#4 Truth By Fire – (Beth & Sean)

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol it is rated R and 18+

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Truth By Fire (Beth & Sean)

_4 Truth By Fire

Here I am with my legs wrapped around Sean’s hips, his arms around my legs holding me up as we walked down the path. All I could think was I’m on the wrong side of Sean. I bounced and rubbed as he walked and every time he shifted me, he made a small huff noise.

Once the cabin was in sight, I tapped his shoulder. “Put me down I can walk the rest.”

He set me down gently on the compacted soil, he may be an ass but he’s not an asshole. I went straight to the cabin to use the bathroom and check my foot. It was hurting as if I had something stuck in the cast.

I could hear laughter outside as I went to my room that I was sharing with Annie. I peeked out the window to see everyone settled around the fire and breathed a sigh of need when Sean closed my door behind him.

I was out of my shorts in record time, it snagged on the cast but I managed to get them off without falling over. He was out and wrapping it up before, he got to me on the bed. He grabbed my legs and pulled me to the edge.

“I’m going insane. I had no idea I’d want you this badly.” Sean said as he thrust hard into me.

“I’m loving this.” I gasped. “Just sex, it’s too… ohh it’s good mmm.” I reached down to rub my clit.

“It’s good alright,” Sean said before he started a hard fast pace.

It was no obligation, no worries, and no emotions. Just hot sexy sex.  I like any human, love sex. I’ve had lots of it and somehow this was the hottest and most arousing. Maybe it was that we were both happy to fuck and leave it at that. Maybe it was the secrecy and naughtiness of it all…

“I’m close.”

“I can tell.” Sean leaned over me and moved so fast in and out, I covered my mouth from the pleasure noises.

I closed my eyes as I pulled his orgasm out from its depths with my own. I took a moment to catch my breath as he sneaked out of the room. I managed to get my shorts back on, hair brushed and cast off by the time Annie came to check on me.

“You okay?” She peeked her head in. “Sean said you were sulking.”

“He said something meaner I’m sure.”

I chuckled wondering if she could smell sex in the air. There was an air freshener on the dresser that she brought saying how much she didn’t like the ‘cabin smell’ of the rooms.

“Whiny little bitch?” Annie said with a wince.

“That’s more like him.” I found a small pebble under my big toe that felt like a boulder. I held up my offending prize. “Rock.”

“Ooh, I bet that would hurt.” Annie scrunched her face in her classic I’m-about-to-ask-a-question look. “What’s with you and Sean?”

I assumed she did not mean our newly found sexual adventures together. “He’s a dick.”

“Yeah, but only to you. Do you think he likes you?”

I laughed too loudly. “Oh my God no. From day one I rub him the wrong way.” I smiled inwardly knowing that my pussy was rubbing him in all the right ways now. “And I just don’t like him.” I shrugged. “Just because he’s part of our core group doesn’t mean we have to be best of friends.”

“I guess not.”

We made our way down to the fire and Sean managed to piss me off. He made an offhand comment about being the dumbest here for me making a grammatical error. It made me self-conscious to talk and I kept mostly quiet as everyone got rowdy drunk. I did not like too much to drink when on painkillers and I had to take some earlier. I wasn’t by far the dumbest, I even graduated high school two years early. I am known to trip on my words and more so when I drink.

Javelle hasn’t said much to me since I got here and I was mostly okay with that. I’ve never done a thing against her but she made me uneasy. Louie and Will were comfortable enough to hold hands and even kiss modestly in front of the group. Will was conservative with his public displays of affection but the pretty Will with his fine features and hiss athletically lean body was Louie’s Kryptonite.

The conversation drifted toward sex as conversations do with a group of drunk friends.  Tommy was getting touchy-feely with Annie and she wasn’t objecting. Each person got to ask one sex related question and generally, everyone played along.

