#11 Sleeping Re-Arrangements – (Beth & Sean)

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol it is rated R and 18+

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Sleeping Re-Arrangements  (Beth & Sean)

_11 Sleeping Re-Arrangements

When the second group got back on the boat, I had started my first beer. The others were at least three to six in. The boat group caught up quickly, only tonight everyone seemed restless and didn’t just hang out at the fire. Gemma and Ryan went off for a moonlight walk. Sean had rebuffed Javelle’s several subtle advances and flat out said no to her outright suggestion, putting her in her place and telling her he wasn’t interested.

No surprise, but she sat sulking and shot me daggers when nobody was looking. I did my best to ignore her and that might have annoyed her more. I observed her edging her way closer to Bob. It’s not my place to interfere, but I genuinely wanted to. Bob is such a great guy and Javelle is… I shook my head. I had to try to like her. Gemma is my friend and she and Javelle are friends.

I wondered if Bob shut her down if she would leave the group or not. It wouldn’t likely be immediate but I could see her distancing herself. I don’t know if I’d miss her but I know Gemma would as would Stella.

I was lost in thoughts as I have been lately and jumped when asked a loud question.

 “So where did you sleep last night?” Annie smirked at me.

Annie’s cooler induced bravado allowed her to ask something she normally never would. Annie’s question threw me off and I hesitated. She noticed. That meant others might have too. And since she asked it so freaking loudly everyone within earshot was waiting for an answer.

“In my tent,” Sean said then laughed. “She’s an idiot and passed out by the fire.”

“That’s dangerous,” Thane said quickly as he sat up to attention.

“Duh.” I said and I was blushing so hard even in the campfire light I know it’s noticable.

“And where did you sleep?” Annie leered at Sean.

“In my tent. I wasn’t about to carry her wide load up the stairs and wake everyone up and I karma would tear me a new one if I left her by the fire.”

“Damn right it would.” Thane nodded. “I’d be second in line.”

“Why were you out anyway?” Stella asked me.

“I couldn’t sleep and was keeping Annie up.” I sipped my beer. “I kept putting off the climb back up the damned steps and before I knew it I woke in Sean’s tent.”

“Oooh, how pissed were you?” Bob chuckled.

“I wasn’t. Even waking up to his drool face was better than rolling into the fire.”

“No shit. Don’t do that again.” Thane said firmly.

It was a hot topic for him. He lost his little brother when they were kids. He’d snuck out of his bed and curled up next to the fireplace. It’s a horrible story.

“I’m sorry Thane, honestly I’m mortified which is why I didn’t say anything.”

He nodded, accepting my apology. I was mortified at almost being caught and the idea of upsetting Thane so I wasn’t lying.

Javelle looked at me funny and the moment she could, she came over. “Sean was pretty blunt to me when he shot me down. He really isn’t the nicest guy.”

“You didn’t really like him did you?” I said back suspecting she was either after Bob all along or just making her rounds.


“Bob’s a great guy, be nice to him.”

She looked at me stunned.

“Javelle we may not be best of friends but I like my friends happy. If you like, Bob please don’t use him. He’s not a fly-by-night kinda guy.”

She looked down at her hands. “I’m going about it all wrong I know. I just… he… he freaks me out because I like him too much.”

I smiled and touched her arm gently. “Then he’s worth the effort.”

I felt damned good for being good to Javelle and not petty for her hurting my feelings. It bothered me greatly that I was glad she wasn’t actually into Sean. However I don’t for a second believe she’s actually into Bob either.

Annie came by and asked drunkenly if I was coming up to bed or sleeping out here again. It was almost traditional that she and Tommy hooked up on the camping trips and I saw him looking sheepish standing by the cabin.

“She can crash in my tent again; there’s plenty of room.” Sean rolled his eyes. “It’s not like I’m getting lucky.”

Everyone laughed including me as Sean gave Javelle a pointed look. Javelle’s odd pout was shaken off quickly when she saw me directly look over at her.

“I have a spare sleeping bag.” Louie offered and got up to retrieve it from his car.

Either everyone knew Sean and I were having sex, or everyone thought it was so unbelievable that they would never suspect us to be having sex.

“Don’t I get a say?” I pouted then winced when I moved my foot.

The pain was real. I might have set my healing back a bit with the trip to the lake last night.

“Dudette let a man get laid.” Louie laughed and tossed the sleeping bag at Sean.

I didn’t bother making anymore fuss about my sleeping re-arrangements. Who was I to deny others sex when I’ve had so much? They don’t know that, but my very aroused body did. I snuck a peek at Sean as he came back from putting the sleeping bag in the tent.

Great now I’m stealing glances. That can’t be good.

To be continued…

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  2. Nel says:

    Now they’re both subtlety letting their feeling show. I think Javelle isn’t stupid even though she’s a bitch.

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  3. Sheryl says:

    Stealing glances? Sounds like she’s in trouble.

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