#6 Pancakes And A Pig – (Beth & Sean)

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol it is rated R and 18+

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Pancakes And A Pig (Beth & Sean)

_6 Pancakes And A Pig

I woke early before anyone else was ready to even stir. I’m a morning person and would normally go for a run to start my day. Everyone was still in their rooms fast asleep, too much drink last night for certain. It would be a while before anyone else was up. I managed to get outside in the still dark dawn. I hesitated outside Sean’s tent. I could hear the mingled snores coming from Louie and Will’s tent and it was pretty far from Sean’s anyway.

I like that I can do this with Sean and not worry about the relationship component. I struggle with relationships. I’m either all in or not present in them. Since I’ve said, “I think I’ve been in love”, I know I haven’t. In the moment I’m sure it is, but after a while, I know the man just doesn’t measure up. What or who I’m measuring them against, I have no idea. The difficulty is my job. I love my job and right now, it comes first. Everyone thinks I’m a workaholic, but I’m not, not really. People don’t understand that I will do anything not to end up like my mom. Addicted to alcohol and prescription drugs. Stealing to make ends meet and shrugging when they don’t.

I’ve never lived with loving married parents so I struggle to see the value or why it’s so important. Love got my mom pregnant at fifteen, love was what got my mom beaten and abandoned at seventeen. Then love did it all again, to her two more times over. It’s almost embarrassing to have two siblings and none of us has the same daddy. The only thing we have in common is our mom and that our dads were never there. I never even met mine.

Therefore, I’m picky about who I date. Maybe I’m too picky but I don’t want to sacrifice success for love. I do want to know what it feels like, to have someone care and to care back. Only Ryan and Gemma know about my upbringing, Sean might know but he’s never said anything derogatory so I don’t think so. Besides who I am now is what matters and now I’m looking at a tent with pleasure waiting inside. It’s not the proper companionship I truly want, but it will do for now.

I unzipped Sean’s tent quietly and crawled in. It was a hot night and he was naked under his light sleeping bag. Quietly and slowly, I peeled back the top and admired his body in the almost dark. When I touched his half-mast, he grinned in the dark.

“You know where they are.” He whispered.

I stroked him a bit first and enjoyed the silky warmth in my grasp. I took my shorts off one leg, they caught and stayed bunched on my cast where I left them. He hardened so fast it made me ache to feel his firm cock in my mouth that I couldn’t resist. I leaned over and licked the salty tip before opening wide and taking the smooth warm head in.

“Oh shit.” He whispered as I straddled his legs and took him in deeper.

I ran my tongue over him like he was the most delicious lollipop. I flexed my tongue around his shaft as I bobbed and sucked, taking as much in as I could. I went a bit too far and gagged. I backed up and wriggled my tongue over his cock. As my hand gently rubbed his balls, he groaned. The taste of him drove me wild, my pussy nearly hurt with need and I wanted more.

I reached over into his blue pack and had him wrapped quickly. I climbed back over him careful not to hit my cast on his leg and lowered as he slipped up into my hot wet depths. He played with my breasts under my shirt as I rode him to my liking. I felt him jerk beneath me as I ground into him releasing my orgasm.

“Good morning.” He whispered as he slid his hands down my ribs to my hips.

I climbed off and dressed. “I’m making breakfast,” I said quietly as I snuck back out of his tent. After-sex talk was probably a bad idea.

I went to tidy up before going to the kitchen to start on pancakes. It’s the one food that I can cook in mass. I worked a pancake stand in college on the weekends to make extra money and I was oddly good at it.

Thane came down followed by Stella and they started helping. Thane made scrambled eggs and Stella cut up fruit.

We bantered and laughed as others started waking from the smell of food. There was no order to things, cooked food was piled on plates on the table and it’s serve-yourself and mosey outside.

Annie and Javelle cleaned up and I took my plate out and sat between Sean and Bob on the steps.

“These are awesome,” Bob said as he filled his mouth full of more pancake.

“I suck at everything else.”

Sean snickered beside me and I blushed.

Bob who’s sweet and too nice is often oblivious and didn’t catch on.

“Heaven in my mouth.” Bob said taking his last bite. “Mmm.”

I blindly shoved a bite in my mouth and it was too much.

Bob chuckled when he stood. “Careful you don’t want to take too much at once you might choke.”

I elbowed Sean who laughed so hard he actually spit out some eggs. Bob looked at Sean as if he’d lost his mind and went into the cabin. Sean and I do have a similar sense of humor, it was one thing about him that I liked.

“You’re a pig,” I said harshly in a whisper.

“Mmm. Wanna suck my Sausage?” Sean whispered and laughed harder and got up. “I’ll pork ya later.” He laughed and tripped going up the stairs.

I was doing my damnedest not to laugh and failed. He’s as silly as I am and not usually clumsy so it was hilariously adorable.

“What’s so funny?” Gemma asked as she walked over.

“Sean’s being a pig.”

She narrowed her eyes at me.

“Bob was being oblivious and Sean was being a pig.”

“Ah.” She nodded. That was not an uncommon occurrence. “We’re going swimming after a hike… um…”

I got up with my empty plate. “It’s all good Gemma don’t dance around my broken foot.”

We both laughed at what I said.

“I just don’t want you to feel left out.”

“I’m good honest. I’m okay with laying about and reading.” I smiled. “Besides I can still laze around in my bikini and work on my tan when you guys swim.”

I sat enjoying the quiet birdsong filled morning as the others took off for the hike. I know normally nobody would hang back so I insisted they all go. The area was stunning and so much fun to explore. The guilt on some faces was the reason I didn’t want to come at all. Despite that, I was glad I came. I needed to relax and this was relaxing.

I was pleasantly surprised to find myself feeling aroused after so much sex. Maybe it was because of it. I didn’t care. I sat and read my book and let myself enjoy the feeling.

To be continued…

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Next Chapter: Bikini’s and Bitches


8 comments on “#6 Pancakes And A Pig – (Beth & Sean)

  1. Nel says:

    That banter was too funny, haha

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  2. I really enjoyed that, Cimmerian. I’m interested in starting from the beginning. I like your writing style, how you tell the story. Really good.

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