#2 Gathering Wood – (Beth & Sean)

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol it is rated R and 18+

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Gathering Wood (Beth & Sean)

_2 Gathering Wood

We were the last to arrive at the large two-storey cabin and Sean blamed me for needing to stop for a break when Gemma asked what kept us. I threw my apple core at the back of his head and everyone laughed.

“I thought it was a bad idea to put the two of you in one car,” Tommy said punching Sean’s shoulder playfully. “But Gemma insisted she needed the leg room when she organized the rides.”

“Beth’s insane and boring as fuck.” Sean grabbed more bags from the car. “It was hell.”

I moved slowly in my walking cast. I realized half way here that I didn’t have my crutches with me. I left them at home in my rush to appease Sean’s nagging and rushing. I can get away without them but I would have to be very careful. I almost didn’t come since swimming was out, hiking was out and anything water related was out. The others’ cars were smaller and it was decided that I go with Sean sine his car is the largest with the most leg room.

The group was finding every way possible to squash any reason I had to back out. There were a couple tents put up beside the cottage by Louie and Will’s tent and Sean’s. It was funny because Sean’s tent was bigger than the couple’s tent was and he had a full tent bottom mattress. The guy’s teased Sean about being a camping princess. He shrugged it off and poked fun at himself.  Even if they changed their minds, the cottage was huge and had a large living room that was filled with creepy spiders.

The first day was always chaos and exhausting. Eventually, I was in the way. The girls, Javelle, Annie, Gemma and Stella were cleaning and packing the food away. I was in the way. The men, Sean, Ryan, Thane, Tommy, Bob, Louie and Will were unpacking the gear, setting up the tents and getting the wood. I was in the way.

I decided to start the fire that would probably burn the entire time. By the time it was burning hot Thane had the burgers done. They brought a barbecue since open fire isn’t always the best way to cook.

With beer and a burger in my belly, I sat by the fire. My foot was up on a small folding seat with no back on it. It throbbed from too much walking.

“Hey, Babe.” Stella smiled, handed me a new beer and sat in the folding chair next to me.

She had her thick red hair piled on her head in a whimsical way and winked her pale blue eye at me. She was quick to temper but rarely had anything to get mad about. She and her girlfriend and broke up six months ago and she was completely over her.


“Will you be upset if a bunch of us go for a hike?” Stella asked carefully.

I shook my head and cracked open the new beer. “Not at all. Just because I can’t doesn’t mean I’ll mope about it. There is plenty to do and honestly, beer by a fire is more appealing right now.”

“You’re awesome. I’d be upset.” Stella said and got up.

“Yes, I am awesome.” I giggled and sipped my beer and put my cast back upon the smaller chair in front of me. “But this is more my speed.”

Ryan and Gemma went off on their own and I was a little jealous to know they were going to have sex in the woods. It was only a matter of time before he proposed. They were so in love it was gross.

About two hours later, I got up to get some more wood and go pee before it got urgent. Rushing with this bulky walking air cast is not a good thing. I nearly tripped when I saw Sean as I came out from the washroom. It was getting dark and the others would be back soon.

“I thought you were hiking?” I said as I hobbled down the steps and over to the woodpile behind the cabin.

“I came back early.” He held up his torn shirt. “I needed a Band-Aid or three and maybe a tailor.”

“Are you okay?”

He shrugged and came up behind me as I reached for a log. “I have some wood for you to set you on fire.”

“Oh?” I bit my bottom lip as he undid my shorts and pushed them to my ankles. “I’m pretty sure I’m wet enough to put out any fire.”

“Damn Beth,” Sean said as he rolled the condom on.

I set my hands on the woodpile and he invaded me slowly from behind. This was a great idea. Casual sex on the sly was so much fun. I bit my lips as he slipped in and out pulling on my hips with his strong hands. With each thrust, I came closer to my climax. His soft grunts and the slick sound of my pussy pushed me over and I tightened on him as I came. I loved how hard I clamped down on him. It made the feeling of him inside me more sensual. Sean slammed hard one last time and groaned from behind.

“I thought it was a fluke.” He said as he pulled out, I pulled my panties, and shorts back up.


“How hard you orgasm.”

I shrugged, turned and resumed my log selection. He walked away and I hobbled over to the fire. I put the two logs on the fire and went to the cabin to use the washroom. Maybe it was the clandestine nature of our sex that made me more orgasmic, but it sure was a whole lot more intense.

By the time I got back out the group had returned. They were sitting around the fire, opening beer, and bags of marshmallows and laughing.

I joined and enjoyed the antics and stories more than I usually do. Could be the painkillers, could be the sex. I smiled to myself. It was likely both.

Sean ignored me as he normally does and I was glad for it.

To be continued…

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