Amara – Itsinyou Designer Boutique (Part 6) (Sexy Saturday Serials)

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R 18+ only.

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Itsinyou Designer Boutique

Part 6

I had plans with friends Saturday and had more fun with them than I recall having before. They were commenting on my mood and that I looked happy and flushed. They grilled me about a boyfriend and I said no. They were relentless so I said I found a friend with benefits and it was working out in my favor. They let it go after I insisted they didn’t know the man. Hell, it was more than one man and I didn’t even know them.

Giddy to serve I went into the shop and verified my stats were the same. I was in the waiting room less than five minutes before being called to room four. I didn’t hesitate to climb into position on my stomach resting my feet on the floor.

I felt fingers spreading me from behind and an unceremonious penetration. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of being thrust into. Knowing that the man on the other end was enjoying me I clenched for him and he started a faster-hurried pace. I felt aroused and started enjoying it when he stopped abruptly, held himself tight and pressed as he came. I was vacated and remained horny and waiting. Would he do anything else? I was certain he’d used a condom since there was nothing leaking out of me. That’s a distinct feeling and it wasn’t there. The screen on the wall lit up and it simply said please wait for guest number two. Then it went out.

I waited and gasped when hands made contact with my ass cheeks. There was once again no foreplay as what felt like another condom clad cock edged into my opening. This one was slow and languid with his strokes as he rubbed my backside. His thumb grazed my anus a few times, as he thrust. It felt good to my surprise. I became wetter as my body enjoyed the strokes and caresses; I was close to orgasm and started clenching as he began thrusting fast.

Before I could get there, he did. I was left empty so suddenly I whimpered. This was part of the deal. It felt a bit uncomfortable to be used so coldly. I would never treat my servers this way. I didn’t want to. It was much more fun to know the cock I was using was enjoying it too.

Two more men came and did the same. Each time there was a let down break between and each time I was so close to orgasm. They came and left. How boring. Was that all they needed? I contemplated this as I felt hands run from my calves up to my thighs and then over my ass up to my lower back and back down. He repeated this until I was fairly dripping. I felt something cold touch the back of my knee and it started vibrating. A toy. At this point, I just wanted to come and didn’t care if it was by the toy. He ran the small vibrating object up over my leg, over my ass and down the other leg. When he brought it back up, he dipped it down to my wet and then up against my clit.

I wiggled my hips and rolled my eyes as the orgasm built quickly and released violently. Shaking and panting I waited for him to remove it. He slid it back through my wet and up to my anus. I tensed and he patted my ass cheek gently.

The buzzing was unusually pleasant, once I realized he wasn’t going to do more than that I relaxed and he pressed his cock into my well. It felt different, smooth and it rubbed nicely. No condom. It definitely felt much nicer than latex.

He held the toy in place as he began stroking my insides with his hard shaft. As I became more and more aroused, I wondered if it would feel even better if he put the toy inside my ass. A thought I’d never entertained before now. I felt the toy circling and enticing my no-go-zone as his cock brought me to the brink of a blinding orgasm. I gripped the bed, gasping and grunting as he unloaded into me. I cried out as my body burst into blissful oblivion. I felt him pat my backside gently and leave me. The telltale dribble of warm liquid slipped out and down the inside of my thigh. It didn’t gross me out at all. I rather liked it.

Once I was able to clean up, I answered all the questions asked and went to get dressed. I slept so well I didn’t even dream.

To be continued…

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4 comments on “Amara – Itsinyou Designer Boutique (Part 6) (Sexy Saturday Serials)

  1. Yum. Like the feeling of convulsions on my cock. Next chapter must breach the rosebud

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  2. I was planning on reading one’s chapter a morning, now I’ve read two, and since I have no willpower and I’m not quite finished I’m going to read chapter 7 then I promise I’ll stop.

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