#19 Ghost Stories (Beth & Sean)

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol it is rated R and 18+

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Ghost Stories (Beth & Sean)

_19 Ghost Stories

Tommy was being flirty and silly. Annie gave me puppy dog eyes and Sean laughed.

“I’m pissed at her but I’m not an asshole Annie. Next year plan to not share a room or just plan to share one with Tommy in the first place.”

Annie kissed Sean’s cheek. “Oh, you’re the best.”

“Don’t I get a say where I sleep?” I muttered with my arms crossed.

“No little Miss wander-off-alone-without-a-radio you don’t.” Sean glared at me hard then looked back at Annie. “You might as well just bring her stuff down. My tent has room for four, it makes the most sense.”

Annie looked at me with too much hope. “Ugh. Yes, fine. It is easier than climbing so much anyway.”

She clapped her hands with glee and took off to the house.

“That was nice of you,” Gemma said after Annie disappeared.

I was being to suspect that Gemma Might suspect. For real.

Sean gestured in the direction of the house. “Those two are good together. Like you and Ryan are. I can put up with the pain in the ass if it means they’re at least getting laid.”

Gemma laughed. “You could sleep in the living room, Beth.” Gemma suggested.

“No way, there are less creepy things in the tent that in that old living room. And that says a lot since Sean’s in the tent.”

Gemma and I laughed.

“You two are hilariously alike,” Ryan said pointing at Sean then gesturing to me.

“That’s probably why they don’t get along.” Gemma put her arms around Ryan from his side.

Ryan chuckled. “If you ask me, love.” He kissed her cheek. “It makes me wonder if they even like themselves then.”

“Yeah you know we’re right here right?” I said and narrowed my eyes.

Gemma and Ryan walked away with their arms wrapped about the other tittering and snickering making me sigh.

“They’re right you know,” Sean said quietly and walked away.

As the night wore on Thane started telling a ghost story. Now there is one thing this group doesn’t lack and it’s the ability to scare the crap out of me. Annie and I are the only ones that will jump and even scream at the theatrics of the storyteller.

Sean, of course, gets a big kick out of it. Louie, Bob, and Tommy often went further to and arranged a sneak up to scare Annie or me. Gemma, Stella, and Javelle thought they were funny and were good at telling a tale or two.

The alcohol-laden group dissipated and I went off to the tent. I waited because I knew they would try to scare me at least one more time. Louie and Thane were the ones to try and actually succeed. Thane distracted my by the obvious scratching and Louie wiggled his arm under the tent so when I laid back it was on his hand. He wiggled his fingers making me scream. They laughed and laughed, and went off to bed.

 Eventually Sean crept into the tent.

“You told them what side I’d be on.”

“Of course I did.”

I watched him strip naked and admired his thick hard erection in the dark. I get horny when I’m scared. I think it’s a comfort thing. I was out of my t-shirt and waiting as he laid down and put a condom on.

“Unfortunately we’ll have to wait until Louie starts snoring. He’s pretty hammered so it won’t take too long. I think Will’s already out for the night, he looked pretty foggy as he went to their tent.”

I got up and straddled him resting his cock against the crack of my ass. “Okay then get me wet until then,” I whispered.

He smiled in the dark. “You mean wetter.” He whispered and reached for my breasts.

“So what did you do after I…”

“I walked it off.”

“I figured you would have jerked.”

“Why would I do that when I have full access to your astounding pussy?”

After that statement wetter was not a problem. I shifted as he pinched and rolled my nipples. This was fun. I shifted slightly as my arousal grew and I got hotter between my legs. The throbs and tingles were becoming harder to deny.

“Hmm.” Sean ran his hand down my stomach and pressed his thumb through my slick folds. “Wow.”

I felt his condom covered cock flex against my backside as he rubbed my clit with his thumb.

Sean licked his lips. “You’re so much more fun to play with than I imagined.”

“You imagined?”

“Beth you’re on the top of my mental repertoire for spank material.”

Spank material? Holy shit I found that hot. To know he’d imagined me while stroking himself as I’ve imagined him…

“Oh.” I clamped my mouth shut as he rubbed and brought me all the way. I could feel my body gearing up for more, not willing to temper. “I want you,” I whispered.

“Lean forward.”

I did and he moved his tip to my opening.

“Sit back and stay still.”

I slid him in and wiggled to fill myself completely. He raised his knees and pushed me to lean back on them like a reclining chair. I started clenching and unclenching my PC muscles causing my arousal to pick up and I knew this would get me juicier.

“Oh… That’s amazing.” Sean propped himself up on his elbows. I fondled my own breasts wondering how wet I could get. This was so fun. I struggled not to move.

“Clit” I panted as I pinched my nipples and tightened repeatedly around him.

He shifted to one elbow and thumbed my clit again. I stopped clenching on purpose as my body took over doing it involuntarily as I came. I could feel the slick viscous fluid seeping out.

We stayed still listening quietly. The only sounds were insects and Louie’s soft snoring.

I breathed a sigh of relief and pleasure as I shifted my knees up and put my heels on the floor. The angle was good for my broken foot and I pushed up. My backside slid up his legs and I dropped slowly. I repeated as the sexy wet sound of our coupling made me frantic. At this angle, he was hitting my G-spot.

He pulled me down toward his face so our bodies were in full contact, with his knees still raised he started thrusting up into me fast and hard. We both stifled our noises and moans as we came together in a sweaty sticky heap of panting and ecstasy.

Once I had my body back under a semblance of control I sighed contentedly. “I’ve had more orgasms today than any given month of my adult life.”

“That’s sad.”

“I didn’t know it was.” I honestly didn’t.

It might be sad, but now that I knew there were better options, I was never going back to letting some half assed man with no libido control my sex life. I would have to find a man with more drive to keep me happy now.

I moved away and found the small hand towel I brought for this specific purpose and wiped myself off before climbing into my borrowed sleeping bag. Exhausted, I fell asleep to the gentle patter of rain that started on the tent. I was glad it held off until now.

To be continued…

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    Damn, I was so certain he would kiss her in this installment!

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