#10 The High Road – (Beth & Sean)

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol it is rated R and 18+

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Title (Beth & Sean)

_10 The High Road

After an amazing steak supper with fragrant herbed baked potatoes, Thane, Bob, Gemma, and Sean met the rental boat down at the dock. The company was on the other side of the lake and delivered. The man who delivered it drove off on a Sea-doo.

“We should have rented a couple of those,” Thane said as they came back up to the fire.

“We can tomorrow,” Bob said.

“Should have rented what? Javelle asked as the hiking group came up to the fire.

“Sea-doo’s.” Thane grinned.

The conversation was lively and fun. Sean and Gemma were the only ones with a boat license and Gemma took the first group out to the water for fun.

I smiled as I watched the boat speed swiftly and make sharp turns. It bounced on its own wake and sprayed water wildly.

“That looks like fun.” I bit my bottom lip and glanced at my right foot clad in plastic and whatever was used to make the air pockets. There was no way I could endure bumps like those.

Javelle tutted at me for the fourth time since getting back.

“What?” I said as she rolled her eyes.

“I’m going to get stuck with you and it’s going to suck.”

I bit my tongue because as Sean pointed out before, I can get mean when baited in my current state.

“We’ll have to go slow so not to upset your precious foot.” Javelle pouted.

“It’s broken.” I looked at my foot propped up.

It wasn’t as bad today since I stayed off of it.

“You’re walking on it.” She crossed her arms. “Can’t be that broken.”

My anger bubbled quickly. “I don’t need a plaster cast so I opted for this one. While I can walk on it, I’m not supposed to walk on it constantly. It fucking hurts.”

“That’s dumb. Why not just use crutches?”

“Because.” Sean snapped at Javelle. “She forgot them.”

I looked up to see Sean behind her looking angry.

Javelle snickered meanly. “Of course she did, how convenient.”

Sean stepped around Javelle with a pair of aluminum crutches in his hands.

“I rushed her when I picked her up so it’s actually my fault.”

“Since when do you defend her?” Javelle got up and stormed off and I watched her go.

“Here,” Sean said as he held the crutches out for me.

“You didn’t have to get these.” I grinned and stood to measure and adjust them. I don’t know why I didn’t think of picking some up in the small town. They do have a hospital there.

“Yes, I did. I saw yours leaning against the wall by your door and didn’t grab them.”


“I assumed you grabbed them, but since they’re an unusual accessory… out of sight out of mind. Stay still.” Sean ordered as he adjusted them for me.

He was being too nice and it worried me a little. When he finished he stood and must have seen my concern.

“Don’t think for a second this is me being nice. This is me settling a score with my guilty conscience and nothing more.” He pointed at my face. “You find a way to smooth things over with Javelle before whatever bullshit it is, blows up and ruins this trip.”

I furrowed at him. “Go to Hell it’s not my fault.”

He looked me over from head to cast and back up. “Sort of is.”

I was about to ask what the hell he meant by that but Gemma marched Javelle out to of the cabin toward us.

“Sean, would you please leave? The two of you,” Gemma looked at me then Javelle, “sit.” She said in her authoritative tone.

We both did and I put my foot back up.

“Javelle what the hell is going on?” Gemma asked with her hands on her hips.

Javelle glared at me. “Beth knows I like Sean but I think she’s after him to spite me.”

Both Gemma and I laughed.

“I’m serious. I think that Beth and Sean had sex.”

Did she see us? Despite it being the truth, which on its own was hilarious, I wasn’t about to out us. I laughed and waved my hand.

“Oh my God Javelle, even if it were true what business is it of yours? If you like Sean, and I honestly can’t see why you would, go talk to him about it.”

“But…” Javelle looked confused.

“Seriously. I will not now, nor ever stand in your way if he’s what you want. Why would I? Look I’m sorry I got angry yesterday and blew the whistle on your not-so-secret crush, it was wrong.”

“Wait, what?” Javelle looked even more confused.

“I’m actually in a lot of pain. I’m trying to be myself but it’s hard. I can’t really drink because of the painkillers. Being drunk and clumsy with a broken foot is not a great idea. I’m sorry if I’ve been gruff or not as friendly with you. It’s not on purpose. Honest.”

It was honest because normally I have to work extra hard to be nice to her. Javelle looked at the ground, her eyes darting around as she thought.

“I’m wrong in this aren’t I?” Javelle looked at Gemma.

“Sorry sweetie but yes you are.”

“I don’t know why I’m so angry at you,” Javelle said sadly.

“If you don’t know then it’s probably not real. I can let it go if you can.” I did not see honesty in her posture and my offer was only to benefit Gemma.

Javelle got up and I stood. We hugged and she sniffled. “I’m sorry Beth.”

“Me too.”

Javelle walked away toward the direction of Sean who was standing down by the water.

“She doesn’t actually like Sean for who he is,” Gemma said. “She’s been eyeing Bob as well.”

“I wondered.”

“You know it’s not because Sean isn’t a great guy right?” Gemma said harshly. “He is. I don’t for the life of me know why the two of you can’t be friends.”

“We are in our own way.”

Gemma thought about that a moment. “You know I suppose that’s true. While catty you guys don’t drag anyone else down.”

We heard the boat return and the other half of the group headed down. I stayed put, not because of Javelle, but because I was tired and a bumpy boat ride was not on my list of want’s right now.

“You coming?” Sean asked as he approached.


“Did you two sort things out?”

“I took the high road.”

“Come on.” He smiled and gestured for me to get up.

“I’m okay here.”

“Trust me. Get up, let’s go.”

I shook my head and swallowed the tears that were threatening. He nodded and walked away. I got up and went inside before the others got to the fire to be alone for a little while.

To be continued…

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Next Chapter:  Sleeping Re-Arrangements



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  1. Nel says:

    Her feelings are showing. I wonder if Javelle will actually approach Sean and if she does, what he plans on doing.

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