Torn Apart- (Part- 10) Climbing Ivy

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol.
It is rated R and is for readers 18+ only.

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Part 10

Torn Apart- (Part- 10) Climbing Ivy

Dustin was dragged off by a herd of  fawning adoring women with a goal in mind. That goal was to get him for themselves and take him away from me. A game I’ve seen played before, but not to this extent. This was aggressive and weird for them to tear us apart so abruptly and be physical about it.  They were behaving insanely and it was a little scary. I didn’t expect Dustin to fight the hordes of women, it would be weird to make a scene and he was a people person in every way.

Now I could bite the hand covering my mouth, but that’s gross. I don’t want to have any part of them in my mouth. I waited until we were far enough out of sight. The arms holding me were strong and I let the owner think I was weak by struggling about an eighth of what I can muster.

That it was a man, meant he had testicles and if he was man enough to grab me from behind he was man enough to take my heel to his tender twins. And that’s exactly what I did the moment he let me move forward enough to make the connection. I kicked my heel up and swung my head back connecting with his nose.

“Goddammit Ivy.”

I turned as I stepped away ready to throw punches that I know how to deliver. Trevor dropped to the sand on his knees holding his groin and his nose. No blood. I didn’t hit him hard enough. Like I want blood or boogers in my hair. I contemplated beating the daylights out of the poor sap but instead waited to hear his explanation. He huffed and sucked his breath for a good two minutes. I could see Dustin still in the hoard of dancing women all pulling and keeping his attention.

I don’t know what I expected it’s not as if we’re a couple and if he wants one of them he can have them. I certainly won’t let him touch me again in any capacity if he did. It was strange that so many were fawning over him so outrageously.

“You better have a good explanation, Trevor.” I still had my hands fisted and were ready to fight.

“I just… Ow, shit, this hurts.” Trevor cursed and stood to rest his hands on his knees. “Tilda wanted Dusty’s attention, who is way out of your league, and I wanted a shot at you. I’ve had a crush on you for years.”

I knew that. It was part of the reason Tilda hates me so much. I’m not interested in Trevor and that only made his desire intensify and her fury heighten. How dare I reject what she thinks is the best man in town. It’s sad but that might actually be true.

“It’s never going to happen Trevor.” I resisted the urge to sucker punch him.

“Why not Ivy? I’m a good guy.”

“Yeaaah… so good that you thought I’d be okay with what you just…”

I unclenched my hands. There was little to no point to continue arguing with him. He did it so he likely thinks it’s either okay or maybe even romantic. He likely believes it’s okay to actually drag me into the dark just as my date, he doesn’t know we’re not dating, was about to kiss me. The move was tacky and he wouldn’t see it as weird or wrong. I’m still shocked that they did this. Normal people do not behave this way. Maybe they did and I’m too much of a loner to know better.

“He didn’t put up much fight Ivy. They never do. They come with you and you go home alone. He’s no different.”

“What’s your point?” I crossed my arms certain Trevor is an all out idiot to bring that up.

“You’re different Ivy. I see it, but they don’t. They can’t see past your weird odd ways. I do. I see how fun you are. You’re really smart and acres of sexy.”

“Flattering. I know I’m just a conquest to you.”

“Aww, are you still sore about that?”

I was and would never forgive him or any of them. It was humiliating and the moment I decided that I didn’t care what they thought of me. I glared at him. The ‘boys’ put together a bet. That they could get me in the sack as they put it. It was five summers ago. Like hound dogs, they sensed I was no longer a virgin and started after me.

Only I was suspicious and tricked Trevor into letting it slip. I pretended not to hear and found the stupid book they had the bet and the money. I took the money, threw a party and let them know how it was funded. They were so pissed until they decided it was an epic burn and left me alone. The boys did anyway. That’s when the girls decided I was enemy number one. The idiots misunderstood the point ledger the boys made.

“I guess you should be. It was mean, but we stopped and let you be. Even though it was a riot how you outed our game.”

“It was pretty funny, but still I said no the first time you kissed me and the second. I’m just not into you Trevor.”

He nodded sadly and tried to make a move anyway. I laughed, turned and had to make a decision. Abandon Dustin to the amorous willing women or rescue him. He didn’t look like he needed or wanted to be rescued.

To be continued…

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Next Chapter:  Throwing Stones



3 comments on “Torn Apart- (Part- 10) Climbing Ivy

  1. Nel says:

    Oh boy what a mess. That’s some petty stuff these ppl are into. I don’t get why she still goes to these things. Can’t wait to see if she rescues Dustin but I also feel like he’s not the type who’ll need it if the way he told off Tilda earlier is any indication.

    Liked by 2 people

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