#5 I Have A Problem – (Beth & Sean)

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol it is rated R and 18+

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I Have A Problem (Beth & Sean)

_5 I Have A Problem

I maintained the fire until everyone had turned in for the night. I was still angry with Sean for picking on me earlier. I shouldn’t be since this was not out of character in any way for him. I went down to the water to watch the moon play on its surface. I wished wholeheartedly that I remembered the damned crutches. It was going to be a long and hard week without them.

“Fancy meeting you here,” Sean said from my left before I got to the dock.

Startled, I looked over to see him sitting on a big fallen tree by the water’s edge.

He looked younger, sweet and almost vulnerable sitting on the fallen tree with his elbows propped up on his knees. The moonlight made his light brown hair darker but shimmer with blue-white light and his eyes sparkled as he smiled up at me.

My mind flashed back to when I first met him and how hard I crushed that night at that very same smile. Only Sean had been a year out of a very bad relationship and had declared that he would never again be in a relationship beyond sex. Thus, this proposal to just have sex wasn’t a surprise one bit. I found it sad and wondered if he was lonely or if he was honestly happy with his playboy lifestyle.

“I think I have a problem.” He said coyly as his hand brushed over his hard bulge.

My insides fluttered and I smiled back. “Aside from the fact you’re a jerk?”

“And so are you. That hasn’t changed.”

“How can I dislike you so much and still want…” I looked down as he freed himself and he was already rock hard. “Fuck you’re insatiable.”

“If you’re not horny after all that sex talk then I can rub it out.” I stared at his hand as he moved it over the tip, down to the base and back up again.

“Ugh, no I definitely want to ride that.” I licked my lips. “Wrap it up,” I said and took my shorts off again.

I may not like him but my lady-bits sure as hell did. He was at the perfect height for me to bounce on him comfortably. I was slick and ready by the time I climbed over him. My eyes fluttered as my fingers brushed through the short hair at the back of his head and I impaled my womanhood with his glorious cock.

“Hold on,” Sean said as I straddled his legs with him buried deep inside me. “I want to play.” He lifted my top up, pulled my bra down and filled his hands with my breasts. “Son of a bitch you have nice tits; can I suck them?”

I moaned and nodded as he ran his thumbs over my already hard nipples. I moved slowly as he fondled one breast and sucked the other hard. His tongue expertly flicked and teased as he sucked and grazed with his teeth. I shouldn’t have been surprised that he knew exactly how to make me feel more arousal from my breasts in this one moment than I have ever before.

I got a better balance when he stopped sucking and I began to bounce faster. Being in control was hot. I held on to his shoulders as I rode and he stared at my face and played with my breasts.

“Oh yes,” I whispered. “Yes, yes…”

The pressure built inside and I ground into him as my body shook with release. He grunted hard as I gripped his length in clenching waves. My head rested on his shoulder as I caught my breath and the surges of orgasm were replaced by the after sex bliss.

I moved off, dressed awkwardly and went to the dock to sit. I heard him walk away and I smiled at the delicious feeling of sexual satisfaction.

As I sat on the dock, looked out to the water, and smiled.

I couldn’t believe I’ve had amazing sex three times in one day. With my last boyfriend, I was lucky to get it three times a week. Even when I had my two fuck buddies it was sporadic and never more than once a day; once a week if I was lucky. It was one hell of a way to spend a vacation having secret sex and I had to admit we did have some serious chemistry. I was glad I set the no kissing rule.

Sean was occupying too much of my thoughts and I frowned when it occurred to me that I didn’t mind. As far as a lover goes he’s attentive. I don’t know if he’s telling the truth or not but I suspect he holds out for me to go first. His reactions to my hard spasms were honest and flattering. I made him come and I don’t think he was lying about that. He’s a jerk not necessarily one to lie. Sure he can, does and has, but somehow I don’t get the feeling he’s being dishonest about any of this… this crazy body shaking soul-shattering sex.

I ran my hand over my covered breasts. When he set his mouth to them earlier, it was electric and hastened my orgasm. I dropped my hands to my lap and patted my crotch. I wasn’t sore by any means. Maybe it was all the painkillers but I don’t think so, not really. I only got sore before if the man was too rough or didn’t get me wet or use lube. Dry sex hurts and so far, I’ve been eager to go at just the sight of Sean.

I got up and almost regretted coming this far from the cabin again today. I would kick myself if I could for being so forgetful. Since I can actually walk on my foot and the crutches are so new, they were not on my mind when we loaded up the car.

I made my way to bed quietly and had the most wonderfully sexy dreams I’ve ever had.

To be continued…

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