#3 The Tool In The Shed – (Beth & Sean)

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol it is rated R and 18+

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The Tool In The Shed (Beth & Sean)

_3 The Tool In The Shed

The following morning I woke to the sound of loons on the nearby lake. Today was promising to be hot and amazing. I was already tingling between my legs and I thought about working it out. I glanced over at my sound asleep roommate Annie her hair spread out around her like a halo of pale sunshine. Her eyes and hair were lighter shades of my own. We joked that I was the middle of her and Gemma who had Light brown hair and deep dark blue eyes. I could play with myself later if need be.

In the kitchen was Tommy, a tall and attractive brunette with amber eyes was Annie’s on again off again lover, was prepping dishes and Louie a blond large muscular man was cooking breakfast as everyone else was slowly waking up. Louie winked his pale blue eye at me as I went out to check the fire. It was already going so someone beat me to it.


I looked over at the tool shed. Sean was in the doorway and stepped back into it. My nipples tightened, tingled and it traveled down between my legs instantly. Each step toward the shed and promise of sex brought a spell of arousal needier than the last.

I stepped inside and he closed the door. It was so dark despite the sunshine and probably full of spiders and other crazy scary insects.

“Are you always this horny?” I asked as I lowered my shorts.

“No. Shit Beth you’re pussy is addictive.” Sean moved me to face the door and I spread and lifted my cast-covered foot to a small box. “I don’t hear any complaint in your voice.”

“Hell no, I’m not complaining.”

Sean’s hands caressed my ass cheeks and hips before he eased the condom covered cock into my aching pussy.

“It’s tight and wet. Are you always so wet?”

“Sometimes. Oooh, that’s good. But mostly because this is so naughty and fun.”

“It is fun right?” Sean’s hands went up beneath my shirt from behind to cup my breasts. Even through my bra, he was able to pinch my nipples.

I was already close and tightened up to get more friction. I’d read an article when I was younger about exercising the pelvic floor muscles. The article was in the doctor’s office meant for women who’ve had babies, but the one benefit mentioned was better control during sex and more intense orgasms. I researched how to do it and found other articles supporting it. I’m glad I did.

I panted as he worked furiously on me from behind; I felt the sweet moment when I can’t breathe just before my body explodes with pleasure. My muscles pulsed around him as I came and he followed.

“Do you wait for me to go first?” I asked as I righted my clothes.

“No, but when you come you’re so… You squeeze so fucking hard.”

“Kegels,” I said, grabbed a long metal fire poker and left the tool shed. I meant to get it sooner.

After a greasy breakfast Tommy, Gemma, Stella and I went down to the water to hang out. The rest went for another hike.

After lunch, I was feeling restless and decided to go for a slow careful loser hike. Slow and on the boring, flat forest trail. No hills and nothing exciting to see. Javelle, Annie, Ryan, Thane, Tommy, Bob, Will, and Louie were swimming and snorkeling, I declined Annie’s offer to join me they were having fun and I was okay with some alone time.

“Where are you off to?” Gemma asked as I hobbled toward the forest.

“A small and uneventful walk?”

“Alone?” Gemma came bounding up, her light brown ponytail swinging wildly. “I’ll come.”

“Me too.” Stella jogged over as she tied her red hair back with a ribbon. She had an aversion to elastics, claiming they are less feminine than a pretty ribbon.

We had more fun than I expected. Girl talk and giggles. As the sun set, I sat on the dock semi cross-legged as everyone swam. I can take the calf high the cast off to shower and check for pinches and scratch itches, but I had to keep it on as much as possible. Swimming was out since it would hurt too much to try. My doctor said to take it easy until it was more healed. Honestly, if I left it off too long it hurt and showering was hard to do on one foot.

I wandered slowly back to the fire and found my book. I sat down to read and despite how much sex I’ve had, I was ridiculously horny.

“Hey, Beth we’re going to the bluff to watch the sunset wanna try to go?” Tommy asked. “We could carry you. Take turns.”

“I’m not carrying her fat ass,” Sean said as he walked by not even looking at me.

“Sean don’t be a prick.”

“It’s not my fault she broke her foot a week ago.” Sean walked away.

“I’m good.” I held my book up.

“Nonsense.” Louie grabbed my hand and hauled me up.

Louie was a workout nut. He spent more time at the gym than most people do and Will looked up at Louie with his typical puppy dog eyes.

“Help her up.” Louie said and turned.

I don’t know Will that well but he’s super cute and loves shopping. On that, we bonded and went to pick up camping accessories the week before I broke my foot.

Thane lifted me to piggy-back Louie. It was hilarious and thankfully, not a long hike to the bluff. It was steep and I would never have made it. Halfway up Ryan took over for a bit then Bob and Thane carried me between them as if I were sitting in a chair.

We all made it to the top tired and laughing. Tommy and Ryan were teasing that I was like Cleopatra being carried and the girls were pretending to be jealous. Stella faked a sprained ankle that only made everyone laugh harder. The only person not to join in on the jokes was the raven haired Javelle.

She was more Gemma’s friend than anyone else’s. I don’t like her much but I do consider her a friend. Most of the time. I get the feeling that she’d stab me in the back with my own knife if it benefited her. She was feminist in a strange way. Selective and wishy-washy about what she thought was relevant to being a feminist. She often chose fights that didn’t make sense or were the ‘passion’ of the moment. I’m all for equal rights but she takes it too far sometimes.

We sat quietly watching the sunset over the lake and speculated on the other cottages we could see sparsely around the lake to the east. Will and Tommy were trying to get everyone to eat edible plants they found and nobody was willing to.

The trip back down was easier, Louie carried me most of the way and Sean grumpily volunteered the last bit.

The second Sean started walking with me on his back I became aroused. The feel of him between my legs sparked memories of very recent pleasures. None of the others turned me on in the slightest.

To be continued…

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  1. Nel says:

    Lol, what are you really grumpy about Sean?

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  2. I wish I could write in this elaborate manner. I need to awaken all my senses.

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