Amara – Itsinyou Designer Boutique (Part 5) (Sexy Saturday Serials)

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R 18+ only.

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Itsinyou Designer Boutique

Part 5

My week at work was so far fun. I had thoughts of my unusual weekend and refrained from masturbating. While I like playing with myself, it was so much more enthralling to be horny and excited for the unexpected anonymity of the deluxe glory hole style sex.

I received a text Friday afternoon. An invitation. I would have been fine with a call to service, but an invitation was super fun too.  My insides crawled and twitched for the rest of the day. I went home cleaned and dressed for fun.

I met with Sue before we went to play and she said she was having fun playing with both sexes. She’s bi and open about it. I told her I was called to two rooms my first service. Her mouth gaped and she stared in surprise.

“Amara, I’ve never been called twice. You’re impressing someone important.”


“Well there are people that watch, you know that. Sometimes if you’re higher up in levels they will come in the room and watch up close. On rare occasions, they play too. But,” she downed the last of her café-mocha, “if you get to six or higher you can watch.”

“Can you?”

“Nope, I’m a level three and have been for four months. It’s hard to advance. Moreover, don’t think you have to get kinky to advance. You don’t. Just do what you like. Play by the rules and its orgasm-palooza.”

“I’m super horny.” I giggled.

“Me too. Let’s go play Amara.”

We made our way to the store and through the clothing shop façade. I checked the box indicating that my previous settings still stood and selected my penis for the night. I chose the only position of the three I haven’t done yet, the chair.

I entered the room to find a naked well-formed man with a hard proud cock standing at attention. His legs were loosely tied to the chair and his hands were secured behind his back. He had a mask on that hid his face completely. I knew from the contract that he wouldn’t be able to see me. That was the deal. The ones in service were never allowed to see. I took off my simple clothes and glanced at the screen. No message.

I went to the man and knelt before him. I ran my hands up and down his thighs relishing the hard flesh and soft hair beneath my fingertips. I leaned forward and licked his balls slow and gentle. He flexed and his cock jerked and tapped my forehead. It was a lovely specimen. It’s dark pink-purple head started to produce a bead of precum as I licked my way slowly up the shaft.

I gripped the base firmly and flicked my tongue across and under the cap ridge. He tensed again and a pulse pushed a delicious dibble of clear salty sweet fluid out. I licked it up and started sucking. This man was generous with his juice and I loved it. Cum is not something I like the taste of, but precum tastes amazing to me.

I was throbbing between my legs and ready. I ran my hands up over the strong stomach and played with his chest and shoulders as I climbed over. I realized then that the chair had two blocks beside it for me to put my feet on to gain height. These people have thought of everything. Using his strong shoulders for balance I climbed up and set myself down over his wide girth. It was a tight fit but good. I hit my cervix on the very tip of him and smiled. It was just enough to feel good. I wiggled and circled my hips to feel him as he caressed my insides.  I rubbed my breasts against the hair on his chest finding that arousing and just kept grinding. My clit was rubbing the curve his cock made as it joined his body and I was panting with pleasure.

The tingles intensified on my bud and with a push, I held still as the orgasm ran its course. I started lifting and dropping knowing I can have more. Now the harder friction against my nipples made me frantic fast. I moved faster as I became desperate for a cock orgasm. I very much like the chair. I was so close my mind was wild and I ground into my man of choice as my second orgasm let loose. He was still hard and panting as much as I was.

I’m allowed to talk if I want to. I’m not ready to start having a one sided conversation just yet. I got up and turned around. I spread and took him in as I sat in his lap. It was different and he hit differently. I started riding and fondling my breasts. I know in the back of my mind someone is watching. It added to the fun. I pinched and rode and dropped one hand down to rub my clit as I worked myself into a horny desperate mess. I put my breast hand on his knee and leaned forward slightly riding with all the might I had.

“Oh, oh, God, ohhh.” I dropped and rubbed my clit.

It was incredible. I’ve never had this sort of penetration before.

“Soooo gooooood…” I bore down and clenched him hard as I burst with pleasure around him.

I heard him grunt and felt him spurt inside me. I loved that I had that power over him. Even more, I loved that these men held out so long.

I got off, covered the man with a towel and cleaned up. I dressed and went to the waiting screen.

Did you enjoy yourself?’  I pressed yes.

Would you like to return?’ Yes.

Are you agreeable to providing service tomorrow evening?’ No hesitation again, I pressed yes.

You will be available to seasoned members. New members are not available to new members. Have a good night.

I took the card from the wall, and with the biggest grin, I went home. It said member, not applicant. This was the best promotion I’ve ever received.

To be continued…

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  1. Like the thought of
    Being bound and taken under these circumstances

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  2. “Oh, oh, God, ohhh.” That pretty much sums this chapter up for me.

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