#18 Wandering Off (Beth & Sean)

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol it is rated R and 18+

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Wandering Off (Beth & Sean)

_18 Wandering Off

After I finished dishes, I was still on cloud nine from the unbelievably good meal and amazing sex earlier. I can’t recall ever having had this much sex in such a short time and it was glorious. I will admit that I’m impressed at Sean’s stamina I figured once a day maybe twice at the most. I took my crutches and decided to go check the fire then go sit on the dock to watch the sunset.

Halfway to the dock, I veered off down a slope-less path to take in the quiet forest alone for a moment. The sweet smell of composting life along with the fresh growth had a calming effect. I smiled at a squirrel chasing another and then at a chickadee as it flitted about a pinecone hanging on a branch. I crutched along the flat path feeling more alive and content than I’ve ever felt here. I wished I wasn’t taking so many painkillers as they sort of muffle my senses a bit. I’ve always been sensitive to them.

As I passed a clearing near the lake the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I suddenly felt as if I was being watched. I looked around and heard nothing as I started along the path again. I couldn’t shake the sense that I wasn’t alone. It wouldn’t be completely implausible that the campers in the other cabins might wander this way, but they never have before.

I saw some rubbish off the path near a log, wrappers, a broken compass, a ruined dirty toothbrush and a comb. Strange things to see but they look like they’ve been there a while.

I realized suddenly that it was close to getting dark and turned back down the path I came. I picked up the pace not wanting to be stuck in the dark and having to go too slow to avoid roots and rocks.

“There I see her!” Ryan yelled.

Maybe it was Ryan I sensed moments ago?

“Beth!” Sean scowled as the two came jogging up to meet me.

Ryan had his cell out to make a call.

“What were you thinking wandering off on your own?” Sean scolded.

“Woah, first off I was just on this one non-branching trail and…”

Ryan narrowed his eyes. “Yeah, she’s fine.”

“I’m sorry… I didn’t think.”

“You never bloody do.” Sean snapped at me.

“Beth.” Ryan hugged me and frowned. “It’s not that you went off but you didn’t take a radio or cell with you.”

“Oh.” I didn’t.

I left my phone in my bag turned off so work wouldn’t bother me constantly.  It was a fairly big rule I broke too; Never go out without a radio or cell. I just caused them all a lot of worries.

“You didn’t even grab a pack,” Sean said getting angrier.

The packs were standard hiking first aid and survival stuff.

“Sean, man it’s fine,” Ryan said as I started feeling too much emotion and guilt.

“It’s not fine, Ryan.” Sean pointed behind himself aiming at me. “A short walk down a path is one thing a half hour hike at a normal pace it a whole fucking other.”

I looked around alarmed. Had I gone that far and for that long? That was bad. I wasn’t aware. I know I’m a bit foggy from the pain meds but to wander off alone this far? I felt horrible.

“Yelling isn’t going to help Sean,” Ryan said as we started back down the path.

About ten minutes in, we came to a fork in the path that I didn’t notice because from the other direction it was hidden… or was it the other…

Sean turned a furious face toward me. “Alright, smarty pants which path?”

“Sean…” Ryan said with a warning tone.

“No,” Sean yelled and then looked back at me. “Go on which one Beth? Which path?”

I didn’t know and the gravity of it struck me. I was breathing too fast and fighting back tears of shame and my imagined fear.

“Sean enough.” Ryan said with finality.

“Is it enough?” Sean turned to me. “Well!”

I looked at the ground. “I…”

“If you had half a brain you would see that the one on the left is untouched and the one on the right has not only footprints but your distinct crutch prints.”

“It’s getting dark fast.” Ryan looked up at the sky through the trees.

“Yeah, and a storm is coming.” Sean snapped at me and I winced.

“Sean grab the crutches; Beth, hop up on my back.”

Ryan turned around and Sean took the crutches with a serious frown. Once on Ryan’s back, he started out at a good pace. Sean went ahead in his anger.

“I really am sorry.” I sniffled.

“I know you are Beth, you may not realize it but those pain meds are dulling your senses right after you take them.”

“Which was right after I did dishes.”

“Nobody’s angry,” Ryan said as he carried me. “Sean was just worried.”

“He looks pretty angry.”

“Look again,” Ryan said.

We fell into a silence. Under the surface anger Sean did look worried and when he glanced back I realized the anger was his way of expressing his fear and that he cares.

“Switch out,” Sean said and Ryan set me down.

“I can walk.”

Sean pointed up. “And get soaked in the rain?”

Ryan laughed. “And we’re fresh out of Pina Colada.”

Sean rolled his eyes as Ryan helped me up. Ryan walked ahead calling out any large roots and I whispered into Sean’s ear.

“I’m sorry.”

“Maybe I’ll spank you later.” He whispered and chuckled.

I held on close enjoying the feel of his body moving against mine. I inhaled Sean’s scent and became aroused. The heat between my legs grew as my breath quickened.

“You’re hot, are you?” Sean whispered and hiked me up, my shorts shifted, nestled between my folds pressing against my clit and I buried my moan into his shoulder. “Oh, Beth this is super sexy.” He whispered keeping a little further back from Ryan. He hiked me up again and I gripped his shoulders hard.

I moved and rubbed myself into his back enjoying the ride more than I should or deserved to.

“Come on my back Beth.” He whispered and hiked me up again.

“Mmm… Sean.” I whimpered quietly, the small orgasm zipped through me as I wiggled my hips.

“Sweet fuck Beth,” Sean whispered as we made it to the clearing.

He set me down in a chair by the fire and stormed off.

I endured hugs and concern from my friends as well as some chastising.

“Don’t worry Gemma, Sean tore a strip off her and made her cry.” Ryan said and ruffled my hair.

“That jerk.” Gemma sighed. “Well, at least you know he cares enough to be angry.”

I shrugged thanked my luck that nobody was too upset and the evening wasn’t ruined. I was gracefully the butt of many jokes and totally fine with that. Sean avoided me and that was probably for the best. Ever since my little warm-up on the path, I was ready to jump him.

To be continued…

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  1. Nel says:

    Curious. I wonder if a friend of the group were the phantom eyes on Beth’s back..

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