#22 Eight Legged Enemies  (Beth & Sean) 

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol it is rated R and 18+

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Eight Legged Enemies  (Beth & Sean)

_22 Eight Legged Enemies

Campfires had a lovely calming effect on me and have since I was a young girl. I could sit and stare mindlessly as the flames lapped over the logs for hours. My mind stopped running in every direction and settled into a peaceful calm.

“Beth,” Sean said harshly startling me from my trance.


Sean held his hands out palms up. “It’s raining.”

“Oh.” I giggled as Louie picked me up like a ragdoll over his shoulder and Sean picked up my crutches.

The ones he went out of his way to get for me. They’re not cheap either. Not that he couldn’t afford them, but I should have offered to pay for them.

“You are too moody today little lady.” Louie tickled my ribs as he headed up the steps. He set me down at the top. “Keep it up and I’ll make you pee your pants.” Louie wiggled his fingers in my face, laughed and went inside.

“Now that would be funny,” Sean said and kissed my forehead as he ambled into the cabin.

It was on the tip of my tongue to tell Sean to stop being so… flirty? Romantic? Personal? Yeah personal. I shook my head and went in.

Stella and Javelle were setting up the easel for Pictionary. We divided into two groups randomly and would randomly change up the teams after each round. This was one of my favorite games and after the first round, I felt complete and back to myself again. Every team I was on won the round to nobody’s surprise and my usual competitive nature came out. Sean ended up on the opposite team every time and our banter had everyone in hysterics, including us.

We switched to cards as some scurried off to ‘bed’ and once again, those that stayed to play had too much fun with teasing and taunting.

“Rain’s coming down awfully hard; you guys sleeping in here tonight?” Thane asked as he yawned.

“No.” I grimaced at the spider heaven of horrors.

It didn’t matter what we did, this room crawled with spiders at night for some reason. And other crawlies that I refuse to acknowledge even exist on Earth. The bedrooms and kitchen seemed untouched by the devil creatures, just this room.

“It’s just a thunderstorm.” Sean shrugged.

“I might.” Louie laughed at my grimace. “Maybe I’ll get bitten and develop super powers. Who’d be grimacing then?”

“Everyone if you ran around in a spandex onesie.”

“You’re kidding, right? With this ass?”

“No way am I sleeping in here or alone in the tent.” Will said with exaggerated dismay.

Thane looked worried. “What if a tree falls?”

Sean shook his head. “We set the tents up outside the tree range, I put a tarp over them and they’re properly secured. Camping in rain is all part of the experience.”

“Too true.” Louie got up. “I’m done in let’s go babe.” Louie smacked Will’s ass making him giggle.

“And drunk.” Thane laughed.

“Dude I spend one week a year nearly killing myself with fun in these woods and drinking till my liver cries for mercy. Damn, right I’m drunk.” Louie stretched and posed again.

“Ditto to that, let’s go sexy.” Will tugged Louie’s arm.

“Guess I’m bravin’ the storm.” Louie said and put his arms around Will.

I loved how comfortable they were. Everyone else was so I was happy they didn’t feel weird about being affectionate. Will is by far my most favorite of Louie’s boyfriends to date. I can honestly say I’ve never seen Louie as happy as he is with Will and will is smitten with his muscle bound hunk of a lover.

We all laughed. I watched Louie and Will stumble out to thier tent from the window, illuminated by flashes of lightning and wondered if it would let up at all soon.

Thane thumped up the stairs singing something inaudible.

“How crappy is it to get that thing wet?”

“If I can’t dry it properly it’s like waterlogged skin only worse.” I widened my eyes. “Oh, my shower thingy. I wear it when I don’t want to bother taking off the cast.”

“I’ll grab it.”

I opened my mouth to object but he was already gone. My head said to sleep in the cabin’s living room and end things now, but my body had entirely different plans. I should not still be horny… or horny again. I’ve had so much sex this week that I should be sore and sated, but I’m neither. If Sean was this amazing a lover, why the hell did Clara cheat on him? Even if he was average or below, I can’t fathom why someone would cheat. It’s not hard to be faithful and she cheated more than once.

“That’s a terribly serious face,” Sean said with his sexy quirky smile.

I smiled. Damn, but I wanted him badly. I wanted him to make me cry out from pleasure, I wanted him to hold me and I wanted him to kiss me. I’ve never actually wanted someone to kiss me as badly. That alone was a good enough reason to brave my eight legged enemies.

“A terribly serious face for terribly serious thoughts that are best forgotten.” I muttered and took the cast cover from Sean.

To be continued…

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    He can’t let her walk away with a comment like that! I think…. ugh tomorrow.

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