Throwing Stones- (Part- 11) Climbing Ivy

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol.
It is rated R and is for readers 18+ only.

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Part 11

Throwing Stones- (Part- 11) Climbing Ivy

At first glance, Dustin looked at home on the sand dancing with the women until I realized he wasn’t dancing but rather trying to politely get away while dancing. The group moved with him keeping him at a constant center of their mass. He had an air of command about him so why was he set that aside I wondered as I walked closer to the fire.

I’m not a jerk and if he’s not into them I wouldn’t leave him here. There was that and the slightest glimmer of hope that he, unlike any other man, didn’t want to jump the date ship and find an easier to bed woman. I’ve been told by guy’s that I’m too much effort. Too bad for them since I think I’m worth effort.

I managed to weasel my way into the gyrating bodies and the second Dustin saw me he flashed me a priceless grin, wormed his arm through scantily clad torso’s and grabbed my wrist. With minimal effort, he tugged me the rest of the way to him.

“Thank God you’re back.”


“After I was swarmed, Barb here said you had to use the ladies room.”

“Ah.” I nodded as Barb frowned at me; I have no idea who Barb is.

I was hip checked hard by Tilda who nearly succeeded in knocking me over. It was funny because she barely had any hips to speak of. Dustin hadn’t let go of my wrist and kept me upright. She’s never been this aggressive before.

“What is with these girls and you?” Dustin looked angry.

“Jealously I suppose.”

“Your apathy is not charming in this situation,” Dustin said as he made a solid effort to break free of the crowd. I knew there was more than alcohol being employed here.

“Oh? And what would you have me do? Throw punches?” I snapped at him.

Dustin let loose his deep soul caressing laugh as we managed to separate. Only we were followed. I was dumbfounded at how persistent Tilda was being. I didn’t pass on the observation of her level of intoxication. Alcohol is a powerful shield of false bravery.

“Whoa hold up big guy,” Tilda said with a smarmy smile she probably thought was sexy. “Where are you going so fast?” She laughed and tossed her head back as she did.

“Either to get more beer or leave.” Dustin narrowed his eyes. “It all depends on what you do next.”

I’ll give him credit; his eyes didn’t drop down to her very exposed cleavage.

“Aren’t you adorable?” Tilda giggled behind her hand before continuing. “I’ll do whatever you want.” She said as she moved her body to touch his. It was super weird given that he was still holding my wrist.

“Tilda enough.”

I turned to see Trevor behind me.

“Shut up Trev.” Tilda scowled at him.

“You’re seriously going to let her flirt with me outrageously in front of you?” Dustin asked me as I stood to wait for him to either let go of my wrist or walk away from Tilda.

Both Trevor and Tilda laughed. I almost told Dustin off. It’s not like we’re dating or on a real date. Besides if he wanted Tilda who am I to stop him?

“Unbelievable.” Dustin shook his head in anger as he gently pushed Tilda away with his free hand. “Tilda, you’re a… lovely woman but I’m not interested. I am here with Ivy; show some respect.”

“To her? Pffft, never.”

“I meant.” Dustin lowered his chin, “for yourself.” He looked at Trevor. “Thanks for allowing us to attend. We’ll be leaving now.”

Without any further exchange, Dustin dragged me by the wrist toward the beach. I kept up with his fast pace so it didn’t look as if he were pulling me. Normally I can ignore Tilda and crew and have fun, but she was acting insane.

Once there was a property between us and the bonfire party Dustin let my wrist go and stopped walking.

“I cannot for the life of me understand what the hell just happened.” He said.

“I don’t know.” I looked back a the fire in the distance. “They’ve never been that… um… aggressive before.”

I turned to see the anger in his eyes. The moon was still almost full enough that we could see each other clearly. I started walking toward our houses slowly.

“I meant you. You just let them… bully you.”

“I did not,” I said harsher than I meant to.

