#12 Dancing Around The Truth – (Beth & Sean)

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol it is rated R and 18+

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Dancing Around The Truth (Beth & Sean)

_12 Dancing Around The Truth

Stella stood up with a sly grin. “Alright, everyone not skulking off to get laid,” she giggled, “it’s time for truth or dare.”

There were cheers and groans alike. It was something that happened more than once on the getaway and always after copious amounts of alcohol. I noticed Annie and Tommy were gone as were Javelle and Bob. Gemma and Ryan were making their getaway whilst giggling too loudly. I was relieved that Gemma wasn’t participating she was acting suspicious of Sean and me.

“Okay, I’ll start,” Stella said. “Thane. Truth or dare?”


“Alright, chicken boy I dare you to eat five roasted marshmallows. Beth cooks them.”

Everyone laughed. Thane hated marshmallows in any form and I burn them in such a gross way.

“Can I change my mind?”

“I wouldn’t if I were you,” Stella warned.

Sean handed me the six prong marshmallow stick loaded up and I got to massacring them.

We laughed hysterically as Thane choked them down and Sean teased him mercilessly.

“Okay Thane, it’s your turn,” Stella said.

“I’ll get you.” He sneered. The rule was you have to pick someone that didn’t just go. That meant Stella was safe for a bit. “Alright… Sean.” He chuckled. “Truth or dare?”

Sean smiled. “Truth.”

Everyone cheered at his bravery.

“Dude.” Thane laughed. “Okay.” He tapped his chin. “I know. Of the two women here who would you rather have sex with?”

“Stella.” He said not skipping a beat.

Stella punched Thane’s arm. “Lame, of course, he’d say me over Beth. Your turn Sean.”

Sean didn’t even look at me. “Louie. Truth or dare?”

“Dare all the way baby.” Louie chuckled as Will looked terrified. Of everyone here, Will hated this game the most.

“Okeydokey, I dare you to wear women’s underwear for the rest of the night. Only that.”

Everyone laughed and Stella jumped up. “I’ll get some.” She took off running and Louie got me my third beer as we waited.

Shamelessly Louie stripped naked and donned the bright red lace panties and a matching bra. That actually elicited more teasing for Stella than for Louie. She used a few looped hair elastics to make the bra fit Louie’s broad chest but he paraded around before sitting.

“Damn Louie you look hot as hell.” I laughed.

“Drag’s not my thing but I need titties.” Louie laughed and Sean tossed him a bag of marshmallows.

Louie stuffed the red bra full and we laughed so hard. I nearly fell out of my chair.

“Stella,” Louie said as he set the half bag of marshmallows down.

“Truth.” She grinned and took a big sip of her Long Island iced tea cooler.

Louie squeezed his fake boobs. “Imma going to get dirty. What’s the nastiest sex act you’ve done?”

She laughed. “Threesome.”

“So hot,” Thane said.

“All girls and lots of toys.” Stella high-fived Louie.

“Mega hot.” Thane fanned himself with his hand.

“Dude you have no idea,” Stella said and the drunken laughter followed. She turned to me. “Alright, little miss broken-bones. What will it be?”

I hesitated. “Truth. Only because I don’t want to get up.” That and Gemma didn’t ask and wasn’t here.

“Imma going to follow Louie’s’ lead. When’s the last time you had sex?”

I swallowed hard and looked at my hands.

“Ooh, that long huh?” Thane teased.

“If you won’t answer you get punishment.” Stella teased.

I shook my head. “I’ll take punishment.”

“Oh come on Beth,” Louie begged.

“Yeah Beth play fair.”

“Have it your way Beth. Last chance.” Stella warned. “Okeydokey. For your punishment you have to kiss Sean with tongue and mean it.”

“No.” My head shot up.

“Why the fuck am I being punished? Not fair.” Sean objected.

Stella laughed hard. “Oh my God, chill out guys I’m teasing. I want to see drunk Bethany. Chug your beer and another.” Stella crossed her arms as Louie got me another beer.

Not good, not on painkillers. I took one for team secret-sex-friends and finished my third, and downed the fourth. I was going to be drunk very fast. Unless…

“Ugh, I need to pee,” I said and went into the house. I emptied my stomach easily and went back out. I hated to do that but being drunk that badly was not an option.

The game died down after more alcohol was used as punishments and Louie carried Stella to bed before crashing himself. I climbed into Sean’s tent, stripped naked and climbed into Louie’s spare sleeping bag leaving it unzipped.

“Super lame,” Sean whispered when he finally came in. “Everyone’s gone.”

I huffed in the dark and opened the bag to slip into Sean’s doing my best not to giggle with anticipation.

“Naked already.” He fondled my breasts. “Why wouldn’t you kiss me?”

“No way, hard rule and I won’t break it.”

“Lying to our friends is worse than I thought.”

I shook my head. “You lied. I never lied once, I simply stated misleading facts.”

“Who said I lied?” He asked.


“Fine I lied, I find her as attractive as I find Bob.”

I stifled a moan as he started licking and sucking a nipple.

“Shh!” Sean hissed and went back to work. I was not prepared for him to move south.

To be continued…

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Next Chapter:  Perception Askew



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    I totally forgot about the no kissing rule. That was close!

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