Swimming With Temptation – (Part- 4) Climbing Ivy

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol.
It is rated R and is for readers 18+ only.

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Part 4

Swimming With Temptation – (Part- 4) Climbing Ivy

Dustin’s stormy blue eyes glittered and met his sexy smile as he chased me in the waist deep water. His playful antics were charming.

“You make me nervous.” I blurted it out before my filters had a chance to stop me.

“Do I?” Dustin smirked and reached out catching my narrow waist under the water with his hand.

He pulled me closer to him. I couldn’t hear the surf, seagulls or anything over the thump of my heart. I gave him a scarce nod in response as he pressed me closer to him. Involuntarily my hands went up to his strong hard chest and slid up over the salt water covered skin to his tight broad shoulders.

“You should be nervous.” Dustin said as he moved his mouth closer to mine peering into my brown eyes with his stormy blue ones. “Because I’m going to kiss you, Ivy, as you’ve never been kissed before.”

I believed him and closed my eyes welcoming his lips to mine. At first, I thought something was wrong because my lips tingled at the contact. The pleasantly strange sensation instantly grew and spread outward and throughout my body. His hands slid around my back as mine went up around his neck.

Gently Dustin’s lips grazed mine until I gasped and opened my mouth from the sheer need for more. He pressed harder and I opened my mouth in time with his as he opened and closed his jaw working my mouth into a hot pool of passion. He ran his tongue over my bottom lip before taking it between his teeth and nibbling gently. Letting it go he licked it again before pressing both lips to mine. Moaning I tightened my grip around his neck and his tongue eased into my mouth in search of a playmate.

I expected him to barge his tongue into my mouth and bully mine into action. Instead of a firmly pointed tongue intruding with hard flicks, he licked my tongue gently. The result was a weakening of my knees and a noticeable surge of wanton heat between my legs.

I moved my tongue gently to lick his and his right hand gripped my ass cheek and pulled me into his growing bulge. This was alien to me. This tender passion he lavished upon me was new and arousing beyond any level I’ve ever been at. I’ve never had someone pull me so evocatively against his hard-on before. My ex would grab me and grind or thrust against me, and did it while making lewd suggestions, but never to just let me know how I affected him. Likely because he was just horny, and not because of me specifically.

When Dustin moved back from my mouth severing the connection I found myself dizzy and weak. He was holding me up and smiling down at me.

“I could take you now, I know I could convince you to let me, but I don’t want to.” His voice was husky and still, he held me against him.

Rejection? At the risk of sounding like a total slut, I asked. “Why not?”

He sighed and released his hold on me letting the cool water become a sobering barrier between us. “Because Ivy you’re not the type of woman who would be happy about it. Sure now in the moment, you’d be okay, but later…” Dustin shook his head and backed away. “You’d regret.”

How could he possibly know that? Even if it’s the truth and it is, there was no way he could know how I would act and react.

He smiled and my heart leaped into my throat. “You are not a one night stand kind of girl.”

“How could you possibly know that about me?”

I crossed my arms and wished desperately that I was that kind of woman. That I could take what my body wants from this man and be on my way.

“I know because you didn’t read my email signature, nor any of my emails. Not even the subject lines.”

“That doesn’t make any sense.”

Thankfully, my body was coming down from the high he’d pressed upon me. The ache between my legs settled to a thrum and my heart wasn’t as frantic.

“Yes, it does.” He said.

Dustin started backing out of the water. He was still clearly aroused and I tried not to look directly.

“Look, Ivy, I’m not in the market for a relationship and as much as I’d love to pay homage to your beauty and lick you till you come apart around me,” he adjusted his crotch, “I know you’d get attached.”

I would, he was right. Sex was a huge bond for me. I can’t figure out how anyone has one-night-stands, flings, or friends with benefits. I simply cannot figure out how to separate emotions from sex. As much as I’d like to lie and say I can, two broken hearts in one summer would be too much to deal with.

That said I will walk away from Dustin and that thought physically hurt. I don’t think my body wants to walk away from him. Too bad body, this man is trouble and my brain and heart say no thank you. Rejection is still a rejection and despite his reason, it was a huge blow to my ego.

I nodded succinctly as we exited the water. “Probably a good idea then.”

“Stay for beer and conversation?” Dustin asked with an uncertainty that did not suit him whatsoever.

“I better not.” I grabbed my shorts and tugged them on. Wet or not I had to leave. “I promised to babysit my baby sister so my mom and step dad can go out on a date.”

“I knew it.” He smiled warmly. “Not just an old soul, but a kind one too. Were this another place or time Ivy I’d make you fall in love with me.”

“Except I’m about to start a career and I doubt very much there is any truth too long distance relationships ever working out.”

“They don’t.” Dustin took a long look at me before meeting my eyes after I put my shoes on. “It was nice to meet you, Ivy. I hope the next man you date makes you feel as amazing as you are.”

There he goes again being perfect, charming and wonderful and I wanted it all. He wasn’t offering and just rejected me, which realistically, I’m grateful for despite my desire.

“Thanks… You too.” I blurted it out awkwardly and took off at a jog back toward the rocky beach.

“Thanks, you too?” I muttered under my breath as the beach by our rental came into view. “Moron. He’s all poetic and all charming compliments and all I can freaking come up with is, thank’s, you too?” I smacked my forehead. “Idiot.”

To be continued…

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  1. Nel says:

    Well that was fast but now I’m super intrigued and can’t wait til tomorrow!

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  2. I’m sorry that I have to keep you waiting 😉

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