#33 The First Time We Met (Beth & Sean)

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol it is rated R and 18+

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The First Time We Met (Beth & Sean)

_33 The First Time We Met

Sean helped me into the boat. Neither of us was surprised when nobody else wanted to go. I was moody and a bit of a bummer today. I got a sharp annoyed look from Javelle who looked like she wanted to say something to me and changed her mind when Bob came up behind her.

I thought about this as the wind whipped my face and hair. I smiled into the joy of racing across the lake. Not as fast as I would have liked, but better than nothing.

Group relationships rarely end well. I knew this and now I was stuck in the thick of one ending poorly. The only exceptions were Gemma and Ryan, and Annie and Tommy. Girlfriends and boyfriends come and go. They become part of the group and wander off when things go south. The only exception to that was Tommy who didn’t peel away from the group and is now a solid force among us. When he and Annie broke up they stayed close friends and now they had a weird happy on and off again relationship. They never fought. It was weird but worked for them.

If Bob and Javelle didn’t work out, I had no doubt she would be the one to part ways. She was brought in by Gemma. Who brought in most of the group in one way or another. She and Ryan were the original founders. I smiled at that thought and glanced at Sean who was looking at the water to make sure it wasn’t too bumpy a ride. My mind wandered back to the first time I met Sean.

I’d skipped two grades in grade school so I was in high school early. That’s where Gemma and I met. Grade nine. She thought I was adorable and loved that I was mature for my age and fun. I’ve always been energetic and outgoing and it lessened the impact of my younger age.

The first time we met I was still eighteen and Sean was the older handsome sexy man with a charming reputation. I had a beautifully done fake driver’s license. A copy of my own but altered to say I was nineteen. A birthday present from Gemma. It worked the first time I’d used it and the bouncer didn’t look twice since all my friends were older and regulars.

Gemma had already amassed a large group of friends but more importantly a tight group of important friends. Sean had dated her older sister for a couple years and Sean and Gemma became good friends during that time. Gemma’s sister Clara went insane. Well, I think she had to have gone bonkers to pass up on Sean and cheat on him. Clara was weird. She became anorexic and dependent on alcohol and I suspect drugs. She moved to New York to model and hasn’t been seen since. Too good for her family, Gemma told me. It was sad but it does happen.

Nervous that I’d be busted for underage drinking I kept my behavior low key. I had approached the small group. At this point I had known Louie, Annie, Stella, and Ryan for years, Sean was the elusive one. He was never at any parties or gatherings that I was able to get into or got to. Louie used to joke that Sean and I were both forces to be reckoned with and the world couldn’t handle both of us in the same room. he was probably right about that.

I was intrigued by the mystery man Sean, who had his heart destroyed by Gemma’s crazy horrid sister who was always mean to me. I’d heard wild exciting stories of Sean and I was nervous to meet him. I saw Sean leaning against the bar in that sexy casual way a man does when he doesn’t care what people think, and knows they want to either be him or be with him.

I was spellbound. My hands became clammy and I’d never been so nervous in my life. He looked at me with interest as we approached. I know I rocked the tight blue jeans and black tank-top I wore and I had my hair up.

“They finally snuck you in did they?” Sean smiled at me and held out his hand. “Sean.”

Oh like I don’t know who he is. I put my hand in his and instead of shaking he raised it and kissed the back. It was tacky and I loved it. Nobody knew about my romance novel addiction yet and I behaved as if no man was good enough or smart enough for me.

That was only time Sean was perfectly nice to me. After I’d blushed, his eyes narrowed and he was short and almost rude to m for the rest of the night. There had been polite and forced conversation but nothing personal.

For weeks and months after we met, we fell into a routine of belittling the other and competing. In a way, it worked for us. It was my first boyfriend after meeting Sean that started the harsher behavior from him.

The boat slowed and I shook the memories from my mind. When I looked at Sean as he lowered the anchor I was struck by how incredible he is and always has been.

My mind flitted back to Alan who was my first boyfriend after meeting Sean.

 To be continued…

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