#15 Get On The Boat – (Beth & Sean)

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol it is rated R and 18+

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Get On The Boat (Beth & Sean)

_14 Sleeping In (1)

The boat got a lot of use all morning and throughout the afternoon. I declined again since the wind picked up and the water was choppy. I watched the boat bounce as it sped away and cringed at the thought of how much a jar like that would hurt. I sat on the dock with Louie, Javelle and Thane fishing. We caught some perch the boys decided to keep and eat. Since we all would likely go fishing, we had our licenses for the summer. Sean came back with the boatload of others that went fishing on the other side of the lake. They brought back some lake trout.

Louie, Ryan, and Gemma prepared the fish for dinner and the rest took off on a hike down to a wild strawberry patch Tommy found yesterday.

“Do you want to go out on a boat ride?” Sean asked me and I looked up from my book, “you’ve been dodging it all day.”

I looked over at the water and shook my head. “Too bumpy and nobody wants to go slow, it’s boring.”

“Is it?” Sean scowled at me. “Get up lazy ass and let’s go.”

“Fine.” I got up and grabbed the crutches. It was much better to not be walking on my foot all the time.

Ryan spotted us. “Where are you two going?”

“Boat.” Sean held up the boat keys. “Anyone want to come?”

I held my breath.

“Nah,” Ryan said. “Just mind her foot.”

“Duh.” Sean flipped Ryan off a fraction of a second before Ryan managed to. It was their weird guy thing. The equivalent of a quick draw. It was what they did when one said something insultingly obvious and the other replied ‘duh’.

Sean lifted me onto the boat and left the crutches on the dock. He handed me a life jacket and I put it on as he inflated a small float by mouth.

“What is that for?”

“Small bumps,” Sean said and put it under my cast and secured it with a strap.

“Where did it come from?”

“I picked it up at the pharmacy when I got the crutches. Turns out you’re not the first camper to have a broken bone around here.”

“Oh.” I chewed my bottom lip a moment as he started up the boat. “That was thoughtful of you.”

“It’s better than watching you mope. Maybe Javelle will calm the hell down.”

“Oh is she still being weird?”

“Sort of,” Sean shrugged as he sped up toward the open water.

I smiled as the wind whipped my face and hair. The spray of the water is a cool contrast to the hot sun. This was what my soul needed; some absolute freedom from life. There is nothing like feeling the favorable elements in your face.

The cushion was amazing. The impact of the minor bumps was not painful at all. Sean still took it easy keeping the tricks and sharp turns to the calm moments on the water. We slowed as we approached the crown land part of the lake. No cottages for miles and I looked around, no other boats either.

Sean dropped the anchor and laughed. “You’re hair looks ridiculous.”

“I don’t care.” I took my elastic out and combed my fingers through it before tying it back up.

The only sound around us were the sounds of nature. The water lapped at the boat and I could hear insects in the nearby shore. I smiled at the call of a loon and grinned as a large fish jumped out of the water.

If this were any other year, I’d jump out of the boat and swim around and I would have had Sean make a large wake, circle back and jump the boat over them. I would have done a lot more than I was. My immobility was eating away at me in little nibbles. I flinched when I wondered if this would have been worse without sex.

“This is hard for you,” Sean said suddenly startling me out of my thoughts.


“This, it’s hard for you.”

“Why do you care?” My accusatory tone was normal for our interactions but in this moment, it was mean.

“Because every year you’re the life of this trip. You’re the first one to run and jump off the dock. The one to start spontaneous one-minute dance parties in the forest with no music. You’re the one that instigates the games and silly antics on hikes and whatever we’re doing. You suggest the games and you’re the one that scales the crazy rock cliff for fun, jumps the crevasses and climbs trees to get fresh pine cones for the fire just to hear them pop.”

“So?” I shrugged. “I try to make the best of what I can.”

“I guess I didn’t realize how much relied on you until you couldn’t.”

“You complained.”

“But I still participated.”

I thought about that. He did and he was usually the second one to jump off the dock or to get on the cliff or up the tree. He would grab one of the girls and dance silly with them when I would stop on the path and yell ‘one-minute dance party’. I liked being silly and having fun. I also liked quiet and tranquility. Normally I had a good sense for which was appropriate and when.

“I’ll be honest Beth I figured you’d sit, sulk and be a pest the entire time. Complaining about what you can’t do and drag everyone down. You aren’t, and it’s admirable.”

I was feeling uncomfortable with his compliments and looked out to the calming water. He sat beside me and I turned completely turning my back to him. Sean moved closer and I smiled when his hands went around my waist and up my shirt from behind.

“Did you bring me out here just for sex?” I asked as he pushed my bikini top up.

“No there was the risk someone might want to come along.” His fingers rubbed the soft flesh of my breasts as he played and explored. “Are you complaining?”

“No way.” I moaned as the electric pulse of arousal zipped from his fingers on my nipples straight down to my core. “What happens when this trip is over?”

The pause was only two seconds as he pondered, two seconds too long.

To be continued…

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8 comments on “#15 Get On The Boat – (Beth & Sean)

  1. Nel says:

    They’re gonna kiss on this boat! I can feel it. Or someone is gonna let their true feelings slip. They’re both halfway there; Sean is just showing it a little bit more whereas Beth is keeping it internal.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sheryl says:

    It seems she’s starting to see Sean for who he is beneath his badgering and picking on her ways.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. OMG I’m addicted. I can’t wait to see what happens next. I’m hope they kiss.

    Liked by 1 person

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