#24 Too Relationship-ish (Beth & Sean)

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol it is rated R and 18+

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Too Relationship-ish (Beth & Sean)

_24 Too Relationship-ish

The loud crash of thunder woke me and I yelped. Not because I was afraid, but because it had played a part in a particularly terrifying dream.

“It’s just a storm,” Sean muttered. “Do you want to go in the cabin?”

“No.” I settled back to my sleeping bag. I was glad that Sean had a full foam mattress that covered the entire tent bottom. It was better than the individual kind. He was a bit of a pampered camper, but more into tent camping than I am.

Sean reached for me and I moved away.

“I’m fine.” I wasn’t because I wanted him to hold me.

“Fine whatever.” He rolled over.

“Don’t get pissy with me. Cuddling is too relationship-ish.”

“Who said I wanted to cuddle?”

I bit my bottom lip. I keep screwing up. He has to know or at least suspect.

“Oh.” I sat up horribly aroused by the thought of sex. I was already heating up from being afraid.

“What the hell is wrong with me?” I whispered.

Sean rolled over. “What do you mean?”

“I’m wet and randy. I’ve never had this problem before.”

Sean moved to sit up and his hands roamed up my t-shirt. “How is it a problem?” He whispered in my ear, his breath on my neck sending sexy shivers right down to my pussy.

“Are you always hard?” I fondled the warm smooth tip of his penis.

“I’ll be honest, all I have to do is think of you strangling my cock and voila. Hard as a rock.”

I giggled as he flexed his cock in my hands. “Does it really feel better?” I wanted to lick and suck him, to feel him in my mouth warm and firm. I shifted to my knees.

“Does what feel better?” He panted as I licked the slit at the tip. “Beth would you…”

I didn’t let him finish and took him in my mouth. I flicked and swirled my tongue around exploring the sexy flesh. Feeling him in my mouth, tasting the precum and hearing him moan as he knelt before me, hurried my need. I wanted to feel him for real.

“I’m on the pill and an IUD,” I said as I stroked him with my hands.

“Both?” He opened his eyes as a bright flash lit the tent. I tensed waiting for the boom of thunder that proceeded almost instantly. “Why double up?”

“Usually it’s triple. I have a nearly paranoid fear of STD’s and pregnancy is super low on my to-do list.”

He chuckled low and sultry in his throat. “You trust me that much?”

“Yes. I don’t think you’d hurt me purposefully.”

He ran his hands over my body. “Only if we stay exclusive.”

I froze. I am probably not reading that right. His idea of exclusive and mine are not likely the same thing. He must have sensed my hesitation.

“By that I mean if we decide to date someone or want to have sex with someone else then we’re back to condoms or not at all.”

“Oh, yeah of course.” I didn’t think I could have sex with someone else while with him regardless. It felt wrong. Sean laid me on my back and began sucking on my breast. “But I don’t think I could.”

He looked up at me, his eyes shiny in the dark. The lightening kept making me jump and he chuckled at my flinching at the thunder. Which was happening like rapid fire.

“What don’t you think you could do?”

“Even if this isn’t real.” I gasped as he bit my nipple firmly and ran the tip of his tongue over the trapped nub. “Oh God.” I writhed beneath him as he sucked my breast and slipped his hand down over my mound. I parted my legs eager for his touch. Any touch from him would do.

“Go on.” He said before lowering his mouth to my other breast and dipping a finger into me.

I panted and bucked my hips as he began a hard and steady stroke with his fingers. “Even… Oh, yes, even if it’s not… ohhhhh… oh real. Ah, ah, oh, um… um I… I… Oh.” I gave up communication and surrendered to his fingers stroking my g-spot hard and fast. The thunder seemed continuous as I came and it added to the fury of my spicy hot orgasm. My body tempered slightly as the pleasure moved through me.

“I’m still waiting.”

I took a few fast breaths. “Oh right.”

How the hell do I say this without pissing him off or outing my feelings for him?

To be continued…

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