the sound of another vehicle on the drive. I held my breath and my insides lit up when Beau’s truck came around the bend.

“Crap,” I said recalling Mirabelle’s warning about the Buchan boy’s.

I watched him saunter over with a sexy charming smile.

“You survived the night.” He said as he stopped at the bottom of the steps.

“Did you expect me to be chopped up and buried in the cellar?”

“Not funny.” Beau chuckled.

“Would you like some coffee?”

“Would love to but I have to run. I just wanted to check in to see if you needed anything.”

How does one say ‘you naked and thrusting away into me’ and not come across as slutty? I shook my head to clear my x-rated thoughts before I accidentally said them aloud.

“I picked up some things yesterday and Arlo brought me some peaches.”

A frown flickered across Beau’s face. Was it jealousy or was I hoping it was?

“Be careful with Arlo, he can get… attached.”

I shrugged. “I’m not sixteen.”

“Clearly,” Beau laughed and looked at my breasts, “All the more reason to be cautious.”

“Speaking of, I’ve been warned against you. It seems like the fresh meat radar is up and running in the town.”

Beau laughed and shook his head, “Mirabelle?”

I smiled and took a long sip of coffee. “Mmm hmm.” I muttered into my mug.

“Well, Verena on that note I’ll leave you be. Though if I wanted to, I bet I could… how does Mirabelle put it? Right… charm your panties off.”

“Pffft. Again, I’m not sixteen Beau. I can control myself.”

He moved up the three steps quickly, took the half-empty coffee from my hand and set it on the small table. Beau leaned over me and I was instantly intoxicated by his scent.

“Control,” He breathed the word on my cheek. “Is not ours to claim. Sometimes, Verena, there is more to control or lack of than simple words. Sometimes,” He brushed his stubble covered chin on my jaw, “we have to accept we are never in control no matter what we believe.”

At that, he backed off, kissed my forehead and walked away.

“You’re a pompous ass you know that?” I yelled after him.

Beau laughed, waved without turning back and got into his monster of a truck.

“What the hell?” I said under my breath as he sped down the driveway in reverse as well as if he was driving properly.

I took a deep breath and shivered. I was so turned on I know if he really tried he could have my panties off in a second.

I bit my bottom lip as I realized I was once again wet and he had said if.

To be continued…

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment

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  2. Nel says:

    Beau playing that tug of war.. hot stuff even though she’s supposed to avoid him, lol.

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  3. Indeed, forbidden fruit, but you’ve opened several doors here. Delightful.

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