The Morning After – (Part- 14) Climbing Ivy

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol.
It is rated R and is for readers 18+ only.

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Part 14

The Morning After – (Part- 14) Climbing Ivy

I convinced myself a dozen times I wasn’t running away from Dustin. I just didn’t want to face him in the morning. I know my face would be puffy and darkly circled from lack of sleep not crying. That was my excuse and I was sticking to it.

I woke around noon and crawled out of bed to shower and find out what the day held.

I found some coldish coffee and went down to the beach where Jim, my mom, and Daisy were sitting in the sand.

“Look who decided to grace the world.” My mom patted the compact sand beside her and I sat. “You got home late. Or rather early.”

“Ugh, I know. Too much beer. I waited until I wasn’t likely to stumble into the ocean and make friends with the surf or a shark.”

“Smart.” My mom patted my back, “but I thought the bonfire was that way.” She pointed down the beach.

“It was.”

“Hmm. So how did you end up coming from that way?” She pointed up the beach.

“Don’t pester her honey she’s not a child,” Jim said as Daisy got up from their messy sandcastle effort.

“I saw who she went to the party with Jim and so did you. Why she was embarrassed for us to see or know is beyond me. Sneaking and lying about where she spent the night? It’s childish so I’ll treat her thusly.”

I sighed and sipped my coffee. It was a typical mom lecture. She’s the reason I’m so weird and levelheaded. I don’t begrudge that at all, I only wish she wasn’t so forward about things all the time.

“I love you, Ivy.” Daisy came up and hugged me hard putting sand everywhere including my coffee. Meh, I’d drink it anyway as I desperately needed it. Once again, I had the ache of missing her before I’m even gone. “We’re going to pet horses today and ride them.”

“Oh right, that’s today?” I did not hide my grimace at all even though I tried.

“Yes dear and no you don’t have to go.” My mom smiled at us.

She was always remarking on how nice it was that I took time for Daisy even though I’m grown up.

I sighed with relief. I’m super allergic to them. It makes me upset since I so desperately want to ride them. Even with antihistamines, I sneeze and end up in bed for a day as if I have a bad cold.

“Don’t worry we’ll all shower or swim before we go in the house after.” Jim chuckled as Daisy started trying to braid my damp hair. It sort of hurt but I never indicated it did.

“Where’s George?” I asked.

“Still sleeping.” Jim looked back at the house. “He said to wake him before we go. Which is in ten minutes.”

“Right, he loves horses and they don’t try to kill him with their death-dander.”

My mom snickered and Jim chuckled.

“I’ll go wake him up,” Jim said and brushed sand off his bottom as he stood. “Daisy darling go jump on your brother.”

“YAY!” Daisy screamed happily and loud enough it hurt my right eardrum as she took off.

My eyes widened at that. “Oh, I knew it! You do tell her to do that.”

“Of course I do.” Jim winked and followed a running Daisy up to the house.

I inhaled the sea air and my mom was staring at me with her mom look. She wasn’t letting it go at all.

“What?” I asked quietly.

“You’re an adult and can sleep with whomever you want. Why did you bother sneaking home?” She asked quietly.


I avoided answering and sipped my coffee. The sand was at the bottom by now so it was safe for a few more sips. I gave up worrying about it after the second week here. There is sand in everything.

We sat in silence until a laughing George came out with a screeching Daisy on his shoulders followed by Jim. I wasn’t the only one in love with our baby sister. She was a people person through and through. Daisy was smart, that ran in the family on my mom’s side. Jim’s practically a genius so Daisy is bound to be epically talented in the brains department.

“So what do you plan to do with your day?” Jim asked as my mom got up from the sand as I did.

“I don’t know,” I said honestly.

“You’re not coming to bathe the horses in sprays of your snot?” George teased.

“Ewe gross George!” Daisy made a face at him as he set her on the ground.

“She’ll probably waste the day reading as usual,” George said.

“Says the guy that watches too much TV.”

“God Ivy you don’t watch any. You’re like a weird throwback.” George responded harshly. This was a common bicker between us. I half wonder if I refuse to watch TV because he insists I should. The reality is I find it distracting and I have other things to do so I don’t allow myself much TV time.

“Stop you two are ridiculously stubborn.” Jim laughed at our old argument. “What will you do with your day Ivy?” He asked me again.

“My guess,” My mom said with a smile, “is something to do with that.”

She gestured up the beach and everyone turned to see Dustin making his way toward us slowly with his hands crammed in his pockets. The adorable uncertainty was attractive and charming. His pace was slow giving me the chance to head him off or let me let him approach and be introduced. I could see a hint of anger in his posture and amusement in his eyes. There was no way for me to anticipate how this interaction would go.

“Him?” George said too loudly. “Seriously?”

“No meddling George, help me put Daisy in her seat please,” Jim said and I turned to see Jim ushering George to the car.

It was funny how fast George can get Daisy into her car seat. Less than thirty seconds whereas anyone else it seems to take at least a minute to three. Daisy squirms.

My mom smiled, waved at Dustin and went to the car. They drove away as he came into earshot.

“I’m surprised they didn’t stick around to… grill me.”

I shrugged. “They have a no meddling rule. Only it’s usually about dates or boyfriends not guys I barely know.”

“Interesting rule,” Dustin said as he got closer, his piercing blue eyes boring into mine making short work of any bravado I had to tell him to go away.

“You ran away,” Dustin said looking angry under the surface.

“I guess that’s a matter of perspective. I couldn’t sleep and I didn’t want to face…”

“Face me in the morning. Which is the very definition of running away.”

I had the strangest sensation in my hands and arms. It was as if they needed to touch him, to get closer and feel him. I shook my hands out and clasped them behind my back. Big mistake it pushed my breasts out and his gaze dropped to them a moment before revisiting my face. I can’t pinpoint what it is about how he glances and looks at me but it’s flattering in the deepest way and not at all pushy or creepy.

I was suddenly afraid of how I felt. I was aroused and desperate to get near him, to touch and maybe kiss him. My mind searched for reasons to accomplish those things.

To be continued…

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5 comments on “The Morning After – (Part- 14) Climbing Ivy

  1. Nel says:

    I think he handled it well, haha. I thought her mom would stick around for that at least but again, cool mom.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. MsBad says:

    Your foreshadowing of Dustin has been great though Ivy seems so uninterested or unaware of the way everyone reacts to him,,, wilfully ignorant maybe?

    Liked by 1 person

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