#13 Perception Askew – (Beth & Sean)

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol it is rated R and 18+

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Perception Askew (Beth & Sean)

_13 Perception Askew

The night had been fiery, full of fun, alcohol, flirty conversation, confrontations and now I was on my back in Sean’s tent beneath him and at his complete mercy. I heard no voices outside aside from the distant snuck of Louie’s snoring.

Sean’s mouth moved over and around my breasts and found a trail between then and was making his way south. His lips moved lower, branding my body with his tongue when it dashed out to taste my skin. My mind reeled from the unexpected sexual intimacy. This was partly what I was afraid of; it was supposed to be just sex. Foreplay wasn’t part of the deal, although neither said no to it either.

I was okay with him sucking my tits because they’re part of sex too. This, this slow and methodical action was closer to love making. My mind was objecting, however, it was overshadowed by my physical desire. Sean’s hands reached up to caress my breasts while he kissed and licked my abdomen with a gentleness that sent my body into overdrive.

He nudged my legs apart and I spread easily for him almost as if I had no control over that action. For the first time since I’ve met Sean, he made me nervous. I’ve always known where I stand with him and this was not supposed to be part of where I stand.

“I have been thinking about this all night,” Sean said before he licked my wet southern lips.

I mewled a soft sound and looked at his lust sodden face. All night? This specifically? If my face wasn’t already flushed with passion it would have flushed with embarrassment. He breathed hotly on my bits as he dove in and invaded me with his tongue.

The dexterous muscle moved in and out of my opening then lapped and flicked my clit. I wasn’t thrilled about it at first. Oral is so personal for me for some reason. Then again, I did go down on him first. Only I went right for it without any lead-up. My thoughts were cut short as he worked my sensitive nub with the flexed tip of his tongue.

I covered my mouth with the spare sleeping bag as I writhed and came. I didn’t have time to recover as Sean climbed over me and filled me with one swift thrust.

What I wouldn’t give to let loose and cry out my pleasure; to let him know how full of rapture he made me feel. I can’t, so part of my attention was always on keeping quiet and it was a struggle to keep that focus. Over and over my body, mind, and voice warred with the other as I was filled stroke by stroke to the edge of sanity.

The oral was the perfect foreplay and coupled with my naughty thoughts all day I was primed quickly for another orgasm. Sean was the first ever to give me two in a row this fast.

I bore down hard on him as my body tensed. I pulsed and it nearly drew out my cries of pleasure that I managed to stifle at the last moment into the sleepingbag. I felt better hearing and feeling as he worked to keep his own sex noises hidden from the world. Sweaty and sated, Sean collapsed on me and all be damned I loved it. The feeling of his warm heavy body pinning mine to the soft camping mattress.

“Sorry.” He muttered quietly after at least a minute and rolled off to dispose of the condom.

Silently I put my t-shirt on and panties and climbed into Louie’s spare bag. I watched Sean pull his boxers on and climb into his bag and lay facing me.

I didn’t know what to do about this. I should tell him to keep it less touchy, but then I’d be betraying myself and my body. Shit, it was too amazing and I had no idea he would be such a tender lover. I assumed he was all hands, grabbing and off to the races. I mean I’m not complaining about quickies or just plain sex, but what he just did to me was the kind of thing people in real relationships did.

Then it occurred to me that maybe my perception was askew. Maybe people do get this touchy with strangers or during casual sex. I’ve never had a one-night stand nor been this close to anyone that I had casual sex with. I’ve never known any casual partner like I know Sean. I’ve known Sean for seven years and despite my insistence that we aren’t friends, we actually are. If he asked a favor, I wouldn’t hesitate and I know he wouldn’t either. We’d complain and bitch, but we’d still do it.

I couldn’t speak if I’d wanted to and I didn’t want to talk. It wasn’t awkward or weird I just didn’t want to add to the experience and make it romantic. Half of me wanted to say something mean or rude just to throw this all back into reality, the other half just wanted to enjoy this.

It’s been forever since I’ve felt so sated, content, comfortable and maybe even happy. Tomorrow this would all slip away and we’d be back to pissing each other off and finding everything the other does annoying at every turn. Tomorrow I could forget this moment for what it was and probably isn’t. I could tuck it away for the cold empty bed nights and pretend it was real.

We stared soundlessly at each other in the dark until my eyes grew heavy.

To be continued…

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3 comments on “#13 Perception Askew – (Beth & Sean)

  1. Nel says:

    Silence speaks louder than words. They’re both trying so hard not to fall! This was a really, well written scene, Cim.

    Liked by 1 person

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