#9 Dripping Wet – (Beth & Sean)

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol it is rated R and 18+

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Dripping Wet (Beth & Sean)

_9 Dripping Wet

I did not wake up of my own volition. I was on my side and there was a warm hand caressing my breast from behind me. I felt the tip of Sean’s hard-on rubbing slowly on the small of my back just above my panty line. Damn him but I was completely turned on by this horribly intimate act.

It was still dark but the sky promised light soon. I could feel his breath on the back of my neck in harsh horny huffs.

The sudden flash of arousal deep inside made me whimper. He shifted behind me, I pulled my panties aside, felt the condom already in place over the rightfully presumptuous bastard’s cock and I guided him in. The angle was new and ultra-sexy for me. Sean moved me easily putting his left arm under my body to hold me close as his other skirted over my flat stomach. He stopped at my panty line and wiggled his fingers below the fabric.


“Shh.” Sean made the sound close to my ear and I covered my mouth as his thick cock tugged and pushed my soft insides with each gentle stroke. His fingers deftly searched out my clit and began rubbing gently as he began to thrust faster.

The round tip of his cock slammed my G-spot hard and fast. It was too much and I doubled over, still on my side as my body convulsed hard around him. Sean breathed in hard huffs as I reveled in the cycles of body paralyzing pleasure.

Once I had my wits about me, I moved away and unzipped the sleeping bag to get out. I slipped out of the tent without saying a word and went to find a shower before I started on breakfast prep.

I ended up reading for two hours before anyone even stirred. Except for Sean. I saw him take off for a jog into the forest after grabbing a two-way radio. Once I heard someone thump his or her way to one of the bathrooms, I started cooking the sausage. I didn’t mind since I was never hungover and rarely slept in even if hungover…

…I had the cabin to myself that morning as half the group went to the nearby town to get more beer, food and rent a boat. The other half, Gemma, Stella, Ryan, Javelle, and Tommy went on a hike. They took a picnic and didn’t plan to come back until much later.

I needed to take it easy today and found a nice shady spot by the water to sit and read. I managed to carry a small chair, water and a bag of chips.

I was startled awake by the loud harmonized whoops of Thane and Will as they came running down the path, over the dock and both cannonballed into the water. Buck naked, neither had any shame and this was not a surprise happening for them.

They came up laughing as Sean, Louie, Bob, and Annie came down the path in their swimsuits. Sean and Louie both saw me at the same time.

“Wanna come watch us make asses of ourselves?” Louie laughed.

“I already saw two very naked asses.” I laughed. “But sure.” I moved to get up and Louie waved me to sit. He and Sean grabbed a side of the chair and carried me to the end of the dock.

“Shit if Javelle saw that she’d have a fit,” Annie said as she walked up the dock toward me and bent down to my ear. “But I bet if she were in your air cast they wouldn’t bother.”

“Did I do something to piss her off?”

Annie tilted her head back and forth slightly. “Not on purpose. She likes the attention and you’re stealing it innocently. It’s driving her nuts. Especially since Sean is actually being nicer to you.”

I had noticed he was being nicer and assumed it was the sex. I didn’t realize others might have noticed.

“Hey, Annie be a feminist and free the ta-ta’s!” Thane yelled from the water.

“Not in your wildest dreams.” She laughed and dove into the water.

I wanted to participate and became excited to come up with a way. I set challenges for them and kept score. Who could stay under the longest, the fastest swimmer in a few styles, and the one they all liked the best, an underwater scavenger hunt.

Louie got out and went to start barbecuing supper as the other splashed and laughed.

Thane climbed out of the water dripping and cold. I snickered.


Thane laughed and stretched in the sunshine. “Yes, but you still looked.”

I shrugged. “I’m human and you’re pretty.”

Will came out of the water as the others did. “Dude even shrunk I’m still twice your length.”

“You guys are such weirdos.” Annie laughed and headed for the path.

“Hey Thane, can you carry her chair and stuff?” Sean asked as he made me get up.

“Sure.” Thane grabbed my chair, book, and garbage and walked away.

“Get on,” Sean said as he squatted.

“You’re dripping, I’ll get all wet.”

“God I hope so.” He said so only I heard.

“Correction,” I whispered in his ear as I climbed on his back, “I’ll get wetter.”

He gripped my legs, stood from the squat and I admired the strength that would take. He carried me piggyback up to the fire and set me down. Our teasing was taking a toll on me and I loved how great it felt.


Sean shrugged his response and walked away.

To be continued…

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  1. Nel says:

    Sean starting to show more and more how much he can’t get enough.

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