Tonight’s The Night – (Part- 29) Climbing Ivy

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol.
It is rated R and is for readers 18+ only.

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Part 29

Tonight’s The Night – (Part- 29) Climbing Ivy

I managed to get from the spa and home to put the dress on without ruining my makeup or up-do. If I was going to schmooze the wealthy and famous, I wanted to be perfectly polished to do so.

I kept giggling to myself recalling a line from the movie Dirty Dancing when Baby’s sister Lisa says to Baby, ‘I’ve decided tonight’s the night with Robbie.‘ Not that I thought Eric is a creep like Robbie, but that I had decided to have sex with him and it didn’t ‘just‘ happen in the heat of a moment. It was a mighty big deal for me, but I was ready to take that step with Eric tonight.

I walked out from my apartment building to meet Eric, who looked amazing in his tux. He lost his smile when he saw me. I was wearing a wine colored floor length gown with a plunging neckline and sheer back. It was tasteful, sexy and more than I would normally spend on a dress.

“Most guy’s smile when their date wears a sexy dress.”

“Ivy… You look… Amazing.”

“Eric you spend your days with ultra-sexy women.”

“Yeah but they spend their days to maintain, you’re naturally gorgeous.”

It was adorable to see Eric nervous as we drove to the fundraiser. It was at a large five-star hotel. The guests were all dressed to impress and the press was there to capture the event. I smiled and did my best not to become annoyed as Eric stopped and posed constantly. When we finally made it inside, I was blown away with the setup.

A live orchestra played at the far end of a huge ballroom with small tables and chairs set up near the opposite end where a small raised stage stood. Wait staff carried trays of hors d’oeuvre’s and champagne.

Eric promptly acquired a flute for each of us and I held his arm as we started greeting those he knew. Vos and Kian greeted me with an eager friendliness that didn’t feel at all phony. To my delight, Fran was with Vos so I had an ally at the very least. I met more of the cast and producers as they arrived. I managed to introduce myself and put myself in the way of being introduced to a selection of people from my list.

Small talk came easy and Eric swept me around the room as if he were boasting. I liked that he felt inclined to show me off and I loved even more that I felt the part.

“You’ll love JD, just don’t love him too much.”

There was too much seriousness in his tone.

“Jealous of your co-star?” I teased knowing full well that he was.

“We have a bit of a rivalry when it comes to women.”

“And you think he would want me?”

Eric stopped and looked hard at me. “Don’t do that Ivy, you’re a knockout and yes he would. Be it genuine interest or just to piss me off he would. I know I would if you were on his arm.”

I introduced Eric to my boss and her husband who was talking to the mayor and both men quickly developed a flirtatious attitude toward me.

I’ll admit the lightning conversations were exhausting. When Eric whisked me off to a semi private corner, I breathed a sigh of relief.

“God Ivy I can hardly wait for this to be over,” Eric said running his hand over my ass as he looked down my cleavage.

“The wait is worth it.” Wow, that sounded far more brazen than I thought it would.

Eric groaned and took my hand. “Alone is not a good idea.” He said and led me back toward a smaller ballroom that had some artwork being auctioned.

“Oh good JD is here,” Eric said and picked up his pace. “I can’t wait to show you off and make him eat his heart out.”

I was torn about meeting the star of a popular television show I’ve never seen. Eric seemed to have a love hate relationship with JD. They were best friends and close, but there was contention in the mix and competition. They have known each other a very long time. Eric had a deep jealousy of his friend, it was hard to miss and it wasn’t attractive.

I spied Vos and Fran as we entered the bustling room and she looked relieved to see me. Eric stopped walking with a possessive arm around my waist. There were two stunning women and a third that was so pretty with her perfect blond hair it almost hurt to look at her. My eyes slid to the man on her arm who turned to face us as Eric introduced us.

“Hey JD this is-”

“Ivy?” Dustin said as his familiar piercing blue eyes met mine.

To be continued…

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment

Next Chapter:  Sloppy Seconds



18 comments on “Tonight’s The Night – (Part- 29) Climbing Ivy

  1. Sheryl says:

    Ooooh that will make for an interesting next chapter! Okay, so the question is did Eric know?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. mzeemnyama says:

    New hobby..reading these stories of yours

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nel says:

    I’m screaming right now! I have been waiting for something like this to happen!! AAAAAAAAAH! You stopped it at just the right and wrong moment! I’m with Sheryl and that I wonder if Eric knows or maybe knows of the woman cause I imagined Dustin talked about this trip with his best friend when he came home? TOMORROW IS SO FAR AWAAAY!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I was hoping Dustin was a discarded footnote. It had to happen probably but it also would have worked never to see Dustin again while Ivy banged Eric like a big college band drumline

    Liked by 1 person

  5. MsBad says:

    Lucky Ivy didn’t give it up in the limo ride, that would have been awkward!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. drum roll please! can’t wait!

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