Enchanted By Evermont – (Part – 3) Verena In Evermont

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol.
It is rated R and is for readers 18+ only.

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Part 3

Enchanted By Evermont – (Part – 3)

I did not remember my vibrator when I packed and my visit with Beau left me needing it. There was no way I would buy one here. I needed distraction so I decided to go into town to get some groceries, cleaning supplies and see how the town’s people reacted to me.

So far, I’ve uncovered a lead on a potential tragic family history to the house. Whether or not the seller was that family or not remained to be discovered. My money is on Beau’s friend being the seller. But what would be the point of keeping that a secret? If only my boss would tell me the name of the seller. I might demand her tell me… or more likely ask with less groveling in my voice.

I shook my preconceptions of small town stereotypes off as I got out of my car and started walking toward the grocery store. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I was greeted with friendly smiles, nods and good afternoons from everyone I passed. I stopped to chat with anyone that seemed to want more information than ‘hello’.

I wasn’t standoffish with my information or back-story, but I wasn’t open either. I needed these people to pry if I was going to be able to pry back. I also needed to keep my side of things simple, simple is easy to remember.

After several small-talk conversations, I loaded my groceries and supplies into my trunk. It was late so I went to the diner for supper. The food would keep for an hour.

Evermont and its people were quickly enchanting me. Everything about the town was so down to Earth I felt as if I always belonged here. I figure the honeymoon will end and whatever or whomever is causing the trouble will become obvious. Until then, I would dig and try to enjoy this unorthodox break from my busy life. I’m not a private investigator so this might take a while, especially if I’m forbidden by Mrs. Clark to tell anyone anything about why I’m here.

I was once again greeted openly and warmly by most. I did get some curious glances and some less than friendly stares, but I tried to ignore them as a happy-go-lucky oblivious young woman would.

“What can I get you, honey?” A sweet elderly woman asked.

“What do you recommend?” I asked knowing that she would be pleased to tell me since her name tag said Mirabelle and the diner is called Mirabelle’s.

“You need some meat on your bones for them boys to grab on to. The steak sandwich is my favorite.”

I was so pleased with myself for not reacting to her hilarious and inappropriate comment.

“Sounds perfect, I’ll take your advice on a drink as well. No alcohol, I’m driving.”

She patted me on the shoulder. “Of course not honey. I’ll be back in a jiff.”

Mirabelle brought me a chocolate milkshake. A real freaking hand scooped probably handmade ice-cream milkshake. It was indescribable.

“There you go honey,” Mirabelle said and set my sandwich down that smelled like several slices of heaven on fresh bread. “I heard you moved into the old Massey place.”

“Yes.” I nodded and took a bite of the perfectly seasoned steak sandwich. If I ate like this too often, I would have a lot for them boys to ‘grab on to’.

“I hope that house can hold happiness with you in it honey. It deserves to be filled with laughter since it was built for love. Did you move here alone?”

“I did.” The look of pity was what I expected from someone of her generation. I wondered if the mystery was a love story gone tragic. “How long has it been empty?”

“Oh since Bobby moved away… going on twelve years now. Poor lad.” Mirabelle smiled and patted my shoulder. “You eat up.”

That house didn’t look abandoned and certainly not for twelve years. Somebody was looking after it. If it had been on the market for that long it might explain part of why the potential buyers balked.

I was left to the most divine meal I’ve eaten and best drink I’ve had in years, maybe even ever. I was finished and feeling a bit awkward for dining alone. I got up to ask Mirabelle for my tab when she ambled over.

“All done honey?”

“Yes, and my goodness that was the best meal I’ve had in a long time.”

“I can tell.” She poked my side. “Too much salad. Now you go on home and get settled in. Come back for lunch sometime.”

“I will. How much do I owe?”

“No honey, your first meal is on me, to welcome you to our beautiful town of Evermont.”

“Oh thank you but you don’t have to do that,” I said as I tried not to blush with the other patrons looking my way with curious glances.

“Nonsense,” Mirabelle ushered me to the doors and followed me out. “Now you watch out for the local boys, they’ll be wanting to eat you up with you being so young, pretty and athletic looking. Mind that Buchan boy he’ll charm your panties off before you can blink.”

My mouth fell open and I stared. Did she just say that?

“I’m old honey, not a virgin. Those Buchan’s are always trouble for the pretty girls, any girls really.” She turned to go back inside muttering as she left me in shock. “Good boy he is, that Beau. Naughty but good…”

I shook my head and went to my car as the light started disappearing from the dusk sky. It was much later than I intended and I hurried back to the house to put my groceries away.

Once I got back to the house a silver and black haired Darlene and her husband who smiled but said nothing greeted me. They were friendly and not at all nosy. I offered them tea and they stayed for a cup. I could find no segue into the house or history. Darlene was full of tips and tidbits about the town and who’s who. I tried to keep up. An hour later, I bid my neighbors from across the street fair well and put the fresh cherry pie she brought me into the fridge. She refused to let me serve it to them as they have some at home.

Last night I had used an extension cord from the house, but I finally found the outlet in the small stand alone car garage after some digging. It took a while to clear out enough junk to get my car in safely. There was no way I was leaving my beloved car out overnight again after I found muddy paw prints on it in the morning. I set up the mobile connector to charge her up and set to work in the meager light of the small garage to move and stack the junk, boxes and tools in a more organized space saving fashion.

Perhaps I could clear the shed and move some of this stuff there. The idea of it toppling on my car made me cringe. It was my one luxury, I saw her and fell in love. There was no way I could leave her in that car lot for some rich careless brat to buy.

I sent my boss a text asking if I should clean out or dispose of any of the impersonal belongings. She said no, but to tidy up and make it look better. It was weird that there was so much stuff around if they were trying to sell. The house had an attic, I never intended to venture up there as it was probably packed full of more useless abandoned belongings. That and attics are creepy. I’ve never lived where there is an attic, but I’ve seen enough scary movies to cross that off my list of places to go voluntarily.

With my baby carefully tucked away, I yawned and went into the house to clean up and go to bed. There is one thing I did not think ahead to, an empty house. Beau called it small, but empty and alone it was monstrous. I imagined hearing creepy things in the cellar and glanced at it a few times. Like the attic, I may never ever see that part of the house willingly.

Every creak, squeak, bump or tap had me jumping and freaked right out. Haunted.

“That’s silly.” I chastised myself.

I didn’t know what to do, I’ve never been alone before. I’ve always had neighbours attached and a roomate. I couldn’t very well go upstairs and sleep with my imagination running wild with the attic door in the hall outside the bedrooms.

I couldn’t do anything aside from reading or texting. I would have to get cable or internet hooked up so I could at least use my laptop for entertainment.

I huddled in a Living room chair, roasting from the hot summer night and no air conditioning. I tried to focus on my kindle while keeping the front door, the best possible escape, in sight.

To be continued…

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