“You did. They swooped in on your ‘date’ and you did nothing.” He crooked his fingers in air quotes to accent the word date. “And judging by what was said tonight I’m guessing they’ve done it before. It’s ludicrous behavior.”

I shrugged. “I see it differently I guess. I mean I truly don’t care. For me, this is not part of my regular life. For them, this is their life. It’s sad so I let it be.”

I stopped to pick up some small rounded stones. “And yes they’ve taken a date or two.”

“And you did nothing to stop them am I right?”

“Absolutely right.” I threw a stone into the waves the plunk sound lost to the surf.

“Tell me why?”

“Tell you why what?” I threw another and smiled as it was larger and I could hear the sound of it smacking into the wave.

“Why you do nothing? Why not fight for the man?”

“First off they were boys, not men. I can say that with finality because I shouldn’t have to fight for him. I shouldn’t have to convince a guy to stay with me and not slip off for a cheap blow-job from the town slut.” I tossed the last stone and picked up a few more. “If that’s what they want then they can have at it. I’m not interested in a boy like that.”

I handed him some stones and threw another. I preferred tossing stones into a calm lake but I didn’t have one handy so the rowdy ocean will do. Dustin was silent while he threw his rocks as far as he could and it was far enough I couldn’t see them land in the moonlit sea.

 “You have an unusual way of looking at things.” He said once he was out of stones.

“So I’ve been told.” I pulled my shoes off to walk to the water’s edge.

 “I’ve never thought of things that way before. I’ve always thought you needed to fight for what you want.”

“That’s too bad because the same is true the other way around.”

I said it before I realized what it would mean to him and I looked up at him wide eyed and about to apologize.

“It’s fine.” He said and looked out to the moon lit ocean. “The truth in that is in my hindsight. I tried too hard to keep her that I didn’t see the truth.”

“I don’t know what it’s like to be cheated on.”

“You do.” He chuckled. “But you don’t see it the same way.”

“Oh, those guys?” I shook my head and chuckled. “Two were just summer romances and one was on date number four and hoping to get lucky. Meaningless in the big picture.”

“Date four?”

I turned my face hoping he couldn’t see how red it was.

“You’re a six date kinda girl, aren’t you? I was right that you’re not a one-night stand type wasn’t I?”

“It’s six to eight usually. I don’t think badly of those that do, it’s just not something I can do.”


“What now?” I snapped harshly feeling his judgment in his tone.

“You took the middle ground. You’re not okay with casual yourself but it’s okay for others.”


“Either you think too highly of yourself or you’re way too understanding.”

“Tolerant is the word you’re looking for. I don’t judge. Look, Dustin, I’m a thinker, I observe and I think before I act. Except when I lose my temper. I totally get why people do things, it doesn’t mean I have to do them.”

My beach house was in view and it made me sad. I had hoped to dance and have some fun, instead, I was home early having had neither.

To be continued…

Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment

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9 comments on “Throwing Stones- (Part- 11) Climbing Ivy

  1. Nel says:

    Clever title in more ways than one.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. MsBad says:

    I feel torn! I understand that she shouldn’t have to ‘fight for the man’ but the way she lets these people treat her… I thought Ivy was stronger than that. She took poor Dustin to a viper’s nest with no warning and stood back and let him fend for himself, not cool Ivy! To me she didn’t seem ‘tolerant’ she seemed like a doormat and as Dustin put it: **“Your apathy is not charming in this situation,”**

    Liked by 2 people

    • Nobody’s perfect and I don’t want her to be. she did screw up and he noticed. She said before that she’s had fun before and they were being abnormally aggressive. She sees it as not giving the bullies what they want by crying over their treatment.
      I’m glad you’re torn, I love that you pay such close attention.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Sheryl says:

    I’m torn too, but I have to say “I shouldn’t have to convince a guy to stay with me and not slip off for a cheap blow-job from the town slut.” sounds like a test to me. She took him to the one place she knows will bring out Dustin’s true intentions. Or she hoped to just have some fun because normal adults don’t behave that way.

    Liked by 1 person

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