Tall Dark And Hilarious – (Part – 2) Verena In Evermont

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol.
It is rated R and is for readers 18+ only.

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Part 2

Tall Dark And Hilarious – (Part – 2)

I just parked in the driveway of an adorable two story stone house just outside a very small town. I was just about to explore the innards of the lovely house when a fully loaded 4 x 4 roared up the long driveway. The truck was as fully loaded as the driver was. He walked toward me with his thumbs hooked in his dark tight jeans.

“Hello.” I smiled as the dark brown eyed walking specimen of sex approached.

His half-cocked smile covered in a day’s growth of dark beard, made me think naughty thoughts that I simply cannot entertain as I am working after all.

“Howdy.” He said in a thick sounding accent the movies have attributed to rednecks and backwater dwelling folk. “Y’all looking at this here property? I reckon it’s up for sale still.” He looked me over with glittering eyes. “Though in them there shoes, you might find it a heap hard to get around. And that there vehicle of yours won’t make it up that hill back yonder, come snow.”

I wanted to laugh; because of all things, I did not expect him to drawl his words so severely. Did people still do that? I don’t buy it for a second that he sounds like he bathed in a Texas stereotype when we’re nowhere near anywhere that actually had people who drawled. He beat me to it and started howling with laughter.

My stunned disbelief switched over to anger in a snap.

“What is so funny?” I asked and pursed my lips.

“You,” He stood and wiped his eyes. “Oh the look on your face,” His accent disappeared and in its place, the more common North American one that I myself use. “I was just checking to see if you’re judgmental or educated.”

“Oh?” I cocked my head to the side, “and which is it?”

“Jury’s still out since you looked at me like I was fuck-able trash.”

I was guilty on half of that. “In fairness, you are a stunning specimen of maleness; however, someone that drives a seventy thousand dollar truck isn’t likely trash. Trashy manners maybe, but not trash.”

I turned on my heel no longer interested in the cliché tall dark and handsome stranger who thought he was hilarious.

“It’s a work vehicle.”

I didn’t bother turning around. “I stopped listening at howdy.” I mounted the small porch steps and dug the key from my purse.

The presumptuous man came up the steps behind me. “Are you saying you didn’t fall for it?”

“Not for a second Mr.?”

“Beau Buchan.”

“Mr. Buchan, I might expect grammar quirks, local jargon and uncommon phrases but I’m not a fool.”

“Are you a real estate agent or a buyer?”

Mr. Beau Buchan got here awfully fast, was he the reason buyers were backing out? I don’t get the impression that this Beau is a menace, but then again I’m horribly attracted to him so my judgment cannot be trusted this very moment. I stopped with the key in the lock and looked over my shoulder.

“Why does it matter?”

“Which is it?” He asked moving close enough for me to smell his soap and subtle cologne.

Even better, he knew how to apply scent without being overwhelming. You had to get close to smell it.


“This house is not a wise investment.”

I opened the door. “Time will tell.”

“Do you want a tour, Miss…”

“Verena Nova, and no thanks I think I can manage.”

I closed the door behind me and was startled at how dark it was in the house since it was a hot sunny day. I couldn’t find a light switch and didn’t want to go groping around in the dark at thick curtains with God only knows what crawling on them. I opened the door and Beau was leaning nonchalantly against the porch railing with a sexy smirk plastered on his face.

“Maybe, if you don’t mind, you could show me where the light switches are.”

Beau chuckled and pushed off the railing with his steel toe boot. “I practically grew up in this house.” He said brushing past me. “My best friend lived here.”

“Where is he now?”

“He moved away.”

“You miss him,” I said as Beau pointed to the opposite side of the door than I expected and he flicked the switch on. “Why did he leave?” There was no better time than now to start my inquiry.

“His mother lost… something and it destroyed her. He moved away for school and never came back.”


“The house has been on the market a few times but it’s never sold before now.”

I looked around at the tidy dated home. There was sparse furniture, the basics. There is nothing personal or of value so far, just a lot of stuff. I couldn’t ask him if his friend was the seller as I should know that. That I didn’t know was stupid and I meant to talk to my boss about that.

“Is it haunted?”

Beau laughed so deeply I blushed at the silliness of my question.

“Not by ghosts Verena, but by tragedy.” He walked ahead of me. “The kitchen is a bit dated but the appliances work. Don’t worry it has that popular thing called indoor plumbing.”

I rolled my eyes at his teasing. “I know that. I saw the listing.”

“But you bought it sight unseen?”

“The price was good and I need a quiet place to write for a while.”

He snorted and kept walking pointing out the light switches with a half-smile as he moved from room to room. He showed me the dining room, den, and sitting room sans cable hookup. There was a satellite dish but it probably didn’t work.

He pointed to a door in the hall by the stairs that led up. “That’s the cellar. Dirt walls and shelves for preserves mostly. It’s creepy and dirty and probably where all the bodies are buried.”

“It’s a good thing you’re not a real estate agent.” I giggled as he narrowed his dark eyes at me. He turned and I followed him up the steps with a mighty fine view of his backside and strong legs. I hope I remembered to pack my vibrator I was going to need it.

“Three bedrooms and one bath, that’s it. She’s a small house but a solid one.”

“Thank you,” I said and meant it. Honestly, it was nice to talk to someone after that long drive. I don’t expect this trip to go very well. “Um… how will the locals be toward me?”

“I’m a local.”

“Okay smart ass how will the other locals other than you be towards me?”

“What does it matter?” He smiled. “People are people city or town. They will treat you how you expect to be treated and how you look at them will affect that treatment.”

I nodded and understood. I expected him to be small town dumb so he threw that in my face. I opened my mouth to apologize, he stepped toward me fast forcing me to step back in instinct and my back hit the wall in the hallway.

“Don’t backpedal Verena it’s tacky. Own your error and move on.”

His breath was in my hair as he put his hands on the wall trapping me in is space.

“I…” I shut my mouth.

What could I say? The closeness of his body made mine overheat. I could feel the tingles in my lower regions celebrating him. The smell, the feel and the sight of him aroused me.

“You’re breathing is labored Verena, is my small town stunning specimen of maleness too much for an educated wordly big city woman such as yourself?”

Beau pressed his hip into mine and he moved his mouth a fraction of a centimeter from my ear and whispered.


I swallowed hard and regained my wits. I pushed him hard using the wall as leverage and he backed off. With a sultry chuckle, Beau headed down the stairs.

“It was nice to meet you, Verena, don’t leave your doors open, the snakes will get in and don’t leave food outside or the bears will come calling.”

I leaned against the wall to catch my breath as Beau let the door close behind him. I heard his truck drive away and I finally breathed. I know he was still teasing me, at least I hoped he was. I don’t recall if bears inhabit this area. I don’t think they do.

“What the hell have I gotten myself into?”

I went into the bathroom and checked my panties. I was uncomfortably wet and stunned at the sight.

“Holy shit that’s never happened before,” I marveled a moment at the sexiness of it and went to get my suitcases to unpack.

It was too bad that I didn’t think to get Beau to help with the bags. That anti-feminist thought made me cringe. I had work to do if I wanted to get back home to my life and go back to a happy boss.

To be continued…

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment

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