#17 Making A Huge Splash (Beth & Sean)

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol it is rated R and 18+

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Making A Huge Splash (Beth & Sean)

_17 Making A Huge Splash

The boat ride back was exhilarating. I’ve never felt so alive or happy and I thought I had achieved that level last night. I was blaming the abundant sex, the relaxation, medication and the wind in my face as we sped across the lake, but I know it’s because of Sean in general.

The sun was still hot and beating down hard. I was hot and sweaty from the sex and the life jacket, and glad to take it off. Sean lifted me out of the boat to the dock after securing it with the ropes.

“How’d it go?” Javelle asked.

I turned to smile at Louie and Javelle as they approached.

“Good, slow, but fun.” I stooped to pick up the crutches, the dock shifted and I lost my balance.

“Oh shit,” I said before I tumbled into the water making a huge splash.

I’m a damned good swimmer, but the air cast floats and it went against my instinct to put my legs down and swim up. I couldn’t get my bearings as my cast pulled me the wrong way. I flailed my arms trying to right myself and couldn’t overcome the imbalance. I was irrationally afraid and nearly gulped water. The second I felt hands on me I calmed. I could rationalize enough to remember to stop fighting or struggling when someone grabs you when in water distress.

My head was pushed up to the surface.

“I got you. Relax and float on your back.” Sean said and I coughed water and then took a deep breath. I did as he instructed and the panic dissipated. I looked to see Sean on one side and Javelle on the other. Louie knelt on the dock to haul me out of the water.

“That was embarrassing.”

“The cast threw you off,” Louie said as I was helped to the dock. “That must have been scary.”

“A little.” I chuckled. “Okay, a lot. At least now I know to float and not to try to swim with a giant plastic airbag on my foot.”

We all chuckled and I undid the straps to the cast. “I’ll need to dry this off properly.”

“I’ll get some towels,” Louie said and took off at a jog.

“Thanks,” I said to Javelle and Sean with my face still red from embarrassment.

I set the cast on the dock in the hot full sun. I scooted to the edge of the dock and dipped my feet in. “That actually feels good. I’ll just hang here until the cast dries. A wet cast is painfully uncomfortable.”

“I bet,” Javelle said as Louie returned.

“Here you go.” He handed everyone a towel. “Hey, Sean, the grill’s ready for you.”

“Right.” Sean grinned. “Fish.”

Sean was a master chef when it came to grilling and fish was his specialty. I don’t like fish and would just eat the side dishes and not complain. There was a lot of fish for dinner. I never ate it when we cooked it and I despised being difficult so never asked for anything else.

“You guys go on, we’ll sit here and work on our sexy tans.” Javelle looked at my feet as she sat. “Does it hurt without the cast?”

“Yes, but it hurts with it too.”

“Can you go without it on?”

“I’m not supposed to for long periods of time. The doctor showed me how to put it on and adjust the air and whatnot. It’s not complicated.”

“If you can take it off can’t you swim a little?”

“No.” I shook my head. “Sitting like this is sort of okay, but if I’m in the water my inclination to move my foot to tread water or swim would be painful and bad. I can cause more damage and if I’m stupid I could end up having to have surgery.”

“Oh.” Javelle licked her lips and looked at my foot concerned.

Surprisingly conversation was decent with Javelle. She kept her snarkyness to a minimum and I hoped it would stay this way. It didn’t take long for my cast to dry in the sun and as the sun started to dip low in the sky, Tommy yelled over that dinner was ready. I put my cast back on, adjusted it and made my way over on my crutches.

A couple folding tables had been set out and chairs set around them to make a large outdoor dining table. I sat between Louie and Ryan as Gemma, Sean, and Bob brought the plates of cooked fish over. There was nothing substandard about the food on the table or coming from the grill. There were couscous salad, grilled veggies, and a green salad.

I was deciding on which salad to start with when Sean set a plate in front of me and walked away. It was a perfect medium rare steak and grilled mini potatoes. Nobody seemed to notice or care that I had something different, but I did. I put some green salad beside the steak as everyone filled their plates. There was copious amounts of wine and many laughs throughout the meal.

At one point, I caught Sean’s eye and he winked before resuming his conversation with Thane and Annie. It was alarming that his simple gesture sent butterflies through my core.

Since I did nothing to catch or cook any food, so I opted to clean up. Tommy and Ryan helped. I didn’t mind doing the few dishes as a boatload went out to go fishing and the others went to a nearby field to throw a football or something.

To be continued…

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  2. Nel says:

    Saving her and serving her steak. What a good guy! 😉

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