Negotiations – (Part- 27) Climbing Ivy

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol.
It is rated R and is for readers 18+ only.

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Part 27

Negotiations – (Part- 27) Climbing Ivy

When Eric came back from changing his boxer shorts, we snuggled on the couch. My arousal and disappointment had backed off quickly while he was gone. I needed a release but I figure I could enjoy being aroused for a while.

“What are your plans for the holidays?” Eric asked as he started up a movie.

I smiled even though he couldn’t see it. This felt very casual and intimate. “I’m flying home to visit my family. I miss them terribly.”

“Too bad, I’m headed out to Fuji; you could come with me if you want.”

“That’s a big offer.” I sat up and looked at him, I wouldn’t pass up my family for him. “How do you know we’ll be together then?”

“I figured you’d want to know this isn’t just a fling.”

“Hmm. That sounds one-sided and like a ploy to get me into bed.”

Eric shrugged and smiled. “I’m not really a commitment kind of man. It is a ploy to get you into bed, but I figure why not stick around a while and see how things go.”

“That’s a terrible sales pitch.” It was, but I didn’t expect more from Eric.

“Look, Ivy, I’ve never thought much about steady girlfriends or even a wife. But you make me wonder if there is more to be had than just who looks good on my arm and is hot in bed for a while.”

“Again a shitty sales pitch. What makes you think you’re worth my time?”

I knew that would either piss him off or impress him. Either way, I was challenging him and if he didn’t answer correctly I’d walk. His fame meant nothing to me and I think he finally got that.

“Your time?” He blinked at me. “See that’s what I mean. Usually, women are just content to decorate my arm and blow me in the dressing room. You expect me to worship you and don’t give a shit that I’m famous. It’s refreshing. You have to understand this… going slow is new for me.”

I opened my mouth to reply but closed it instead. He was completely right. I know he’s a megalomaniac. He talks about himself at every opportunity. I could never expect domestication from someone like him. So what did I want from this? What did I hope to get? I like him and I could easily fall in love with him in time. There was an emptiness to that thought, there is a possibility that Eric will be less aggressive if I stop being so standoffish.

Nothing seems to work anymore, I can’t find a groove in any attempt at a relationship. For what? One that lasted less than a week and was so long ago? I’ve lost my own stride, my way and myself. I don’t know what to do to get it back but Eric is interested and fun, he may not be the best, but he may be what I need.

I put my hand on his chest and looked him in the eye. “You know Eric I never really thought I’d say this but I guess we could just have fun.”

There, who know’s what will happen. I certainly don’t. I should feel guilty for hoping he’ll be the one to snap me out of my dating misery, but I don’t. It’s time to take control of this… relationship my way.

“So sex?” Eric asked with an adorably sexy pout.

“On that, I’ll say yes, but not yet. I get that it’s weird, but for me it at trust thing.”

Trust and I needed to know my heartbreak would be on my terms.

“I suppose you want exclusivity.”

I grimaced. “That’s a hard yes.”

He sighed and contemplated that for far too long.

“Alright Ivy, I’m willing to grant that wish if you grant mine after or even during the fundraiser.”

I counted dates in my head. That would be number six since we’re going out for  a day date on an off road bike trail before then.

“Bring a condom,” I said and felt a thrill of excitement. Yes, I would have sex with him and yes, I really, very badly wanted to.

“You’re on the pill aren’t you?”

“Yes, but you’re a slutty man. You constantly have women throwing themselves at you and the pill isn’t perfect.”

He nodded, “fair enough. Maybe if I prove myself to you we could ride sans latex?”

“Maybe,” I looked at my watch; it was not likely. “I should go. I have some work to do tomorrow.”

“On a Sunday? I mean shit I’m filming tomorrow but don’t you nine-to-fiver’s cut out for weekends?”

“I haven’t worked nine to five ever. I get paid a lot of money to do a job and if I work a twelve-hour day to get it done then so be it.”

He followed me to the door.

“You know, that was sexy.” He wagged his eyebrows making me laugh. “I’ve negotiated contracts and pay but I’ve never negotiated a relationship before. You are so unusual.”

“Either you love my quirks or hate them. I’m not going to change who I am.”

Now all I had to do was be who I am. I need to stop worrying what Eric thinks. I can walk away from him anytime, as sad as that realization is, maybe that won’t be the case once we’ve spent more time together. This tentative plan will either work or prove that I’m stuck being romantically dismal.

“I will count down the minutes to when I see you again.” Eric put his hand into my hair at the back of my head. “Each will be sweet torment and I will mourn your absence from my arms.”

I chuckled. “Does that actually work?”

“Usually,” Eric said and pulled me closer to his face. “Regardless, I will count the minutes, I dare not count the seconds or I will surely go mad with longing.”

The silly romantic in me actually became giddy, the feminist in me wanted to laugh. I put my hand on his rough cheek, ran it down to his chin and grabbed his chin.

“You need some original material.” I pulled him closer and kissed him.

Despite my intention to lead the kiss, Eric took over immediately. After the sexy and provocative kiss goodbye, I went home to finish what Eric didn’t.

To be continued…

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Next Chapter:  Double Dipping



7 comments on “Negotiations – (Part- 27) Climbing Ivy

  1. Nel says:

    Ivy is so complicated. I can’t decide if I like her still or if she just annoys me 😦

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  2. Nel says:

    Hahahaha. I don’t think so if she won’t even give it up in this situation. She’d probably over think one session.

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