#14 Sleeping In – (Beth & Sean)

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol it is rated R and 18+

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Sleeping In (Beth & Sean)

_14 Sleeping In

I woke to the sound of an animal near the tent and smiled at the low ceiling of the tent. The dawn sky was promising another gorgeous day.

“What is that?” I whispered upon hearing the noise again that woke me.

“Raccoon,” Sean whispered and I peeked out to see it scurry off.

“Aww, cute,” I whispered.

“Rotten disease infested pests.” He nearly hissed the words.

“Speaking of…” I smiled slyly at his tented boxers.

“I’ll have you know I’m disease free. You are the questionable one.”

“Whatever.” I said and pulled my shirt off. “I’ve never had unprotected sex.”

“Really not even with Brad?”


We were getting so good at whisper conversations I was afraid we might slip into one in front of others.

“You two were together for over a year.”

“Still a no.” I slipped my panties over my cast.

“Didn’t you trust him?”

“Actually I didn’t and it turned out to be for good reason.” I put the condom on him as he sat on his heels.

“Shit really?” He whispered quietly.

“Yeah, shit really. He wasn’t exactly faithful.” I moved closer while rubbing his condom covered length.

“Brad and Jack both?”

“Yes.” I said it and locked eyes with him.

Being cheated on is horrible. When you trust someone so completely it’s a betrayal to the bottom of the soul. I know I would never hurt someone who way and Sean sure as hell wont.

I ran my hands over his warm strong shoulders and lowered over his solid flesh and my eyes fluttered at how good he felt. “Why am I so hot for you?”

He gripped my ass as I rode. “Chemistry I guess. God, you’re tight this morning.”

“Chemistry sucks. What a cruel joke it’s playing on us.”

I stopped whispering to focus on the slick thick feel of him inside as I moved faster. My body heated up fast with arousal and I breathed fast and shallow from the urgency within. The familiar feeling of fear gripped me just before my body released the aforementioned chemicals to bring me bliss. I buried my face in the crook of his neck as I felt his orgasm join mine.

“Seriously.” He whispered as I moved off. “I don’t stand a chance of lasting when you do that.”

I watched him dress as I put my own clothes on. Sean is a very attractive man physically, and I’ve masturbated to thoughts of him before. Now that I’ve had a taste, I want more, I just can’t have more.I wondered how long we can keep this up as I climbed back into my sleeping bag.

“I’m going for a run.” He whispered as he tied his runners on.

“I’m jealous.”

“Oh… ah sorry Beth.”

“Isn’t that where you’re supposed to say something like, ‘with that fat ass, I doubt you would even if you could.’, or something meaner?”

“I guess I’m nicer after a good good-morning orgasm.” He whispered and left the tent.

I dozed off and woke to the sound of voices outside the tent. I contemplated getting up but I was feeling lazy. Maybe not lazy, but content.

“Where’s Beth?” I heard Gemma ask. “It’s not like her to sleep in.”

“Annie wanted to get laid so she’s in Sean’s tent,” Thane said in a bored tone.

“Where is Sean?” Gemma asked with a tone to her voice that suggested she suspected.

“Right there,” Thane said and I assumed he was pointing or gesturing.

“You slept with Beth?” Gemma said with a curiously odd tone.

“If by slept with, you mean she slept in my tent beside me, then yes.”

“That’s uncharacteristically nice of you,” Gemma said.

“Just because I don’t like her doesn’t mean I can’t be nice. Besides, I think going up and down those steep stairs is causing more pain than she admits.”

“Holy shit,” Stella laughed, “did hell freeze over?”

“Dude, you are being uncharacteristically nice.” Thane laughed and I assumed he slapped Sean on the back of his shoulder.

“If you consider pity nice, then so be it.” Sean said with a bored tone.

“She never sleeps in,” Stella said, her voice getting closer to the tent.

“You did make her drink more than she should on painkillers Stella.” Will said with a groan, and I could envision him holding his head pitifully. He was overly drunk last night.

Louie’s voice chimed in. “Sean man, did you seriously go for a run?”

“It was better than listening to her toss and turn and make pain noises,” Sean said as his voice grew more distant.

It was a good cover if anyone had heard something. The zipper on the tent opened and I feigned sleep.

“Out like a light,” Stella whispered. “Poor thing.”

“Breakfast!” Tommy’s voice boomed out allowing me to startle from my fake sleep and I blinked at Stella.

“Good morning princess.” Stella giggled. “Since when do you sleep in?”

“Ah since alcohol and my pain meds knock me on my ass.” I sat up. “What time is it?”

“It’s just after nine-thirty.”

“Wow that late? I’m starved.” I climbed out of my sleeping bag fully dressed and tugged my running shoe on.

“Gemma thought you two… you know.” Stella said as she left the tent and I followed.

“Why?” I said and picked up the crutches that were set by the tent.

Stella giggled and we went in for breakfast.

To be continued…

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6 comments on “#14 Sleeping In – (Beth & Sean)

  1. Nel says:

    Lol, this can only last so long. I feel like something is gonna pop off in your next installment (and maybe I hope for it a lot too :P).

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  2. Incredibly great story, I’ve been reading nonstop😊

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