#23 Altered Truths (Beth & Sean)

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol it is rated R and 18+

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Altered Truths (Beth & Sean)

_23 Altered Truths

As the rain pelted down, I put the cast cover on and left the crutches in the living room. It wasn’t too far to the tent. Everyone was gone to bed. Sean came up behind me on the porch and picked me up and I put my arms around his neck.

“You’ll be drenched at your hobble-wobble pace. You know in the wild you’d be left behind for the predators.”

“I’m not so sure I haven’t.” I moved my fingers slightly in the soft short hair at the back of his head as if I had the right to such a personal action.

We stared a moment before he pursed his lips and carried me down the steps and to the tent effortlessly.

I giggled in the cool rain is if we were kids riding a carousel. Swiftly we made our way across the open area to his tent. Sean set me down. opened the tent flap and urged me inside.

“I don’t know if anyone buys our stories,” I whispered as I took the cast cover off.

“Oh? Why not?” Sean used his swimming towel to dry his hair.

“A gentleman would leave the tent to the forlorn lady and brave the cursed den of the eight-legged hell beasts.” I snickered and shivered at the thought. “I think Gemma buy’s my crush story.”

“So you decided to lie after all?”

Shit, I was caught again. He knows I can’t lie and I do have a crush, but he can’t know that or he’ll freak out. I really do suck at this covert stuff. I pulled my shirt off in the dark and struggled out of my damp shorts and wet panties; only one of them was affected by the rain. He was too still and quiet. My heart beat fast with fear. I don’t know exactly why I was afraid, I just was.

“Tell me one thing you like about me.” He whispered while still not moving.

“Um…” I was as terrible at stalling as I was lying. Maybe it’s because the two are distant cousins. I could think of too many things I actually liked about him. I licked my lips and dug around in the pile for something lame. “You…”

“That’s what I thought. If you have to think that hard, I’m not interested in what you have to say. Maybe you’re a better liar than everyone thinks.”

“What? Pfft. I never told Gemma I had a crush on you. She assumed and I didn’t correct her.”

“A lie painted pretty is still a lie.”

“Why the hell do you care all of a sudden if I lied or not?” I caught myself before I yelled and kept my voice down to a harsh whisper.

“I don’t. However, if you have feelings or a crush as Gemma puts it then this is done with.”

I couldn’t stop my anger. “I’m not saying I do, but why would it be such a big deal anyway?”

“Because Beth I’m not the relationship type you know that. Hell, it’s half the reason you don’t like me. You’re not into me, but you’re sexy and arousing. Which is why I thought you would be a good fuck friend.”

My feelings were hurt and that was entirely the problem. It was also funny because it was what this entire whispered fight was about. Thank goodness the rain started falling heavier drowning out most of the sound. A flash of lightning made me jump. I held my breath for the thunder that was still far away.

I looked Sean’s obscured face by the dark. “That’s rich. I’m not a moron; everyone knows you’re not into relationships. As sad as that may be, but you know what else you’re not?”


“You’re not the friend type either.”

“Then according to you, I’m just the fuck type?” Sean said harshly.

It was funny and I giggled. Sean was known for his casual women. He did not commit to any of them. He didn’t even date them. Sex and maybe dinner. If she batted an eye, he kicked her to the curb. Talk about messed up.

“That’s funny to you?”

“Yes. You’re a good fuck. Maybe the best, definitely the best I’ve had, but…”

Now that my anger evaporated, I couldn’t finish that sentence.

“But what?” He snapped louder than he ought to.

“You’re actually a good friend.”

“Just not to you?”

He is, but not how I like my friends to be.

“Pity doesn’t count as friendship Sean.” I moved closer to him. “I get it. You’re afraid to love someone. That’s your prerogative, but I’m not looking for you to love me.”

That was the truth; it may not be what I want rationally but irrationally was another story.

“Afraid.” He huffed and sat back on his sleeping bag. “I’m not afraid Beth, I just know it’s not worth it.”

“What’s not worth it?” I asked as I tugged his shirt off and reached for his shorts.

“I can get sex and companionship whenever I want. Love isn’t worth the fighting, the frustration, the constant suspicion or heartache, and not to mention being tied to one person.”

“That’s sad,” I said and covered his hard-on with a condom. “Maybe someday you’ll find someone that… Mmm.” I lowered myself over him. “Find someone that makes you think love is worth all trouble, because there’s so much, oh god you feel amazing, right… there is so much more good to love, than there is bad.” I slid him nearly out and dropped back over him.

“Shit Beth you’re…” He breathed hard as if in pain while I orgasmed around him and then kept riding.

His hands went to my breasts and he played as I rode him. “I almost came,” he whispered.

“Ohh.” I moaned. “Seaaaan.” It was insane I was so horny and it was terrifying.

I couldn’t get enough and I didn’t know how to get more. The desire to kiss him was overwhelming, but I could not go there. For me, kissing was a bond, a face-to-face confirmation of emotions. Emotions he didn’t have. It would be empty one-sided kissing and that would break my heart completely.

My urgency twitched and pulled my insides so hard I became a madwoman until I found the angle I wanted and ground my clit into his base as I orgasmed for the second time. The violence of my climax milked his orgasm out in an equally violent burst. Laying on his back Sean raised his hips as he filled the condom with his cum and stifled his loud grunts.

I collapsed on his chest breathing hard and sweaty from my efforts. I breathed in his scent, felt his body beneath me and his jackhammer heartbeat in my ear. Yeah, I definitely have a problem. A problem that I was willing to hide and even lie about, which said a lot. Even though I can’t have him, I vowed in that moment to do whatever I had to do to be with him as much as I could before he figured it out. I tucked the knowledge of myself prophesied heartbreak away and rolled off him to my back. My cast caught his shin hard.

“Ow, shit.”


He sat up and rubbed his leg before taking care of the condom. I laid there in my post sex bliss feeling good and happy if not confused.

“How the hell are we so horny while talking about a crappy subject?” Sean said as he settled back down.

“Ugh.” I scooted over to find a t-shirt. I figured I needed to dance around the subject so he doesn’t suspect that I might be falling for him. “Love is not a crappy subject. You just don’t remember the good parts. Doesn’t matter anyway, I’m content with this and if I’m ever not, I’ll walk away.”

“Would you?” He asked suspiciously.

Time to say an altered truth. My newly discovered way to disguise a lie. “Well yeah, you’re not my idea of my perfect dreamy knight in shining armor, not even close.”

It was true he’s not, but my idea of the perfect dreamy knight in shining armor was shifting and I honestly wish it wasn’t.

To be continued…

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  1. Nel says:

    Man she’s got guts. I would’ve slept with the spiders instead of willingly break my own heart. That was the out.

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