Amara – Itsinyou Designer Boutique (Part 2) (Sexy Saturday Serials)

Warning this story is explicit and NSFW rated R.

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Itsinyou Designer Boutique

Part 2

I called my friend Sue and she agreed to meet me for coffee. It would give me enough time before I had my next appointment at Itsinyou Designer.

I smiled when she sat with her decaf latte and I sipped my mint tea.

“Hey Amara, How was your day?” She asked me.

“I was bored as usual. I decided to do some shopping and used the gift card you gave me.”

Sue nearly choked on her latte. “And?”

“Best gift ever.” I smiled. “I’m on my way in about fifteen minutes.”

“Me too.” Sue grinned. “Then you said yes to all the questions. Rumor is if you said no they simply say ‘thanks hope you had fun’ and that’s it.”

“How long have you?”

“About a year. I submitted for you months ago. They are particular about who gets to go.”

“Is there a cost?”

“Heavens no. That would make it illegal. It’s just sex for sex.” She shrugged. “Consensual on both ends.” She sipped. “I’m only allowed to give some advice. First is always follow the rules. One break and you’re out. Second is to play fair and swap places. Trust me that’s really fun too sometimes it’s boring but not bad. Third is to be honest about your choices.” She looked at her watch. “It’s okay for us to talk, but if you recognize anyone by accident outside ID don’t approach them.”

We finished our drinks and headed out. I was already randy at the prospect of strange anonymous sex for the second time today.

“Oh. They alternate days for who’s behind the curtain so to speak and it’s not always open. You got lucky and decided to go on a double day. They’re rare. We don’t get to go unless invited. One more thing. The options are graduated. If you do well then you get more choices.”

I sort of knew that. It was in the contract. We were watched and had to be okay with that. I would be given choices at the start each time and I can change my preferences when I start.

We entered the small shop; this time I took the time to admire the designer clothes. Interesting. Sue went in first then I followed and was taken to the same little room. I picked my penis of choice from the menu. This time I went with one that had more veins and was just as wide as the first. I was given the three original choices. I loved the wall but I was curious about the floor option. I assumed it was a floor since the surface was flat and the phallus symbol was sticking upward. With each selection I became more aroused.

The secret door opened and I followed an orange line this time. The line was in the wall and I realized it was digital and could change colour. I took a deep breath and opened the door.

There was a strange mattress on the floor up against a wall. And on that mattress was a man’s body from mid chest down. The wall slanted away this time with a small bar across where the bed met the wall. The very sexy man lying there was fully erect.

I went right to the mattress and knelt. The screen came on with the blonde woman.

“Please enjoy your visit. At the end, we ask that you answer a few questions. You are now level one and condoms are optional.”

I looked at the screen, the image of the penis I chose was there with the words no biting, pinching or slapping. Condom optional. Likes oral.  The screen went off and my hand reached for the veiny-ridged cock. I stroked it gently enjoying the feel of it. I was on birth control and the contract guarantees that all invitees are tested regularly. I had no intention of breaking any rules and couldn’t think of any reason anyone else would either.

I stripped naked and ran my hands over the body. I’m not a jerk. This is another person and they should enjoy this too. I raked my nails over the tanned skin and licked a nipple. I worked it then trailed my tongue down the tight abs. I have never had a boyfriend this attractive. I could care less if this man had the ugliest face. His body was out of this world. The feeling of his warm slightly salty body under my tongue was a huge turn on. I ran my hands over him with a moderate pressure.

I stroked the member and licked the testicles. His legs moved slightly and I smiled. Being in control was intoxicating. I took him in my mouth and savored the taste I love. The clean scent of soap mixed with the faint natural scent of his musk made me wet as I sucked and took him to the back of my throat. I swallowed and bobbed and saw his toes curl. Somehow knowing I was pleasing this stranger felt right and good. I got off his midsection and saw I left a bit of a wet mark on his stomach.

I climbed back over and ran his shiny tip through my wet petals. The ridge of his head caught against my clit and I moaned at the sensual feeling. So I did it again on purpose. I rubbed faster as my need grew and gasped as I came. The wash of orgasm across my body subsided quickly.

“This is fun.” I whispered and edged him into my depths. I wiggled until I was completely full of cock. “Ah.” I said understanding the bar. I gripped it and used it as leverage to lift and drop.

Each stroke of his cock in my pussy intensified as I bounced. I clenched and came gasping and grinding into the man beneath me. I moved off and saw he was still fully erect and hadn’t come yet. That didn’t seem fair and was impressive. Any man I’d had was busting a nut as soon as they could.


The tightening inside made me shiver at the idea of having more. I don’t even care if I come again or not. I just loved feeling him in me. I climbed back on this time I rested my hands on his chest that was moving in a labored breath. I started riding and rolling my hips and my desire built faster than I anticipated. On the down, I arched my back and pushed my ass out, as I hit bottom I rocked them forward until I was lifted up again. It was tiring to do for too long unless you do a lot of cardo and plates like I do. I had no idea if my mystery cock liked what I was doing. I’ve had a boyfriend or two say no because it’s too aggressive, but I never hurt them.

The breathing became more labored beneath me and I leaned forward. The man lifted his legs to rest his feet flat on the mattress and started thrusting fast and hard up into me. I held still and cried out with pleasure as I came closer and closer to oblivion. I clenched as I came hot and slick and he stopped and his legs collapsed flat again. I moved my sweaty body from his and inhaled deeply of the smell of sex.

I chugged half a bottle of water, cleaned up and dressed. I put a towel over the man so he would be warm and went to the screen that was lit up.

Did you enjoy yourself?’  I pressed yes.

Would you like to return?’ No hesitation, I pressed yes.

Are you agreeable to providing service tomorrow evening?’ No hesitation again, I pressed yes.

You will be available to seasoned members. New applicants are not available to new members or applicants. Have a good night.

A card popped out of the slot by the door. I took it and left. Honestly, the idea of an experienced man having his way with me however he wanted (within my set parameters) was a huge turn on.

To be continued…

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