Javelle asked how old for the first time having sex. Thane followed up with spit or swallow, which wasn’t a fair question. Bob shyly asked about public sex. I had to say yes since I’ve had it a few times in two days. Ryan asked about most embarrassing sex moment. Gemma followed up with the best. After a round of everyone fessing up to what their favorite sex position is what Sean asked. I wondered if he was fishing for mine. Louie asked if anyone has faked an orgasm. Again an unfair question, but to my surprise, Javelle, Stella, Louie, Thane and Sean all said they have and qualified with wanting to get away from a boring lay.

“Who uses sex toys?” Will asked everyone slyly.

Thankfully, he didn’t ask which was our favorites and everyone uses them apparently. Stella asked about one-night stands, everyone had but me and Gemma. Annie asked if anyone’s ever masturbated in public. Everyone but Gemma, Bob and I said they had.

The alcohol levels were high; I was just slightly feeling it since I didn’t want to get drunk. Tommy asked if anyone has or has had a secret lover in the past year that the group didn’t know about. Since I can’t lie even a little, I raised my hand along with Javelle, Thane, and Sean who looked at me as he raised his.

“Whoa-ho!” Tommy laughed. “Little Beth? Really?”

“Who?” Gemma crossed her arms.

“The point of it being secret is that it’s secret.” I shrugged. “It’s not a big deal. I had sex with this guy a few times no strings, but it’s better if nobody knows.”

“Uh-uh.” Stella tutted and wagged her finger. “There are always strings. Girl, you’re the worst secret keeper. How did you manage not to blurt it out you sexy slut.”

I grinned. There is no reason to be ashamed of having sex. Except maybe the ‘with whom’ part. I would hate for anyone to know I had sex with sean because of how we are and our history.

“Why are you picking on me? Why not Thane, Sean or Javelle?” I nearly whined.

“Babe.” Gemma laughed before continuing. “We expect them to keep dirty secrets but you… just can’t. Fess up.”

“No.” I laughed. “And that’s not how this game works. I do believe it’s my turn.”

“Fine. We’ll talk later.” Gemma mumbled.

I didn’t have a question, I couldn’t think of one. I glanced at the book I’d been reading earlier that was sitting on a log stump beside me and smiled.

“Who here has had at least a threesome?” The point was the question as a raise your hand without having to give details.

Sean, Javelle, Louie, Annie, Thane, and Tommy all raised their hands.

“I did not expect that many to raise their hands.” Will said raising his eyebrow at Louie who shrugged.

Sean slid his eyes to me and away before speaking. “It’s overrated.”

“Agreed. Too much work.” Annie said.

“It’s not if you’re with the right people,” Javelle said and crossed her arms.

Sean shook his head. “It’s fun, but I personally think it’s overrated.”

“I’m going to go to bed.” Javelle rolled her eyes, got up and drunken-walked to the cabin.

I watched her go and wondered if everyone was horny as I was from the confession game. I know we play truth or dare at some point. I was definitely stuck with choosing a dare. I shifted in my chair happy to feel wet and pulsing between my legs. I love feeling horny though I will probably leave it to fester till next time Sean wanted sex.

 To be continued…

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7 comments on “#4 Truth By Fire – (Beth & Sean)

  1. Nel says:

    Don’t be getting addicted girl. He could turn around and change his mind I feel like.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. MsBad says:

    Have to admit I haven’t connected with these characters yet.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s good to know for future projects. I truly appreciate your honesty. Is there anything specific jumping out as to why?


      • MsBad says:

        I think you spoiled me with Jayla, she had such a backstory and Curt was so charming and sweet and sexy. So far Beth and Sean are (too me) a little two dimensional. I don’t know enough about them, Beth seems a little shallow and Sean is just grumpy for no reason. Maybe they’ll grow on me…

        Liked by 1 person

        • That’s good to know actually. I think it may be because I started the story as a two dimensional quick and dirty but couldn’t let them go from my head. Backstory is important and it is touched on later. I agree I can see that I needed to have it sooner in the story.

          Liked by 1 person

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