Amara – Itsinyou Designer Boutique (Part 3) (Sexy Saturday Serials)

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.


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Itsinyou Designer Boutique

Part 3

I found a spa willing to do me from head to toe on short notice on a Sunday. I had to drive half way across town to get there but I wanted to look good down there. With a lot of buffing, waxing, and trimming, I was ready to have my bits on display. I was to show up early to fill out my limitations and have three position pictures taken. One on my back spread wide, one on my stomach spread like a Y and the other bent over a table.

My hard no’s were any form of anal. I’m not ready for that. Fingers yes, penis yes, mouth and tongue yes. BDSM no. Pain no. Multiples… I hesitated only a second and selected yes. Condom optional and toys yes. However, I chose that as my least preferred option I wanted flesh in me, not toys. These would be my set limits unless I want to change them, which I can do when I arrive for my next service invitation.

There were ten of us in one room eight women and two lovely men. I’m assuming the vanilla selection. The screen lit up and a large breasted brown-haired woman was called to room eight. A blonde-haired woman was called to three and a red head to four. I waited to wonder if anyone would pick me, and low and behold my ID number came up to go to room one.

I opened the door and read the instructions on the screen. Disrobe from the waist down. Mount table on stomach and edge through the opening until my feet rest on the floor. Keep shoes on. Oh yeah, I was wearing some very sexy red strapped on heeled sandals. They texted me to wear sexy shoes. Fair enough.

I did as told. The table was very comfortable and the pad even had indentations for my B cup breast so they weren’t squished. A thick dark curtain was lowered and secured around my waist and the room dimmed. That makes sense. I rested my head in the doughnut shaped headrest and lowered my arms to the armrests. It was similar to a massage table.

I flinched when two warm hands touched my back just above my ass. Would they just go for gold? I was okay if they did. I mean, honestly, I get to come back and use one of them.

The hands caressed my toned globes, thank you power squats, and down my legs and back up. The warm firm hands spread my legs and a finger, I’m assuming a finger, massaged my outer lips. It was fun to be manhandled by a stranger and not hear or see anything.

I was spread wide by unseen fingers, I tightened up and felt wet sliding out. A finger circled the opening and I tightened again. The now wet finger went down to my clit and circled.

I bit my lip as an unseen hand brought me to clitoral climax. Panting and clenching I came and waited for what was next. Fingers slipped into my opening. I know they are fingers because they stroked with a dexterity a penis doesn’t have.

I became aroused again and felt fingers slipping in and out of my wet body, the other hand rubbed and squeezed my left ass cheek. I clenched on the fingers over and over as another orgasm neared.

“Oh my God…” I whispered and came again.

The pulsing of pleasure shook me and I shuffled my feet. Realistically I had expected to just be used for sex and did not expect to enjoy it this much.

I felt two hands on the upper mounds of my ass and spread my legs as best I could. The sudden impalement of a cock into me was a shock. A good one. I was wet and hot and it felt amazing. Not too long and just wide enough to provide excellent friction. Slow at first to stir my insides then faster. I gripped the edge of the table as I was thrust into fast and hard. It felt too good to be real. I wasn’t supposed to talk louder than a whisper but I couldn’t help the yelps of pleasure. Those were okay. I bore down to end the sweet torment and unleashed a torrent of powerful clenches as my body exploded with ecstasy.

I felt one last powerful ram and the sweet hard jerk of the cock unloading into me. It didn’t feel like I was being filled with hot spunk. Had he used a condom? I was okay either way, only because of the guarantee here. Even with that, there was a risk, but it was very low. When I was abandoned, I knew to say still as the instructions said. I didn’t feel anything sliding out so a condom was probably used.

The lights came on in the room, the curtain lifted and a wall partition dropped. I used a damp towel as instructed to clean up and put my robe back on. I checked and found no sign of semen. I shrugged and the screen on the wall lit up.

Proceed to room nine.’

My mouth fell open. What?

To be continued…

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